Chapter 27 Trials pgs 148-156

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					Chapter 27 Trials pgs 148-156
Pg. 151 Why does Sairy come up with this story about Dallas and Florida trying out
the equiptment?

Chapter 28 Mrs. Trepid pgs. 155-160
Pg. 159 Why is Mrs. Trepid jealous of Dallas and Florida’s relationship?

Chapter 30 Nightmares pgs. 166-167
How are the dreams a foreshadowing of what might happen on their trips?

Chapter 32 Paddling and Hiking pgs. 172-178
Describe a time when you felt sad when you were separated from a loved one.

Who do you think is Tiller and Sairy’s friend? Is he the same man in the alley with
Mr. Trepid?

Start keeping track of all the items Dallas and Sairy forget on their trip:

Chapter 33 pgs. 179-183
Think about your answer about Tiller and Sairy’s friend in chapter 32 and then
explain why is Z answering very quickly?

Chapter 36 pgs. 192-194
How does Sairy remember how to get home?

Chapter 37 pgs 195-196
Pg. 196 Is Dallas’ dreaming coming true?

Florida is starting to realize all the things Dallas does for her. What if Florida was
the positive person and Dallas was the negative one?
Chapter 38 Surveying pgs. 197-198
Why does Z hope he finds a lot of stones?

Chapter 39 The Worrywarts pgs. 199-205
Explain why Florida did not want to cry in front of Mrs. Trepid.

Why do you think Sairy and Tiller never whittled the piece of wood? What does
this show you about their relationship?

Chapter 40 Babies in the box pgs. 206-211

How did Florida and Dallas get their names?

Chapter 41 Shopping 212-217

List all the items the The Trepid’s looked at in the specific stores. Did they
purchase them? How were they going to make these purchases?

In your opinion, why does Mr. Trepid tell the car dealer he is driving a Porche?

What does it mean to count your chickens before they hatch? How are The
Trepids doing just this?

Chapter 42 Dorkhead pgs. 218-219

Why does Dallas call himself a “dorkhead”?
How would you feel if you really didn’t know your real birthday?

Chapter 43 Loops pgs. 220-223

Florida learns that rivers were like living things, and they had many faces... what
does she mean by this?

Why does Florida ask Tiller if he enjoys having her and Dallas at the holler? Do
you think she knows the answer? Why?

Explain why Florida is so deteremined to know why Tiller doesn’t get mad at her
goof ups.

Chapter 45 The rock pgs. 226-228

Imagine you were in the boat with Tiller and Florida, describe how you might be
feeling at this point in the trip.

Chapter 50 The Feeling 241-246

What makes Dallas sense there is something wrong with Florida?

Chapter 51 Z pgs. 247-250
Explain why you think Z wished he wasn’t involved with the Trepids?

What are Z’s two confessions?

What does Z realize about Dallas and Florida?

How do you think Florida and Dallas will react when they find out the news about

Do you think Z will tell Dallas and Florida?

Chapter 52 The One-Log Raft pgs. 251-256
How is using PUTRID a good thing for Florida?

Chapter 55 On The Road pgs. 259-263

Why did Sairy stifle a sob when she heard that Dallas and Florida and understone

Chapter 56 The Soggy Heart pgs. 268-270
How can you feel sorry and thankful at the same time?

What evidence proves that Florida has learned to love?

Chapter 59 Investments pgs. 275-277
Why do you think he lies to his wife and is this a good thing to do?

Chapter 60 Hospital Talk pgs 278-281
What if Dallas and Florida never told Tiller and Sairy about the other families?

Chapter 61 Mr. Trepid’s Adventure pgs. 282-286
Compare and Contrast Mr.Trepid’s thoughts of the Holler to Sairy and Tiller’s
thoughts of the Holler.

Compare                                        Contrast
Do you think Mr. Trepid desverves all the things hidden in the holes? Why?

Chapter 62 Jewels pgs. 287-290
Mr. Trepid tells many lies throughout the book. Why is it bad to tell a lot of lies?

If Tiller and Sairy took over the Boxton Creek Home how would it be different?

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