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					A website to accommodate every single desire and need of our generation !

A Youth website ! We will have our own - blog-spot, chat-room and other
domains like career guidance, health tips, Reviews for electronic gadgets
, film and other media release review, counselling forum by
professionals, separate forum for exhibition of art, music, dance,
literary !
we wil have links for all main downloads - software, mp3, videos, ebooks,
magazines, etc.

One-stop point for views and ideas of guys and girls in our age..We wil
be having a forum called 'Karna' wherein ppl can forward old clothes,
books and other necessities ( which they deem worth-using ) for the
deprived ! We can target nearby orphanages and other places which
actually require immediate help !

And to bring in daily interactions and views we wil be having segments
like online radio ( for all language songs like english tamil hindi
telugu malayalam ), blog-spot, diet programs, A-word-a-day, etc.

We will have ppl who are SME ( subject matter experts ), who are really
successful at wat they are doin, to have separate forums for
themselves..for eg. something "Leon James speaks" wherein our Leon will
be sharing wat he feels and will be posting video links and also giving
tips on his field !

We wil also be having nutrition doctors, wealth management experts,
ayurveda experts to help us out and give expert opinion and guidance !

We like everybody are evolving and would love to take suggestions and
ideas ! :)

Join Hands :)


Do bring in your team..your gang..who can assist u in this regard !
This wil comprise only of ppl who are working and have some spirit in
them to excel and explore tomorrow !

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