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					                 2012’LUT International Education
  Welcome to Study at Lanzhou University of Technology

Lanzhou University of Technology (LUT)
      Lanzhou University of Technology (LUT) with a long history of 91 years, located in Lanzhou
City, Capital of Gansu Province in Northwest China, is a multi-disciplined university of science
and technology with a characteristic discipline of humanities.
      There stand 17 colleges and 1 teaching department, 2 national key labs, 22 technological
engineering centers cooperating with local enterprises, 36 research centers and institutes, as well
as Chinese Language Teaching Center for teaching international students in LUT, altogether
valuing 0.36 billion Yuan. There is a faculty total of 1506, among which is 1 Academician with
China Academy of Science, 11 national level experts, 129 provincial level experts, 660 professors
and associate-professors, 378 doctorate and graduate instructors.
      There are totally 38,000 students including 3,000 doctoral, master’s degree ones and 22,400
full-time undergraduates. Student employment rate ranks the top among the universities in Gansu
Province. Over 50 international students studying Chinese culture and practicing engineering
program from the US, Switzerland, Turkey and Nigeria have been received and taught in LUT
since 2000.
      There are 8 disciplinary categories including technology, science, literature, economics,
management, law, education and medicine, 12 key provincial disciplines, 9 doctorate degree
programs, 90 master’s degree programs and 55 bachelor’s degree programs.
      The university is dedicated to developing international exchange and cooperation with over
30 universities of the United States, Britain, Russia, Japan, Australia and other countries. Over 100
visiting scholars are invited home and sent abroad annually.
Categories for Admission
      1. Chinese Language Learners
      2. Undergraduates
      3. Postgraduates
      4. PhD students
Mode/Years of Study
      1. Chinese Language students can select an appropriate class category based on the language
level in accordance with curriculum options each semester.
      2. Full-time learning for degree-pursuing students
         i. 4 years undergraduate study
         ii. 2.5 - 3 years for master degree pursuer
         iii. 3 - 5 years for doctoral degree pursuer
      3. If students do not meet the entrance requirements of Chinese language level, a preparatory
course is required.
         i. 1 to 2 year preparatory course for undergraduates
         ii. 6 months to 1 year for master degree pursuers
         iii. Doctoral degree pursuer can confirm the exact requirements of Chinese language level
         after consulting with the doctoral supervisor.
      iv. The preparatory learning time can be adjusted appropriately if the students have some
      language foundations. Besides language courses, the preparatory course includes high
      school courses of Mathematics, Physics and Chemistry.
Programs of Study
Bachelor’s Degree (4 years)
    1. Material Formation and Control Engineering
    2. Welding Engineering and Technology
    3. Mechanical Manufacture and Automation
    4. Thermal Power and Power Engineering (fluid machinery)
    5. Thermal Power and Power Engineering (fluid control)
    6. Electric Engineering and Automation
    7. Automation
    8. Civil Engineering
    9. Process Equipment and Control Engineering
    10. Chemical Engineering and Technology
    11. Computer Science and Technology
    12. Food Science and Engineering
    13. Architecture
    14. Industrial Design
    15. Industrial and Commercial Management
    16. Accounting
Master’s Degree (2.5-3years)
    1. Material Processing Engineering
    2. Mechanical Manufacture &Automation
    3. Machinery Theory and Design
    4. Mechanical and Electronic Engineering
    5. Chemical Process Equipment
    6. Chemical Technology
    7. Applied Chemistry
    8. Environmental Engineering
    9. Geotechnical Engineering
    10. Structural Engineering
    11. Fluid Machinery and Engineering
    12. Control Science and Engineering
    13. Computer Application Technology
    14. Engineering Mechanics
    15. Business Management
Taught-in-English Doctoral Degree (3-5 years)
    1. Material Science
    2. Material Processing Engineering
    3. Mechanical Manufacture & Automation
    4. Fluid Machinery & Engineering
    5. Structural Engineering
Chinese Language Learning (1 semester-1 academic year)
     1. Chinese Government Scholarship: LUT is one of the universities assigned to accept and
educate international students with China Scholarship Council (CSC), Chinese Government
Scholarship Students, which are evaluated, enrolled and financed by CSC.
     2. President Scholarship: LUT “President Scholarship” (PS) is established to encourage
excellent international students to study at Lanzhou University of Technology (LUT).

Tuition and Fees
    1. Application fee:        CNY 400
    2. Tuition Fee:
       Bachelor’s Degree:         CNY 12000/academic year (Art);
                                   CNY 14000/academic year (Science and Engineering)
        Master’s Degree:          CNY 16000/academic year (Art);
                                   CNY 18000/academic year (Science and Engineering)
        Doctoral Degree:           CNY 24000/academic year (Science and Engineering)
        Chinese Language Program:         RMB 5000/semester; RMB 9000/ academic year
     3. Material fee: It refers to the actual price of the textbooks.
     4. Accommodation:           Single room RMB 900/month;
                               Twin-bedded room CNY 450/month.
      Each room is equipped with bathroom, furniture, beddings, telephone, refrigerator, TV set,
  Internet jack, etc.

Entry Requirements
      1. Applicants should be Non-Chinese citizens, have a valid foreign passport, good health,
good conduct, comply with Chinese government laws and regulations of the university.
      2. The applicant's academic qualifications and age requirements.
      i. Academic qualifications and age limit are not required for Chinese Language students.
      ii. Students who pursue bachelor degree must have a high school diploma with good grade;
less than 25 years old.
      iii. Students who pursue master degree must have a bachelor degree or equivalent; less than
35 years old.
      iv. Students who pursue doctoral degree must have a master's degree or equivalent, less than
40 years old.

Required documents
     The applicant must fill out and submit the following materials (in duplicate):
     1.《Application for Admission》in Chinese or English with personal photo;
     2. Notarized proof of highest level of education. If it is in a language other than Chinese or
English, you need to submit the notarized transcript in Chinese or English;
     3. Provide "proof of learning" or "proof of employment." If it is in a language other than
Chinese or English, you need to submit the notarized transcript in Chinese or English;
     4. Notarized photocopy of Academic Report. If it is in a language other than Chinese or
English, you need to submit the notarized transcript in Chinese or English. (High school academic
report for undergraduate studies, college academic report for master degree pursuing, master
academic report for Ph.D. pursuer);
     5. HSK examination transcript (not required);
     6. Study plan. Students who pursue bachelor degree must write a study plan not less than 200
words, students who pursue master or doctoral degree must write a study plan not less than 800
words (in Chinese or English);
     7. Applicants for master or doctoral degree must submit two letters of recommendation by
professors or associate professors in Chinese or English;
     8. Applicants under the age of 18 must submit the relevant legal documents of the Chinese
legal guardians;
     9. Original and one photocopy of "Physical Examination Record for Foreigners". Applicants
should be strictly abided in accordance with the requirements of "Physical Examination Record
for Foreigners". The record with missing items, no photos, no stamps of hospitals, no signature of
doctors is not valid;
     10. 8 passport-size photos.

Application time
     1. Students who prefer autumn enrollment should submit the required documents from
January 1 to June 30 annually.
     2. Students who prefer spring enrollment should submit the required documents from July 1
to December 31 annually.
    After reviewing the applicant's materials, the university will mail "Admission Notice of
Lanzhou University of Technology" to the applicant.
    The exact entry time would be specified by the Admission Notice.

How to Apply
    Step 1: Applicants can collect the application form from the International Office of Lanzhou
University of Technology (LUT) “Contact Us” or call 86-931-2976037 for it.

    Step 2: The applicant fill in the application form and sends it together with a copy of his/her
passport and application fee to the International Office of LUT.

    Step 3: Once admitted, the applicant will receive Admission Notice an JW202 Form (Visa
Application for Study in China) from the International Office of LUT within 4 weeks.

     Step 4: Applicants can apply for an entrance visa with Admission Notice and JW202 Form in
the Chinese Embassy or Consulate in their own countries.

     Step 5: Applicants are supposed to register with college on time in accordance with the date
and address specified in the letter of Admission. Anyone who can not register in time should
inform the International Office of LUT in advance, or his/her admission to the university will be
Contact Us
    International Office, Lanzhou University of Technology
    Add: 287 Langongping Rd, Qilihe District, Lanzhou, Gansu, China, 730050
    Coordinator: Wang Sheng, Duan Ying
    Tel: 0086-931-2976037 Fax: 0086-931-2975037
    Email: Website:

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