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					                                                          RICHARD BROWN
                                       MOBILE           APPLICATIONS                     DEVELOPMENT MANAGER

                                                                            L E T ' S   C O N N E C T

         An evangelist of user-driven development, Richard is a proven leader of mobile, web, and                   Email:
         desktop development. Also an accomplished iOS and web developer, he has a unique set of                    Website:
         skills and is able to deliver enterprise-level solutions on critical time tables.                          Phone: (440) 382-8994
                                                                                                                    Address: 17749 Lexington Lane,
                                                                                                                    Strongsville, OH 44136

                                                         W H O        I S     R I C H A R D         B R O W N ?

An experienced and multi-faceted Technical Manager with expertise leading teams of desktop, mobile, and web application developers. Richard is also a senior
application developer specializing in the Apple iOS and HTML 5 web platforms. With a focus on providing user-centric application design, Richard has a proven
track record of delivering world class products.

                                                                  W O R K          E X P E R I E N C E

MOBILE DEVELOPMENT                                          Managed a team of iOS, Android, BlackBerry, and Windows Phone 7 mobile application developers and
MANAGER                                                     designers for the app OverDrive Media Console (, a free eBook and
OV ERDRI V E, I NC.                                         audiobook client. Lead the team developing the application for all four platforms simultaneously. The app
                                                            competes successfully against the Kindle app and iBooks. All the apps average a 4.5 rating in their
Period: 2008 - present day                                  respective markets with a total of over 2 million downloads.
Job type: Full-Time
                                                                  Managed multiple simultaneous products.
                                                                  Team delivered world-class mobile applications.
                                                                  Agile development process used to quantify team effort.

SENIOR IOS DEVELOPER                                        Architected and developed the iOS version of OverDrive, integrating custom web services and services
OV ERDRI V E, I NC.                                         from Adobe, Inc. Worked with designers to create a custom user interface.

                                                                  "OverDrive" app ranked #4 in the iPad Free Book category.
Period: 2009 - present day
                                                                  4.5 star rank in App Store.
Job type: Full-Time
                                                                  Over 1 million downloads.

SENIOR IOS AND WEB                                          Developer of iOS-based automotive application "VIN Hunter Pro". Established successful relationships with
DEVELOPER                                                   CARFAX, NADA, Chrome, and Black Book. Developed automated payment transactions and customer
V I N HUNTER, LLC                                           management. Developed Ruby on Rails web applications to advertise product and to host web services
Period: March 2005 - present day
                                                            Developed leading VIN decoding web site ( The web site generates one million page
Job type: Full-Time
                                                            views and 380,000 unique visitors per month. Wrote code to decode and present VIN data for modern and
                                                            classic cars. #1 in Google search results for many keywords. The website has over 500,000 pages indexed
                                                            in Google.
                                                            1 million page views per month.
                                                            380,000 visitors per month.
                                                            20,000 downloads of iOS App.

SENIOR WEB DEVELOPER                                   Developed enterprise web applications for use of agents within the insurance market

AM ERI CAN ENTERP RI SE, I NC.                         ( Responsible for Salesforce integration and developing the dynamic user
                                                       interface framework that presented complex insurance applications in an easy to use manner. Provided
Period: 2006 - 2008                                    leadership skills to transition work from previous projects.
Job type: Full-Time
                                                            Worked on enterprise-level web application
                                                            Met production deadlines
                                                            Mentored junior application developers

MANAGER WEB DEVELOPMENT                                Lead the web application development team that redesigned an old PHP-based application as a modern
CERES, I NC.                                           .NET system using C# and MS SQL backends. Planned and implemented a new architecture that reduced
                                                       the time to code a new insurance form by 50%. When American Enterprise purchased Ceres they
Period:2004 - 2006                                     continued the development of the project with its existing team.
Job type: Full-Time

IT MANAGER                                             Developed and managed a large multisite Windows Server infrastructure. Managed a team of 5 engineers
P ARK CI TY SOLUTI ONS, I NC.                          that maintained 30 servers including Exchange and SQL services. Responsible for purchasing decisions
                                                       and vendor relations. Improved network security and reliability by implementing new policies and practices.
Period:2003 - 2004
Job type: Full-Time

VICE PRESIDENT AND CTO                                 Responsible for setting the technical direction of the company. Implemented the first private ISP in Lorain
ERI E SHORES COM P UTER, I NC.                         County, including email and dial-up services. Managed a staff of 10 network engineers and technicians.

                                                       Developed web application for the Cuyahoga County Recorder's office. Managed a multi-million dollar
Period:1987 - 2003
                                                       development project that provided web access to property information.
Job type: Full-Time

                                                        S K I L L S        &   K N O W L E D G E

                                                                M A N A G E M E N T    S K I L L S

TECHNI CAL M ANAGEM ENT (15 YEARS)                                                  GENERAL M ANAGEM ENT

     Managing developers and designers in high profile environments.                      Agile development practices (Peer reviews, Scrum, WIP walls).
     Developed enterprise-level solutions for large insurance companies.                  Using Team Foundation and Jira for issue tracking and project
     Delivering simultaneous projects on time.                                            management.
     Source Control Management with Visual Source Safe, TFS, Subversion,                  Interfacing and negotiating with internal and external resources.
     Git, and Mercurial.

                                                                    C O D I N G    S K I L L S

IOS DEVELOP ER (3 YEARS)                                                            RUBY ON RAILS DEVELOP ER (3 YEARS)
     Developed CoreData schemas and complex migrations.                       Developing high-traffic REST web services.
     Implementing complex graphic-rich UIs.                                   Database development and migrations.
     Extensive knowledge of Objective-C and Xcode.                            Sass, Haml, and Javascript coding.
     Consuming third-party XML and JSON web services.                         Developing HTML 5 W3C-compliant web sites.

.NET DEVELOP ER (8 YEARS)                                                 TECHNI CAL TRAI NI NG (3 YEARS)

     MSSQL database development and management.                               C# and Visual Basic Trainer, clients include Lucent Technologies.
     Developing and managing high traffic web applications.                   Developed curriculum for beginner and intermediate classes.
     Developing complex web services.                                         Mentored engineers through Microsoft certification.

                                                              E D U C A T I O N


Did not complete degree.

     Microsoft MCSE, Windows 2003
     Novell CNE
     Microsoft MCDBA
     Oracle DBA

                                                              R E F E R E N C E S

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