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RN to BSN Degree Completion Plan _prior to - Saint Joseph's


									                          Saint Joseph's College of Maine
                   Division of Graduate and Professional Studies
             Sample: RN to BSN Degree Completion Plan (prior to 01/09)
                   Florida Keys Community College AA Nursing
                            FKCC Courses                                      Credits
BSC1085 Anatomy & Physiology I                                                  3
BSC 1085L A& P I Lab                                                            1
BSC 1086 Anatomy & Physiology II                                                3
BSC 1086L A & P II Lab                                                          1
DEP 2004 Human Growth and Development                                            3
ENC 1101 English Composition I                                                   3
MCB 2010 Microbiology                                                           3
MCB 2010L Microbiology Lab                                                       1
PSY 2012 General Psychology                                                      3
SPC 1600 Introduction to Speech Communications                                  3
Humanities/Fine Arts Elective                                                    3
NUR 1020C Nursing Fundamentals                                                   7
NUR 1142 Pharmacology in Nursing                                                 2
NUR 1192 Nursing Nutrition                                                       2
NUR 1211C Clinical Nursing I                                                     8
NUR 1520C Nursing in Mental Health                                               6
NUR 2213C Clinical Nursing II                                                    8
NUR 2462C Maternal Child Health                                                  8
NUR 2811L Clinical Nursing III                                                   2
NUR 2820 Nursing Seminar                                                         2
FKCC AA Nursing -Total Credits Toward Degree Completion                         72
 Saint Joseph’s College RN to BSN Degree Completion Requirements
General Education Credits earned beyond the AS degree earned at
Statistics                                                                        3
Philosophy                                                                        3
Ethics                                                                            3
Humanities                                                                        3
History                                                                           3
Sociology                                                                         3
Chemistry                                                                         4
English Composition II                                                            3
                                     Total General Education Credits             25
        Saint Joseph’s College/GPS Degree Completion Courses
NU 300 Professional Transitions                                                  3
NU 309 Nursing Research                                                          3
NU 312 Pathophysiology                                                           3
NU 313 EBP in Family Care and Health Promotion                                   3
Health Assessment Challenge                                                      3
Theology                                                                         3
Environmental Science                                                            3
NU 421 Nursing Electives or approved MS level courses                            3
NU 405T Community Health Nursing                                                 3
NU 406T Nursing Leadership & Management                                          3
NU 407P EBP Capstone (135 hour precepted practicum)                              3
                                    Credits earned through SJC/GPS              33
                         Bachelor of Science in Nursing Total Credits           130
 “*this is not a contract, it is a degree plan developed using 09/09 course catalogs – which
are subject to change” A minimum of 33 credits must be taken at SJC of which 21 credits
must be (NU) nursing courses.

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