SCHOLARSHIP APPLICATION DEADLINES

                                                  TENABLE 2001-2002


N.B. – Applications for major scholarship competitions for students currently enrolled at Trent University
must be sent to Agency by Office of Research and Graduate Studies.
                          APPLICATIONS MUST BE COMPLETE!!!

Agency                Award                                                              Agency          University
                                                                                         Deadline        Deadline
Mackenzie King            -   Traveling Scholarships for graduate study in                               February 2
Traveling & Open              International Relations – 4 or 5 awards, $12,000
Scholarships Trust
                          -  Open scholarship for graduate study in Canada or                            February 2
                             elsewhere in any discipline – 1 award: $9,000
Natural Sciences      Postdoctoral Fellowship ($35,000 p.a.)                             November 15
and Engineering
Research Council      Postgraduate scholarships ($17,000 – $19,000 p.a.) May also        November 24     October 20
(NSERC)               include a travel allowance.

                      [ Industrial PGS, tenable at nominating University and Industry
                      Sponsor ]

                      Note: Students not registered at a Canadian University must
                      apply directly to agency by

                      Industrial Undergraduate Student Research Award (Max.                              Open
                      $5,000) – must be supervised by NSERC eligible companies.

                      -research experience in industry, primarily for 2nd, 3rd, or 4th
                      year students.

                      Undergraduate Student Research Award (Max. $5,000) –                               January
                      available to full-time students in years 1, 2, 3, or 4; must be
                      supervised by a faculty member holding an NSERC award.
                      Awards available only at the institution where the student is
                      enrolled. Trent University has a quota of 14 awards.
Ontario Ministry of   Ontario Graduate Scholarships – 1300 awards (all subjects) -       November 30     October 22
Education and         $5,000 per term for 2 or three terms. [Can receive up to 4 OGS
Training              awards, 2 at Master’s level – must reapply annually].

                      Note: Students not registered at a Canadian University must        November 15
                      apply directly to agency by
Rhodes                Rhodes Scholarship for study at Oxford University (12,000          October 19      October 5
Scholarship Trust     pounds p.a. for 2 years) ***VERY prestigious***

                      [Note: The Office of Research and Graduate Studies will arrange
                      an interview with the President as part of the application
Social Sciences &     Postdoctoral Fellowship ($28,000 p.a.)                             October 1
Research Council      Also other postdoctoral awards:
(SSHRC)               Jules and Gabrielle Leger Fellowship ($50,000)                     October, 2001
                      Bora Laskin National Fellowship ($55,000)                          October, 2000
                      Therese F.-Casgrain Fellowship ($40,000)                           June 15, 2002

                      Doctoral Fellowship ($16,620 p.a.)                                 January 15      December 3

                      Note: Students not registered at a Canadian University must        November 15
                      apply directly to agency by
                     Queen’s Fellowship ($14,000 p.a. ++)
                     [1 or 2 awards selected from doctoral candidates in Canadian

                     William E. Taylor Fellowship ($14,000 p.a. ++)
                     [awarded to most outstanding successful Doctoral Fellowship

Wildlife Habitat     Graduate Scholarship Program (for studies in habitat                 September 30       September 15
Canada               conservation). 2 awards – Master’s level $10,000/yr. for 2
                     years; Doctoral level, $12,000/yr. for 3 years

N.B. – Applications or further information available from the Office of Research and Graduate Studies.
Applications normally sent direct to Agency unless marked (*).

Agency                      Award                                                                          Agency
Universities for Northern
Studies (ACUNS)             Caribou Research Bursary (to support studies of Barren Ground Caribou)         January 31

                            Cooperative Bursary (for studies contributing to development of                January 31
                            Cooperative in the North)

                            Research Support opportunity in Arctic Environmental Studies                   January 31

                            Royal Canadian Geographical Society Studentship in Northern Geography          January 31
                            (1 Award to an outstanding student whose studies will advance knowledge
                            of Geography of the North)

                            Special Bursary for Northern Residents (to engage in an educational            January 31
                            experience at a Canadian University)

                            Studentships in Northern Studies                                               January 31
                            (to support students enrolled in degree programs who will engage in
                            thesis research involving direct northern experience)
Association of              GRADUATE PROGRAMS
Universities & Colleges
of Canada (AUCC)                -    Cable telecommunications Research Fellowship                          February 1
                                -    Dept. of National Defence Security & Defence M.A/Ph.D. Programs       February 1
                                -    Dept. of National Defence R.B. Byers Postdoctoral Fellowships in      February 1
                                     Security & Defence Studies
                                -    Emergency Preparedness Canada Research Fellowship (doctoral)          February 1
                                -    Frank Knox Memorial Fellowship (tenable at Harvard U.)                February 1
                                -    Petro Canada Graduate Research Award Program                          February 1
Cambridge                   Canada Cambridge Scholarship (for study at U. Cambridge in any                 October 20
Commonwealth Trust          discipline leading to Ph.D.)
                            - up to 5 Fees Scholarships awarded
Canada Council              Aid to Artists & exploration Grants (performing arts, writing and              Various
                            publishing, visual and media arts) – not for graduate study
Canada – Environment        Scholarship for Research in Forest Meteorology/Climatology or Fire             May 29
Canada                      Meteorology – available to students already registered in graduate
                            studies, for a topic related to a problem specific to Canada
                            - 4 awards valued at $2,500
Canada – National           See AUCC, Graduate Programs
Canadian Association of     J.H. Stewart Reid Memorial Fellowships (for doctoral study in any field at a   April 30
University Teachers         Canadian university; must have already completed one year of graduate
                            work) – one award $5,000
Canadian Bureau for         Celanese Canada International Fellowships for Canadians to study and do      March 1
International Education     research outside North America ($10,000).
Canadian                    Commonwealth Scholarships (most subject areas)
Scholarship &                  -   India, Sri Lanka, Trinidad, Tobago, Uganda, United Kingdom            October 24
Fellowship Committee           -   New Zealand (2001/02)                                                 December 22
(administered by
I.C.C.S.)                   Organization of American States PRA Fellowship                               January 31
                            - Fellowships are granted for periods of 3 months to 2 years, for advanced
                            study at the graduate level or research (in a host country). See
                            application for further details.
Canadian Federation of      Margaret McWilliams Pre-Doctoral Fellowship: 1 award $10,000                 November 15
University Women            Professional Fellowship: 1 award $5,000                                      November 15
                            See brochure for other awards valued at $1,000-$3,000                        November 15
Canadian International      Scholarship Program for Canadians (for graduate study/research in areas      March 31
Development Agency          related to international development assistance)
Canadian Library            For entrance to an accredited Canadian Library School                        May 1
Association                     -   H.W. Wilson Scholarship (1 award, $2,000)
                                -   C.L.A. Dafoe Scholarship (1 award, $1,750)

                            For entrance to an accredited library school, USA or Canada                  May 1
                                -   Howard V. Phalin, World Book Graduate Scholarship
Canadian Water              Scholarships for studies of Canadian water resources:                        October 31
Resources Association       - 2 Graduate awards, $1,250 each
CUSO                        Overseas employment opportunities
                            151 Slater St, Ottawa K1P 5H5
Entomological Society of    Scholarships for Graduate study in Entomology                                June 15
Canada                      (for students entering first year) – 2 awards $2,000 each
The Hamilton                Eastburn Fellowship for postdoctoral study in Canada                         December 31
IODE                        War Memorial Scholarships for Graduate Study (for those already enrolled     December 1
                            in a doctoral program)
                            - 9 awards ($12,000 for study in Canada; $15,000 for study overseas
                            within the Commonwealth)
International Council for   FOREIGN GRADUATE AWARDS – includes monthly allowance, academic               October 31
Canadian Studies            fees, medical/life insurance, round-trip airfare.

                            Graduate Awards for study or research in the following countries:

                            Colombia Finland France Germany (DAAD)
                            Mexico – (DEADLINE: January 31)

                            There are also graduate study/research awards administered by the            Various
                            embassies for Italy, Japan, Netherlands and Spain
International               Doctoral Research award for research related to sustainable and equitable    May 15
Development Research        development – up to $20,000 p.a.                                             December 15
Centre (IDRC)
Izaak Walton Killam         For postgraduate study at Dalhousie University ($13,500 Masters;
Memorial Scholarships       $14,300 Ph.D.)
Kappa Kappa Gamma           $5,000 Scholarship for Canadian Women pursuing a doctoral degree in
Foundation of Canada        Canada or the USA.
Medical Research            Studentships offered to graduate students in full-time health research
Council                     training. Application made by proposed supervisor, NOT by student.
National Institute on       Studentships – See Roeher Institute file                                     March 31
Mental Retardation
New Brunswick,              Lord Beaverbrook Scholarships in Law                                         March 31
University of                   -   tenable at UNB
                            Women’s Doctoral Scholarship Program – for women residents of NB             June 30
                            registered in non-traditional Ph.D. program: 10 Awards values at
Ontario – Education and        -     Ontario Graduate Scholarships (see Major Competition Listing)
Training                       -     Ontario-Quebec Health & Social Services Study Program provides      March 1
                                     French-speaking Ontario residents with opportunity to pursue
                                     postsecondary studies in the French language in Quebec; must
                                     agree to enter into an agreement to return and provide health and
                                     social services in French in Ontario.
                                 -   Ontario-Quebec Exchange Fellowships (for study in the second        January 31
                                     language at a Quebec university)
                                 -   Official Language Monitor Program (funded by the Dept. of           April
                                     Secretary of State, Canada) – TA in second language
                                 -   Second Language Bursaries and Fellowships                           May
                                 -   Sir John A. MacDonald Graduate Fellowship in Canadian History       March 4
                                 -   Ontario Student Assistance Program (OSAP) – details from the
                                     Financial Aid Office
Rotary Foundation           Scholarships/Fellowships (must be sponsored by local Rotary Club)            March
Royal Canadian              Grants in Aid of Research (to support undergraduate research on              Various
Geographical Society        geographical topics) – awarded to individuals or groups
Schmeelk, Richard J.        Fellowships tenable at Laval or UWO in Business, Commerce, Applied or        February 15
Canada Fellowship           Social Sciences - $15,000/yr for up to 2 years
Shastri Indo-Canadian       Student Fellowships (for research and study, and language training in        October 10
Institute (Montreal)        India)
Soil and Water              Kenneth Grant Research Scholarship – available to SWXS members who           April 1
Conservation Society        are undertaking graduate research on soil and water preservation.
                            - 1 award of $1,400
Soroptimist Foundation      Canadian Soroptimist Grants for Women (graduate awards for studies           January 31
of Canada                   leading to careers in serving other women)
                            - up to 5 awards; $5,000 each
Trent University            J.J. Robinette Prize                                                         Fall
                            - prize awarded to a graduate of Trent who has commenced the study of
                            law at another university
Universities and            Overseas Research Student Awards
Colleges of Great Britain        -   Fee support scheme to meet difference between level of home and
                                     overseas tuition at British universities – postgraduate program
                                     must involve research.
                                 -   Application obtained & submitted through university offering
World Wildlife Fund         McNaughton Conservation Scholarship for Graduate Research with either        February 14
Canada                      plants or animals at risk in Canada – 2 awards, $5,000 each

See also listings in University Calendars and resource books such as:

    -   Canadian Directory of Awards for Graduate Study
    -   Guide to Federal Sources of Financial Aid for Canadian Post-Secondary Students
    -   The Grants Register
    -   Scholarships Guide for Commonwealth Postgraduate Students
    -   UNESCO: Study Abroad, International Scholarships, International Courses

The Office of Research & Graduate Studies has developed excellent links to graduate schools and financial
aid information which can be found on our homepage:

Scholarship lists via

In many cases you can now request information about graduate programs and funding opportunities
directly online from University graduate schools and/or programs worldwide. Remember to keep such
requests short and to the point [e.g., “…please send application materials for your
graduate/Master’s/Ph.D. program in Anthropology/Mathematics/etc./ as well as information on funding
opportunities…”, followed by your full mailing address.

Please note that various scholarship listings are available by checking out information provided by other
universities on the Web.

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