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SAMARITAN by wangnianwu


									                                                        SAMARITAN                                                SEPTEMBER 2011

                               Welcoming the Bokh’s
                               In June, the US Conference of
Upcoming Events
                               Catholic Bishops notified our
                               Refugee Services department
Q 21st Annual Walk for         that an unusually large family
  the Homeless                 from Somalia would be
  Benefitting Homeless         arriving at the end of July. We
  Services                     immediately began to prepare
  October 1, 2011,             for Halimo Bokh and her 11
  Contact Althea Burkett       children, ages 1 to 20.
  for more information
  901-722-4741                  Halimo is a victim of the decades
                               of civil war that have plagued
Q Thanksgiving                 the Somalian people. After
  Rice Drive                   witnessing the brutal murder of
  Benefitting                  her mother-in-law and brother-
  Refugee Services             in-law, Halimo was forced to flee
  November 2011                the country.For 20 years, Halimo     them up, Halimo’s husband was       Halimo has been living in
                               and her husband lived in an          forced into hiding to avoid being   Memphis for over a month now.
Q Providing Help…              Ethiopian refugee camp. Born         coerced into the militia, and       Her school-aged children are
  Bringing Hope: 2011          and raised in shelters that were     Halimo and the children could       enrolled in Memphis City Schools
  Season of Advent             meant to be temporary, Halimo’s      not wait for his return.            and, together with her older
                               children received minimal health                                         children, Halimo is taking ESL
  Campaign                                                          The family traveled more than
                               care and very little education.                                          (English as a Second Language)
  Benefitting all CCWTN                                             8,500 miles before they landed
                               Food was in short supply, and                                            classes at our Jefferson Campus.
  programs                                                          at the Memphis International        The Refugee Services staff has
  November 1, 2011             Halimo waited in lines for hours
                                                                    Airport. As Halimo made her way     been working with the family to
                               just to receive the family’s
                                                                    off the plane, she worried that     assist in their social adjustment
Q John Angotti Family          rations.
                                                                    no one would be at the terminal     and eventually Deacon Dave
  Christmas Concert            The Bokhs had little hope of a       to meet her. To her relief, she     Lucchesi, our Employment
  Benefitting Sophia’s         better future until the the IOM      was greeted by a large group        Counselor, will help the older
  House                        (International Organization for      of CCWTN staff and members          children obtain employment.
  December 18, 2011,                                                of the Nation’s Church, a group     We’re working to reunite Halimo
                               Migration) stepped in to help
  Cannon Center, 7:00pm                                             who regularly volunteers with
                               them resettle. Unfortunately,                                            with her husband through the
                               just before the IMO could pick       our Refugee Service Department.     US State Department’s Family
Q 2nd Annual Healing                                                       The group toted welcome      Reunification Program.
  Hearts with the Arts                                                     signs, carried soccer
  A Live and Silent                                                        balls for the children       Halimo is grateful for her new
  Auction Benefitting                                                      and greeted the Bokhs        life; most especially, she is
  Sophia’s House                                                           with smiles, hugs and        grateful for the chance to give
  February 9, 2012                                                         high-fives. After leaving    her children a proper education.
  Nixon, Askew, Ferguson                                                   the airport, Diane Lewis,    The Bokhs have come a long way
  Architects, 6:00pm                                                       CCWTN Case Manager, and      in their journey. Now they start a
                                                                           Hassan Osman, CCWTN          new journey - one that promises
                                                                           Immigration Analyst          hope. Hope for Halimo; hope for
                                                                           and fellow Somalian,         her husband and hope for her
Inside This Issue                                                          took Halimo to the fully     children.
Refugee Services                                                           furnished apartment we
                                                                           prepared for her.
Department                 1
Appreciation               2
Welcoming                      CCWTN receives refugees from all over the world who are typically fleeing war, genocide, human
the Stranger               3   trafficking and other threats to the safety of an individual or family. Our refugees arrive with the full
                               knowledge and support of United States government and with the assistance of the United States
Gifts for God’s
                               Council of Catholic Bishops (USCCB). CCWTN resettles approximately 230 refugees each year and
Children                   3
                               has resettled more than 7,000 refugees since the end of the Vietnam War. For more information on
                               Refugee Services, contact Vinodini Jayaraman, Director of Refugee Services, at vinodini.jayaraman@
                      or 901-722-4714.
  Good Samaritan Society                         A special THANK YOU to the following
 Good Samaritan Society members help
 spread the word about the good works            individuals and businesses for the generosity
of Catholic Charities of West Tennessee to
         their friends and neighbors             shown to Catholic Charities of West Tennessee.*
Alayna Adams             Wes Kraker              * Reflects gifts received between June 3,, 2011 and August 22, 2011. We apologize for any inadvertent omissions.
Michael & Christa Allen Tom & Nancy Lanigan
Deacon Don Bennis Deacon Bill Lifsey
                                                  Ms. Denise Aubuchon                        Mr. & Mrs. Edward Julius
Joe Birch                Deacon Chuck Lightcap
                                                                                             in honor of Blessed
Artie Byrd               Richard Lynch            Mr. & Mrs. Dave Augustavo
                                                                                             Virgin Mary
Ron Childers             Mike Mattingly           Ms. Marcella Baneck
                                                                                             Ms. Karen Kalnins
Bill & Julie Duncan      Evelyn McDonald          Mr. Joseph Barnett
Brent & Barbara Gatti Jared Montegut                                                         Mr. & Mrs. Harold Keith
                                                  in memorial of Dan Romer
                                                                                             in memorial of William
Frank Gattuso            Deacon Eddie Ramsey      Mr. Anthony Bawyn                          M. Walsh
Deacon & Mrs.            Marty Regan
Richard Griffith                                  Mr. & Mrs. Jerry Bettice                   Mr. Kenneth Kimble
                         Tom & Virginia
Therese Gustaitis        Scherer                  Mr. & Mrs. Paul Bourdon                    Mr. & Mrs. Mark Kison
Christi Kelley           Fr. Tim Sullivan         Mr. Thomas Breen                           Mr. Richard Kohrs
John Paul Koch           Carolyn Tisdale          Ms. Sherman Brinegar                       Ms. Misao Kusuda
                                                  Ms. Sebe Buford                            in memorial of Dorothy
       Board of Directors                                                                    King Herbers
                                                  Mr. & Mrs. Daniel Canale                                                             Mr. & Mrs.
Reverend Tim Sullivan, CSP Chair                  in memorial of William Walsh               Ms. Carolyn Lassek                        James Schwab
Jim Abernathy Catholic Diocese of Memphis
                                                  Mr. & Mrs. David Celio                     Ms. Kathleen Leahy                        C.M. Simmons
Alayna Adams Walker & Associates
Ivette Baldizon Shelby County Mayors Office       Deacon Jack Conrad                         Mr. Stephen Leffler                       Mr. & Mrs. Wilson Sims
Chris Conroy WMC-TV5                                                                         in memorial of William Walsh              memorial of William Walsh
                                                  Mr. & Mrs. Larry Coppock
Bill Duncan Hilton Corporation                                                               Mr. & Mrs. Charles Linnevers              Dr. John Smarrelli
Reverend Michael Joyce, CM                        Ms. Teresa Cormier
   Catholic Diocese of Memphis                                                               Mr. Frank Linxwiler                       Mr. & Mrs. Harold Smith
                                                  Ms. Mary Cross                             in memorial of Cathy Linkwiler
Anne Marie Kadien Memphis, TN                                                                                                          Mr. & Mrs. Patrick Sursely
Monsignor Al Kirk Holy Spirit Parish              Ms. Helen Dahlberg                         Mr. Andrews Listes
Tom Lewis Southern Eye Institute                  in memorial of Earl Sahultz                                                          Mr. & Mrs. Micheal Tucker
                                                                                             Mr. & Mrs. Charles Lutz
Richard Lynch Southeastern Investment Corp.       Mr. Victor Debacco                                                                   Mr. & Mrs. Stan Turk
Sr. Jacinta Powers Church Health Center                                                      Ms. Karen Marr
                                                  Mr. & Mrs. Bill Duncan                                                               Ms. Mary Walker
Virginia Scherer Germantown, TN                                                              Ms. Shawna McMahon
John Smarrelli Jr., Ph.D                          Mr. & Mrs. Jogn Elfervig                                                             Mr. & Mrs. Eldridge Watkins
   Christian Brothers University                                                             Mr. Gregory Mensching                     Mr. & Mrs. Edward Williams
                                                  Mr. & Mrs. ML Fortner                      in memorial of Gregory and
Chris Wallace Memphis Grizzlies
David Warren FedEx                                Ms. Anne Frederick                         Marion Mensching                          Mrs. Josephine Wood
                                                                                                                                       memorial of Robert (Bob) Wood
                                                  Ms. Anna Lee Gaia                          Mr. & Mrs. Patrick Minderman
                                                  in memorial of William Walsh                                                         Mr. & Mrs. Peter Wright
                                                                                             Ms. Eric Moore
                   Staff                          Mr. James Gattas                                                                     Mr. & Mrs. Jose Zarate
                                                                                             Ms. Nancy Morris
Michael D. Allen President / CEO                  in honor of Deacon Bill Lifsey                                                       Mr. Gary Zender
                                                                                             Ms. Patricia Mulhall
Carolyn Tisdale Executive Director                Mr. & Mrs. William Gatti                                                             Mr. & Mrs. Josephy Zocher
David Barczak Director of Finance &                                                          Mr. & Mrs. Rusty Newman in
Administration                                    Mr. & Mrs. Leverett Giffin                 memorial of Max Bostian                   Businesses/Organizations
Anna Kathryn Word Director of Development         Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Giffin                                                             Mid South Pavement
                                                                                             Mr. & Mrs. Howie Newman
Therese Gustaitis Director of Parish Social                                                  in memorial of Earl “Bobby”               Maintenance
Ministry Program Directors
                                                  Mrs. Diana Clark Gill
                                                                                             Schultz                                   Archdiocese of Seattle
Karen Hardaway Emergency Services                 Mr. & Mrs. David Guntert
Vinodini Jayaraman Refugee & Immigration                                                     Mr. & Mrs. Wayne Pack                     Urban Strategies
                                                  Ms. Nancy Guttormsen
Services                                                                                     Mr. Sivakami Pillai
                                                  Mr. & Mrs. MJ Hanifl                                                                 Mount Calvary Ladies of
Mary Jordan Genesis House                                                                                                              Charity
Tony Brown Dozier House (interim)                                                            Mr. Robert Rowling
                                                  Mr. Collin Hickerson
Chassity Taylor Sophia’s House (interim)                                                     Mr. & Mrs. John Roy-Feczko                Sisters of Charity
                                                  Lcdr & Mrs. Robert Hoppe
Pam O’Bryan Extended Childcare Services                                                      Ms. Joan Ryan                             St. Francis of Assisi Church
                                                  Mr. & Mrs. John Howell
                                                                                                                                       Church of the Holy Spirit
                 WISH LIST                        Mr. & Mrs. Ronnie Jackson
                                                                                             Archbishop Peter Sartain
                                                                                             Mr. & Mrs. WH Schettler                   Surgical Technologies
 At Catholic Charities of West Tennessee          in memorial of Heady Dietz
                                                                                             Mr. & Mrs. Paul Schifani                  Sisiters of St Joseph
 we always have need for donations of             Mr. Richard Jensen
  non-cash items both small and large.                                                       Mr. Tom Lewis & Dr. Cathy                 Knights of Columbus, 8152
                                                  Deacon Dave Jones
 Please visit the “Wish List” page on our                                                    Schanzer                                  All In Ministries
 web site at and review our             Ms. Judith Jones
current needs in the areas of: Appliances,
  Furniture, Recreational Items, Linens,           Christmas will be here before you know it and we are already gearing up for our
    Clothing , Kitchen Items, Personal             annual Gifts for God’s Children program. Check out our website to learn how you can
   Hygiene, Consumables, Baby Items,               volunteer and donate. For more information contact, Esther Ewing at 901-722-4797 or
     Community Activists and more!                 Therese Gustaitis at 901-722-4794.
Please call us at (901) 722-4736 to make
  a donation or if a pick up is needed.
                                                   Welcoming the Stranger
         The statistics are staggering.
         Most family (domestic) violence is committed against women.
         	         •95%	of	all	spousal	assaults	are	committed	by	men.
         	         •21%	of	all	women	who	use	hospital	emergency	services	are	battered.	
                   	 6	million	American	women	are	beaten	each	year	by	their	husbands	or	boyfriends	-	4,000	are	killed.
                   	 Battering	is	the	single	major	cause	of	injury	to	women	-	more	frequent	than	auto	accidents,	muggings,	and	
                     rapes combined.
         	         •1	in	4	female	suicides	has	been	a	victim	of	family	violence.
         This is a community wide problem.
         Domestic violence touches every one of us regardless of ethnicity, age, financial status or geography.
         Think I am exaggerating? Just ask the emergency room staff at St. Francis Bartlett, Methodist Germantown
         or Baptist Collierville. In Shelby County alone, there have been over 5,000 arraignments (the step after
         an arrest) so far this year.
         Since 1998, Catholic Charities of West Tennessee has operated Sophia’s House; a home for women and
         children fleeing domestic violence in our community. Today, our program is evolving to better meet the
         needs of these women and kids. Soon, you’ll begin to hear more about Sophia’s House….how we try to
         help and where we need your help.
         One of the best and more enjoyable ways to help will be by attending or donating art to our upcoming
         2nd Annual Healing Hearts with the Arts Benefit in February. More details will be available soon, and I
         hope to see you there!

         Mike Allen

Program Focus: Genesis House
As part of our Homeless Services division, Genesis House              warehouse workers and more. If our clients could help
provides long term treatment for homeless men and                     fulfill your employment needs, please contact Mia Jennings
women suffering from mental illness and addiction. This               at (901)726-9786.
comprehensive, holistic treatment approach includes
medical, psychological, vocational, and educational                   Recently, Genesis House was awarded a four-year contract
services. Through a network of therapeutic and supportive             from the United States Department of Veteran Affairs (VA)
services, residents are provided with the tools necessary             to provide community-based, residential treatment to
to find gainful employment, permanent housing and the                 Veterans through its Community Based Health Care for
ability to make healthier long term choices.                          Homeless Veterans (HCHV) program. Genesis House will
                                                                      provide therapeutic transitional housing and supportive
Employment plays a particularly important role in client              services to veterans diagnosed with serious mental illness.
rehabilitation and their ability to obtain permanent                  The program supports the VA’s goal of removing homeless
housing. Residents of our treatment facilities utilize the            Veterans from the street or other unfit living conditions
services of our employment specialist, Mia Jennings.                  by placing them in community-based, residential
Mia assesses clients’ skills, creates and critiques                   environments with sufficient therapeutic services to
resumes, improves job readiness skills, facilitates weekly            meet their needs. The program will serve a minimum
employment groups and secures job placement. In                       of five veterans daily with the goal of transitioning into
addition to her hands on work with the clients, she also              permanent housing within six months of admission.
cultivates relationships with businesses in the community
and looks for employers who are willing to help give our              To learn more about Genesis House, please contact,
clients a second chance. Our clients’ talents and skills              Mary Jordan, Genesis House Program Director, at
include laborers, construction workers, social workers,      or (901) 726-9786.
                                                                                                                                      Non-Profit Org
            Catholic Charities of West Tennessee
                                                                                                                                       U.S. Postage
            1325 Jefferson Avenue                                                                                                          Paid
            Memphis, Tennessee 38104-2013                                                                                              Memphis, TN
                                                                                                                                      Permit No 3955

  Providing Help…Bringing Hope

CCWTN Welcomes New Team Members
Over the past two months, CCWTN has had the great pleasure of                                   Brad Scharff, Case Manager, also joined us
welcoming three new staff members.                                                                in August. He assists with the needs of
                                                                                                    our Refugee Services clients, including
                        David Barczak, Director of Finance &                                         reception and placement, social
                         Administration, joined us in July. David                                    adjustment and enrolling in government
                           oversees the finance office of CCWTN                                      programs. With a background in
                           and the Diocese of Memphis Housing                                       education, Brad brings a positive, can-do
                           Corporation. Additionally, he oversees the                              attitude to the program. Brad and his wife
                           operations of Information Technology and                              Laura are expecting their first child.
                          Building Services for our Jefferson Avenue
                        campus and three satellite locations. After an   Welcome David, Anna Kathryn and Brad!
                     impressive career that includes firms such as
Auto Zone, he brings a strong financial and real estate background
to the table. David and his wife Alison have four children and are
parishioners at St. Francis of Assisi.

Anna Kathryn Word, Director of
Development, joined us in August.
Anna Kathryn is charged with
                                                                                         Catholic Charities of West Tennessee emulates the
expanding and diversifying our
                                                                                      teachings of Jesus Christ by providing excellent human
funding sources especially through
                                                                                     services to the poor and vulnerable while advocating for
private foundations, corporate                                                         the dignity and rights of all people in West Tennessee.
foundations and major donors. Anna
Kathryn has an extensive background                                                                          Find us on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube.
in Development and has worked for                                                                                   Visit us at
ALSAC/St. Jude and MIFA. Anna Kathryn and her husband Hank have
one child are members of Holy Communion Episcopal Church.                         Catholic Charities of West Tennessee is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization,
                                                                                             your donations are deductible as allowed by law.

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