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YC   Santa Barbara Yacht Club News   March 2011
                                        Commodore Jack Byers
 Santa Barbara Yacht Club
       130 Harbor Way
   Santa Barbara, CA 93109
                                      J   ust to give you a recap
                                          of the highlights of a
                                      full February: Kudos to
                                                                                            believe our Wet Wednesday season begins on
                                                                                            the March 16, just before St. Patrick’s Day, and
                                                                                            is followed by the Gaucho Regatta and CHRF
                                      Vice Commodore Dave                                   Spring #3? The Cruisers’ Dock Party, “Jack’s
  805/965-8112 or 966-2411                   Baxter and his lovely wife                            Jungle/Safari Cruise,” is scheduled for March
                                      Jan for an exceptional                                26, and will be back on the dock this year. The
                                      trophy award dinner. All                              Serengeti plans to attend.
                                      the recipients who were                                      One of our goals for the year is to plan
                                      recognized for their accomplishments were so          more events for our SBYC kids and their
                                      thrilled to receive those thoughtful, beautiful       families. This is being accomplished by the
Jack Byers, Commodore                 trophies. Now, did you take advantage of the          extremely capable and creative chair, Teresa
                                      “best kept secret in town?” Valentine’s Day dinner    Koontz. On Sunday, March 13, Teresa and her
Dave Baxter, Vice Commodore           at the club was superb! All of us who celebrated      committee have planned a fun family evening
                                      the evening with an excellent dinner, soft music      of “build a boat and make it float” while you
Francie Lufkin, Rear Commodore        for listening and dancing, and champagne with         dine on a special kids menu and BBQ ribs. A
                                      toasting glasses so appreciated Craig, Chef Russel,   boat kit will be provided, so bring your boat
Roger Chrisman, Jr. Staff Commodore   and the yacht club staff for opening the club on      building skills, ideas, and appetites. Also come
                                      Monday, February 14, Valentine’s Day. Thank           and hear what other super, exciting activities
William Guilfoyle, Secretary          you for making us look good in the eyes of our        Teresa has planned for your kids. We hope to
                                      sweethearts. And what an outstanding evening          get the Santa Barbara Youth Sailing Foundation
Dave Watson, Treasurer                our fleet captains, Scott and Joanne Gordon,          involved in some of these fun events. Stay
                                      planned for our cruising kick-off. It was a sellout   tuned for what will be in store for our future
Robert Duncan, Class of 2011          crowd of cruisers who enjoyed potluck-ing and         club members, racers, and leaders.
                                      listening to informative presentations by Simpson            Another one of our goals is to freshen
Larry Leveille, Class of 2011         Lawrence on anchoring and ground tackle, and          up the library. The library is used and has
                                      by Mike Pyzel on cruising the Channel Islands.        sometimes been abused. It has been a trophy
Dennis Boneck, Class of 2012          Now we’re all ready to “Just Cruise It!” A sailing    room, a store room, an eating room, a meeting
                                      seminar, sponsored by the Harbor 20 Fleet and         room, and a kids’ TV room. You will notice the
Matt Wilson, Class of 2012            organized by Brian Resnik, was a day full of          newly posted “Reminders” of how we can keep
                                      valuable information presented by Peter Haynes.       our library shipshape. Please read the reminders
Garry Pawlitski, Class of 2013        Sail on Harbor 20s!                                   with your children and help us keep this a space
                                             Now it’s on to...Sunday, March 6,              we all can enjoy.
Joanne Gordon, Class of 2013          Opening Day for the SBYC. To quote Staff                     Finally, don’t forget Saturday, March 19,
                                      Commodore John Berryhill: “The essence of             the first party of the year. Yes, we’re gonna “Let
Tom Parker, Class of 2013
                                      the Santa Barbara Yacht Club is to be found           the Good Times Roll” back to the 50s when
                                      in our history and in the many traditions             “Happy Days Meets Grease” at Jack’s Burger
                                      which have developed over the more than 138           Joint. Our event coordinator extraordinaire
Staff                                 years of our existence. Each year our Opening         Trish Davis and her committee have planned
Craig Wilberg, CCM, General Manager
                                      Day festivities are one of the best examples of       an evening that will have us all rockin’ n
                                      yachting tradition at its best.” How fortunate        rollin’ back to my high school days at Seattle’s
Jorge De Jesus, Dining Room Manager
                                      are we to be able to celebrate our 139th year of      Roosevelt High. I’ll look forward to seeing all
Russel Rodriguez, Executive Chef
                                      the yachting season in weather conditions that        you gals in your poodle skirts and ponytails and
Kourtney Darr, Executive Assistant    are only here in Santa Barbara. I congratulate        all you guys in your jeans, white T-shirts, and
Peng Chew Oon, Controller             and thank all who worked so hard to make our          ducktails. Mark your calendars and save the
Dana Jones, Racing Director           SBYC and its members shine!                           dates for all the marvelous March events.
                                             There’s more madness in March that
                                      follows with a Vintners Wine tasting on the
                                                                                                           Eight Bells
About the Cover                       Tuesday, March 8. Then it’s the Melges 24
                                      California Cup, a three-day regatta that is                John Redding—Member Since 1990
Photo by Jack Byers,                  hosted by our SBYC, March 11–13. Can you
                                                                      Vice Commodore Dave Baxter

I  t’s been brought to my attention that
   the membership would benefit from a
more thorough explanation and discus-
                                                                      Grounds Committees of the past three years have done in-depth
                                                                      studies as to the best and most efficient ways to keep our galley
                                                                      in peak operation. Should we continue the piecemeal approach
sion of the planned galley remodel at our                             or should we bite the bullet and launch into a full scale remodel,
beautiful clubhouse. So that’s what I plan                            which would give us the opportunity to bring the galley facility
to do here. I’ll break it down to the “Why,                           up to current building and health codes? Both approaches have
What, and How” we are planning to do                                  been looked at inside and out, however, one thing we’ve discov-
with this remodel and spread it over this                             ered for sure, we are slowly, but surely, losing the battle using
and next month’s article, just so we don’t push everybody into        the piecemeal approach. House & Grounds has determined
overload.                                                             that based on the current condition of the galley, based on
      Let’s start with the “Why” portion of this proposed proj-       the current business climate of cheaper labor, and based on
ect. Approximately three years ago, the board of directors and        current low interest rates (if borrowing money is necessary),
the House & Grounds Committee initiated a study into the              a complete remodel of the galley is in the best long term
structural integrity and efficiency of our clubhouse galley. It was   interest of our members and it will preserve the functional
determined at that time that there had been no major upgrad-          utility of our clubhouse.
ing on the galley in over 30 years. We had simply been “piece-              Jack Byers has scheduled a Monday Forum Luncheon on
mealing” repairs and fixing old equipment so that it would last       April 25 for our members to have galley tours and an informa-
“just a little bit longer.” You can just imagine what the marine      tive discussion on this clubhouse project. We also plan to have
environment does to buildings and equipment over a long period        a similar tour/discussion on a Thursday evening for those who
of time. Well, here we are, some 30 plus years later since the last   can’t make the Monday luncheon. I will get word to all of you as
big galley work-over and the dated equipment, patched flooring,       soon as an available Thursday is identified. As always, I am avail-
exposed plumbing, and limited storage areas (due to a dated and       able to discuss this project with any of you. Feel free to call me,
inefficient layout) are definitely showing their age! The House &     pull me aside in the bar, the parking lot, or down on the docks.

                                                                        JUST CRUISE IT.
                                                                                                      Cruiser’s Enjoy Great
                                                                                                      Presentations at the
                                                                         JUST CRUISE IT.               2011 Kick-Off Party
                                                                         Over a hundred people showed up for the kick-off event and
                                                                         were inspired to get out to the islands and go cruising. Special
                                                                         thanks to Kevin Donahue of Lewmar / Simpson Lawrence for
                                                                         his great presentation on Anchoring and Ground Tackle, and
                                                                         to Mike Pyzel who offered an informative and humourous

           Safari Dock Party
                                                                         talk on Cruising the Channel Islands. Don’ forget, it’s time to
                                                                         get your boat ready for the opening day parade on March 6.

                                                                         2011 Cruising Schedule at a Glance
                                                                         Cruise	           Date	           Location	       Captain(s)

           March 26th - 4:00 pm - Dusk                                   Opening Day	
                                                                         Dock Party	
                                                                                           March	6	
                                                                                           March	26	
                                                                                                           SBYC	           Gordon			
                                                                                                           SBYC	Endtie	 Boneck	
               Serengeti will set up base camp
                                                                         PCYC Cruise	      April	16-17	    PCYC	           Papa		
       at the SBYC endtie and set the stage for a
                                                                         Memorial Day	     May	28-30	      Pelican	Harbor	 Pawlitski		
       jungle safari adventure. Dress accordingly
                                                                         Father’s Day	     June	18-19	     Santa	Cruz	     D.	Watson	
          for a safari and join the hunt for wild                        July 4th BBQ	     July	3	         Sand	Spit	      C.	Watson/Hans	
         game and share tall tales at the Jungle                         Catalina	         August	1-14	    Avalon/Cherry		 Gordon	&	Co.	
       Juice Bar. Bring an hors d’oeuvre to share.                       Labor Day	        Sept	3-5	       Santa	Cruz	     Baxter
                                                                         Fall Cruise	      Oct	8-9	        San	Miguel	     Clements	
Rear Commodore Francie Lufkin

T     he Hot Rum series was plagued this
      year with weather definitely not
conducive to racing. Wind at the start that
                                                                        third. There was wind,
                                                                        finally, for the first
                                                                        CHRF race of this year.
quickly disappeared, and left our sailors                               Cardremmian took first
bobbing in front of the club (my husband                                place, with Tranquility
motored in during the second race for the                               in second, and Sloop
rum of course, but many hearty souls stuck                              John B in third.
it out). I arrived at the club during the final                                Opening Day is
race on February 5 in time to hear Dana lament the fact he had          coming up on Sunday,
called a short course, only to have a rogue fog bank roll in and        March 6, followed
completely envelope the finish line! The series finished with Taxi      quickly by the Mel-
Dancer in first, Repeat Offender in second, and Bullet in third.        ges 24 California Cup
      I spent Valentine’s weekend doing race committee duty             March 11–13 and Wet
with the crew of Ferdinand for the PHRF and CHRF Sweet-                 Wednesday begins on
heart’s Regattas—not a bad job considering there was cham-              March 16—lots to look
pagne and chocolate at both events. Bullet took first place in          forward to! See you at
the PHRF, with Cardremmian in second, and Repeat Offender in            our club!                     Sweetheart’s Regatta

Racing                The Wet Wednesday Series begins this month,       simple boat dimensions, but also on race data that helps define
                      and a new rating system will replace PHRF this    each boat’s local performance potential. As we all know, there
season. The new Wednesday Performance Fleet (WPF) will provide          simply is not a single formula that can account for all the variables
club ratings for interested boats, based on historical data and boat    affecting performance. The role of the WPF ratings board will
potential. In simple terms, this fleet bridges the gap between strict   be to find a balance between the calculated design potentials and
PHRF rules and H fleet. The group will be split into two fleets, and    the observed racing results. This fleet will therefore introduce an
will fill the starting sequence times used by PHRF last season.         element of subjectivity to the ratings, but that flexibility is the key
      The main difference between the new WPF fleet and PHRF            to establishing the closest possible racing corrections. The fleet rules
is that the decisions of this board will be based on more than          give more information about the ratings and will be posted online
                                                                        for anyone who would like to learn more.
                                                                              WPF racing will also try to strike a balance between the
                                                                        variability of H fleet ratings and the regularity of PHRF. The new
                                                                        ratings will be reviewed following each eight week segment (spring,
                                                                        summer, etc.) The resulting numbers will be valid for an entire
                                                                        segment. This gives each boat a standard to pursue for a complete
                                                                        segment without resigning any team to a numerical expectation
                                                                        they cannot reach.
                                                                              Of course, there are some interesting assumptions being
                                                                        made by supporting this change in format. First, the Sail Policy
                                                                        Committee recognizes that this new rating system is a work in
                                                                        progress which may be modified based on this season’s outcome.
     Santa Barbara Melges Race Week
                                                                        Second, the participating boats are subject to the best judgment of
   Melges 24 California Cup                                             the Rating Review Board. However, these changes allow the Wet
                                                                        Wednesday fleet to try something new.
  Friday through Sunday, March 11–13
                                                                              As always the main goal is to create fun, competitive racing
     SBYC is hosting the 2011 Melges 24 class at the                    for all interested boats on Wednesday nights. To that end the Sail
  Santa Barbara Melges Race Week, an exclusive, single                  Policy Committee has dedicated the 2011 Wet Wednesday series
   class regatta that kicks off the 2011 California Cup.                to this experimental fleet, and we ask for your participation and
  Contact Dana Jones, race director, at                cooperation in this initial season. Please contact the Race Office
   Details, as available, will be posted at                with any questions, and in regard to your intended participation.
                                                                        —Dana Jones, Race Director
CHRF News & Review
We are racing again! The good news for February is that the
CHRF fleet was back on the water having fun on the race course.
CHRF Spring Series #1 was raced on February 13, slightly in
advance of Valentine’s Day. I think we got the last extraordinarily
beautiful day in the 40-day stretch that we have been enjoying
this “winter” in Santa Barbara. We were a bit more lucky than
the PHRF fleet was on Saturday, however. We got some wind.
As we all went to the deck to sign up for the race and submit our
completed racing entry forms, the wind was nearly nonexistent
and shifting from east to south to southwest and back again.
Ferdinand’s crew was getting ready to do their duty as race
committee and making incantations to Neptune and Aeolus
                                                                       Rich Miller single hands to first place.
to settle on a direction and show a little bit of purposefulness.
Whatever they promised (...I think it might have been...“Look,         of totally forgetting that “Tomorrow is Valentine’s Day.” The
give me a break today and I’ll give you some libation the next         display certainly was a great reminder that sailing is only one of
time we’re on the water!”), the wind did finally settle at SSW         life’s pleasures.
before the start and stayed strong enough for all boats to keep               When the awards were announced the fleet was happy to
going, and actually put some decent times on the board.                see that Shirley Lynn received a nice Valentine’s bear as a present
      When the race was over one of the smallest boats in the          from the fleet for being the first woman to cross the line.
Fleet had taken first place. Rich Miller sailed his Harbor 20                 As usual, there were several tales to tell with excitement in
Cardremmian single-handed to a two second victory over the             the club after the race. This is, as we know, nearly as important
largest boat in the race, Tranquility. Rich was very impressive        as getting over the finish line as well as we can. One of the
in his mastery of the Harbor 20, raising and flying a large            more striking tales, that may have grown a bit in size as the
asymmetric spinnaker from K mark to H mark and H mark to               afternoon progressed, was the shot fired across the bow of
the bell buoy. He was so far ahead of the middle of the fleet that     Psyche’s Song by the crew of Second Wind. It seems that Second
I didn’t get to see the gymnastics required to douse the chute,        Wind was not willing to be at risk of getting to the club too late
avoid getting bit by the sea lions, and get going up wind quickly      for some champagne. They had brought their own Valentine’s
enough to hold off the charging Max Lynn and crew. Sloop John          Day celebration on board and had enthusiastically popped the
B, Lisianthus, and Blue Bird rounded out the top five to cross the     cork in the “general direction” of a crossing Psyche’s Song. Even
line. A total of 22 boats raced the first race, two of them were       though the size of the cork and the intent may have changed
qualifiers. Trophy glasses were given out to the top ten finishers.    with multiple tellings after the race, no protest was filed under
      Back at the yacht club the fleet enthusiastically devoured the   the racing rules of sailing. As always, there might have been some
nibbles provided by Craig, Jorge, and the staff. The women were        negotiated settlement in the form of bragging rights taken in jest.
surprised to find a glass of champagne and a very nice box of          —Bob Craven, CHRF Fleet Representative
chocolates as a Valentine’s present. The males in the crowd were
pleasantly surprised to find that they escaped the embarrassment

                                                                           Second Thursday
                                                                                              March 10

Shirley Lynn wins the Valentine bear.
Santa Barbara Youth Sailing Foundation
Optimist Midwinters West                                                      next day, the six sailors pooled their talents and competed against
SBYC’s “Team Opti Power” spent the weekend of February 12-13                  ten other three-boat teams in the Harold Adams Team Race
in San Pedro for Los Angeles Yacht Club’s Optimist Midwinter                  Classic, also in San Diego. The conditions were excellent and made
Regatta. Five young sailors between the ages of ten and thirteen              for an exciting day of racing. Sailing together as a team for the first
represented Santa Barbara at the two-day, nine-race, 30-boat                  time, the SBYSF sailors worked extremely well together, learned
regatta sailed on the infamous “Hurricane Gulch.”                             some important lessons and had a lot of fun along the way.
      Four races were completed Saturday under sunny and warm
                                                                              Hot Chocolate Regatta—February 13
skies with light but consistent breeze ranging from 6-8 knots.
                                                                              The annual SBYSF/SBSSA Hot Chocolate Regatta is now in the
Quinn Wilson fought off several challenges from his teammate
                                                                              books after a great day of clinics and racing! Twenty junior sailors
Lucas Pierce to sweep the day with straight bullets. Frankie Doyle,
                                                                              attended the combination clinic and regatta, sailing off West
in his first out-of-town regatta with Santa Barbara’s Optimist
                                                                              Beach in the Santa Barbara Harbor and taking advantage of nearly
racing team, found the conditions to
                                                                                                           perfect conditions.
his liking with several top-ten finishes,
                                                                                                                 After registering and rigging their
but was surprised to learn that just
                                                                                                           boats, the sailors were assigned to three
because racing is over doesn’t mean
                                                                                                           clinic groups based on their sailing
sailing is over when you’re under the
                                                                                                           experience. Instructor Tom Preston of
tutelage of Coach Craig Wilson as he
                                                                                                           the UCSB sailing team led the Bronze
pulled the team aside for an hour of
                                                                                                           Clinic, reviewing some basic rules and
team racing practice after the last race.
                                                                                                           procedures before explaining a “Follow-
      After a team breakfast on Sunday
                                                                                                           the-leader/Tack on the whistle” drill. The
morning, the SBYC team was the first
                                                                                                           Silver Clinic was led by Ryan Sullivan,
to rig, dress and dock out—hitting the
                                                                                                           the starting A-Division Skipper of the
water at 9:30 to get in a bit of practice
                                                                                                           UCSB sailing Team. Ryan’s group
before the first race at 11:00. A light
                                                                                                           learned how to get a “line sight,” in order
sea breeze was the reward for their
                                              Santa Barbara sailors Quinn Wilson (#14716) and Lucas to improve their starts and be exactly on
diligence as the team got in a solid          Pierce (#17145) leading the 30-boat fleet downwind in
                                              the Optimist Midwinters West Race.
                                                                                                           the starting line (but not over!) at the
hour of warm-up drills and line-ups
                                                                                                           start of each race. SBYSF instructor and
before checking in with the race committee.
                                                                              UCSB team member Nick Kaschak ran the Gold Clinic, explaining
      The breeze built over the course of the morning as a fog bank
                                                                              an advanced team racing drill to the six junior sailors in his group.
ushered in a solid 15 knot westerly. As the fog evaporated, the breeze
                                                                                    After about twenty minutes of organized chaos out on the
moderated to a more manageable 10-12 knots, much to the relief of
                                                                              water, with three groups of sailors working on three different drills
60ish pound ten-year olds Patch Curtis and Matthew Pierce.
                                                                              simultaneously as three coach boats chased them all around the
      After five more races and two very long days of sailing, our
                                                                              harbor, everyone headed back to the beach for a quick snack break.
team would see its sailors on the podium in each of the age divisions.
                                                                              The actual racing began soon after, with the 13-boat Sabot fleet
Quinn Wilson was first overall and first in Red Fleet (ages 13-15)
                                                                              starting first followed by the 7-boat Optimist fleet. Over the next
with nine first-place finishes in nine races; Lucas Pierce was third
                                                                              two hours, we ran five races for the Sabots and four for the Opti fleet.
overall and first in Blue Fleet (ages 11-12); and, Matthew Pierce was
                                                                              Coach boats followed both fleets around the harbor all afternoon,
thirteenth overall and second in White Fleet (ages 10 and under).
                                                                              offering advice and tips to everyone as they raced around the course.
      More importantly, Team Opti Power welcomed a new sailor
                                                                                    At the end of the day, the competitors gathered for an awards
to the team in 11-year old Frankie Doyle and the entire team
                                                                              ceremony complete with a giant thermos of hot chocolate! Every
came away with a weekend of invaluable experience and many—
                                                                              sailor received a participation award; while competition was not
as Coach Wilson would say—“lessons learned.”
                                                                              the main focus of the regatta, we did keep score, and ended the
Shadden #3 and Harold Adams Team Racing                                       ceremony by recognizing the top finishers in each fleet with a
The third Shadden regatta of the 2010-2011 series was held on                 keepsake Hot Chocolate Regatta mug.
Saturday, January 29, under light conditions in San Diego. A total                  Thanks again to all who participated, and a very big THANK
of four races were scored, with SBYSF race team members Stephen               YOU to all the SBYSF race team volunteers who helped out:
Long and Jonathan Beardon finishing twenty-fourth, Matt Long                  Brenna Hensley, Newt Cutcliffe, Nick Perez, Matt Long, Soren
and Hunter Yegendorf finishing twenty-sixth and Soren Wilde and               Wilde, Jonathan Beardon, Stephen Long, and Tucker Atterbury.
Dustin Deardorff coming in forty-fourth in the 50 boat fleet. The             —Duncan Shea
                  Transpac 2011                                           Racer’s Breakfast Buffet
                  By Transpac Staff
                                                                          Every Race Day Morning • 9 a.m. to 10 a.m.
The fastest in the fleet have traditionally competed for the Trans-
pacific Yacht Club Perpetual Trophy, which is better known as              Scrambled Eggs, Bacon, Potatoes, & Coffee
the “barn door” for it’s unique size. It’s is a 3½ by 4 foot plaque                    $7++ per person
of hand-carved Hawaiian koa wood, bearing the words, “First to
Finish,” which isn’t necessarily so anymore.
      Since 1991, the starts have been staggered. The slower boats
start a few days ahead of the faster boats in order to compress the
finish and facilitate celebrations in Hawaii, and occasionally one
will finish before the later, faster starters.
      Smaller and/or slower boats unable to match the larger
ones in sheer speed, compete for a prize more relevant to crew              AHOY SBYC Children!
performance: The King Kalakaua Perpetual Trophy for the best
                                                                                Our library is a special room for
corrected handicap time. Each boat’s speed potential is calculated
                                                                                    ALL members to enjoy.
from a rating system based on time and distance, rewarding the
crew that sailed its boat nearest to its potential, regardless of size.   Here are some reminders:
The winner also receives a Take Home Governor of Hawaii Tro-              1. Please do not climb or jump on the furniture.
phy, a hand-carved model of a Hawaiian sailing canoe.                     2. Do not touch the pictures and artwork.
      Transpac stands apart from other major ocean races as es-              Treat them with respect.
sentially a “downwind race,” as determined by normal weather
                                                                          3. Use a quiet voice. No shouting or yelling.
patterns in the eastern Pacific north of the Equator. But the most
successful boats seldom sail a straight line to Hawaii, instead
                                                                          4. Share the television. Make sure you are
taking a southerly course to avoid the “Pacific High,” a mam-
                                                                             watching a program that everyone will enjoy.
moth, ever-shifting region of high pressure (and thus light winds).       5. If you eat in this room, try not to spill.
Rotating clockwise between Hawaii and the west coast of north                When you finish, please take the dishes back
America. After two or three days of sailing against the wind, they           to your dining table.
come into warm, following trade winds. Spinnakers go up, shirts           6. Remember to say “please” and “thank you.”
come off, and sailors traditionally enjoy a faster rest of the way.
                                                                            Please help keep our library shipshape!
More information to follow in the April issue of Scuttlebutt.

  Attention SBYC Kids!
  Sunday, March 13 • 5:30–7:30 p.m.
  Join us for a kids’ shipbuilding dinner.
  BBQ Rib dinner and model kit • $15.00
  Other kids’ menu items are available.
  We will provide you with a model ship
  kit (model, sandpaper, glue, and paint).
  Bring your creativity and build
  your own personal boat!

  RSVP by calling Kourtney at 965-8112,
  or emailing

  “Build a Boat, and Make it Float!”
New Members Corner
Please welcome the New Members for 2011. Introduce                     February 2011
yourselves when you see them at the club or around the harbor.         Hank and Mari Mitchel—Flag Member
                                                                       Hank grew up around boats at the Newport Harbor Yacht Club.
January 2011                                                           In the 70s and 80s he was a member of the Los Angeles Yacht
James and Susan Chapman—Flag Member                                    Club and own several boats in
Jim recently retired and hopes to spend his time in retirement         Marina Del Rey. He retired as
boating with his friends Dexter Goodell and Chris Lewis. They          an ordained minister in 2008
are currently looking to buy a boat together. In the past he has       and moved to Santa Barbara
owned a 17-foot Boston Whaler and has crewed with several              and is looking forward to
yacht club members.                                                    getting involved with cruising
                                                                       and fishing.
Eric Campbell—Junior Member
Eric has been sailing with Larry Harteck since the summer of           David and Dawn Ligon —Flag Member
2009. He sails in all the Wet Wednesdays on Repeat Offender            As a youth, David spent his summers in the San Juan Islands on
and is very excited about being active in the yacht club.                                                  various power boats. He and
                                                                                                           his wife currently own smaller
Chester and Caitlin Gillmore—Junior Member                                                                 boats which they keep at Lake
Chester grew up cruising. His parents had a boat and slip in                                               Tahoe. David enjoys sport
Marina 1. As a child he raced sabots and recently started racing                                           fishing and scuba diving. He
in Harbor 20s. He is very eager to join the club and get more                                              and his wife moved to Santa
into racing and “help in any way possible.”                                                                Barbara in 2009. There is a
                                                                       sailboat or yacht in their future.
Nanci and Peter John Pfarr—Junior Member                               See you at the club! —Elsbeth Kleen & Ken Clements
Nancy grew up in the midwest sailing Hobie Cats. After college
she moved to California and lived on a Cheoy Lee 36 and planned
to sail the world. She met her husband in Santa Barbara and they        2011 Rosters
sailed to Hawaii and cruised the South Pacific until coming back        Pick yours up at the club after our Sunday, March 6,
to live in Santa Barbara. She is looking forward to sharing her love    Opening Day. Please see Kourtney at the front desk.
of sailing and community spirit with family and friends.

                    anta Barbara Yacht Club Women
                                 Invite you to view                                        “You’re invited!

              The Dreier Collection
                                                                                             Yeah, baby!”

    A history of American culture • New exhibits on display!

              Friday, April 1, 5:30 to 8:30 p.m.
                               Buffet and Beverages
            Silent Auction and Raffle (check or cash only)

        $125 per person • Make checks payable to SBYCWF

  RSVP by March 25 by calling Kourtney at 965-8112 or emailing

  Benefitting SBYCWF Youth Sailing Scholarships and the Santa Barbara Youth Sailing Foundation
Trophy Dinner
Commodore’s Ball
Volunteer Appreciation Brunch
Club Events

                 Vintners                                                            Winemaker
                 Wine                                                                Dinner
                  Tasting                                                            Tuesday,
                                                                                     March 29, 6 p.m.
                   Tuesday, March 8
                                                           $75++ • RSVP to Kourtney at 965-8112 or email
                       3–5 p.m.
             Make plans to join us for our trade
        tasting. This is an opportunity to sample
     wine from 20 local wineries who will share
                their gift of the vine.
      Cost is $10 per person, which includes the
    opportunity to purchase your favorite wines
   with a Santa Barbara Yacht Club super discount.
            RSVP to Kourtney at 965-8112,
          or by email to

 L the Good Times Roll!                                      Easter Brunch, Sunday, April 24
               Saturday, March 19                          9:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. • Seatings every 30 minutes
     Don’t be cruel, bring your lil’ darlin’ down to         Egg Decorating • Easter Egg Hunt & more
                                                             Breakfast/Lunch/Café menus are not offered
 Jack’s Burger Joint                                                  Club Closes at 2:30 p.m.
 There’ll be a whole lot of shakin’ goin’ on. We’ll spin    Adults $35++ • Children 6-15 years old $15++
 some discs, and let the good times roll. So put your
 glad rags on, jump in your little deuce coupe and
                                                                Beginning April 20, Adults $42++
 cruise on down. We’re going to rock around the                Call 965-8112 to make your reservation
 clock that night! So save the date and celebrate
 the golden oldies with
 Chubby Checker and the                                     Vintners Wine Tasting
 gang! It’s selling out quickly!                                   Tuesday, April 26 • 2-5 p.m.
 Cost: $50++. RSVP to                                                Join us for our trade tasting.
 Kourtney at 965-8112 or
                                                           Save the Date!
 48-hour cancellation
 policy in effect.                                         Cinco de Mayo

Don’t Forget!                                              Thursday, May 5
 Daylight Saving begins Sunday,                            Happy Hour
 March 13.                                                 5:00–7:00 p.m.
                                                                                           Club Events

Sunday Night Dinners                                       Monday Lunch Forum
March 6—Fried Chicken Buffet 8.50++
March 13—Barbecued Ribs Buffet $17.++                       Lunch at Noon • Program at 12:30 p.m.
March 20—Mexican Buffet $10.++
                                                           Mar. 7   Kira Redmond, Ex. Dir., SB Channel Keeper
March 27—Prime Rib Buffet $19.++
                                                                    Protecting Our Channel Waters
Lobster Night                                              Mar. 14 James Lambden, Above the Waterline
                                                                   The Revival of the Electric Boat
Friday, March 25. Regular dinner menu is also available.
Call Kourtney at 965-8112 to make reservations.            Mar. 21 Chad Dreier, Member & Collector Extraordinare
                                                                   The Dreier Museum: SB’s Unique Treasure
Races, Regattas, & Cruises                                 Mar. 28 Jacques Steininger, SBYC Member
Opening Day Casper’s/CHRF Race, Sunday, March 6.                   OAT Tour of Turkey
Melges 24 California Cup, Fri.–Sun., March 11–13.
First Wet Wednesday, March 16.                             Member’s Birthday Club
CHRF Spring #3, Sunday, March 27.
CHRF Race to PCYC, Friday, April 8.                                                     David Iddings 3/17
                                                           Richard Cleveland 3/1
PCYC Cruise, Saturday–Sunday, April 16–17.                 John Erdahl 3/1              Michael Richardson 3/17
CHRF Full Monty Goleta Up & Back, Sunday, April 17.        Cheryl Kelmar 3/1            Jerry Geneau 3/18
                                                           Doug Harlow 3/2              Donald Hughes 3/18
Save the Dates                                             Staff Commodore              Jay Parker 3/20
Cruisers Dock Party, Saturday, March 26.                       John Berryhill 3/3       Linda Smith Reichel 3/21
SBYCW Dreier Collection Fundraiser, Friday, April 1.       Diana Katsenes 3/3           Nancy Smith 3/21
                                                           Erik Sluyter 3/3             John Lindgren 3/22
Wine Tasting, Tuesday, April 26, 2-5 p.m.
                                                           Christopher Gabriel 3/4      Frank Miller 3/22
Cinco de Mayo Happy Hour, Thursday, May 5, 5–7 p.m.                                     Frank Peavey 3/22
                                                           James Lower 3/4
                                                           Brooke Sawyer 3/5            Staff Commodore
                                                           Frank De Trana 3/6              Stan Los, Jr. 3/23
                                                                                        Dean Mars 3/23
                       Run for
                                                           Eugene Gordon 3/7
                                                           Ann Hutchins 3/7             Tobias Bateson 3/24
                                                           William Lannan 3/8           Staff Commodore
                       the Roses™                          Bernard Girod 3/9
                                                           Robert Kallman 3/9
                                                                                           Kent Pierce 3/24
                                                                                        Riley Bechtel 3/25
                                                           Charles Stoops 3/9           Stuart Colville 3/25
Saturday, May 7 • 3:00 p.m. Showtime                       William Hahn 3/10            Richard Compton 3/25
Experience the first leg of the                            Jack Hufford 3/10            David Hamilton 3/25
                                                           Gregory Nancarrow 3/10       Rogers Harder 3/26
Triple Crown at the 2011
                                                           Jr. Staff Commodore          Jonathan Samuels 3/26
Kentucky Derby ® on the SBYC                                                            Rob Hunt 3/27
                                                               Roger Chrisman 3/11
big screen. But the Kentucky                               Steve Hubbs 3/12             Robert Kieding 3/28
Derby is much more than just a                             Steve Pybrum 3/12            Linda Lowell 3/28
two-minute race, it will be an                             James Mitchell 3/13          Julio Petrini 3/28
event at Santa Barbara Yacht Club,                         Michael Hopkins 3/14         Iya Falcone 3/29
Churchill Downs style—filled with                          Michael Wapner 3/14          Jerry Shalhoob 3/29
food, fun, drinks,                                         Mortimer Andron 3/15         Gordon Hardey 3/29
                                                           Randall E. Greer 3/15        Pamela Thiene 3/29
hats, and so
                                                           Capp Raisin 3/15             Betty Newcomb 3/30
much more.                                                 Alex Ziegler 3/15            Ronelle Wilson-Pelton 3/30
                                                           Kenneth Kieding 3/16         Stefan Mazur 3/31
                                                           Joseph Tucker, Jr. 3/16      Gerrold Rubin 3/31
                                                           Clyde Wullbrandt 3/16        Edward Savage 3/31
                                                           June H. De Voto 3/17         Craig Swanson 3/31
                                                           W.W. “Rick” Drewry 3/17      H. Douglas Wood 3/31
                                                           Michael Holland 3/17
     Sunday                 Monday                  Tuesday             Wednesday                 Thursday                 Friday                 Saturday
                                               1                        2                     3                       4                       5 Breakfast or Lunch
                                               Club Closed              Lunch 11:30am-2pm     Lunch 11:30am-2pm                               10am-2pm
                                                                                                                     Lunch 11:30am-2pm
                                                                                              Bridge 1pm
                                                                                              Sail Policy Mtg 5:30pm
                                                                                                                      Dinner 6-9pm
                                                                                                                                              Café Menu 2-8pm

6    Breakfast 7:30am   7  Monday Forum        8                        9                     10 Lunch 11:30am-2pm 11                         12 Breakfast or
                        Kira Redmond,                                   Ash Wednesday         Bridge 1pm
                                                                                                                      Lunch 11:30am-2pm       Lunch 10am-2pm
                        Protecting Our         Vintner’s Wine Tasting   Lunch 11:30am-2pm     Membership Mtg
Opening Day                                                                                   House & Grounds Mtg
CHRF/Casper Race        Channel Waters         3-5pm                    Long Range Planning                                                   Melges 24 Calif Cup
                                                                        Mtg 11:30am           Skippers Social 5-7pm   Melges 24 Calif Cup
Fried Chicken Buffet
Café Menu 2-8pm                                                                                                       Dinner 6-9pm            Café Menu 2-8pm

13                     14 Monday Forum         15                       16                    17                      18                      19
Daylight Saving Begins James Lambden,
                                                                    Lunch 11:30am-2pm St. Patrick’s Day          Lunch 11:30am-2pm            Breakfast or Lunch
Brunch 10am-1pm        The Revival of the                           SBYCW Spring Lunch Lunch 11:30am-2pm                                      10am-2pm
Melges 24 Calif Cup    Electric Boat           Scuttlebutt Deadline 11:30am             Bridge 1pm                                            Gaucho Regatta
Family Boat Building
                                                                                        Bd. of Directors Mtg 6pm Dinner 6-9pm                 Happy Days Party
BBQ Ribs Buffet
                                                                    First Wet Wednesday                                                       No Café Menu
Café Menu 2-8pm
20   Spring Begins      21   Monday Forum      22                       23                    24                      25                      26
Brunch 10am-1pm         Chad Dreier,                                    Lunch 11:30am-2pm                             Lunch 11:30am-2pm       Breakfast or Lunch
                                                                                              Lunch 11:30am-2pm
                        The Dreier Museum:                                                                                                    10am-2pm
                                                                                              Bridge 1pm
Gaucho Regatta          Santa Barbara’s                                 Wet Wednesday         SBYCW Board Mtg
Mexican Buffet          Unique Treasure                                                                               Lobster Night           Cruiser Dock Party
                                                                                              Fishing Fleet Mtg 6pm
Café Menu 2-8pm                                                                                                       Dinner 6-9pm            Café Menu 2-8pm

27                 28 Monday Forum             29                       30                    31
   Brunch 10am-1pm Jacques Steininger,

                                                                        Lunch 11:30am-2pm     Lunch 11:30am-2pm
                                               Justin Vineyard
                   OAT Tour of Turkey                                                         Bridge 1pm
CHRF Spring #3                                 Winemaker Dinner
                                                                        Wet Wednesday
                                               6pm RSVP
Prime Rib Buffet
Café Menu 2-8pm

     Sunday                 Monday                  Tuesday             Wednesday                 Thursday                 Friday                 Saturday
                                                                                                                      1                       2 Breakfast or Lunch

                                                                                                                      Lunch 11:30am-2pm       10am-2pm
                                                                                                                      SBYCW Dreier
                                                                                                                      Collection Fundraiser
                                                                                                                      Dinner 6-9pm            Café Menu 2-8pm

3                       4 Monday Forum         5                        6                     7                       8                       9 Breakfast or Lunch
Brunch 10am-1pm         Ed Vernon,                                      Lunch 11:30am-2pm     Lunch 11:30am-2pm      Lunch 11:30am-2pm        10am-2pm
                        The Port of                                                           Bridge 1pm             CHRF Race to PCYC
Fried Chicken Buffet    Santa Rosalita                                  Wet Wednesday         Sail Policy Mtg 5:30pm
Café Menu 2-8pm                                                                                                      Dinner 6-9pm             Café Menu 2-8pm
10Brunch 10am-2pm 11         Monday Forum      12                       13                    14   Lunch 11:30-2  15                   16 Breakfast or Lunch
                        Scott Reed,                                     Lunch 11:30am-2pm     Bridge 1pm          Lunch 11:30am-2pm    10am-2pm
                        Music Academy of the                                                  Membership Mtg      Scuttlebutt Deadline
                        West Summer Festival                            Wet Wednesday         House & Grounds Mtg                      PCYC Cruise
BBQ Ribs Buffet
                                                                                              Skippers Social 6pm Dinner 6-9pm
Café Menu 2-8pm                                                                                                                        Café Menu 2-8pm
17 Palm Sunday         18 Monday Forum        19 Passover               20                    21   Lunch 11:30-2pm 22 Good Friday             23
Brunch 10am-1pm        Peter Hartman,                                   Lunch 11:30am-2pm     Bridge 1pm             Earth Day                Breakfast or Lunch
PCYC Cruise            A Brief History of the                                                 Board of Directors Mtg Lunch 11:30am-2pm        10am-2pm
CHRF Full Monty Goleta Coast Guard Auxiliary                            Wet Wednesday         SBYCW Board Mtg
Mexican Buffet                                                                                                       Dinner 6-9pm
Café Menu 2-8pm                                                                                                                               Café Menu 2-8pm
24 Easter Brunch       25 Monday Forum 26                               27   Administrative   28                      29                      30  Breakfast or
                                                                                              Lunch 11:30am-2pm       Lunch 11:30am-2pm       Lunch 10am-2pm
Serving from 9am-2pm Jack Byers,              Vintner's Wine Tasting    Professionals Day
                       And Update and Tour 2-5pm                                              Bridge 1pm
Noon Egghunt                                                            Lunch 11:30am-2pm
                                                                                              Fishing Fleet 6pm       Lobster Night
No Breakfast/Lunch     of SBYC’s Kitchen
or Café Menu                                                            Wet Wednesday                                 Dinner 6-9pm
                                                                                                                                              Café Menu 2-8pm
31 Brunch 10am-1pm

Prime Rib Buffet
Café Menu 2-8pm
                                                                                                                  All schedules subject to change without notice.
                                                                       Santa Barbara Yacht Club Women

C     ongratulations to the SBYC Women
      Officers! You have been installed!
Smooth sailing luncheon with a few
                                                                     events and luncheons before they hit the Scuttlebutt. Send us your
                                                                     email address. It’s private and only used for this purpose.
                                                                           Our women’s membership is growing. That means we can
surprises. We had a “step in” for Sa-                                continue to help support our young sailors with our scholarship
brina (secretary)—husband Tony stood                                 program. You see many women in and out of the club, but do
proudly as he represented Sabrina with                               you know them by name, did you know they love to sail, play
the secretary pencil. Cheers to the women                            tennis, or ski like you do? Or shop at the same stores or even live
of 2011! I think that’s when I swung the                             in your own neighborhood? Many love to travel the Caribbean or
champagne bottle against the podium! (Fake bottle of course.)        visit museums and enjoy the world of art as you do. You will be
Thanks to our Programs Committee, Lili Schafer, Sherryl              surprised as to how many of our members have the same inter-
Harlow, Janet Rowse, Molly Dolle, and Trish Davis for put-           ests. Just ask Susan Engles, Carolyn Duncan, or Candy Logue
ting together the All Aboard theme for this eventful luncheon.       to tell you more! If you haven’t joined, join today!
Shari Guilfoyle, Sharon Ewins, and Beverly Toole out did                   Don’t be bored…come aboard!
themselves for the drawings and ticket sales of $635 for the Santa   —Margo Browning, SBYCW President,
Barbara Youth Sailing Foundation.                             
      Announcing “2010 Woman of the
Year”—Kathleen Yabsley! With an over-
whelming nomination, she has helped in
every way possible with such enthusiasm.
We salute you Kathleen!
     This year will be a full year with op-
portunities to get to know the women of our
club and make new friends. We do this with
the many events that work for you and your
interests. For example, we held our Febru-
ary Wine Tasting event at our local Santa
Barbara Winery with food, discounts, draw-
ings and a special valentine treat (chocolate!).
Another treat were the husbands that joined
in on the fun—my husband Charles, Shari
Guilfoyle and Bill, Sharon Ewins with Doug,
Barbara Sanborn (our newest SBYCW
member) with husband Tom, and Donna
Long accompanied by her son. Pat Hinds
and Mimi Michaelis were fun to shop with
and thanks to Molly for our pictures
and Kathleen for putting this all together. Be “in the know” on
                                                                                  SBYCW Spring Luncheon
                   Please join the SBYCW for
                                                                                 A Salute to
            An Evening with
          The Dreier Collection
                                                                            Santa Barbara Women
                                                                                    Wednesday, March 16, 2011
                    Friday, April 1, 2011                                       11:30 a.m. Social • Noon Luncheon
                   5:30 p.m. to 8:30 p.m.
              Tickets $125 per person                                      Kathie Brewster of the
      RSVP by March 25 to Kourtney at 965-8112                            Santa Barbara Historical
          Make checks payable to SBYCWF                                   Museum is our speaker.
                                                                       RSVP to Kourtney at 965-8112
   All proceeds benefit the SBYCW Foundation Scholarships
                                                                        or email
         and Santa Barbara Youth Sailing Foundation
                     Santa Barbara Yacht Club
                     130 Harbor Way
                     Santa Barbara, CA 93109

Santa Barbara
 Yacht Club
Founded in 1872

   Opening Day                           Planning a Wedding or Party?
       Sunday, March 6
          0730 Hours—Breakfast
           1000 Hours—Ceremonies
            1100 Hours—Parade of Fleet
             1200 Hours—Lunch
              1350 Hours—Regatta
               1630 Hours—Trophy

                   Call the club
                    at 965-8112
                      to volunteer.

                                           Contact our
                                          Department at
                                            965-8112 x11
                                           for details.

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