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					MOHAVE                                                                               DEGREE DECLARATION FORM - REG FORM 45-07


 NAME                                                                                                                   MCC STUDENT ID #

 SIGNATURE                                                                                                              DATE

 ACADEMIC/FACULTY ADVISOR NAME & SIGNATURE                                                                              DATE

Allied Health                                              Allied Health (Continued)                                 Business (Continued)
Chemical Dependency Studies                                Nursing (Continued)                                          AAS—Business Administration
    AAS—CDT - CHD                                              AAS — Accelerated Nursing for Paramedics                   Account + Admin Ofc Mgmt BUSU
                                                                     ANPD                                                 Account + Gen Mgmt BUSV
Dental                                                                                                                    Account + Pro Apps BUSW
   Cert—Dental Assisting DAEC                              Pharmacy Technology                                            Admin Ofc Mgmt + Gen Mgmt BUSX
   AAS—Dental Hygiene DAED                                    Cert—Pharmacy Tech PHRMC                                    Admin Ofc Mgmt + Pro Apps BUSY
                                                              AAS—Pharmacy Tech PHRMD                                     Gen Mgmt + Pro Apps BUSZ
Emergency Medical Training
  Cert—Paramedic EMSC                                      Surgical Technology                                       Casino Gaming
  AAS—Paramedic EMSD                                          Cert—Surgical Tech SGTC                                   Cert–Casino Pit Games Dealer CPGC
                                                                                                                        Cert–Casino Pit Games Management CPMC
Medical Assisting                                          Business
  Cert—Clinical MASCC                                         Cert—Accounting ACCC                                   Computer Information Systems
  Cert—General MASCC                                          Cert—Admin Office Management AOMC                          Cert—CIS Foundation CISC
  Cert—Insurance Coding INSC                                  Cert—Business Foundation BUSC                              Cert—Computer Graphics & Web Design WEBC
  Cert—Phlebotomy PHLB                                        Cert—General Management MGTC                               Cert—Computer Support Services CSSC
  AAS—Medical Assisting MASSD                                Cert—Professional Apps CISPC                                Cert—Network Support & Security NETC
                                                              ABUS—Business Administration BUSD                          Cert—Professional Applications CISPC
Nursing                                                                                                                  Cert—Programming & Game Development
   Cert—Practical Nursing LPN                                                                                                  PGDC
   AAS—Nursing ADN                                                                                                   (CIS Degrees continued on back)
Copies: One each to Registrar’s Office, Academic/Faculty Advisor, Campus Director of Student Services, and Student
MCC Form REG 0045-07 (02/25/09)
Computer Information Systems (Continued)                   Construction Technology                                   Liberal Arts & Sciences (Continued)
  AAS—Systems Administration SAD                              Cert—Electrical ELTR                                   Math
  AAS—Computer Info Systems                                   Cert—Industrial Maintenance Tech IMTC                      AA—Math Emphasis MATD
    Graphic/Web Des +Comp Sup Srv CISDA                      AGS—Electrical IMEC
    Graphic/Web Des +Network Sup/Sec                         AGS—Industrial Maintenance Tech IMTD                   Science
       CISDB                                                                                                             Cert—Geographic Information Systems GISC
    Graphic/Web Des +Pro Apps CISDC                       Drafting Technology                                           AA—Science Emphasis SCIE
    Graphic/Web Des + Prog Game Dev CISDD                    Cert—Computer Aided Drafting CADD                          AS—Chemistry Emphasis CHMD
    Comp Sup Srv + Network Sup/Sec CISDE                     Cert—Drafting Tech DFTC                                    AS—Geology Emphasis GLGD
    Comp Sup Srv + Pro Apps CISDF                                                                                       AS—Life Science Emphasis LSD
    Comp Sup Srv + Prog Game Dev CISDG                    Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning
    Network Sup/Sec + Pro Apps CISDH                         Cert—Commercial Refrigeration REFCC                    Social & Behavioral Sciences
    Network Sup/Sec + Prog Game Dev CISDI                    Cert—Residential HVAC - HVAC                              AA—History Emphasis HISD
                                                              AAS—Refrigeration Tech REFD                               AA—Social Studies Emphasis SSTD
    Pro Apps + Pro Game Dev CISDJ
                                                                                                                        AA—Soc & Behav Sci Emphasis SOCE
                                                           Truck Driver Training
Culinary Arts
                                                              Cert—TDT -TDTC                                         Theatre
    Cert—Introductory Culinary Arts (CULC)
                                                                                                                        Cert—Theatre Production TPROC
    Cert—Advanced Culinary Arts CULAC
                                                           Welding Technology                                           Cert—Theatre Performance TPRFC
    AAS—Culinary Arts CULD
                                                             Cert—Gas Tungsten Arc WGTC                                 Cert—Theatre Performance Advanced TPRAC
                                                             Cert—Wire Feed & Shielded Metal Arc WWFC
                                                             AAS—Welding Tech WLDTD                                  Public Safety & Legal Studies
   AA—Early Childhood Emphasis ECED
                                                                                                                     Administration of Justice
   AA—Elementary Education Emphasis EDUD
                                                           Liberal Arts & Sciences                                      Cert—Corrections Officer CORC
                                                           General/General Studies                                      Cert—Evidence & Crime Scene Tech CSIC
Industrial Technology
                                                               AA—Emphasis (not listed) GENRD                           Cert—Homeland Security & Terrorism HLSC
Automotive Service Technology
                                                               AA—General (no emphasis) GENRD                           AAS—Administration of Justice AJSD
   AAS—Automotive Collision Repair Tech ACRD
                                                               AAS—General Tech GENT
   AGS—Automotive Service Tech ASED
                                                                                                                     Fire Science
   Cert—Vehicle Maintenance &
                                                           Art                                                           Cert—Fire Science FSCD
        Lubrication Specialist VMLC
                                                                 Cert—Photography PHOC                                   AAS—Fire Tech FTCD
                                                                 AA—Art Emphasis ARTD
                                                                                                                        Cert—Paralegal PLGC
                                                                                                                        Cert—Post-Degree Paralegal PPLGC
                                                                                                                        AAS—Paralegal PLGD

Copies: One each to Registrar’s Office, Academic/Faculty Advisor, Campus Director of Student Services, and Student
MCC Form REG 0045-07 (02/25/09)

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