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Building Connections - The Junior League of Chicago


									  Volume 84, Number 4 • 2011

 Project CON:CERN • President’s Receptions • Holiday in the Community

Building Connections
junior league of chicago • Women Building Better communities
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2010-2011 topics Staff
      Editor-in-Chief Hillary Deck
                                                              T O P I C S V O L U M E 8 4 , N U M B E R 4 • 2 011

                                                             jlc mission: The Junior League of Chicago, Inc. is a metropolitan organization of women committed to promoting voluntarism,
                                                             developing the potential of women and improving the community through effective action and leadership of trained volunteers.
                                                             The Junior League of Chicago, Inc. reaches out to women of all races, religions, and national origins who demonstrate an
                                                             interest in and a commitment to voluntarism.
          Editor-Elect Jada Black
         Staff Writers Stephanie Drake
                       Heather Grayson
                       Jackie Keenan
                       Christie Maliyackel
                       Alexandra Moore
                       Jamie Muehlhauser
                       Katherine Silvey
                                                             General Features
             Calendar Hillary Deck
   Advertising Sales Jada Black                                          Holiday in the Community
              Designer Jeffrey Link,
                       Pheta Design Link, Inc.
                                                                        Building Connections:
                 Printer Original Smith Publishing

                                                                Making the Most of League Life
2010–2011 JLC Board of Directors
Regina Wootton, President
Mindi Kaploe, Executive Vice President                      JLC President Regina
Sarah Korf Dill, Recording Secretary                         Wootton addressed
Erin Callahan, Treasurer                                        JLC members at a
Michelle Miller Burns and Beth Kost,                       President’s Reception.
   Centennial Steering Committee
                                                                 More on page 9.
Linda Beck, Advisory Council Liaison
Caroline Beaird, Member-at-Large
Joan Callan, Strategic Planning Director
Melissa Engram, Diversification Director
Sara Lippold, Current Issues Director
Lindsay Nero, Current Issues Director
Molly Riley, Fundraising Director
Laura Southwick, Current Issues Director
Jennifer Truong, External Advocacy Director
Karen Williamson, Current Issues Director

2010–2011 JLC Advisory Council
Phyllis Barker, Little Brothers - Friends of the Elderly
Walt Bledsoe, Non-Profit Consultant
Michael Frantz, Fidelity Investments
Raymond Hall, Raymond V. Hall Training and
              Consultant Services
James Harisiades, Children’s Memorial Hospital
Cynthia Hunt, Management Consulting
                                                                                                                                  4      Community Connections

Nettie Leon Lasko, Attorney General’s Office                                                                                      8      League Life
Jennifer Newhouse, United Healthcare
Phil Ravid, Ravid & Bernstein LLP
                                                                                                                                  9      Members About Town

Beth Reissenweber, Aurora University                                                                                             11      Philanthropy Focus
Libbet Richter, The Richter Group
Brooke Wiseman, YWCA of Metropolitan Chicago
                                                                                                                                 15      President’s Letter

                                                                                                                                 15      EVP’s Letter
    A Publication of the Junior League of Chicago
      1447 North Astor Street • Chicago, IL 60610
                                                                                                                                 16      Bulletin Board
          312–664–4462 • 312–664–1963 (fax)                  Read about DIAD adventures on page 4-5.

                                                                                                                                                            topics    | 84/4 • 2011         3
    community                                           c o n n e c
    A Focus on Project CON:CERN
    By Alex Moore

         f the holiday season is the time for giving,   rewarding for everyone involved. Working          break-out sessions aid with networking
         the ladies of the Project CON:CERN             with up to three non-profit groups each           among attendees.
         committee have gotten a head start. In         year, Project CON: CER N committee                   Interested in using your JLC experience
    keeping with the spirit of the season, they         members first work on assessing each              to help other organizations? Consider a
    are focusing on heart and home through              organization’s specific strengths, as well        placement on Project CON:CERN. The work
    their work with the Evanston History Center         as their current and future goals. For the        is extremely rewarding for others as well as
    (EHC) and its mission to preserve the rich          EHC, the focus is on increasing visitor           for your own professional growth. You’ll
    history of the City of Evanston and its people.     attendance and community engagement               have the chance to develop your project
       Project CON:CERN, led by Susan Miller            through marketing, with an ultimate               management, research, and business skills,
    and Jackie Babb, is a unique committee              goal of impacting its upcoming capital            and receive thorough training to help you
    within the structure of the Junior League of        campaign. In addition, Project CON:CERN           with all aspects of the project.
    Chicago (JLC). They are specifically charged        recommends initiatives geared to help                Know a non-profit in need of a little help?
    with providing other Chicago-area non-profits       the EHC redefine and firmly establish its         While the committee looks for organizations
    with networking opportunities, management           identity within the community. At years’          that fit with the JLC, they also take into
    assistance, and consulting services in order to     end, the committee’s goal is to have physical     consideration the interest and commitment
    strengthen their organizational capabilities.       documentation of deliverables and to meet         of the applicants, the manageability of the
    The committee centers its efforts on one            all objectives agreed upon at the outset.         project, and what the anticipated impact of
    of five areas chosen by the partner agency:            Project CON: CER N also of fers its            Project CON:CERN will be. As such, all area
    marketing, strategy, board development,             members, as well as all of the JLC, a chance to   agencies are invited to apply in the spring of
    fundraising, or volunteer management. A             network. Each year, a Breakfast Networking        each year, and applications are available on
    work plan and implementation timeline for           Forum is held which JLC members are               the JLC website
    the goals to be met and services to be provided     invited to attend. Topics of discussion              For more information, please contact
    are then created and approved by both the           include anything from volunteerism to             Susan Miller (susanartemismiller@gmail.
    agency and the JLC.                                 day-of-service organization. A panel of           com) or Jacqueline Berk Babb (jacbabb@
       The process is both challenging and              speakers helps to direct the forum, while 

    Done-In-A-Day: Lincoln Park Spooky Zoo
                                                                                                                      JLC Members dressed in costume to
                                                                                                                      help educate kids on the Zoo’s wild life:
                                                                                                                      Megan Hirshey (Wolf), Ashley Conrad
                                                                                                                      (Polar Bear), Sherry Sharrard (Brown
                                                                                                                      Bear), and Suzanne Alton (Lion).

4        topics   | 84/4 • 2011
t i o n s
Barbara Flynn Currie
          Reflections on 30 Years in the Illinois Legislature
By Stephanie H. Drake, Staff Writer

      tate Representative Barbara Flynn            concentrated on her experience as a woman         Currie believes we need to somehow increase
      Currie visited the Chicago Women’s           in politics and some of the changes in the        revenue, and there is some hope, but we need
      Alliance, an alumni group of the             30 years since her first election. She also       to have patience.
University of Chicago, to discuss her              tackled questions from the audience about            During her tenure Representative Currie
platform and the financial problems Illinois       the media’s role in politics and society,         has been a strong proponent of the statewide
faces. Representative of the 25th District,        the state budget situation, and tips for          assault weapons ban and is a strong supporter
Currie is a strong collaborator of the Junior      advocating on behalf of non-profits and           of expanding drug treatment programs. She
League of Chicago’s Advocacy Council.              community organizations.                          supports expunging non-violent criminal
Representative Currie’s address discussed            Representative Currie is a strong advocate      offenses for people who change their ways.
the serious fiscal difficulties many face          for working families and children. She            She has also led the charge for a higher state
and what her platform can do to transform          initiated the state program that funds pre-       minimum wage, supports tax incentives that
these issues, along with her experiences in        school services for disadvantaged children. She   make housing more affordable, and helped
politics over the last 30 years.                   has sponsored legislation to protect nursing      pass caps on property tax increases.
   Rep. Currie’s district includes portions        home residents from abuse, and has focused           In addition to the insights provided by
of the Chicago communities of Woodlawn,            on improving child-support enforcement.           Representative Currie, the Chicago Women’s
South Shore, Hyde Park, Kenwood, and South           Currie feels that even though Illinois          Alliance event provided an opportunity to
Chicago. The conviction in her beliefs is one of   has attempted to make budget cuts, the            network with a more experienced group of
the assets that make Barbara Flynn Currie so       state is still facing difficulties. Illinois is   women leaders in a variety of community
valuable in Springfield. Representative Currie     faced with continual cuts, but according to       ser vice organizations. Representative
was the first woman Majority Leader in the         Representative Currie, we cannot rely on          Barbara Flynn Currie’s platform, in short,
history of the Illinois General Assembly, first    cuts alone. We also have responsibilities to      aligns directly with the mission of the JLC
elected in 1979.                                   the poor, to the schools for our children,        by serving at-risk women and children and
   During her address Representative Currie        and to our communities. Representative            our community at-large. 

Done-In-A-Day: Community Health
                                                                                                                             JLC members Kate
                                                                                                                             Rebmann, Kim Yaman,
                                                                                                                             Rachel Hasselle, Brittany
                                                                                                                             Thornton and Susan
                                                                                                                             Sinclair made healthy
                                                                                                                             snacks at a DIAD for
                                                                                                                             Community Health.

                                                                                                                             topics   | 84/4 • 2011      5
    | communityconnections |                                                    Sustainer Spotlight:
                                                                                Jenny Hay
                                                                                By Jada Black, Editor-Elect

                                                                                    enny Hay lives in Evanston with her husband

    Board Members are Just Like Me                                                  Tom. Her son Alex is a freshman at Elon
                                                                                    University and her daughter Abbey is a
                                                                                sophomore at Loyola Academy. She serves on the
    By Heather Grayson                                                          Women’s Board of Children’s Home and Aid, the
                                                                                Women of Wisdom committee at Loyola Academy
                                                                                and Co-Vice-President of the Junior League of
                                Sara Lippold                                    Chicago Sustainers.
                                  Current Issue: Board Fellows Program–
                                                                                What does being a Sustainer mean to you?
                                Junior League of Chicago members will           Being a trained volunteer who has the knowledge/
                                have opportunities to intern on the             expertise and ability to see out of the box on what
                                Boards of Directors of other non-profits        the JLC and other community groups can and have
                                in the greater Chicago area.                    done in the past to promote voluntarism in the city
                                                                                and suburbs of Chicago. Being a Sustainer also lets
                                  “A board fellows training program is a
                                                                                me support the efforts of the Actives and enjoy
                                great example of how members can help           seeing life-long friends made in my Active years.
                                fulfill our mission by developing their own     What is the importance of Sustainers to the JLC?
                                potential and utilizing their training to       Sustainers offer a very extensive look into how/why
                                improve our community by serving other          the JLC has been so successful for so long. Many
                                non-profit organizations.”                      Sustainers have worked on the fundraisers and can
                                                                                offer information into what has worked before
                                                                                and also project knowledge and administrative
                                Lindsay Nero                                    knowledge. They can save reinventing the wheel,
                                  Current Issue: Analyzing JLC’s current        so to speak.
                                recruitment structure versus former             What was your favorite JLC project?
                                sponsorship program.                            Some of my favorite JLC projects were chairing
                                  “Not only did she [my sponsor] teach          Gazebo and setting up the Kohl museum project. I
                                me about the league, she taught me what it      also enjoyed serving as Area Chair and Membership
                                took to be an outstanding member, volunteer     Vice-President.
                                and mentor. To this day she is still one of     How does/did the League help you discover your
                                                                                potential as a volunteer?
                                my dearest friends. If I did not have such an
                                                                                I was amazed at how much the JLC fosters
                                amazing JLC sponsor and mentor, I would         potential to move on to other volunteer boards.
                                not be the member I am today, nor do I think    I left knowing how to set up and run meetings no
                                I would be as involved. To have someone         matter the group. I had the ability to be a leader
                                who you connect with and can ask all those      and delegate jobs to others.
                                questions that you’re too embarrassed to ask    You’re involved with Children’s Home and Aid
                                others gets you through those tough times.”     Society. What does this organization do?
                                                                                I am on the Women’s Board of Children’s Home
                                                                                and Aid Society, which is a leading child and family
                                Laura Southwick Hendricks                       service agency in Illinois. It protects, educates,
                                   Current Issue: Member Re-engagement          and counsels more than 40,000 children, youth,
                                in relation to the Centennial year.             and families to help improve their lives. It was
                                   “We are nothing as a League without          started in 1883 and works to shape public policy
                                                                                in child welfare and early childhood and juvenile
                                our amazing and engaged volunteers.
                                                                                justice. We have several facilities in Englewood,
                                The more engaged our volunteers are, the        Evanston, Schaumburg and throughout Illinois
                                stronger we are as a League, and the more       which offer Head Start programs and adoptive
                                we accomplish and do for the women and          foster family services.
                                children of the Chicago community.”             You have a business and were a vendor at Gazebo.
                                                                                What do you do?
                                Karen Williamson                                I have a business called My Sister & Me with my
                                                                                sister Mary Ann Lillie. We focus primarily on
                                  Current Issue: Project CON:CERN
                                                                                antiques and have a space at the Heritage Trail Mall
                                (Communit y Outreach Net work:                  in Wilmette. We do consignment and also a holiday
                                Consulting and Educational Resources            mart or two in the fall months. We were pleased
                                for Nonprofits).                                to return to Gazebo this year where we had been
                                  “Project CON:CERN provides consulting         a vendor previously.
                                services for other non-profits. To put it       What advice would you give to someone just
                                simply, the core issue is to know how to        starting out with JLC?
                                                                                My advice to a new JLC member is to try everything
                                share our deep story. 100 years of serving      from projects to development to fundraising. The
                                our community is amazing and complex,           life-long friends made along the way and the
                                just like the JLC ladies.”                     experiences together will be remembered always. 

6      topics   | 84/4 • 2011
                                       | generalfeature |
Holiday in the Community
By Katherine R. Silvey

             e are all aware of what a busy
             time the holidays are. Between
             the shopping, baking, working,
and socializing, who has time to volunteer?
Actually, the answer to that question is: the
exceptional women of the Junior League of
Chicago. Despite everyone’s hectic schedules,
it is remarkable how many women took the
time to remain committed to their volunteer
efforts by participating in one of the JLC’s
many wonderful community projects.
   Of particular interest to the JLC is the
Healthy Lifestyles Initiative, focusing on
making the Chicago community healthier.
One committee dedicated to that task is          November, the Mad Hatters performed for
Health Train. While Health Train did             to the delight of the children.
not have any holiday-specific events this           Connecting Kids to the Arts (CKTA)
year, they were certainly busy during the        hosted a holiday party at Mary Lou’s, a
season nonetheless. In early December,           domestic violence shelter for women and
the committee hosted a Health Train event        their children in Evanston.
at Westhaven Park. The Park is part of              Over the holidays, the committee for the
Chicago’s “Plan for Transformation” project      Women’s Treatment Center worked nearly
to create new mixed-income communities.          around the clock to put together several
The Health Train ladies were also featured       amazing outings and events. They organized
at a reception in late October to demonstrate    a trip to the Brookfield Zoo where the women
how major gifts to the Junior League impact      and their children were treated to a personal
our community.                                   breakfast with Santa. They also organized a
   Another community project with a healthy      trip to Navy Pier for the Winter Wonderland
living focus is Kids In the Kitchen, a fun       Festival so the women and children could
way to show Chicago youth how to prepare         enjoy the sights, the festive spirit of the
snacks that are both tasty and nutritious. In    holidays, and sounds of carols. In addition
preparation for those turkey dinners around      to these two trips, the committee also hosted
Thanksgiving, our JLC volunteers taught the      a holiday party at the Center that included
children of Gilda’s Club how to create healthy   activities for the children, food, and holiday
options out of Thanksgiving leftovers.           gift bags. And finally, the committee sought
These treats included multigrain turkey          and successfully received a grant from Price
and stuffing wraps, sweet potato fries, and      Waterhouse Coopers to purchase winter coats
apples with a low-fat sweet dip for dessert.     for the women and children at the center.
This culinary lesson was followed up with        These were handed out on January 18, 2011.
fun exercises in the form of “Pilgrim” relay     Congratulations on this wonderful grant.
races, complete with costume, and “Junk in          Together, and with the particular help of
the Trunk” ping-pong ball relay races.           these wonderful projects, we are living up
   One of the League’s most well-known           to our mission to “develop the potential
community projects is the Mad Hatters.           of women and improve the community
As shoppers drifted the aisles of the St.        through effective action…” Let’s see what
Chrysostom’s annual craft fair in early          we can accomplish in the New Year…! 

                                                                                                  topics   | 84/4 • 2011   7
    Building Connections
               Making the Most of the JLC Experience
    By Heather Grayson

                                                        was ready to pass on her experiences.             ministers of education and trade, in addition
                                                           “To me internationalism, like life and the     to their educational workshops. They
                                                        Junior League, is about connections. It’s about   traveled throughout the Balkans and really
                                                        how people can best utilize and empower           got to know the Kosovars who were in the
                                                        themselves. I really saw as my goal in life to    program and had gone to Chicago earlier in
                                                        help maximize what skills we all have.”           the year for similar training.
                                                           After seeing Josey’s potential, Dr.               While there, Josey’s eyes were really open
                                                        Gruber recommended that Josey apply for           to the suffering and opportunities in Kosovo.
                                                        a fellowship she heard about through her             “This is a country where 11 years ago
                                                        Circumnavigators Club. Sponsored by the           these people suffered injustices and crimes
                                                        American Councils working in partnership          against humanity. It brings tears to your
                                                        with the Rotary Club in Winnetka, Illinois,       eyes. To come out of something like that,
    Nekesa Josey with Minister of Education Enver
                                                        the program sounded like the perfect              have no bitterness, and want to build their
    Hoxhaj, who oversees all education policies in
                                                        opportunity for Josey.                            country up really makes you appreciate your
    Kosovo. Photo taken at a private party, welcoming
                                                           T he Ko s ovo -A me r ic a E me r g i ng       own experience”.
    the U.S. delegation.
                                                        Professionals Program, funded by the U.S.            Since the program, Josey has been given

            his fall, 15 young Americans traveled       Department of State’s Bureau of Educational       the opportunity to apply for one of five
            to Prishtina, Kosovo for three weeks        and Cultural Affairs, helps develop young         grants offered to program participants to
            for the opportunity of a lifetime.          leaders through workshops given by                develop a business in Kosovo. She has teamed
    These Americans learned the cultural,               top international businesses such as J.P.         up with a lead engineer, Fatos Gacaferri, in
    analytical and promotional skills to become         Morgan Chase, meetings with governmental          Kosovo who sees potential for developing
    more effective in global business and were          leaders and creating an appreciation and          technology in the country through creating
    given the opportunity at the end of their time      understanding of a new culture and country.       web applications. Gacaferri has implemented
    to apply for a grant to launch a business in           Kosovo has been trying to rebuild their        projects involving major telecoms in the past
    Kosovo to help rebuild its economy.                 country after military and religious conflicts    and really wants to do even more to help
      One of these young Americans was Junior           in the 1990s, the Kosovo War, which America       his country. Josey hopes to hear soon if she
    League of Chicago member Nekesa Josey,              took a main role helping to fight. They           received the grant.
    who heard about the program through her             are still trying to rebuild their business           The relat ionship bet ween Nekesa
    JLC mentor, sustainer Dr. Linda Gruber.             infrastructure, and the country holds a lot       Josey and Linda Gruber shows what one
    After their first encounter at a JLC Book           of potential to improve.                          can get out of the JLC when she takes
    Author Series, the two developed a connection          After months of interviews, essays and         advantage of the women around her. The
    and a relationship. Dr. Gruber was struck           anxiousness, Josey received the news that         JLC is more than just an opportunity to
    by Josey’s drive and saw the promise in her         she was accepted into the program. She flew       help the community; it’s about building
    young acquaintance. She knew that their             to Washington, D.C., for a few days to be         relationships. One of the values of the JLC
    connection went beyond the JLC.                     briefed on Kosovo’s current situation and         is mentorship in order to “share experiences
      Dr. Gruber has always been active in the          culture. Then she and her fellow peers in         and expertise with one another”.
    international arena, from studying abroad in        the program flew to Kosovo to begin their            “This wouldn’t have happened without
    China and France in her youth to serving on         adventure. They stayed with host families         that connection,” Josey says. “I was looking
    the state board for the Illinois Consortium         during their time in the country and visited      at the League’s mission where it says to take
    for International Studies and Programs. She         many prestigious officials including the          action. Linda took action.” 
8     topics   | 84/4 • 2011
President’s Receptions
By Alex Moore

       his fall, President Regina Wootton               to mingle and get to know more about             Callan was also in attendance to discuss the
       h e l d a s e r i e s o f P r e s i d e n t ’s   our new president. Regina discussed her          new Strategic Plan, its goals, and how it is
       Receptions throughout the                        League career, as well as Junior League of       important to the success of the League. The
Chicago area. Entitled “Past, Present, and              Chicago hot topics, and upcoming plans           Active Membership voted to approve the
Future,” the receptions and accompanying                for the Centennial and the future of the         Strategic Plan at the Fall General Meeting
presentations were a chance for members                 League. Strategic Planning Director Joan         held on November 20th. 

                                                        JLC Book Author Series
                                                                 Hosts Nancy Brinker

                                                                romise Me is a deeply moving story of family and sisterhood, the dramatic “30,000-foot
                                                                view” of the democratization of a disease, and a soaring affirmative to the question:
                                                                Can one person truly make a difference?
                                                          Nancy’s mission to change the way the world talked about and treated breast cancer took
                                                        on added urgency when she was herself diagnosed with the disease. Unlike her sister, Nancy
                                                        survived and went on to make Susan G. Komen for the Cure into the most influential health
                                                        charity in the country. A pioneering force in cause-related marketing, SGK turned the pink
                                                                                                        ribbon into a symbol of hope everywhere. Each
                                                                                                        year, millions of people worldwide take part
                                                                                                        in SGK Race for the Cure events. And thanks
                                                                                                        to the more than $1.5 billion spent by SGK
                                                                                                        for cutting-edge research and community
                                                                                                        programs, a breast cancer diagnosis today is
                                                                                                        no longer a death sentence. In fact, in the time
                                                                                                        since Suzy’s death, the five-year survival rate
                                                                                                        for breast cancer has risen from 74 percent to
                                                                                                        98 percent. –Promise Me book synopsis. 

                                                                                                                                  topics   | 84/4 • 2011   9
     | leaguelife |

     Gazebo 2010:
            JLC Members Shopped Till They Dropped

10      topics   | 84/4 • 2011
                                | Philanthropyfocus |
Ask For It: JLCU Tackles Negotiating
By Christie Maliyackel, Staff Writer

     f you don’t ask for something, you can’t get it!” Adam Galinsky,
     Kellogg School of Management, repeated constantly during the
     Junior League of Chicago University session on negotiation
skills. Women are strong negotiators when acting as an agent for
someone else or when they have power in the negotiations. Galinsky
explained the difference between positions and interests, the steps of
any negotiation, and avoiding common negotiation pitfalls.
   Positions are the public claims of the negotiator while interests are
the private needs, desires, or concerns of the negotiator. The six steps    6: Role play and visualize - Imagine the negotiation. What questions
of negotiation involve the following:                                          will you ask to get information? What will you say if they offer X
1: Establish your interests - Think about what you truly want. For             or Y? How will you respond if they use Z tactic?
   your core interest, there usually exist several possible positions and      This JLCU provided a very detailed, step-by-step approach to
   combination of issues that could satisfy it; you want multiple core      navigating the murky waters of various types of negotiations. Not
   interests in order to generate multiple issues. Generating multiple      only did Galinsky provide significant information regarding different
   issues from a single issue allows for trade-offs. For example, with      scenarios in which these approaches can be used, but he also reiterated
   a job offer, you might consider salary, vacation time, retirement        the importance of developing a scoring system and pretending you
   contributions, and other benefits.                                       are negotiating for someone else if you are particularly anxious.
2: Develop a scoring system - Developing a scoring system helps             Following such steps will only help prepare you for the negotiation
   you define issues and quantify all issues in terms of a common           and get what you asked for. 
   metric (e.g. points, dollars, some unit of value). Developing a
   scoring system helps avoid the pitfall of only focusing on the
   single most important issue (price, salary, etc). The scoring
   system will help when comparing package deals, multiple offers,
   and alternatives. The more variables, the more important it is to
   develop a scoring system.
3: Establish your bargaining points - Knowing alternatives is
   the single biggest source of power. Therefore, you should
   establish your best alternatives to a negotiated agreement. It is
   also important to manage the other side’s perception of their
   alternatives. During this step, you should also establish your
   reservation price, or the walk-away point. Your reservation price
   should never change unless your alternatives change or the terms
   of the deal change. Never reveal your reservation price. The target
   price is the most preferred outcome. Focus on achieving the                   At Stella & Dot, we adore the notion
   target price as opposed to avoiding the reservation price, or                    of wordly style and adventures.
   walk-away point.                                                                You and your girlfriends will love
4: Consider the other side’s interests and bargaining position -                 having your very own private trunk
   Information is your second greatest source of power. The biggest                  show and your own personal
   question to answer in this step is WHY? Truly appreciating the
                                                                                    shopping experience. If you are
   other side’s interests will increase your power. Prepare for the
                                                                                 too busy for a show you can always
   negotiation by drawing a table or chart with each side’s alternatives,
                                                                                purchase online. Be sure and check out
   interests, target price, and reservation price.
                                                                                       the new Spring 2011 line!
5: Make the offer - Going first leads to better outcomes. Making
   an aggressive first offer gives you room to concede and appear
   more flexible. When making your offer, focus on the other side’s             Contact Chicago personal style advisor,
   needs, not your desires. Explain how your offer helps them meet                          Myra Gammon
   their needs or interests. Write down your first offer before being       
   exposed to the other side’s first offer. This helps re-anchor the                        312-867-8896
   negotiation. An effective first offer and counteroffer should be
   based on the target price.
                                                                                                                            topics   | 84/4 • 2011    11
     | Philanthropyfocus |

     JLC Announces Automated Placement Process
     By Jackie Keenan, Staff Writer

            or the typical Junior League of Chicago      On April 2, this process becomes              been in the works for years, but the budget
            member, requesting a placement is          automated. JLC members will now log onto        finally allows the JLC to take the plunge
            a fairly simple job. After sending an      the JLC website, not their email, to request    into implementing the new system. Many
     email with your top choices the second the        their placements.                               Leagues across the country have the same
     clock strikes 9:00 a.m., the average member’s       “While the Placement Committees and           system and it has worked well.
     placement process is complete. But for the        HQ have done a great job with the manual           The JLC keeps growing, which has prompted
     JLC member receiving that email, their job        placement process in the past, it was very      the urgency for the new system, Holtz says.
     has just begun.                                   labor and time intensive,” says Denise Holtz,      But the new system will only work for
        Assigning placements has been a laborious      Chairman of the Placement committee. “The       those JLC members who are in good standing
     process for years. It takes countless hours for   change will allow members to login to the       and have paid their 2011-2012 dues. Holtz
     the committee to read the hundreds of emails      website, just like they would to check their    says to stay tuned for communications on
     from JLC members, assign the placement, then      credits or look someone up in the directory     how this new system will work.
     email that member back with their placement       and select a placement that way.”                  “The system is a great technological
     for the year.                                       The plan for a software upgrade has           advancement for the JLC,” Holtz said. 

      | historycorner |
      The Whys and Wise of Parenthood
      By Heather Grayson, Staff Writer and Laurie Toth, JLC Historian

      T   hrough most of the 1950’s, the
          Junior League of Chicago’s activities
      were very child and family centered: the
                                                        demystif ying mental health and
                                                        behavioral issues afflicting young people
                                                        and presenting tips and techniques to
      Chicago Symphony Orchestra Young                  help parents create a healthy, happy
      People’s Concerts and Receptions,                 home environment. The show was
      the Ensemble Project for Chicago                  eventually picked up by WTTW, the local
      school children and children’s theater            PBS affiliate.
      programming.                                        Hard work and persistence paid off
        The emerging medium of television               and in 1958, the JLC made its debut
      provided a unique opportunity to reach            on Channel 11 with a series of four
      a large number of parents throughout              programs entitled, “The Whys of
      the Chicagoland area and the League               Wise Parenthood,” a forum of parents
      embraced the oppor tunit y with                   discussing the unique roles mothers,
      characteristic enthusiasm. Members of             fathers and children played in building
      the day felt strongly that they had a duty        a family. The goal of the series?
      to carry a constructive message to a local        Modern parents, “were besieged by
      television audience and over the course           an over abundance of advice from
      of several years, there were multiple             many different and differing voices on         participated in a facilitated discussion
      effor ts to develop programming                   how to raise their children.” Instead          led by Dr. Herbert Ratner, Public Health
      exemplifying the League’s philosophy              of introducing yet another expert, the         Director of Oak Park IL and an Associate
      toward community service and to secure            League sought to help parents regain           Clinical Professor of Preventative
      sponsors for these media projects. A              their confidence in their own expertise        Medicine and Public Health at the
      program focused on children seemed                as parents.                                    Stritch School of Medicine. Throughout
      a natural fit!                                      Hosted over the course of four               t h e c i t y, m e m b e r s r e i n f o r c e d
        By 1956, a new format was developed             Mondays in May, the program proved             the importance of the family message
      with a series of half-hour shows                  an overwhelming success! A group               with in-home viewing parties and
      focused on the topic of child guidance,           of approximately twenty parents                discussion groups. 

12        topics   | 84/4 • 2011
                                                                                        | getcooking |
Stuffed Mushrooms
from Peeling the Wild Onion
1 1/2 pounds mushrooms
Lemon juice for washing
1/2 cup unseasoned bread crumbs
1/4 cup grated onion
1/3 cup grated Parmesan cheese
2 garlic cloves, minced
2 Tbs dried parsley
2 tsp salt
1/4 tsp freshly ground pepper
1/2 tsp oregano
2/3 cup olive oil

Wash mushrooms in water and a little lemon
juice; dry the caps and remove stems. Combine
the stems, crumbs, cheese, onion, garlic, parsley,
salt, pepper, and oregano in a food processor
and process until finely chopped. Spoon mixture
into caps. Pour a little of the olive oil into a
baking pan, spreading to cover the bottom of
the pan. Arrange mushrooms in the pan and
drizzle with remaining olive oil. Bake for 25
minutes at 350 degrees.

Yields 6-8 servings.

Tip: avoid prepping too early as the mushrooms darken over time.

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                                                                                                 topics    | 84/4 • 2011       13
     | generalfeature |

     Centennial Sneak Peek
     By Annie Logue, Contributing Writer

             lanning for the Junior League of Chicago Centennial Celebration      Externally, the committee is coming up with ways to remind people
             is underway, with Michelle Miller Burns and Beth Kost leading     in Chicago of who we are and what we do. The city has changed so
             a growing steering committee of enthusiastic women from           much in the last century, and the women of the JLC have been part
     throughout the League. The work is very much in the blueprint stage,      of that working on League projects or using their training with other
     so expect a lot of details and big announcements between now and          organizations. Part of the celebration is sharing our history with the
     2012 – and don’t be surprised if you are asked to join in the work!       community at large. The events may lead to funding or new members,
        The plans are looking both internally and externally. The              or they may just lead to a shared spirit of good will. Either way, they
     celebration will bring together Sustainers, Actives, and Associates;      will help the JLC improve its visibility in Northern Illinois.
     city, suburban, and non-resident members; leaders and volunteers             Some of the Centennial events being considered are training
     to reflect on the JLC’s accomplishments and savor our part in 100         sessions and service projects. And some will be just for fun, to help
     years of success. The goal is to make the celebration relevant to all     us savor our accomplishments and our camaraderie. There will be
     members of the League, no matter how many years or how involved           JLCU sessions, Done in a Day events, parties, receptions, and other
     they have been. After all, membership in the Junior League should         activities over the 2011-2012 Centennial Year.
     be a lifetime proposition, and the Centennial should reflect that.           Watch for announcements, and get ready for a good time! 

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                                  Myra Gammon
                     312-867-8896 •
                                                                               The Wine Tasting Members Like Me Group had their first event at House of Glunz
                                                                               on December 2nd. Members enjoyed sparkling wine, champagne and snacks while
                                                                               mingling and making new friends. top photo: Natalie Kuys, Angie Gladieux, Genevieve
                                                                               Jeanty. Bottom photo: Dana Krueger, Erika Vandam, Summer Craig and Karin Koetes.

14       topics   | 84/4 • 2011
| JLCHeadquarters |                                                                                       | President’sLetter |

                                           1447 N. Astor Street                                            appy New Year, Junior League of Chicago!
                                           Chicago, IL 60610                                               Many people enter a new year with plans
                                           312-664-4462                                                    to accomplish bigger and better things in
                                                                     the upcoming year and the Junior League of Chicago
                                                                                                is no different. Plans are currently underway for an
                                           Headquarters Hours                                   exciting Winter General Meeting you won’t want to
                                           monday through                                       miss. In keeping with our theme of Past, Present,
                                                                                                Future, we will be celebrating the 40th Anniversary
                                           8:30 a.m. to 8:30 p.m.
                                                                                                of Mad Hatters, we will hear from the Chief Service
                                           thursday and friday:
                                                                                                Officer of the City of Chicago, Jenne Myers and the
                                           8:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.
                                                                                                Centennial Steering Committee will be providing
                                           open the third and fourth    an exciting update on Centennial activities. Also in the planning stages,
                                           saturdays of the month.
                                                                        the talented women of Windy City Nights are hard at work preparing for
                                                                        our third big fundraiser of the year - I hope you will join me on March 26,
                                                                        2011 at the Germania Place for an evening of fun and gambling!
                                                                           In this edition of Topics, you will find the Annual Report for 2009-2010.
                                                                        This report shows the financial records for the Junior League of Chicago.
Office Services & Supplies                                              What this document does not reflect is the amazing number of hours
Headquarters staff is here to support your committee and                our volunteers are contributing towards improving the community and
meeting needs. Office supplies and equipment are available              developing the potential of women. Currently, we have nearly 300 women
for member use. Additionally, staff is available to make copies,        who are volunteering on community projects across the Chicago area, we
arrange materials for mailings, coordinate and set up equipment
                                                                        have another 160 women working to raise funds to operate our projects and
for meetings and much more. To request office support, call
Interim Director, Ellen Baker Jurewicz at 312-664-4462 x104.            55 members working to create training programs to develop our skills as
                                                                        volunteers. I hope that you will also focus on the time and talents that our
Deliveries                                                              members contribute to improving Chicago.
If you are scheduling a delivery to Headquarters (e.g., packages,          I am deeply grateful to all of our members for their ongoing commitment
food for meetings, etc.), please notify Ellen Baker Jurewicz at least   to the Junior League of Chicago and our mission, I hope that you have a
24 hours in advance. All deliveries must be left inside the building.   wonderful 2011! 
COD deliveries are not accepted unless prior arrangements have              Warmly, Regina Wootton
been made.

Reserve Meeting Space at Headquarters
                                                                                                                     | EVP’sLetter |
Submit your request online at In order

to best accommodate meeting requests, please submit your                                                 his holiday, I was reminded of the phenomenal
reservation form at least two weeks in advance of your meeting.                                          group of women that lead and volunteer to
                                                                                                         make the Junior League of Chicago thrive as
Staff Directory                                                                                  we move into our 100th year. To review the last few
Ellen Baker Jurewicz, Interim Director                                                           months, our league enjoyed a warm holiday season
ebakerjurewicz@ • 312-664-4462 x104                                                and celebrated in the following ways: Regina brought
Laurie Respass, Development Coordinator                                                          back the President’s receptions and was met with
lrespass@ • 312-664-4462 x101                                                      excitement while attendees listened to highlights
Betty Miller, Finance Coordinator                                                                from our Strategic Plan and Centennial road map.
bmiller@ • 312-664-4462 x106                                                       The JLC hosted another successful Gazebo Holiday
Laura McDougal, Membership & Marketing Coordinator                                             Market; don’t forget 2011 marks our 40th year for
lmcdougal@ • 312-664-4462 x108                                                   this event! Education & Training Council has paved
Damian Franklin, Doorman/Facilities                                     the way for a diverse training experience by including a Leadership Series
Lupe Villegas, Housekeeping                                             within the Junior League of Chicago University offerings. Chicago Area
                                                                        Committee continues to improve member satisfaction by planning events
Parking & Public Transportation                                         that offer outings for a variety of interests and ages. Community continued
Garage Parking is available at 1445 N. State Parkway for $11            to support our projects and decorated this holiday with the opportunity
(cash only) for 2 hours. The entrance to the garage is on Burton
                                                                        to participate in events like “Winter Wonderland” and “Breakfast with
between State and Astor. JLC Headquarters is accessible by city
bus (#22, #36, #156, #151) and the el train (Clark/Division stop        Santa”. Our Advocacy Council continues to ensure that our outreach
on the Red Line).                                                       aligns directly with the mission of the JLC. The JLC really appreciates
                                                                        our Sustainer Community and to celebrate their lifetime membership we
                                                                        offered a luncheon during Gazebo and an annual holiday party.
                                                                           I am so proud to be a member of the Junior League of Chicago and all
                                                                        we do to support the community, our signature issue and our incredible
                                                                        members. 
                                                                           Kind Regards, Mindi A. Kaploe

                                                                                                                              topics   | 84/4 • 2011     15

                                                   A member of the Association of Junior Leagues
                                                   international, inc.

                                                   the Junior League of chicago reaches out to women of all
                                                   races, religions and national origins who demonstrate an
                                                   interest in and a commitment to voluntarism.

1447 North Astor Street
Chicago, IL 60610

(USPS) 805-280

                                               | bulletinboard |
                 JLC Calendar                              Support the JLC                                                         TOPICS

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 March 26                                                                                                     the Junior League of Chicago. topics reserves the
                                         training programs. Start shopping today at
 Windy City Nights              Look for the SoLUXE door!                         right to refuse publication of any ad or submission
                                                                                                              it deems inappropriate. Postmaster: Send address
 April 2                                                                                                      changes to topics: League Headquarters, 1447
 Placement Day                                                                                                North Astor Street, Chicago, IL 60610.
 April 15
 Annual Wine Tasting Event                                                                                    We welcome suggestions, stories
                                                                                                              and photos! e-mail them to

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