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									              Data Dictionary

La Jolla, CA, Quarterly Meeting
       January 30, 2003
Jody Kerzman, Business Analyst
        Manpower, Inc.
                         Data Dictionary
• Project Objectives
     • Provide a Data Dictionary as a resource for
       workgroups to utilize in developing and refining
       their model and element definitions.
     • Provide source materials and tools to access the
       Data Dictionary.
     • Develop a business process to maintain the Data
                             Data Dictionary
• How will this be useful for members?
  – The Data Dictionary will provide list of ‘component
    name’ entries with a definition, where the entry is used
    as an element or attribute, and its type. A listing of
    synonyms and related entries will also be identified.
     • Example: If you are searching for information on the element
       ‘compensation amounts’. The Data Dictionary search will list
       ‘compensation amount’ under several element names such as
       ‘amount’, ‘base pay’, ‘bill rate’ or ‘desired compensation.’
       The element ‘desired compensation’ is a container for
       compensation information. All of these elements will have
       unique definitions. The workgroup can select from the search
       the element which is the best fit for their needs.
                                  Data Dictionary
• 2003 Key Goals
  – February 2003, distribute to workgroups a listing of
    Data Dictionary entries requiring additional feedback.
  – April 2003, a final draft of the Data Dictionary for the
    consortium membership to review prior to publication.
     • This draft will contain:
         – the collection of definitions with the appropriate naming
           conventions relatingto the contextual format
         – synonyms and related entries
         – the addition of new component names currently being developed
             Data Dictionary

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