CAVIAT Central Programs Fall 2010 – Spring 2011 by yangxichun


									              CAVIAT Central Programs Fall 2010 – Spring 2011
                                For Junior and Senior High School Students
Central Programs provide an opportunity for high school juniors and seniors to attend college classes in the afternoon while
earning their graduation requirements at their home high school in the morning. The classes have been organized into
specific programs of study to enable students to either earn an industry standard certificate or close to if not a college
degree upon graduating from high school. Funding for these programs is furnished by the Coconino Association for
Vocations, Industry & Technology (CAVIAT) and covers all tuition, books and fees for qualifying students. The following
programs are being offered during the upcoming school year.

                      Allied Health                                                Law Enforcement
                  Certified Medical Assistant                                 AA Degree Administration of Justice

The Medical Assistant degree program prepares students for         The Administration of Justice AA program is designed to
the varied and expanded responsibilities involved in working       prepare students to enter the workforce in the criminal
within medical offices today. Students will receive training in    justice arena. This program teaches students specific
numerous areas, which will give them a complete                    knowledge and skills, which will assist in securing
understanding of the intricate workings within today’s             employment and/or additional training in a wide variety
medical businesses. Graduates will have the skills necessary       of law enforcement and corrections/juvenile detention
to obtain a position as a medical assistant who will be able       positions.
to perform numerous duties in both the front and back

                   Nursing Services                                                 Nursing Services
                  Certified Nursing Assistant                                         Nursing Prerequisites
                   (Open to Seniors ONLY)
                                                                   This program assists students in completing the most
This program prepares students to work in the healthcare           prerequisites possible to qualify for an Arizona school of
industry in places such as hospitals, doctor’s offices, nursing    nursing. Coconino Community College and other
homes, assisted care facilities, and home healthcare. This         Arizona community colleges and universities currently
certificate is designed for students seeking an introduction       offer a nursing program. Upon successful completion of
to nursing assisting and the basic skills required for             this 2 year program students will be eligible to apply to a
computations, documenting, team collaboration,                     nursing program at the Coconino Community College.
communication, and client advocacy in the healthcare
             Electrical Technologies                                            Computer Networking
                  (Open to Seniors ONLY)                                               Network Engineer

Upon successful completion of this 1 year program, students        This AAS Degree will prepare students for positions in
will have obtained their Electrical Level 1 and Level II NCCER     Information Technology requiring hands-on technical
(National Center for Construction Education and Research)          networking skills that support home and small to medium
certifications. This is a nationally accepted certification.       size businesses. This program provides students with
Students will be eligible to begin their apprenticeship after      knowledge and skills appropriate for network
high school graduation with local electrical contractors who       engineering occupations.
are anxious to work with our graduating students.

             Education Professions
            AA Degree Elementary Education

This program is designed for students planning to transfer
to an Elementary Education bachelor’s degree program
at any Arizona public university which requires a minimum
of 60 credits.

It is important to note that each student must meet minimum placement requirements, which vary by program, prior to
being accepted into a program of study. There is a registration process that must also be completed prior to being
accepted into a program of study. Registration for these programs of study must be initiated through the on-site Career
Counselor at one of the high schools in Flagstaff. Students must be fulltime high school students and registered at one of
the Flagstaff Unified School District (FUSD) high schools. CAVIAT will provide transportation to and from the college
campuses for FUSD high school students only through the FUSD Transportation Department.

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