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									Graduation is right around the
Senior Parent Breakfast Agenda
• Timeline
• Student, Parent, and Guidance Responsibilities
• Naviance Family Connection
    –   Registering
    –   Search/Compare colleges
    –   Requesting transcripts AND Teacher Recommendations
    –   Parent response form
•   Sending Test Scores
•   Early Action/Early Decision Deadlines, envelopes
•   Senior Application Checklist
•   Other…
Class of 2012 Counselor Assignments

      Seniors          Class of 2012

    Judith Pressler        A-L

    Anna Skillings         M-Z
Timeline and Responsibilities
        Sep – Oct – Nov of SENIOR YEAR

 Take SATs if needed

 Student should meet with their Counselor and be prepared
with the following:
       1. Counselor Questionnaire and Resume (on
       2. Rough draft of essay
       3. List of schools with application deadlines

 Ask teachers for letters of recommendation
 Give each teacher a copy of resume


           = A PLAN
      Student Responsibilities
 Know which standardized tests the colleges require and then register
for these tests at or

 Keep aware of registration deadlines for SAT and/or ACT, SAT II

 Add colleges to your Family Connection page

 Request transcripts

 Complete Counselor Questionnaire, and Resume on Naviance, and share
essay with counselor

 Research and apply for scholarships

 Complete necessary Financial Aid forms
 Guidance Counselor Responsibilities

• Be available by appointment to students and parents

• Send requested transcripts, letter of recommendation, school profile and
        Secondary School Report Form

• Send First Quarter grades

• Send Mid-Yr. Grades

• Send Final Transcripts

•Guide students in the application process

•Complete FAFSA and CSS Profile

•Be aware of Financial Aid deadlines

•Accompany student on college visits

•If student is on an IEP be sure the plan and the required tests are all
current within three years of application date

Family Connection
      I am NEW and need to
          What does it do?
• Students can search and compare colleges
         What does it do?
Students can search and compare colleges
         What does it do?
• Produces scatter grams of SHS
  acceptances… denials…waitlists
          What does it do?
• Allows students and parents to look at
Requesting Transcripts through
     Family Connection
         on Naviance
In order for students to request transcripts they need to log in to the Family Connection
website (a link is provided on the SHS guidance website.) After successfully logging in,
tabs appear at the top of the screen. Click on the “COLLEGES” tab.

 Next, click on “colleges I’m applying to”. The first time you log in, you will see the
 privacy notice for common application (above).
 We ask that you “DO waive” your right to see your recommendation. Next, check the
 box to authorize us to send your records.
 Next, if you haven’t already, you must create a Common Application
account through Enter your Common App user
          name and password (see below) and press “submit”.
Once you have completed these steps, you can now click “transcripts” on the left hand
side of the page. Then click on “colleges I’m applying to”.

You will need to determine what type of application you are submitting
(application types are briefly explained below):

REGULAR DECISION: apply by the regular deadline date and will receive notification of
   admissions based on how that college processes applications
ROLLING: colleges process the application as soon as it is complete
PRIORITY: often colleges will have a priority date for scholarships and other benefits.
EARLY DECISION: apply by an early deadline date, and if accepted (usually by Jan 1)
   students are legally bound to attend
EARLY ACTION: apply by an early deadline date, the college will notify you of
   acceptance early (on or before Jan 1) you are not obligated to attend
Next pick the college(s) you are applying to (you can do this several ways)
  - click on the blue “lookup” text next to the box and choose a college
       from the “college picker” list
or - search by the name of the college, or the state or the country

 The Guidance Department does NOT send test scores, colleges request that
    they be sent directly from College Board. Please allow enough time for
    your deadlines.
  You can continue to request additional transcripts by following the same procedure in
  each of the fields available. When you are ready to order transcripts, simply click the
“Request transcript” box. Please note that transcripts MUST be requested AT LEAST
                        3 weeks prior to the application deadline

  When you go back to the “Colleges I’m applying to” menu you will be able to check on
  the status of your applications (see above), the date it was mailed is the (postmark)
  transmission date. You should give some time for the college to process the
  transcript within their system (generally 2-4 weeks)

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