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September Newsletter


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									           Cudworth School Newsletter
                          September 2011
    School Picture Day           Cudworth School          New Times for Cudworth
                                   Enrollment                    School
        October 12
                                        170                  8:55 Classes Start
   Early Dismissal Days        As of August 31, 2011         12:10-12:55 Noon
      September 28                                            3:10 Dismissal
                                     Tuck Shop
        October 26
                              Will be opening around
                                                             SRC Back to School
      November 30                 September 12 .
        January 18              More info to follow.
                                                            Friday, September 9
       February 29
                              Horizon School Division
        March 28
                                     Website                    Burgers 2.50
         April 25
                              Visit the Horizon School      Cheeseburgers 3.00
         May 23                  Division Website at
                                                               Hotdogs 2.00
                              www.hzsd.ca to get the
                                  Cudworth School             Juice Boxes .50
   The students will be          newsletters, school
                                                           Everyone is Welcome!
dismissed at 12:10 on these   calendars, and the latest
           days.              Cudworth School News.
                                                               Student Fees

  Welcome Back to School!                                       Grades 1-12


        Have a Great Year!                                Make Cheques payable to
                                                             Cudworth School
  Welcome New Staff to Cudworth School                Report Card Dates & Interviews

      Mr. Rob Demencuik – Principal                   Report Cards November 4 K-12

Ms. Jody Thiemann – Kindergarten & Grade 1             Report Cards February 3 6-12

      Mrs. LeeAnn Gaudet – Grade 5                      Report Cards March 16 K-5

 Mrs. Sheri Andrews – Intern (Mrs. Vossen)             Report Cards March 30 6-12

Ms. Lisa Thalheimer – Intern (Mrs. Poilievre)           Report Cards June 29 – K-12

        Welcome New Students to

             Cudworth School                          Parent /Teacher Interviews K-12

             Kennedy Lindsay                         November 7 & 8 5:00 -8:00 PM

               Daltin Lindsay                          Parent/ Teacher Interviews K-5

              Noah Peterson                               March 21 3:30-6:30 PM

            Brittany Nahorniak                        Parent /Teacher Interviews 6-12

                Emily Weir                                 April 3 4:00 –7:00 PM

              Lucas Baumann                     Days off in lieu of Parent Teacher Interviews

              Hudson Hauber                                November 14 All Day

             Bethaney Ireland                                 May 18 PM Only

                Kazzine Lane

            Elizabeth Leuschen                                 Spirit Week

              Alexie Palchinski                        September 7 – Aerobic Day

              Tyler Palchinski                       September 8 – Harry Potter Day

                 Emilie Rak                            September 9 – Formal Day
      is Coming!                                        September 10 - Disco Day
            Tomas Wiersma

              Elissa Zapisocki
                                                                Have Fun!
                                            Principal’s Message

 I am very excited about the upcoming school year. I am really enjoying getting to know the
 Staff and Students. I look forward to meeting you the parents and community members in the
 near future. Please feel free to call me or drop by. Our school should always be a place where
 everyone feels not only safe, but a place where everyone is welcomed, valued and has a sense
 of belonging. This is one of the many reasons why Cudworth School will have a ZERO
 tolerance for bullying in any form.

 Our school is always open to visitors, be they parents, or community members. (We require
 all visitors to please report to the office)

 We will be focusing on maintaining and continue building a stronger learning community. I
 would invite you to share any suggestions, comments or concerns you may have.

 Robert Demencuik


 (School) 1 306 256 3411

 (Cell) 1 306 231 3737

                   Newsletters                                       Cudworth School SRC
All newsletters will be emailed to parents. If you                         2011-2012
would like a paper copy please pick one up at the
office. Future newsletters should be available
around the 1st of the month. If you are not on the
                                                                   Senior Ring – Lauren Hauber
school email list please email the school at
jeanine.kurtenbach@hzsd.ca                               Senior Watches – Gregory Kolla & Blair Hauber

Newsletters are also posted on the Horizon School                 Treasurer – Eric Melendez-Duke
Division Website – Cudworth School, and please
check out the School News and Events section.            Secretaries – Shelby Becker & Bryana Koenning

                                         Wishing Everyone
                                          lots of happiness
                           with this beautiful autumn weather!
                                             Driver Education

        Students who turn 15 years of age by April 20, 2012 may attend registration on;

                                        Wednesday, September 7

                                      12:10 – 2:00 PM Bring Lunch


September 13        3:30-5:30 PM

September 19        12:10-2:00 PM Bring lunch

September 23        3:30-5:30 PM

September 29        10:15 AM SGI Vision Tests Only – No Class

Instructor Mrs. Griffin

                                        Picture Day is Coming!

                             Mark your Calendar for our School Picture Day on

                                           Wednesday, October 12

                       Picture Day information forms will be sent home with all students.

              Please review the information form and send it back with your child on Picture Day.

 All students will be photographed for school service products. Proofs will be sent home for you to preview the
                                            images before you buy!

                             For Tips on preparing for photo day visit lifetouch.ca

               Questions call Lifetouch at 1-866-457-8212 or email: guestservices@lifetouch.ca
                                                         Cross Country
Cross country practices will be starting on Thursday, September 8. All students from grade 4 – 12 are encouraged
to take part. There are not a lot of kids interested right now. Only two girls from grade 7 – 12 and 6 kids in grade
4 and 5 that have said they will take part.

The grade 4 – 7 runners will practice 2 noon hours a week. The high school runner will practice on her own time.

The U of S Open (Saskatoon) is on Saturday, October 1st. It is open to all of our runners. THIS IS THE ONLY RACE

The Horizon School Division Pre-districts will be Tuesday, September 27 and the Districts will be Thursday,
October 6. Both of these events are in Middle Lake and are open to the grade 5-12 runners.

All runners from grade 5 – 12 can take part in these races.

Provincials this year are in Middle Lake on Saturday, October 15. This race will only be for runners in grade 9 -12.

Mrs. Sheri Andrews is helping coach this year as well.

If you have any questions, please call.

Bill Dovell

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