Setting up backup and restore Windows 7

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					Setting up backup and restore Windows 7

1. Open the search box on windows 7 start menu and type in the word "Backup"

2. From the results list, choose "backup and restore" by pressing enter key.

When the new window opens up you will have the following items available;

*. Setup backup link.

*. Select another backup to restore files from link.

*. Recover system settings for your computer link.

*. Toolbar desktop split button.

*. Search box edit.

*. Control Panel Home link.

*. Create a system image link.

*. Create a system repair disk link.

*. Action center link.

*. Windows Easy Transfer Link.

*. Help Link.

Note: You can move to any of the above items in windows backup/restore using the tab key.
Use spacebar to activate.

For this exercise we are going to create a backup of our windows system in the following way;

3. First tab over to the "Setup Backup link" and press the spacebar to activate the button.

Notes: You will hear your screen reader say, "Starting windows backup" this process could take a
few minutes, please wait.

Once the screen settles you will have the following list of items to choose from;

*. Backup Guidelines link.

*. Listview of any available backup destinations that are on your computer which includes hard
drives and any other drives such as external devices.
*. Refresh Button.

*. Cancel Button.

Use your tab key to jump to any of the above items and spacebar to activate. or in the case of a
listbox use the arrow keys.

4. Tab over to the list of available areas on your computer where you could possibly make a new
backup of your computers system.

5. Because Ihave a second hard drive on my computer and that drive has a letter assigned to it
called "E" I arrow down to this choice of where I want to store my backuped system. This now
gives me two new buttons to choose from in addition to the above list marked with stars;

*. More Info Button.

*. Next Button.

I could use the "Info Button" to determine if the drive I have chosen will have enough space and
so on to cater for my new backup but I will assume the drive has and move onto the "Next

6. After pressing the next button I move into a new screen with the following contents;

*. How does windows choose what files to backup link.

*. Agroup of radio buttons with two options, "let windows choose" and "Let me choose".

*. Next Button.

*. Back Button.

*. Cancel Button.

Use the tab and arrow keys to work the controls above.

7. In this current screen we are asked which files on our machine do we wish to backup and if
you tab over to the "Radio button controls" you will see that by default its windows which
decides. If you wish, pressing the down arrow will allow you to decide what files you wish to
backup and its this option I will choose for this lesson.

8. Once I have arrowed down to the "Let me choose" option I tab over to the next button and
press the spacebar. When you press the spacebar you will hear your screen reader announce
that its looking for possible items to backup and then will give you the choice of which to
backup and which ones you don't want. The following screen of items finally comes up;
*. What files are exclueded from the backup by default link.

*. Tree view data files opened.

*. Checkbox, Include a system image of drives and the main drive containing Windows 7 will be
checked by default.

*. Next button.

*. Cancel button.

*. Back button.

Use the tab key, arrow keys and spacebar to navigate throught he above windows controls.

9. We will now tab our way across the controls again till we come to the "Tree view" which
contains references to where our important files are and where we can decide which ones we
want to have backed up. My Tree View list says I have two items as follows;

- Back up data from newly created users, checked.

- Pauls Libraries, closed checked.

In the above options I am not bothered about the new users files been backed up as I am the
only user on this PC but it would be different if I had set up this machine for an office
environment or something like that. For now I will arrow down to "Pauls Libraries" and right
arrow in here to see hwat I have. After pressing the right arrow I hear my screen reader
announce that I have six items to arrow down through here;

- Documents library, checked.

- Music Library, checked.

- Pictures Library, checked.

- Pauls Library, checked.

- Videos Library, checked.

- Additional locations, closed checked.

The above list contains all my data libraries and s on, if I wished to continue further creating a
deeper backup then I could keep arrowing down and would come to my list of available hard
drives but for this lesson we don't do this. The list above shows that windows is going to backup
all my important libraries which are really folders and which contain virtual links to my personal
data contained on various parts of the computer.

9. It just now remains for me to tab over to the next button and press the spacebar on it. Just
one more control exists before gong to the next button and its a checkbox which is checked by
default and which tells us that a current image of our system in its current state will be backed
up along with our files so you'd better have plenty of available drive space.

When you finally press the "Next Button" you will have reached the final screen of controls and
here you will find the button that will begin to set your new backup into motion. This screen
contains the following controls;

*. A list view which shows you just what is going to be backed up and to where, in this case onto
my E drive.

*. Change Schedule link. Going in here you can make alternations as to when the backup occurs,
time day etc.

*. Save settings and run backup button. The button that kicks off the backing up process.

*. Cancel button.

*. Back button.

If we wre to go into the "Schedule link" we would have the following windows controls;

*. Run backup on a schedule, checkbox checked by default.

*. How often combo box, weekly by default.

*. What date combo box, Sunday by default.

*. What time combo box, 1900 hours by default.

*. OK button.

*. Cancel button.

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