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From Ft. Hood to Iraq to
Afghanistan to Pakistan:

                                                                                                                                  Rulers Urge
                                                                                                                                Afghan Surge,

                                                                                                                               While Readying
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             of Racist
                                                                                                                                       D.C. Transit
                                                                                                                                       Prepare for

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                                                                                                                              Capitalist Killer:
                                                                                                                                Soaring Racist
    The war for oil being waged in Iraq and Afghanistan is    tremendous mental toll on soldiers. Post Traumatic Stress
also taking its toll in the U.S. The 13 deaths at Ft. Hood    Disorder (PTSD), anxiety over deployment, suicide, and           Unemployment
can be added to the 5,300 dead U.S. soldiers in Iraq and      domestic violence are all at very high levels in the mili-
Afghanistan and over one million Iraqi and Afghanis killed    tary. (More next issue)                                                   page 4
since the invasions of 2003.                                       Racism is also to blame. The military has always used
    We shouldn’t fall for either of the bosses’ media spins
on the Ft. Hood shootings: the overtly racist Fox News
                                                              racism to dehumanize its victims. Anti-Arab racism is tac-
                                                              itly approved. Derogatory names for Arabs are the norm.
take that “all Muslims are evil,” or the liberal Obama-New
York Times slant that “embraces all religions” in pursuit
                                                              Racist cadence and banter by the Non-Commissioned
                                                              Officers (NCOs) and acceptance of racist comments by
                                                                                                                                Iran: Workers’
of imperialist war. The profit system itself stands guilty    lower-rank enlisted soldiers drill disgustingly negative         Misery Worsens
of all the murders, from Texas to the Mid-East to Cen-        views of Arabs into the heads of soldiers.
tral Asia. Our Party has long held the position of “Turn          The U.S, Chinese, Russians, and European bosses all
                                                                                                                               As Bosses Fight
the Guns Around.” Unlike Hasan, who targeted rank-
and-file soldiers, we advocate mass, militant, anti-racist,
                                                              have a stake in these wars. The Arab capitalists are maneu-               It Out
                                                              vering to protect their own interests by aligning with dif-
anti-imperialist action against top officers and the capi-
talists they serve. This struggle forms part of our long-
                                                              ferent sides. All sides are using a toxic mix of nationalism,
                                                              patriotism and religion to motivate young men and wom-
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term strategy to build a mass communist party that will       en to kill for capitalism. Wars like this are how the bosses
ultimately destroy the war-making billionaires in a com-
munist revolution.
                                                              fight each other over resources and the “right” to exploit
                                                                                                                              MOVIE REVIEW>>
    The profit-driv-
en U.S. war machine   The profit system itself stands guilty                                                The     mental
                                                                                                        toll comes from
had already slaugh-                                                                                                                  A Love Story,’
tered over 700,000
                            of all the murders, from                                                    soldiers commit-
                                                                                                        ting atrocities for
                                                                                                                                        A Movie in
                                                                                                        a cause they don’t
in oil-rich Iraq by
2006, according to
                      Texas to the Mid-East to Central Asia                                             believe in. In the                Love with
                                                                                                        history of modern
the British medi-
cal journal Lancet. In Afghanistan, U.S.-led forces killed
                                                                                                        warfare, the two               ‘Reforming’
                                                              militaries that suffered the least mental breakdowns were
345 civilians between January and August 2009, the UN         the Soviet and German armies in World War II. Those ar-                    Capitalism
reports. These figures don’t include the 90 Afghan civil-     mies were politically committed, the Soviets to Socialism,
ians wiped out in September by NATO or the six innocent       and the Germans to Fascism.
                                                                                                                                            page 7
farmers and three of their children incinerated recently
                                                                 A big reason for the mental health problems among
by a U.S. missile. CIA and U.S. Air Force drones have slain
over 700 Pakistani civilians since 2006. To perpetuate this
                                                              U.S. soldiers is because — despite the rhetoric about           HISTORY>>
                                                              “protecting our country” or “helping” people in Afghani-
serial killing, U.S. rulers are pouncing on the Ft. Hood
incident to increase anti-Islamic sentiment.
                                                              stan and Iraq — inside the military most soldiers know                 Thanksgiving:
   Whether Major Nidal Hasan did this on his own or
                                                              what this war is really about: oil. Fighting for that lie
                                                              takes its toll.
                                                                                                                                       A Holocaust
was put up to it, the shootings in the military process-
ing center were not the actions of a sane stable person.
                                                                  Nidal Hasan is neither the first or last person to be                 for Native
                                                              driven crazy by a system that kills millions for profits. PLP
Hasan cracked under the duress of hearing the stories of
                                                              is organizing for communist revolution and a society with-                Americans
atrocities in the war told to him day after day.
                                                              out bosses and profits, run by workers and for the needs
   By the military’s own admissions, this war is taking a     of the working class all over the world. Join us! J                           page 8
page 2 • CHALLENGE • 25 november 2009

Oil-Driven Rulers Urge Afghan
Surge, While Readying Nukes
    Thus far, 4,400 GIs have given their lives for                           solved — for example, on the Korean Peninsula,
U.S. imperialism in Iraq and more than 900 in Af-                            across the Taiwan Strait, and around the Persian       Exxon Mobil Poised to Cash in on
ghanistan, besides the hundreds of thousands                                 Gulf — or the U.S. military pulls back from these       U.S. Genocide In Iraq, the new
of Iraqis, Afghans and Pakistanis who have been                              regions, the United States will sooner or later
killed in this imperialist drive for control of oil                          find itself embroiled in conventional wars with
                                                                                                                                             Saudi Arabia
(see box). The majority of the U.S. and allied                               nuclear-armed adversaries... The threats that              Estimates of Iraq’s oil wealth continue to sky-
(mainly British) Afghan losses have come in Hel-                             dominate U.S. military planning come from Chi-         rocket. The Council on Foreign Relations fore-
mand and Kandahar provinces, along the route                                 na, North Korea, and Iran.” (These threats target      told six million barrels per day (bpd) in its 2002
of the proposed U.S.-backed Turkmenistan-Af-                                 Asian and Mid-Eastern populations, just as did         pro-invasion report. This summer, Iraq and the
ghanistan-Pakistan-India gas pipeline.                                       the U.S. racist murder of 250,000 Japanese civil-      world’s oil majors (headed by U.S. Exxon Mobil
                                                                             ians in the 1945 atomic bombings.)                     and Chevron, UK British Petroleum, and Dutch-
    Now civilian and GI deaths are sure to soar                                                                                     UK-U.S. Shell) talked of eight million bpd. But
with Obama’s coming surge. “Advisers to Presi-                                  Dog-eat-dog imperialist conflict dictates that      now, industry newsletter Energy Intelligence
dent Obama are preparing three options for es-                               “even rational adversaries will have powerful in-      (11/06/09) reports, “All involved in Iraq’s colossal
calating the war effort in Afghanistan, all of them                          centives to introduce nuclear weapons...during a       expansion program say it’s technically feasible to
calling for more American troops... The options                              conventional war against the United States.”           crank the fields up to 10 million bpd... allowing
include Gen. Stanley A. McChrystal’s request for                                 Thus, the authors argue, Obama should have         Iraq to rival top exporter Saudi Arabia.”
roughly another 40,000 troops; a middle sce-                                 his finger on the nuclear trigger. “The least bad
nario sending about 30,000 more troops; and a                                                                                            Recent oil dealings proved the petrostrate-
                                                                             option in the face of explicit nuclear threats or      gic, inter-imperialist essence of the Bush-Obama
lower alternative involving 20,000 to 25,000.”                               after a limited nuclear strike may be a counter-
(NY Times, 11/08/09)                                                                                                                war in Iraq. According to Reuters (11/05/09),
                                                                             force attack [on enemy nuke sites]...with either       “An Exxon Mobil-led consortium has beaten rival
 U.S. War Planners Aim ‘Low-Yield’                                           conventional or nuclear weapons, or a mix of the       Russian, French and Chinese groups to secure
                                                                             two.” Keir and Leiber “modeled low-yield [nu-
  High-Death Nukes at N. Korea,                                                                                                     initial rights to develop Iraq’s West Qurna field,”
                                                                             clear] airbursts rather than high-yield ground-
            Iran, China                                                      bursts,” on the “theory” that exploding nukes
                                                                                                                                    one of the world’s largest. West Qurna stands
                                                                                                                                    to pump some 2.3 million bpd more than 30%
   But even beyond the carnage of their Iraq                                 in the air will kill less than ground-level explo-     greater than Exxon Mobil’s current sales.
and Afghan wars, U.S. rulers contemplate near-                               sions.
term use of their nuclear trump card. The Obama                                  Miraculously,    “their   fatality   estimates
administration is currently overhauling U.S. nu-                             plunged from 3-4 million to less than 700.” In
clear policy, with a final determination due next                                                                                    The deaths at Ft. Hood, in Iraq, Afghanistan
                                                                             reality, the higher figures seem more likely. The    and Pakistan, and U.S. rulers’ open threat to
year. To sway the decision, the latest issue of                              CFR war planners count on impossibly precise
“Foreign Affairs,” journal of the predominantly                                                                                   use nuclear weapons, all cry out for rebuilding
                                                                             intelligence on the location of hostile nuke bas-    a working-class anti-imperialist war movement
Rockefeller-led Council on Foreign Relations                                 es. But the U.S.’s vaunted intelligence services
(CFR) features an article entitled “The Nukes We                                                                                  with a revolutionary outlook. Only a mass PLP,
                                                                             can’t find Osama bin Laden and didn’t have a         based among workers, soldiers and students,
Need.” Written by Pentagon-funded academics                                  clue about “ally” Pakistan’s A-bomb program.
Keir Leiber and Daryl Press, it warns:                                                                                            can point our class in the direction of communist
                                                                             Instead of precision strikes, expect a radioactive   revolution, the answer to the horrors perpetrat-
    “Unless the world’s major disputes are re-                               holocaust.                                           ed by U.S. and world capitalism.J

                                                                                     D.C. Transit Workers
         OUR FIGHT
 LProgressive Labor Party (PLP) fights to smash                                       Prepare for Action
 capitalism — wage slavery. While the bosses and
 their mouthpieces claim “communism is dead,”                                       WASHINGTON, DC, November 9 — On               ing to advance the fight on many levels. Workers
 capitalism is the real failure for billions all over the                      November 4, the arbitration award was an-          want and need a decent pay raise, cuts in the
 world.                                                                        nounced settling the contract for Metro tran-      racist wage-progression system — which low-
 LCapitalism returned to the Soviet Union and                                  sit workers (Amalgamated Transit Union Local       ers entry-level wages for the mostly black youth
 China because socialism failed to wipe out many                               689). It grants a 9.3% raise over four years,      comprising the newly-hired — and lower health
 aspects of the profit system, like wages and divi-                            but a substantial increase in health care costs    insurance costs. But above all, we need a move-
 sion of labor.                                                                will eat up much of that “raise.” The award        ment exposing the nature of the racist profit sys-
                                                                               also eliminates retiree health insurance for       tem and to show both the need and possibilities
 LCapitalism inevitably leads to wars. PLP organ-                              workers hired after January 1, 2010, creating      for communist revolution.
 izes workers, students and soldiers to turn these                             still another division in the workforce.
 wars into a revolution for communism — the                                                                                           This struggle has erupted weeks away from
 dictatorship of the proletariat. This fight requires a                            While this was our worst contract in over      electing a new local president. PLP member and
 mass Red Army led by the communist PLP.                                       a decade, the bosses immediately declared          30-year bus driver Mike Golash is running to
                                                                               it was “too good” for the workers and have         regain the presidency and lead the workers in
 LCommunism means working collectively to build                                gone to court to overturn it. The New York         sharper struggle against the capitalist crisis. A
 a society where sharing is based on need. We will                             City transit bosses are following the same tac-    job action in Metro could build support for simi-
 abolish work for wages, money and profits. Every-                             tic in “appealing” the arbitration award there.    lar actions in NYC. These struggles can open the
 one will share in society’s benefits and burdens.                                                                                doors to transit workers joining a fighting PLP.
                                                                                  The union president’s response was to
 LCommunism means abolishing racism and the                                    take Metro to court to have the arbitration        (Full story next issue.) J
 concept of race.                                                              award enforced. When angry workers called
 LCommunism means abolishing the special op-                                   for a strike, her main
 pression of women — sexism — and                                              response was, “I’m not
 traditional gender roles created by class
                                                                               going to jail.” But a
                                                                               union leader must be        National Strike in Mexico
                                                                               prepared to do what-
 LCommunism means abolishing nations and                                       ever is necessary to         Mexico City, Nov 11 — The call for a national strike to repeal the
 nationalism. One International working class, one                             represent,     mobilize  presidential decree that destroyed the Mexican Electrical Workers’ Union
 world, one Party.                                                             and lead the workers     (SME) and sent 44,000 workers out into the street is being supported
 LCommunism means the Party leads every aspect                                 when we’re attacked.     by hundreds of organizations. Thousands of workers, students and farm
 of society. For this to work, millions of workers —                              Rank-and-file work-   workers started in the early morning hours confronting the police to take
 eventually everyone — must become communist                                   ers are aiming for a     over and temporarily close the main roads that come into Mexico City
                                                                               mass demonstration at    from Puebla, Queretaro, Toluca, and Pachuca. Also, starting Tuesday
 organizers. Join Us!
                                                                               the November 19 Met-     night, students from UNAM took over some installations and today they
   PROGRESSIVE LABOR PARTY                                                     ro Board of Directors    expect that other unions, mass organizations and farm workers, college,
         P.O. Box 808 Brooklyn NY 11202                                        meeting. Amid much       universities and grade school students and teachers will join the strike.
                                                                               confusion, one worker    This afternoon they await the main marches and mobilizations to meet in
                    •                                                                       the Zocolo, the square in downtown Mexico City.
                                                                               asked, “What are we
        • email:                                                                   This struggle is linked to the international capitalist crisis and the
                                                                               fighting for? Should
     • blog:                                  we fight to have a bad      sharpening inter-imperialist rivalry. The bosses are repressing, exploiting,
                   • 718-630-9440                                              arbitration award en-       and killing the working class. This is the opportunity to expose capitalism
      CHALLENGE/DESAFIO (ISSN 0009-1049) published bi-weekly by                forced?”                    and its sellout, reformist, and opportunist leaders. At the same time, it’s
 Challenge Periodicals. 1 issue $.50. One Year: $15. Six months: $10. Send
                                                                                   Members        and      a great opportunity to fight for the revolutionary communist ideas of PLP.
 address changes to CHALLENGE Periodicals, GPO Box 808 Brooklyn, NY
                                                                               friends of PLP are try-     (Full story next issue) J
 11202, November 25 2009. Volume 41, No. 17
                                                                                                                 25 november 2009 • CHALLENGE • page 3

    Workers Put Brakes on
  UAW-Ford Contract Gang-up
    CHICAGO, IL, November 1 — “I am so                     Plant warned, “If we agree to that, we’re signing     tlefinger and VP Bob King — the inside favorite
proud of my coworkers. We really exposed the               off our basic rights as workers. We can never let     to replace Gettlefinger this June — knew about
UAW leadership and their level of collaboration            that happen!”                                         Ford’s improved fortunes while they were try-
with the bosses!” declared a 30-year black Ford                A worker laid off last January stunned the        ing to ram through even more concessions. The
worker. He was describing his feelings about al-           packed meeting when she said, “I’m going to           UAW’s loyalty to the bosses is a bottomless pit.
most 75% of Ford workers overwhelmingly re-                wear my fancy UAW local 551 jacket, take my               For workers, there is no end in sight to the
jecting the UAW leadership’s latest attempt to             two kids and get my picture taken on the welfare      current crisis as racist unemployment soars and
force auto workers to pay for the current capital-         line.” She explained that laid-off workers were       plant closings and wage cuts continue. But work-
ist crisis.                                                promised $500-a-week from Ford, for 26 weeks,         ers’ fight-back seems to be increasing: from the
    This was the fifth time in five years that the         if their Supplemental Unemployment Benefits           11-month Stella D’Oro strike in NY to the ‘07
UAW had tried to force more concessions on an              (SUB) ran out. Instead, she is getting a check for    Boeing strike, various transit and healthcare ral-
ever-shrinking workforce. UAW President Gettle-            $5.63! “How do you expect us to survive?” she         lies and this latest rejection of a U.S. auto con-
finger said, “We underestimated the fatigue…of             shouted at the leadership.                            tract. A big part of our job is, wherever possi-
people constantly having to make a decision on                 These attacks have a profound racist charac-      ble, to fan these sparks into flames and flames
a contract.” (Translation: “Workers are tired of           ter. Racist unemployment for black males in the       into fires. At the Chicago Ford meeting, some
this shit!”) He also added that it wasn’t a bad            former auto centers of Detroit, Buffalo and Mil-      of the most militant leadership came from work-
contract; “We just didn’t do a good job selling it         waukee is over 50%! Foreclosures and evictions        ers who are long-time CHALLENGE readers and
to our membership.” (Or selling them out.)                 among black workers from Flint to Chicago’s           have participated in many actions, from the Jena
   Ford wanted the same deal Obama and the                 South Side are in the tens of thousands. And          6 rally in 2006 to PLP May Day marches and din-
UAW worked out with GM and Chrysler during                 the shrinking tax base created by massive unem-       ners.
their brief bankruptcies: a no-strike clause, a            ployment and low wages has left the schools and          These battles can become schools for com-
wage-freeze for new hires entering the work-               mass transit in shambles. In Detroit, bus fares       munism if we use them to deepen our ties to the
force at about $12/hour, and the consolidation             are going up 30% on December 1 while routes           workers and win them to see the need for com-
of many job classifications. In “return,” Ford of-         and weekend service are cancelled.                    munist revolution and building a mass, fighting
fered the vague promise of maintaining 7,000                   No sooner had the UAW contract been re-           PLP. Adding their experience, knowledge and
jobs. Wages and working conditions would be                jected than Ford announced a $1-BILLION third-        boldness to our ranks makes us a much stronger
set by binding arbitration, sidestepping the               quarter profit, a more than 2% gain in U.S. mar-      Party. Victories like those are much harder to re-
rank-and-file ratification process.                        ket share. The Detroit Free Press called this “an     verse. J
    Another worker at the rebellious UAW Lo-               incredible $3-billion turnaround in North Ameri-
cal 551 meeting at the Chicago Ford Assembly               can operating profit.” There’s no doubt that Get-

                                                                                                             Open to PL ’s
    Fight Racist Cook                                                                                        Red Ideas on
   County Healthcare                                                                                        Battling School
                                                                                                             Budget Cuts
     CHICAGO, IL, October 25 — With almost             the Doctors SEIU Local and the nurses’ un-
                                                                                                              BERKELEY, CA, Oct. 24 — Over 400 students, teach-
                                                                                                          ers, and professors gathered from across California at a
 50 million uninsured and racist unemployment          ion have kept the workers largely in the dark      conference to “Defend Public Education” to make a plan
 at a 60-year high, Cook County Health Serv-           about the cuts and lay-offs, while PLP has         of action against the budget cuts that have severely af-
 ices CEO Foley and the new System Board,              been the first to inform the workers, rais-        fected education and health care. PLP distributed a pam-
 are slashing services and cutting jobs at a           ing the need for communist revolution and          phlet calling for a political strike against the system that
 breathtaking pace. There are over 1 million           calling for a rally in front of the hospital on    cuts education to pay for war, and advocating communist
 uninsured workers in Cook County, and grow-           Nov. 4. Many workers support our call and          revolution. We distributed CHALLENGE to many partici-
 ing every day with plant closings and layoffs.        began making more copies of the County             pants.
 These cuts are racist to the core as 82% of the       CHALLENGE PLP newsletter.
 patients we care for are black or immigrant                                                                  The leaders of the conference channeled debates to
                                                           The unions are doing very little. The an-      discussions of tactics and dates rather than the nature
 workers. It is the second wave after the cuts         grier the workers get, the less the union lead-
 of 2007 that closed half the clinics for unin-                                                           and source of the crisis and the solutions. They imposed
                                                       ership does. They fear workers who want to         a “one-minute rule” which made it very hard to fight for
 sured workers and eliminated 2,000 jobs.              make some real changes and take on lead-           our ideas as effectively as possible. But the stakes are
     While the bosses carry out their charade          ership themselves. It’s situations like this       high because, while the leaders sought to stop serious
 in Washington over health care, Democrats             where the sellouts show their true colors and      discussion, there was great anger at the racist cuts —
 are running everything from the White House           the Party’s outlook rings true for the workers     which will freeze out a disproportionately large number
 and Congress to the City and County govern-           we are in struggle with. As this class struggle    of lower-income black and Latino students — and an un-
 ments in Chicago and Cook County. On the              heats up, we have to be bolder and more mili-      derstanding by many that these cuts are an attack on the
 ground, this is what the reality is. With trillions   tant, while keeping our “eyes on the prize” of     whole working class. This is fertile ground. If we plant the
 going to expand the wars in Iraq, Afghanistan         building the Party, increasing the number of       right seeds and cultivate them with lots of care, the re-
 and soon Pakistan and Iran, and with billions         CHALLENGE readers and distributors, and            sults will be more organizers for communist revolution.
 going to save the bankers, Barack Obama’s             trying to move workers and patients closer
 adopted South Side of Chicago shows the               to and into the PLP. This is the real victory           Within the limits of the one-minute rule, we pointed
 real future the bosses have in store for us.          for the workers, for our patients, and for our     out in the general assembly that while we need to build
                                                       class!                                             unity against the system carrying out the racist cuts, capi-
      Foley and his henchmen who represent                                                                talist public education itself has a strategic flaw: the capi-
 the bailed-out bankers propose eliminating                We are trying to mobilize all areas of the     talist legislature controls it and its capitalist budget and
 all in-patient care at 2 out of 3 public hospi-       Party to play a role. A community group            runs it for the interests of the capitalists. They push their
 tals in the overwhelmingly black South Side           linked to our PLP health care club has signed      ideas that defend the same system that trains people
 of Chicago. What once existed as a “pub-              on to support and build for our demonstra-         for war, along with the racism that puts more black and
 lic option” for uninsured, poor workers will          tion. We have been building with the SK Tool       Latino youth in prisons than in college.
 now include $10-$50 for visits plus charges           workers who have been on strike since Au-
 on prescriptions, if you can afford increasing        gust because their boss cut their healthcare           The depth of the crisis means there will be cuts. That’s
 bus fare to get to your appointments! More            coverage and will try and connect the strug-       why our goal needs to be to get rid of capitalism with
 than 300 County health care workers have              gles. We will unite County workers with CTA        revolution. We argued that this is a long-term fight that
 received termination letters, with hundreds           bus operators who just received 1,000 lay-off      requires us to reach out to students and workers in all
 more still to come.                                   pink slips and with our public school teachers     areas. Others raised that the budget cuts were helping
                                                       and students who already know the effects of       fund the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq, and that imperial-
    On the wards, anger runs high! PLP mem-                                                               ist war and bailouts of banks were the priorities of the
 bers and some of the most militant workers            “privatization.” There are a series of town hall
                                                       meetings organized by the fascist governing        ruling class.
 are calling for a demonstration in front of
 the hospital. The unions, SEIU, AFSCME,               board that we plan on shutting down. J                Many students overwhelmingly supported a general
                                                                                                                                              continued on p. 4
page 4 • CHALLENGE • 25 november 2009

    While U.S. rulers kill millions of workers and        could not find a job, victims of the “economic draft.”   during world capitalism’s Great Depression in the
their families in imperialist oil wars, they are ravag-   And they do not include millions on welfare who          1930s. Unemployment was ZERO in the profit-free
ing tens of millions of unemployed in the U.S., di-       would be working if there were jobs for them and         USSR during that period.
rectly causing the deaths of hundreds of thousands        day-care for their children. And they do not count
(if not millions). This is even truer for black and       at least half of the 2.4 million workers and youth in           It’s Not Obama (Or Bush) —
Latino workers because of racist discrimination, a        prisons who have been incarcerated for non-violent                     It’s Capitalism
legacy reaching back to slavery. There are probably       “crimes.” If back in the workforce (as they are in           In attempting to get the profit system off the
well over 35 million workers who cannot find full-        many other capitalist countries) they would also be      hook as the cause of this depression (and make
time civilian employment in this supposedly world’s       hard-pressed to find a job in this Great Depression      himself look blameless), Obama is pointing to Bush
richest country.                                          II.                                                      administration policies as creating this crisis. But
    Unemployment is built into the profit system.             So the nearly 16 million jobless workers repre-      Obama and Bush both represent capitalism, a sys-
The bosses use it to force lower wages and ben-           sented by the 10.2% “official” figure become ap-         tem which moves from boom to bust, from reces-
efits, and to try to limit workers’ fight back. There     proximately 33 million given the 21.3 percentage,        sions to “bubbles” to depressions. There is only
has never been full employment under capitalism,          which in turn totals well over 35 million when includ-   one way to end mass racist unemployment and all
nor can there be. It is a system in which produci-        ing the economic draftees, workers on welfare and        the evils it produces: destroy the bosses, profits and
ton is not planned, where every capitalist tries to       those imprisoned, all of whom are denied full-time       the wars the imperialists embark on to “solve” their
capture as much of the market as possible to stay         jobs in this capitalist crisis-ridden economy.           crises. Only a PLP-led communist revolution can ac-
ahead of competitors. Then overproduction is inevi-                                                                complish this. Then the working class — which cre-
table, forcing many bosses to contract production              Double Jobless Rates for Black                      ates all value — will control society, its state and
or go bankrupt, laying off millions.                                and Latino Workers                             production. Join us! J
     This endless cycle will continue until the work-         This situation is absolutely a Great Depression
ing class, led by the communist PLP, overthrows this      for black and Latino workers. The “official” jobless             A Phony ‘Silver Lining’:
hellish system and the bosses’ state power. Then          rate for black workers is 17.1%, which, when includ-
we’ll establish a society in which workers share the      ing the underemployed and “discouraged,” is clos-                   ‘Rising Wages’!
full value that they alone produce, collectively dis-     er to 35%. For Latino workers, the “official” rate is         Amid all this horrendous unemployment, the
tributing it according to need.                           13.1%, meaning a true rate approaching 30%.              rulers’ media points to “a bright spot” — “rising
                                                                                                                   wages”! “The average hourly wage for rank-and-
                                                              Meanwhile, teenagers overall have an “official”
 How Figures Don’t Lie But Liars Can                      unemployment rate of 27.6%, which means, consid-
                                                                                                                   file workers,” reports the NY Times (11/7), “actu-
              Figure                                      ering all the other above factors, more than half of
                                                                                                                   ally accelerated in October.”
    The latest government unemployment figures            job-seeking youth are on the streets.                        Of course, this statistic conveniently omits the
only reinforce this sick character of capitalism.                                                                  “wages” of the tens of millions of unemployed
While the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) reports                     Killing the Jobless                         and underemployed. Jobless benefits run about
an “official” rate of joblessness at 10.2%, repre-             A 1976 Congressional study attempting to “es-       half of a worker’s previous weekly wage. And only
senting nearly 16 million workers, the BLS and the        timate the cost in human suffering of people be-         about 40% of the labor force is even eligible for
media are finally highlighting the fact that the real     ing out of work” (NY Times, 10/31/76), concluded         unemployment insurance.
percentage is 17.5% — which includes part-time            that every 1.4% rise in unemployment in 1970, led            So in talking about “the average hourly wage
workers who cannot find full-time jobs plus “dis-         directly to the death of over 30,000 workers in the      for rank-and-file workers,” why not include the
couraged” workers who have given up looking for           next five years from stress-related ailments, suicide    millions of jobless? Their “hourly wage” is down
non-existent jobs. And even that is not the whole         and homicide. So even taking the 10.2% “official”        to ZERO. If that were counted into the overall
truth.                                                    jobless rate, that would kill over 200,000 workers in    “average” for the working class, wage figures
     The BLS itself admits that in 2009 it has over-      the next five years. And given the real unemploy-        would be in free-fall.
stated employment by about one million jobs. Stat-        ment rate, there would be far more deaths (not to
                                                                                                                       Millions of workers are suffering losses in sav-
istician John Williams ( believes         mention the death rate for unemployed youth who
                                                                                                                   ings, homes and pensions. Whatever these work-
that it’s closer to two million illusory jobs. The lat-   joined the military for a “job” in Iraq or Afghani-
                                                                                                                   ers won in past class struggles is taken away eve-
ter says the real jobless percentage in September,        stan). Of course, this pales before the millions of
                                                                                                                   ry time the capitalist system produces a crisis in
2009, was 21.3%, which is more than twice Octo-           workers killed in those two countries by U.S. impe-
                                                                                                                   which the workers take the losses. That’s why PLP
ber’s “official” 10.2%. And even that is still not the    rialist wars.
                                                                                                                   says workers cannot win a decent life for them-
whole truth.                                                 The brutality of unemployment under capital-          selves and their children through trying to reform
   These figures do not include hundreds of thou-         ism contrasts sharply with what happened in the          this profit system. Only communist revolution can
sands of youth who joined the military because they       communist-led socialist society in the Soviet Union      do the job.

                                                                                                                    Battle Budget Cuts
   Student Strikes Spread                                                                                          continued from p. 3

  Across Austria, Germany
                                                                                                                   strike which was proposed by students from San
                                                                                                                   Francisco State. When a professor tried to water
                                                                                                                   down the politics of this strike, asking whether it
                                                                                                                   should be a general strike for education and pub-
                                                                             welcomed here and German-             lic service, people screamed “no! general strike,”
                                                                             born and Turkish students join-       and it was clarified that it meant having people
                                                                             ing together in anti-racist unity     from all sectors join in the struggle. The majority
                                                                             in Nuremberg, Germany.                of the room applauded. It was decided to have a
                                                                                                                   statewide action on March 4th, despite our strug-
                                                                                 The students in both coun-
                                                                                                                   gles to plan actions for May 1st, International
                                                                             tries are demanding abolition
                                                                                                                   Workers Day.
                                                                             of fees, free education, more
                                                                             funding for schools instead of            We said that May Day should be a day of pro-
                                                                             for banks, a 50% rule for wom-        test for the whole working class as in the past,
                                                                             en staffing, “more democracy”         that it should be part of a Spring offensive linking
                                                                             in running the universities,          the attacks on students and workers here to the
                                                                             higher wages for public school        expanding wars and the massive prison popula-
                                                                             teachers and increased hiring.        tion. There are more people in prison in California
                                                                             The movement is an inspira-           per capita than peacetime Nazi Germany. This is
                                                                             tion for students worldwide to        a fascist state. We said that it’s probable that the
                                                                             organize strikes for their de-        bombs of World War III have already started fall-
                                                                             mands.                                ing, which is another reason we should fight for a
                                                                                                                   revolutionary May 1st.
                                                                                  However, there is no com-
    VIENNA, AUSTRIA, November 5 — “The                                        munist leadership in this up-            The anger of students and teachers at this
 university is burning!” has been the name given          surge, which could point out that under capital-         conference led many to show open interest in our
 to massive strikes and demonstrations which be-          ism the ruling class controls and uses education         ideas. However, we should have brought more
 gan here two weeks ago when thousands occu-              for its profit-making purposes and will never allow      people and been better organized. We underes-
 pied universities. They have now spread across           students any “democracy” to run the universities         timated the difficulty of doing the work with the
 the country and into Germany. On October 28,             or public schools. Only a communist society run          imposition of the one-minute rule. We plan to be
 50,000 university and high school students took to       by the working class would insure that educa-            bolder on campuses and schools to deepen the
 the streets here. In Berlin, 20,000 demonstrated,        tion serves our class, not profit-driven bosses and      fight for a communist society so that education,
 part of 100,000 nation-wide. International unity         bankers. J                                               production and all of society will meet the needs
 has marked the movement, with German students                                                                     of the working class. J
                                                                                                              25 november 2009 • CHALLENGE • page 5

   Iran: Workers’ Misery
Worsens As Bosses Fight It Out
     The protestors who took to the streets of          leader” Khamenei. This Green Movement includ-         er liberals eager to ally with U.S. imperialism.
Iran’s cities this summer, responding to the po-        ed a former prime minister (Musavi), a former         Obama thought that Bush was over-reaching
litical games played by the ruling clerics and          speaker of parliament (Karubi), and a former          because the clerics were too entrenched. This
Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, are making the same                president (Khatami). Their agenda is to reform        looked like a good call in early 2009, but now,
deadly mistake their parents made 30 years ago:         and thereby strengthen the ruling class in Iran.      given the summer protests, looks like much less
following leaders as bad as the fascists they are           Unfortunately, many Iranian workers in the        of a sure thing. Obama is stuck with the policy
rebelling against. It’s as true in Iran as it is any-   Green Movement also have illusions about              he decided on; endorsing the protests would
where: every faction of the ruling class, while ap-     Obama and U.S. imperialism. They figure that if       look like he’s returning to the Bush plan. So
pearing to be different, is essentially a parasite      the clerical leaders hate the U.S., then the latter   Obama continues to focus on dealing with the
on the backs of workers, sucking away our lives         must be pretty good. But, in fact, the rabid na-      clerics while doing his best to ignore the protes-
for their profit.                                       tionalists in small-time powers like Iran are often   tors who adore him and the U.S.
   In 1969, students seized the U.S. embassy in         bitter opponents of U.S. imperialism because              Fifty years ago Iran had one of the world’s
Tehran. Millions took to the streets to celebrate       they want to reap for themselves the profits from     largest communist parties that was not in pow-
the closing of the “nest of                                                                                                     er. The Shah smashed that.
spies.” Iranians had (and have)                                                                                                 Thirty years ago, Iran had a
many reasons to hate U.S. im-                                                                                                   whole variety of popular move-
perialism, including U.S. oil                                                                                                   ments and parties inspired by
companies draining the country                                                                                                  Marxism-Leninism. The clerics
of billions of dollars per year                                                                                                 smashed them. In both cases,
while most Iranians were dirt                                                                                                   these parties were fundamen-
poor. The U.S. also propped up                                                                                                  tally flawed by their reform-
the Shah, whose infamous Sa-                                                                                                    ism and nationalism – what we
vak secret police tortured anti-                                                                                                call “revisionism” — because it
Shah activists.                                                                                                                 revises the revolutionary es-
    The protestors accepted the                                                                                                 sence of Marxism-Leninism.
leadership of the religious fa-                                                                                                 The gallery of Green Movement
natic Ayatollah Khomeini. Mis-                                                                                                  leaders listed above proves that
takenly believing that anyone                                                                                                   they are totally pro-capitalist.
was better than the Shah, many                                                                                                    Leaders dedicated to pre-
workers, including militant                                                                                                   serving capitalist rule will never
oil-field workers, backed the                                                                                                 meet the needs of workers.
Ayatollah. (Actually oil-worker                                                                                               Many of the protestors are an-
strikes were the main factor                                                                                                  gry about the grinding poverty
in forcing out the Shah, some-                                                                                                of the working class, demand-
thing the clerics try to hide.) In                                                                                            ing reforms like higher wages
fact, the clerics who took over                                                                                               and less corruption. At the mo-
were medieval fascists at least                                                                                               ment, there is no communist
as bad as the Shah. Soon Iran was engaged in            exploiting the working class, rather than see-        leadership to turn these protests into the pre-
what would be an 8-year war with Iraq in which          ing U.S. companies take the lion’s share. Hugo        paratory steps toward revolution and workers’
over 300,000 died, including thousands of chil-         Chavez is playing the same game in Venezuela,         dictatorship.
dren used to clear mine-fields.                         trying to oust U.S. bosses in order to enrich his
                                                                                                                  Meanwhile, the clerical fascists will likely suc-
                                                        ruling-class allies.
    The Iranian working class paid the price for                                                              ceed at suppressing the liberal protests: liberal
this mistake. As oppression and exploitation con-           Ironically Obama reversed long-standing U.S.      leaders are not willing to take up arms. And the
tinued, many workers came to hate the current           policy of trying to overturn the Islamic Republic,    clerics will continue to press against the U.S. and
fascist dictators. The popular anger directed to-       instead returning to the Reagan-era option of         for nuclear weapons, attempting to become a
ward the clerics broke out into the open during         dealing with the clerical fascists. Then U.S. rul-    big power in the Middle East. Iran, however, lies
this spring’s presidential election campaign.           ers wanted a common front against their Soviet        above the world’s second largest known reserves
                                                        rivals; now the issue is Iran giving up its nuclear   of oil, too tempting a prize for imperialists like
    Seeing that the “Green Movement” protests
                                                        weapons program in return for acceptance of           the U.S., Russia or China to ignore. So the most
were going beyond election politics to reject the
                                                        the Islamic Republic.                                 likely forecast for Iran is war and fascism. J
clerics themselves, a faction of the Iranian ruling
class broke away from the crude and arrogant               Bush had talked about regime change, confi-
president Ahmadinejad and present “supreme              dent that popular protests would bring to pow-

   Colombia: Appearance of
Progress, Essence of Exploitation
     The Colombian government has planned to            lack of safety.                                       struggle against these genocidal policies.
 turn its capital city, Bogotá, into an internation-        But now, old housing is going to be demol-            PLP and CHALLENGE are in the thick of
 al business center. To do so, it is implementing       ished to build modern units to be rented at           things, arguing for unity and revolutionary or-
 infrastructural projects to make the city more         higher prices, to benefit the big chain stores        ganization. We argue that the elimination of
 “attractive” to investors. This lucrative deal for     and rich merchants. This hurts many families          salaries and private property will put an end
 big capital, paid by Colombians’ taxes, is in re-      who lived off maquila production and retail and       to worrying about paying rent, taxes or pub-
 ality a nightmare for thousands of workers and         will lose their jobs. These small vendors are         lic services. The mansions, cathedrals, offices
 their families.                                        always harassed, manipulated and coerced by           and commercial centers, now used by capital-
     Transmilenio, the company that monopo-             cops and politicians, who seek their votes but        ists, will be refurbished to address our need for
 lized the transportation system in major cities,       who, once elected, turn against them to the           housing, encouraging us to fight knowing that
 turning them into concrete hells and causing           benefit of their own businesses.                      by changing this racist and individualist system,
 the homelessness of thousands of workers, now             This time, things are not any different, and       and replacing it with communism, we’ll put an
 is getting ready to build a subway system that         we are beginning to see the emergence of op-          end to all injustices.
 will increase the taxes of the working class. This     portunists who come to offer every kind of le-            To build a communist future for our class
 project has already taken away the homes of            gal and peaceful solution, of course. There are       join PLP! J
 thousands of families who were forced to “sell”        those who speak of the love of God, and those
 to the state at ridiculously low prices and now        who argue that the government will provide
 wander the streets looking for apartments they         subsidies for relocations, as it has done in the
 cannot effort. Street vendors were evicted be-         past. There are many who no longer believe in
 cause, according to the government, they made          promises, see that capitalism is a dictatorship
 the city “ugly,” and were the cause of crime and       of misery, and are searching for other forms of
page 6 • CHALLENGE • 25 november 2009

Religion Excuses Bosses’ Murder
    The essence of life is struggle, not a god.
                                                        I asked her to write something for CHAL-
                                                      LENGE. She wrote this:
                                                                                                                The three students were given fliers by a vet-
                                                                                                            eran comrade, and they quickly fell into doing
Recently, two events enabled the political devel-         It was a cloudy Saturday afternoon in Law-        Party work. Though they were a bit nervous at
opment of a group of friends: the death of the        rence, Massachusetts, and students organized          first, they handed them out to everyone they
brother of a comrade and of the brother of a          to fight for the hospital they were born in,          came into contact with. They led some chants
friend. This opened a discussion about religion       Lowell General Hospital. Objects were being           on a bullhorn. We were given the bullhorn be-
and the health care system in Mexico.                 thrown. Students showed their anger with tears,       cause the students and I were being so spirited
                                                      while curses never heard on the face of the earth     in our chants. We made plans to meet up with
    One death was caused by the racist lack of                                                              the other comrade and his students to see the
medical equipment in an indigenous marginal           were said to police officers. “I have only been
                                                      in two protests in my life, but this was the most     movie, “Capitalism: A Love Story.”
community and the other by the exploitation
and terrible working conditions for minors. A         breathtaking,” said Lowell resident Priscilla             After that rally, the students were willing to
child died because of an electric shock and the       Lara. She was also born in Lowell General.            meet uptown for an additional rally. After having
other now lives as a vegetable without an arm            People think that just because we, the teen-       a good discussion on communism, we all headed
and unable to speak or walk.                          agers, are not legally adults, we don’t have a        home. I have a renewed determination to de-
                                                      voice to fight for what we believe in. Well, guess    stroy capitalism due to the inspiration of seeing
    These incidents are only two examples of a                                                              our youth and Party in action.
system that kills our working class in every corner   what? We fought back. We cried, we screamed,
of the world. However, the capitalist system has      and we made sure our voices were heard:                                                    Red Teacher
taken charge of telling us that death is “natural”       VIVA LA PAZ
because that’s how god wanted it. That’s why             VIVA LA GUERRA DE CLASE                            Michael Moore’s Movie: ‘Here we
the majority of people in both situations com-
                                                         VIVA LA REVOLUCION!
                                                                                                            go again...”
mented that god had allowed these situations to                                                                Several friends and I went to see Michael
make us see that we’re nothing in the world and           Needless to say, PLP continues to grow and
                                                                                                            Moore’s new movie. Moore powerfully attacks
that our destiny is in the hands of god.              provide leadership to the students and teachers
                                                                                                            the inequalities of capitalism. I found myself ap-
                                                      at this school, yet never fails to be inspired and
    However, as communists we can’t stay quiet.                                                             plauding in agreement enthusiastically as Moore
                                                      awestruck at the sheer potential within these
The pain can get into our deepest thoughts. But                                                             attacks capitalist vultures like AIG, Citibank,
                                                      children of the proletariat.
dialectics helps us to understand and able to ex-                                                           Goldman Sachs, AT&T, Bank of America and Wal-
press to our friends that these deaths were not                                             Red Teacher     Mart.
caused by god’s will. In an open and convinc-                                                                   But at the end of the movie, I replied “Here
ing way we said that god doesn’t exist, that man      Today I Saw the Party and                             we go again,” as Moore implored us to put our
only sees god because of the poverty and need         Felt Our Potential                                    faith in Roosevelt, Obama and democracy to re-
in which he lives. Material need under capital-           I would have failed to bring students to a        form capitalism. I don’t think so!
ism induces many to have faith in something that      rally today if it weren’t for the work of another         There are some very moving moments in the
doesn’t exist, in this case a god, and material       comrade. Working with a friend of one of my           movie. “My family lived in this house for years;
abundance makes us thank god. The bosses take         students, he ensured that three students from         we always paid our bills and now our home is
advantage of this ignorance to dominate and ex-       my school were able to attend and participate in      being repossessed by the bank. Sometimes I’d
ploit the working class.                              the rally. Many members of PLP brought youth.         like to kill those people,” stated an Oklahoma
   That night our friends commented on what               The phony leftists were there, looking like       farmer.
happened, and how we saw the deaths. The next         the old and decrepit parasites that they are, at-         In a more hopeful moment, Moore shows the
day one of them, who is a CHALLENGE reader,           tempting to leech off others. One group brought       militant sit-in strike of the workers at the Win-
asked several questions. Later he commented           some youth, but only ours were leading chants,        dows and Door factory in Chicago. They won a
that, for him and another friend, these things        distributing fliers, and fighting back.               cash settlement from the Bank of America after
have made them doubt the existence of god and
                                                          It was great that a comrade’s activities in one   the support of thousands of workers.
many other things and situations, and that they
are confused. It’s encouraging to know that the       school could really help the work in my school            See “Capitalism, A Love Story.” It will lead
seed of communism is growing in every person          grow and develop. It’s a great time to be a com-      to lots of discussion and ultimately our answer…
we know and that we only have to cultivate it.        munist, as the three students that I brought          communist revolution.
                                                      read the paper, two for the first time, and really
                       Young comrade in Mexico                                                                                          Stockton Movie Club
                                                      liked it. They are looking forward to doing more
                                                      things with us in the future.
Capitalism is Bad for
Workers’ Health
     Lately work has been killing me, literally.
                                                         Songs, Poems, Spoken Word: Weapons in the Class Struggle
This past summer I got pneumonia from work-                The Stella D’Oro Bakery in the Bronx was         multi-ethnic audience of over 100 people about
ing too many double shifts in a diesel exhaust-        closed October 8, perhaps for the last time.         a legal case against anti-immigrant racism and a
filled environment. Then last week I got a viral       In the shadow of the elevated subway train, a        related act of police brutality. The program was
infection from the same thing. And tonight,            rally of workers and supporters gathered out-        enriched by the variety of styles, the power-
per usual my back is bothering me again.               side the bakery. Workers were brought togeth-        fully sharp messages, the diverse backgrounds
   These phony politicians yammer on about             er and spirits roused by the sounds of “Rise         and political mix of performers, including sev-
healthcare reform, but they don’t give a crap          Again,” a revolutionary song led by a member         eral PL members. Among the performers was a
about workers’ health. Every day our jobs are          of PLP. Two workers asked for copies of the          Stella D’Oro Bakery worker and an active strike
hurting us, from industrial workers breathing in       song, and about 35 copies were also given to         supporter who, in Spanish and English, read a
killer fumes to teachers getting bladder prob-         other workers.                                       Pablo Neruda poem, El Gran Mantel (The Great
lems from holding it in too long. We need com-             This was not the first time in the past year     Tablecloth).
munism more than ever to give workers the              where revolutionary songs, and other forms of           We should increase our efforts in creating
power to change these things, and go see a doc-        such culture have played a role in helping to        and using culture as a weapon, in concert with
tor without worrying about sick time!                  build class struggle and PLP. In December 2008,      base-building and engaging in class struggle.
                                       A Sick Red      a successful holiday party was organized for         Efforts have begun to rebuild a culture commit-
                                                       the children of striking Stella D’Oro workers. It    tee and to record songs, in varied genres, for
                                                       was wonderful to see children (and some par-         a new PLP album. If you have songs to be in-
H.S. Students are Inspiring
                                                       ents) playing musical chairs to the live sounds      cluded, please email desafio.challenge@gmail.
Organizers                                             of “Señor Inversionista,” and “Bella Ciao.” Sev-     com.
    It has been an inspiring week in my school. A      eral PLP songs were sung to an appreciative                                                PL Singer
month after a student told me that she wanted          audience of strikers and their supporters. The
to organize a protest; PL led a loud and militant      songs lifted spirits while conveying aspects of
action in front of the UFT Delegate Assembly.          the Party’s ideas.
The students linked arms to secure our speakers            In the spring, some PL members sang at a
from the kkkops and made two speeches that             fund-raising concert for the same striking work-
condemned the budget cuts, how they exist be-          ers. As we sang “The Internationale” most of
cause of the war, and how the U.S. military is the     the audience stood with fists held high, many
largest contributor to Global Warming.                 singing along; some were enthralled, hearing
    Two days later when the student who organ-         and responding for the first time to this clas-
ized the protest and I were discussing it and the      sic working-class anthem. Since then, at sev-
trip to Harper’s Ferry, another student came into      eral support rallies, we sang our ‘Stella D’Oro’
my classroom and declared that she organized           version of “Which Side Are You On,” a famous
over a hundred people to go to Boston to help          song of strikers’ struggle and defiance.
keep a hospital from closing. I gave her all the          A recent evening of songs, poetry and spo-
CHALLENGES that I had and she agreed to dis-           ken word involved, inspired and informed the
tribute them up there.
                                                                                                                      25 november 2009 • CHALLENGE • page 7

‘Capitalism: A Love Story’

                             A Movie in Love with
                            ‘Reforming’ Capitalism
    Our Study Action Group saw Michael Moore’s                “protect the strikers from police attacks.” (!) They    run, especially in a wartime economy.
movie, “Capitalism: A Love Story.” Why did the                were there to take the plants back from the work-           One friend said she was angered by the white
bosses allow this pseudo-anti-capitalist movie in             ers, and were prevented only by the sit-downers’        middle-class lens that permeated this film. Only
theaters? Because Moore “criticizes” capitalism               determination to destroy the company’s billion-dol-     white teenagers were depicted as being falsely in-
while reinforcing liberal capitalist ideology and sup-        lar machinery if attacked.                              carcerated in a rural community, not the black and
porting its “commander-in-chief” Barack Obama.                    Moore’s analysis of capitalism and class struggle   Latino working-class youth routinely harassed and
Moore puts his hero Obama on a pedestal as rep-               is the same old formula of rich vs. poor. It lacks an   murdered by the state. Moore also omitted the
resenting a people’s fight-back movement that de-             understanding of capitalism as a class dictatorship     constant police brutality against black, Latino and
feated the bad guys — the Republicans Bush and                where the bourgeoisie owns the means of produc-         undocumented workers. He carefully navigated
Reagan. He blames Bush for the bailouts, ignoring             tion and uses the working class to extract surplus      around the bosses’ need for racism to maintain
Obama’s doling out more hundreds of billions once             value — its profits — from our labor. Moore basi-       capitalism.
in office.                                                    cally defines capitalism as greed.                          He only portrayed the eviction of white fami-
    Moore praised Franklin Roosevelt’s “second bill               He says “democracy” is the only hope to defeat      lies, though he did show a multi-racial (non-violent)
of rights” (which was never adopted) yet did not              unregulated capitalism. One member of our group         struggle to keep a family in their home. This was
once mention the U.S. Communist Party’s role in               shouted out that he had already disproved “democ-       the exception in the film, not the rule. The movie is
the 1930s in fighting racism and in organizing the            racy” 30 minutes earlier when he showed Congress        clearly aimed at middle-class liberals and white and
mass production industries. That’s what produced              as not stopping the bailouts because the ruling         black workers who Obama needs for support.
what passes for “the American standard of living”             class had decided to keep them. This abstract term         Though the film doesn’t provide a structured
which Roosevelt used in his “bill of rights.”                 “democracy” hides the true nature of the bosses’        analysis of the failure of capitalism, it does place
    Moore’s only reference (implied) to communism             dictatorship which allows us to choose our masters’     the word “capitalism” back into the discussion of
was as “the other ‘ism’” and in depicting troops              mouthpiece once every so many years. “Democ-            what’s wrong with the world.
marching. He closed with a Sinatra-esque rendition            racy” means voting according to the bosses’ rules
                                                                                                                           Workers and students should see and discuss
(over the final credits) of the communist “Interna-           and for one or another of their politicians.
                                                                                                                      this movie with their friends and co-workers. It was
tionale” (which most movie-goers would not recog-                  The audience reacted strongly to images of         entertaining, especially when Moore tried to make
nize) adapted to U.S. issues.                                 evictions, the “dead peasant insurance” — compa-        a “citizen’s arrest” of the corporate big shots who
    Moore says nothing about imperialism, which               nies insuring its workers while making themselves       pillaged the treasury via “bailouts” and he himself
capitalism spawns. He ignores the union sellouts’             the beneficiaries when the workers die — as well as     was threatened with arrest. This climactic moment
role in the demise of the labor movement. And in              the story of corruption and fraudulent incarceration    can easily lead to a discussion of how workers’ tri-
promoting the European social-democratic welfare              of Wilkes Barre, PA’s youth. They shouted, swore        bunals will arrest and punish the capitalists and their
state as “better than” U.S. capitalism, he also ig-           and agreed with much of the criticism of greed en-      imperialist lackeys when our class has state power
nores the mass layoffs and anti-immigrant racism              demic to capitalism. Although the audience’s anger      in a workers’ dictatorship.
there.                                                        at capitalism is positive, Moore does the bidding of
                                                                                                                          Moore’s definition of “democracy” as a system
    Moore advances a monumental historical lie in             the liberal wing of the ruling class, the major impe-
                                                                                                                      where everyone can discuss what they need can
saying that the National Guard was ordered out in             rialists, as they seek to curb the excess short-run
                                                                                                                      only be realized through millions of workers fight-
the 1936 great Flint sit-down strike against GM to            greed of maverick capitalists in order to win work-
                                                                                                                      ing for a PLP-led communist revolution. J
                                                              ers and youth to defending capitalism in the long-

                                                              and officials — illegal wiretaps,
                                                              bribes and links to narco-traf-
                                                              fickers and paramilitary death
                                                              squads. The army slaughtered
                                                              hundreds of slum-dwellers
                                                              and dressed their corpses up
                                                              to look like guerillas. And yet
                                                              Uribe has emerged pleading in-
 Below are excerpts from mainstream newspapers that may be
 of use for our readers. Abbreviations: NYT=New York Times,        Uribe has risked journalists’
 GW=Guardian Weekly, LAT=Los Angeles Times                     lives by publicly accusing them
                                                               of being terrorists, obliging
Immigration jail: No-help hellhole                             them to flee before rightwing
                                                              hit squads took the hint….
   NYT, 11/2 — A startling petition arrived at the
                                                              The message to investigative
New York City Bar Association in October 2008,
                                                              journalists was clear, expose
signed by 100 men, all locked up without criminal
                                                              wrongdoing by the state at
charges in the middle of Manhattan.
                                                              your peril.
     In vivid if flawed English, it described cramped,
                                                                  The lowlands are controlled
filthy quarters where dire medical needs were ig-
                                                              by rightwing paramilitaries who
nored and hungry prisoners were put to work for
                                                              quietly re-formed after a much-
$1 a day.
                                                              trumpeted demobilization….
    The petitioners were among 250 detainees im-              Thousands of families live in
prisoned in an immigration jail. The Varick Street            shacks, too afraid to return to                         ing even more troops to fight an enemy that has
Detention Facility takes in 11,000 men a year, most           their farms, seized for palm oil plantations and        relocated elsewhere?
of them long-time New Yorkers facing deportation              protected by paramilitary thugs and government
without a lawyer.                                             officials.                                              Racist poverty dooms many youth
   Immigrant detainees, unlike criminal defend-                   The U.S. regards Uribe as a key ally, a bulwark, 9/25 — So many poor
ants, can be held without legal representation and            against not just leftist guerillas but South Ameri-     babies in rich America enter the world with mul-
moved from state to state without notice.                     ca’s anti-Yankee tide.                                  tiple strikes against them: born without prenatal
    Volunteers, including lawyers from 16 corpo-                                                                      care, at low birth weight, with poor, poorly educat-
rate firms, say they can offer only rudimentary le-           Could oil pipeline be a motive?                         ed, and very young mothers and absent fathers.
gal triage to a handful of detainees a week.                                                                          At crucial points in their development more risks
                                                        , 10/10 — Every once in a while, a
   Yet a detainee from the former Soviet Union                statistic just jumps out at you in a way that makes     pile on, making a successful transition to produc-
praised the jail. “Varick is heaven” compared with            everything else you hear on a subject seem beside       tive adulthood significantly less likely, and involve-
some county jails in New Jersey (Bergen and Mon-              the point, if not downright absurd. That was my re-     ment in the criminal justice system significantly
mouth) and Florida, he said, citing abuse by anti-            action to the statement of the president’s national     more likely.
immigrant guards.                                             security advisor, former Marine Gen. James Jones,           Children with an incarcerated parent are more
   A century-long line of Supreme Court decisions             concerning the size of the terrorist threat from Af-    likely to become incarcerated. Black children are
holds that immigration detention is not a punish-             ghanistan:                                              nearly nine times and Latino children are three
ment or deprivation of liberty, and does not re-                  “The al Qaeda presence is very diminished.          times as likely as white children to have an incar-
quire legal counsel for fundamental fairness.                 The maximum estimate is less than 100 operating         cerated parent.
                                                              in the country, no bases, no ability to launch at-          Black children are more than three times as
Fascist Colombia prez is U.S. pal                             tacks on either us or our allies.”                      likely as white children to be poor, and are four
   GW, 10/23 — Under Uribe’s rule the country                     Less than 100! And he is basing his conservative    times as likely to live in extreme poverty. A poor
has made impressive gains. But scratch the sur-               estimate on the best intelligence data available to     black boy born in 2001 has a one-in-three chance
face of the shiny new Colombia and enamel flakes              our government. That means that al Qaeda, for all       of going to prison in his lifetime.
away…                                                         practical purposes, does not exist in Afghanistan
                                                              – so why are we having a big debate about send-
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   Scandals have felled dozens of senior allies                                                             
page 8 • CHALLENGE • 25 november 2009

 Thanksgiving: A Holocaust
   for Native Americans
    In the United States, Thanksgiving is a holiday       es and starvation. The two taught the
of family and food. But the politics of the holiday       colonists how to fish, hunt, and grow
— taught to elementary school children across the         crops. However, the Puritans regarded
U.S. — are a racist and patriotic lie, representing the   Native Americans as “heathens,” and
holocaust for millions of Native Americans.               saw Squanto as “god’s instrument” to
    The Thanksgiving that colonial Puritans — a           help the “chosen” people, the pilgrims.
group of religious fundamentalists — practiced was        Squanto had been captured more than
originally thanking god for the slaughter of Native       15 years earlier and brought to Europe,
Americans by colonial swords and diseases. There          where he was taught English and be-
were many such Thanksgivings.                             came a Christian. When he returned to
                                                          New England 14 years later, settled with
    In 1637 a faction of Puritans occupied an area
                                                          the Pilgrims, aiding them not only in their
that is now Connecticut with the aid of British and
                                                          survival, but in their campaigns against
Dutch colonial forces. In the pre-dawn hours they
                                                          the Wampanoag.
slaughtered more than 700 adults and children of
the Pequot Tribe, who had gathered for their annual           An elder pilgrim gave a Thanksgiv-
Green Corn festival. The next morning the governor        ing sermon in 1623, two years after the
of the Massachusetts Bay Colony declared “A Day           Wampanoag saved them, thanking god
                                                          for small pox killing Wampanoag “young
Of Thanksgiving” for the occupier’s murder of the
                                                          men and children… thus clearing the for-
                                                                                                          Massacre of Pequot Native Americans
native population.
                                                          ests to make way for a better growth.”
    The truth about Thanksgiving helps us see the                                                                 ton suggested only one day should be set aside for
bosses’ lies. Progressive Labor Party aims to smash           A generation later, in 1676, colonists killed off   Thanksgiving instead of rejoicing after each mas-
their grip on our minds so that we can build a fight-     the Wampanoag in a genocidal land grab — includ-        sacre. Later, during the Civil War, Abraham Lincoln
ing mass anti-racist communist movement that ends         ing decapitating sachem Metacom, son of sachem          declared Thanksgiving Day a national holiday on the
the bosses’ sexist, racist and genocidal system for       Massasoit. The Wampanoag actually won early cam-        same day that he ordered union troops to march
good.                                                     paigns against the Puritans in 1675, attacking more     against the starving Sioux tribe in Minnesota.
                                                          than 50 colonial towns and destroying 13. But the
                                                                                                                       Teaching lies about “generous” Puritans of the
The Truth About Pilgrims and Indians                      Wampanoag had been plagued by deadly diseases
                                                                                                                  past supports modern U.S. rulers’ racist, patriotic
    The “first” Thanksgiving dinner between “pil-         that cut their population more than 90% just before
                                                                                                                  lies about democracy. They want us to believe in the
grims” and “Indians,” reenacted by the U.S. ruling        the arrival of the Puritans in 1621.
                                                                                                                  good intentions of the government at the same time
class in schools and TV specials, was in 1621 be-             The spread of deadly diseases that came from        bosses are using state power to strip away workers’
tween the Wampanoag — a confederation of sev-             continuous contact between Europeans and Native         few gains. But none of the few benefits that U.S.
eral Native American groups located mainly in Mas-        Americans was spurred by the colonialists’ search       workers gained were graciously handed down to us
sachusetts and Rhode Island — and a group of 121          for gold, slaves, trade and colonies — not romantic     from the successors of the Puritans. They were all
English colonists led by 28 Puritans that landed in       exploration. The Puritans, as well as Spanish, French   fought for with militant strikes, demonstrations and
Plymouth, Massachusetts.                                  and English occupiers, believed that “god” cleared      occasionally guns.
    Contrary to the idea that the colonists shared        natives out of the Americas for colonial settlement.
                                                                                                                       Also, much like the Native Americans cut down
their food with the Wampanoags, the Puritans had          Their ideas were supported by a religion that en-
                                                                                                                  by early capitalists, more than one million workers
too little to share. They only invited two natives,       dorsed genocide and slavery.
                                                                                                                  have been killed in Iraq. In Afghanistan uncounted
Squanto and Samoset, and sachem (tribal leader)               Modern scientists speculate that frequent bath-     thousands have been killed. Then and now the capi-
Massasoit. They brought more than 90 fellow tribes-       ing, low population densities and few disease-trans-    talists’ motive is competition for profit. It is the capi-
people as well as most of the food, in the egalitarian    mitting livestock kept Native Americans healthy. But    talists — with their genocidal wars — that are the
tradition of their communities. Whereas Wampano-          they generally had no natural or childhood immu-        savages, not workers.
ag men and women ate together at the same time,           nity to diseases common in Europe, where dense
                                                                                                                      As workers in the U.S. try to enjoy the holidays,
Pilgrim women had to dine after their men were            populations bathed infrequently and were routinely
                                                                                                                  Progressive Labor Party gives thanks to all those
done, following their sexist Puritan tradition.           exposed to disease-ridden livestock. Before disease
                                                                                                                  around the world committed to smashing the boss-
   Without Squanto and Samoset, colonists would           — mainly smallpox — ravaged native communities,
                                                                                                                  es’ racist, sexist and genocidal capitalist system. We
not have survived. Half of them died from diseas-         Massachusetts natives successfully drove off French
                                                                                                                  invite all workers to join PLP and fight for commu-
                                                          colonists in 1606 and English colonists in 1607.
                                                                                                                  nism so that one day future generations can feast on
                                                              But in 1676 the English regrouped from their
   Reservations: U.S.                                     early defeats and went on to wipe out the Native
                                                                                                                  food and drink, free from the capitalists’ exploita-
                                                                                                                  tion and lies. J
  Concentration Camps                                     Americans. After the colonialists’ victory against
                                                          Wampanoag they declared a “day of public Thanks-
                                                          giving for the beginning of revenge upon the en-             SOURCES
                                                          emy.” A generation after sachem Massasoit helped        •	   “The Hidden History of Massachusetts: A Guide
     U.S. Native Americans that survived the
                                                          feed the “first” Thanksgiving diners, the occupiers          for Black Folks”
 bosses’ wars and diseases were forced into con-
 centration camps — also know as reservations             placed his son’s head on display in Plymouth for 24     •
 — with the worst, least irrigable land. Today, rac-      years.                                                       giving.html
 ism against Native Americans remains extreme.                  Patriotism and Racism — The                       •	   “Are You Teaching The Real Story of the ‘First
 Median incomes for the latter and for Alaska Na-                                                                      Thanksgiving’?”
                                                                   Purpose of Rulers’ Lies
 tives are 27% less than the overall U.S. median.                                                                 •
 According to the Census 2000 Special Report,                Ruling-class U.S. historians developed the mod-
                                                          ern Thanksgiving myth in the 1890s to help unify             curr040.shtml
 of those living below the official poverty level
 in 1999, there were two Native Americans and             workers around a common, patriotic history. How-        •	   James W. Loewen, Lies My Teacher Told Me
 Alaska Natives to every one person in the gen-           ever, U.S. rulers continued the policy of exterminat-   •	   Chuck Larsen, “Teaching About Thanksgiving:
 eral population.                                         ing native peoples for their land after the War of           An Introduction” & “The Plymouth Thanksgiv-
                                                          Independence against England. George Washing-                ing Story”
     The racist oppression of Native Americans
 is also evident in health demographics. While
 the death rate for the total U.S. population has

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 decreased by 17% between 1991 and 2006, the
 death rate has surged by upwards of 20% for Na-
 tive American women and has remained flat for
 Native American men. Almost 12% of the deaths
 among Native Americans and Alaska Natives are               All the communist politics, news, and
 alcohol-related — more than three times the per-
 centage in the general population (Centers for              struggle from around the world!
 Disease Control and Prevention report 08/08).
     A worker on an Arizona reservation reported
                                                             ••••$15 individual 1 year
 to CHALLENGE that Homeland Security har-                    ••••$35 for institution 1 year
 asses and attacks workers on reservations, much
 like police brutalize black and Latino workers              Name______________________________________________
 in the ghettos. It was only in 2004 that Boston,
 Massachusetts overturned a law banning Native               Address____________________________________________
 Americans in the city. The law had been on the              City_________________ State_______ Zip______________
 books since 1675, the year war was raging be-
 tween colonists and the Wampanoag.                        Make check or money order to: Challenge Periodicals, PO Box 808, Brooklyn, NY 11202

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