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					Dublin City University Students’ Union Executive

                             Meeting Minutes
                            8th November 2010
Attendees: Megan O’Riordan, Cillian Byrne, Colin Oliver, Emma Murray,
Leah Caul, Jackie Fox, Alan Armstrong, Ian McGlynn, David McMullin,
Brian McDonald, Khaula Bhutta, Ed Leamy.


   1. Matters Arising from Minutes
         a. CB to hand over UC to ROB
         b. DMM and MOR sorting action points for
   2. Campus/ Campus Survey
         a. MOR spoke to UR regarding campus; Magazine is to link in
            with the DCU support services around specific time and issue
            content. MOR to link with Claire Bohan, Una Redmond.
         b. AA proposes survey regarding Campus to assess its future.
            LC and EM to sort it for week 9.
   3. Clubs and Socs Ball
         a. Only sabbats to receive comps
   4. VHI Nursing Plan
         a. AA met with VHI. Plan to put forward the 2 page nursing
            plan. AA to seek student wide deal. AA to link with CB and
            contact UCD regarding Quinn Healthcare plan.
   5. Brain Research Ireland
         a. RCSI launching journal, they want to seek academic articles
            from students. AA to do blurb for site and e-mail students.
   6. – & Facebook
         a. CB to pull together analytics for next week.
         b. Exec to adjust email signature and push the facebook page
         c. Status like prizes
         d. MPC crew admins
         e. Facebook ads
         f. Referendum page to be live 9th November.
         g. MOR has action boxes for site.
7. Referendum
       a. Ideas for incentive to vote, lollipops/I touch?
       b. MOR to pass idea through returning officer, if passed CO to
          buy Itouch.
       c. Flyers to promote voting
8. Nursing Text Service
       a. AA met with nursing staff to co-ordinate text service, AA
          to meet with Shea
9. Uaneen Module
       a. Possibility of bringing it to Academic calendar.
       b. Possibility of registering in Uaneen in post terminal year.
       c. Possibility of contributory across the board.
10. Exec Review
       a. Whopper exec to be arranged, direction of SU for rest of
11. Union Council
       a. Focus group participants for Campus survey
       b. Survey will be circulated to all students, need push from
          class reps.
       c. Referendum, responsibility to get voting
       d. Student Convenor Councils
       e. AOB
12. AOB
       a. International Week; food fair, alco fair lunch time
       b. Bonding session in powerscourt, 26th.
       c. Hub Manager takes all finances for visiting companies. CO
          and MOR to look to take power back.

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