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					Guide to Singapore Work Visa – Employment Pass Provided by Rikvin

Quality Service for Work Visa particularly Singapore Employment Pass Application is
always the goal and focus of Rikvin, a leading business registration firm in Singapore.
Work visas are vital elements for foreign individuals, executives, investors and
companies as they start and establish a business market in Singapore. An
Employment Pass is a primary type of Singapore work visa granted to qualified
individuals who will work for Singapore companies. Rikvin provided preliminary full
assistance to foreigners by giving detailed and complete information regarding
eligibility requirements, application procedure, processing timeline and other related

However, Rikvin noted that an Employment Pass will only be approved if the
applicant is one of the owners of a Singapore company and needs to relocate to
Singapore to manage company operations, if he or she owns a Singapore company
and planned to hire foreign employees and if he or she is hired by an employer in

"Note that any applicant" who do not possess a good educational background but
have the ability to setup business and have enough means to relocate to Singapore
is therefore advised to secure EntrePass scheme which is more viable and
applicable compared to an employment pass," Rikvin said.

The Employment Pass is normally valid for 1-2 years and is renewable subsequently.
Another advantage outlined for an Employment Pass is the opportunity to be issued
a permanent residence. Rikvin presented the basic eligibility requirements of an
Employment pass. These include a fixed salary of more than $2,500 a month and a
tertiary level education from a reputable university together with a professional
experience. Documents such as EB Application Form 8, a copy of resume, copies of
educational certificates, a passport-size photo taken within the past three months,
copy of the personal particulars page of the applicant’s passport and a copy of
business profile for the Singapore company.

The ruling for documents that are not presented in the English language is that it
should be first translated into English with the assistance of an official translation
service. After completion of all documents, the next step is to proceed with
submission in Singapore’s Ministry of Manpower (MOM). In Rikvin's assessment, the
usual processing of an application would usually run for about 4 to 5 weeks. Lastly,
to complete the service for a Singapore Employment Pass Application, Rikvin
discussed some helpful ideas on how to handle employment pass rejection and
employment pass renewal.

Rikvin is a company registration specialist and business services consultant. Rikvin
provides a complete corporate solution under one roof for Singapore company
registration of private limited companies, formation of offshore companies with
opening of corporate accounts, business registration including accounting, tax,
immigration related to work passes visa and compliance services in Singapore.
About the Publisher:

Rikvin is a Singapore-based consultancy that offers business solutions for both local
and foreign professionals, investors and entrepreneurs. Rikvin’s areas of expertise
include Singapore company registration , offshore company setup, accounting,
taxation, Singapore work visa and other related corporate services. Rikvin also
provides immigration services for foreign professionals wishing to relocate to

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