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					      Content Management System (CMS) Web-site Migration proposed schedule

                                February 2010 – August 2010

1. Provost’s office (Marianne Jaffee/Jen Urbano/AA support)
       a. SACS site (Shawn Brayton)
       b. Program Review site (Shawn Brayton)
2. Undergraduate Studies (Martina Perry)
       a. Honors (LouAnne Hawkins/Honors OPS staff)
       b. UG Academic Enrichment (LouAnne Hawkins/UEA staff)
       c. OFE (Deb Miller/Paul Gambon)
       d. CIRT (Deb Miller/CIRT staff/possible need for support)
       e. Academic Testing (Heather Stake/Samantha Sneed)
3. Office of Research and Sponsored Programs (Chantel Cummings/possible need for
4. Center for Community-Based Learning (Rabena Johnson)
5. Institutional Research and Assessment (Peter Lowe)
6. Continuing Education (Leshell Hartney/OPS student)
7. Graduate School (Kiersten Jarvis/OPS student)
8. Library (Barbara Tuck and Eileen Brady/probable need for support) – Library can begin
   the migration process but requests they do not “go live” until the summer when all
   migration can be checked
9. COAS (David Fenner and Ashley Earles Bennett)

          Art and Design
          Biology
          Chemistry
          Communication
          Criminology and Criminal Justice
          English
          History
          Mathematics & Statistics
          Music
          Philosophy
          Physics
          Political Science & Public Admin
          Psychology
          Sociology and Anthropology
          World Languages

10. CCEC (Terry Smith)
          Engineering (Terry Smith)
          Construction (Terry Smith)
          Computing (Jeff Bowen)
    11. COEHS (Marsha Lupi)

               Childhood Education
               Dr. Jeffrey Cornett: Chair, Dept. of Foundations and Secondary Education
               Dr. E. Newton Jackson: Chair, Leadership, Counseling, and Instructional Technology

    12. BCH (Tom Erdal and Lucy Trice)

               Clinical and Applied Movement Sciences
               School of Nursing
               Nutrition and Dietetics

    13. CCB (Doug Titus/?)

               Accounting & Finance
               Economics and Geography
               Management
               Marketing and Logistics

    14. FIE (Cheryl Fountain/?)
    15. Fine Arts Center (Michael Boyles and CIRT/possible need for support)
    16. Enrollment Services (Janice Nowak/E-S staff) E-S needs to migrate over the summer
        because of their scheduled move into a new Enrollment Management system

               Admissions
               Technology, Training
               ACE
               Compliance
               One Stop
               Jacksonville Commitment Plan
               ES Processing
               Registrar

Identify a project manager

Identify the resources necessary to migrate (copy/paste function)

Review all pages included in current site and eliminate pages that do not need to be migrated
(suggestion: have someone (project manager??) print off each page of current website and go through
and edit or strike material – rework it!))

Review available templates by scanning the already-migrated pages (one wing, two wing, three wing)

Select template(s) appropriate for your site

Select effective images – use current images or use the Image Library
Consider special features: flash, forms

Training will be done by Web Specialist Jamie Spruell

ITS will provide initial on-site support (Marian Watters) – walking through the migration steps with the
project manager and other staff involved in the migration/maintenance of the web site

First names = project manager
Names following slash = support to copy/paste webpages

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