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					Internet Tips

Surely you feel bored, annoyed, or whatever bt when opening other people's blogs and
your own blog, but loading time. Loading time on the blog can be caused by the

  A. Too many ads on blogs
  2. Too many images
  3. Because widgets or accessories (eg, hours, online radio, music player, etc.)

On this occasion allow me to share some tips that hopefully can be useful for you.

  A. Better to use a template or a SEO friendly minimalist
  2. Do you place the widget in the column footer, but move it to the sidebar
  3. Remove unnecessary widgets (eg clock, calendar, and widget perceived nothing to
do with your blog
  4. Reduce upload the image too much to blog

Why do I say widgets such as clock or clock, calendar, ip address, the music player is not
necessary for your blog.
Timer / clock: on the computer screen because you'll have no time pointing
Calendar: on the screen would have no calendar komputerpun
Ip Address: So you're detectives raided the people who visit your blog? He he.
Music Player: my computer has been available on the Winamp application

I think it was tips from me, sorry if there are errors in writing or poor grammar.
Understandable hope ya guys.

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