Huntsman Cancer Hospital and Clinics by yangxichun


									                                  HUNTSMAN CANCER HOSPITAL AND CLINICS: ONCOLOGY NURSING
                                             Strategic Nursing Action Plan 2008
Professional Development
     Strategic Goal                               Actions / Tactics                         Responsible Person(s)          Timeframe
1. Continue to identify, 1. Ad Hoc competency development                                  Staff Educators          As identified
  validate and              a. Identification of competency needs                          Nurse managers, CPC
  incorporate new           b. Assign program to educator                                  Staff Ed: Sandy
  competencies into         c. Education program development
  existing programs.        d. Education program implementation

                          2. Central line care                                             Staff Ed- Gigi           2007
                             a. Ad Hoc University Task Force committee membership          Gigi                     2007- done
                             b. Develop continuing education module                        Gigi                     TBD by UofU task force
                             c. Provide continuing education                               Staff Educators          Jan 2009 Tentative
                             d. Add central line care to HCH nursing orientation           Jenny/Gigi               Jan 2009

                          3. Med Rec
                             a. Meet with Med Rec training group                           Staff Ed- Sandy          July 2008- begin
                                i. Develop training plan for new hires to clinic           Jenny
                               ii. Develop education program                               Jenny                    Aug 2008
                              iii. Incorporate competency into unit specific orientation   Jenny                    Oct 2008

                             b. Spotlight MA/HCA Education module                          Annette                  Aug 2008
                             c. Ad Hoc training as needed                                  Jenny                    As identified

                          4. Flu Shot Program
                               Assign education modules to educators as identified by     Sandy                    Sep 2008
                                 OP CPC
                               Develop education modules to include injections and        Jenny                    Sep-Oct 2008
                                 computer documentation
                               Validate immunization competencies                         Jenny                    Oct 2008

                          5. Just-In-Time Training
                               Assign education program to educators as identified by     Sandy                    As identified
                                 CPC’s or managers                                                                  Ongoing
                               Develop education plan                                     As assigned
                               Implement education plan                                   As assigned

                          6. Huntsman Telemetry Course                                     Bernadette               January 2012

                           7. Support staff education for the Patient Education Binder      Jenny                   October-Dec 2008
                                Facilitate education of the patient education process as
                                 directed by the patient education committee

                           8. CPOE Facilitator                                              Annette                 April 2008
                                Facilitate nursing education for the CPOE process as                               Go live May 2008
                                  directed by the CPOE committee.

                           9. Powerchart Charges
                           Facilitate nursing education of documenting patient charges in   Annette
                           Powerchart as directed by the Powerchart education task force
                                Implementation                                                                     Sept 2008
                                Evaluation                                                                         Oct-Dec 2008
                                Re-education                                                                       Oct-Feb 2008

2. Monitor effectiveness   1. Evaluate current programs                                     Staff Ed Pgm managers
  and improve current          1. HCH Orientation                                           Jenny                   Ongoing
  programs as indicated.       2. NP Orientation                                            Bernadette              Ongoing

                              3. ONI                                                        Gigi                    Ongoing
                               Assume organizational management of nurse interns           Sandy                   Oct 2008
                                 while in the program
                               Implement employee management of ONI’s                      Sandy                   Oct 2008
                               Define and implement role of AA                             Gigi, Sandy             Aug-Sep 08
                               Define and implement role of nurse manager                  Sue, Sandy              Sep 08
                               Evaluate course                                             Sandy, Gigi, Nursing    Quarterly
                                  Revise curriculum as needed and advised by nursing       Gigi                    Oct 08 and biannual
                                  Continue to accept interns to support HCH expansion      Gigi                    Biannual
                                   and an internal float pool

                              4.   MA/HCA Spotlight                                         Annette
                                                                                                                    Sep 2008
                                  Implement program inpatient and outpatient
                                                                                                                    Sep 2008 and ongoing
                                  Develop and implement training q’ 2 months
                                                                                                                    Feb 2009 and annual
                                  Evaluate training

                             5.   Continuing Education                                 Jenny, Bernadette
                                 Involve CPC’s in identifying education needs                                   Oct 2008-implement
                                 Develop evaluation tools                                                       Ongoing
                                 Test evaluation tools                                                          Ongoing
                                 Plan and schedule education programs                                           Ongoing as identified
                                 Perform evaluation                                                             Ongoing

                             6. Alaris PCA/Epidural Education                          Gigi
                              Develop plan to provide Alaris PCA education at         Gigi                      Apr 2008
                              Implement program                                       Gigi                      Apr 2008
                                                                                       Gigi                      Ongoing
                              Communicate course offerings
                                                                                       GIgi                      Ongoing
                              Evaluate program

                             7. Annual Competencies
                                                                                       Staff Ed: Sandy, CPC’s,   Apr 2008 and annually in
                              Facilitate unit identification of annual competencies   Unit managers             Feb
                                                                                       Staff Ed Dept             Annually in Feb-Mar
                                 Develop competency verification modules              Staff Ed Department       Annually in Mar
                                 Communicate annual competency expectations

                          3. Staff Education Assessment                                Staff   Ed                January 2009
                             a. Develop tool                                           Staff   Ed                Feb 2009
                             b. Test tool                                              Staff   Ed                Annually in Feb
                             c. Conduct assessment                                     Staff   Ed                Annually in Feb
                             d. Post results
3. Establish leadership   1. Annual Oncology Committee                                 Staff Ed- Chair           August 2008- done
  presence in the             a. Facilitate annual Oncology Conference planning        Ad Hoc Committee          August 2008-March 2009
  community                   b. Conference                                            Ad Hoc Committee          March 2009
                              c. Conference Evaluation                                 Ad Hoc Committee          April 2009

                          2. Student Presentations                                     Educators and Nurse       Ongoing
                          3. Professional Presentations                                Educators and Nurse       Ongoing

4. Continue to support    1. ICU Education Program                                     Staff Ed: Bernadette      July 2008- done
  professional growth,       a. Join ICU Educator group                                Sandy/Bernadette          August 2008- done
  education and              b. ICU Basics Course                                      Bernadette

development.         Join ICU Basics course education program                              Aug-Sep 2008
                     Assess oncology specific ICU program content                          Sep-Nov 2008
                     Develop Oncology ICU curriculum                                       Sep-Nov 2008
                     Present Oncology ICU education within the course                      Nov 2008
                     Develop continuing education modules for current ICU                  Dec 2008-Feb 2009
                     Implement Oncology ICU education                                      March 2009
                     Evaluate Oncology ICU education                                       Ongoing

                 c. ICU Internship
                                                                              Bernadette    Sep-Dec 2008
                   Develop oncology educator role within the ICU
                      educator group
                   Develop oncology case studies as assigned
                   Present ICU case studies and education as assigned
                   Define role of educator for ICU preceptors
                   Monitor HCH5 SCU preceptors within the ICU internship     Bernadette    Feb 2012
                   Continue to facilitate the ICU internship to support
                      HCHC expansion into an ICU                              Bernadette    September 2011
                   Develop BMT ICU Competencies

               3. Support nursing leadership Communication and                Staff Ed      As assigned
               Coordination initiatives as directed
                    Assign education projects as identified by nursing

               4. Support development and dissemination of staff              Staff Ed      As identified
               education information through the HCI Nursing website          Sandy
                    Develop education component of HCI Nursing Education
                      website                                                 Sandy
                    Post education opportunities no the website              Staff Ed
                    Train staff in the access and features of the website

               5. Support BMT Education as directed by nursing leadership     Staff Ed      As identified
                    Assign education modules to educators as identified by   Sandy
                      BMT CPC
                    Develop education modules                                As assigned
                    Validate BMT competencies                                As assigned
                                                                              Bernadette    Feb 2012

                                 Plan, develop and facilitate BMT ICU education in
                                  support of HCH expansion to include an ICU

                                                                                          Staff Ed      As identified
                           6. Support oncology surgery education and dissemination as     Sandy
                           directed by nursing leadership                                 As assigned
                                Assign education modules to educators as identified by   As assigned
                                   surgery CPC
                                Develop education modules
                                Validate surgery competencies
5. a. Design and           1. Central line Care                                           See 1(2)
    implement plan to      2. ICU Education                                               See 4(1)
    identify variability   3. Just-In-Time Training                                       See 1(5)
    in nursing practice
    across sites.
   b. Prioritize,
    implement and
    evaluate those
    elements (from 5.a.)
    of nursing practice.


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