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									         LETTERS TO THE EDITOR
                                        May is       Buddy Poppy Month
Signs needed for safety andThe month ofA. Kelly VFW2433 of Union will do
                            the Michael         Post
To the Editor:                                              its best to continue the tradition. It should be noted that
    The Union Township intersection at Oakland and every cent of the poppy funds collected is used to ben-                                            Presented by
Walker avenues is unsafe as currently marked and 1 efit all veterans, especially those most in need. Post
would urge the township's police to re-examine it with Commander Leo Graf and Auxiliary President Paula
                                                                                                                                         Patricia C McCormack, MM., F.A.A.D.
                                                                                                                                                   Diplomat*!, American Board of Dermatology
an eye to improving public safety.                          Wojtczak urge their fellow Americans to support the
     Unfortunately, I know of its issues first-hand Post in this worthwhile endeavor. The years have
because of a collision on May 4, in which my 1998 caused some changes. Not only are our numbers
                                                                                                                                EYELASHES THAT WON'T QUIT
Honda Accord and a late-model Mercedes Benz SUV fewer, but safety restrictions now preclude us from                                Hypotrichosis of the      16 weeks.
collided in the middle. I went back to the intersection distributing poppies on street corners, and some busi-            eyelashes      refers    to    a           Please call our office
the next day to figure out what could have happened. nesses will no longer let us stand at their entrances.               condition    in which the          for       a       consultation
On the day of the crash, a police officer not involved          Graf and Wojtczak's appeal calls for all of us to         eyelashes are of insufficient      appointment. We have this
in the reporting of the accident told me — off the honor our comrades who have made the supreme sac-
                                                                                                                          length or thickness. To treat      prescription drug in stock!
record — that the intersection really needs a traffic rifice by participating in Memorial Day ceremonies.
light, apparently because it is dangerous.                                                                                this condition, the U.S. Food      For more information call
                                                            We must also remember their widows and orphans and            and    Drug     Administration
     A resident of Walker whom I spoke to the next day those who remain hospitalized in VA facilities. This we                                               908-925-8877, Our office is
said that people who live on that block avoid that inter- can do by generously contributing to the poppy drive            recently      approved        an   conveniently located at 822
section and that on a typical weekday, cars park very when we see VFW members with their cans and pop-                    eyelash-thickening          drug   North Wood Ave., Linden, NJ
close to the sign. For the public's safety, the township pies. When you shop at stores where we are, please tell          known as Latisse. The active       07036.
must put in place recommended signage as outlined in the manager that you appreciate their patriotism. Pop-               ingredient    in Latisse is                P.S. If the application
the Federal Highway Administration's Department of pies can also be obtained at the Post Home, 2012 High                  bimatropost,      the     same     of Latisse is discontinued,
Transportation "Manual on Uniform Traffic Control St., Union, on Thursday and Friday evenings or Satur-
                                                                                                                          ingredient     used    in the      eyelashes will return to their
Devices," which says that roads need stop-lines, tex- day afternoons. Donations may also be sent to that
                                                                                                                          glaucoma treatment Lumigan.        former appearance (as new
ture bumps, and even "stop ahead" and other warning address.
signs for intersections known to have problems. Or                                                                        Eyelash growth is a known          eyelashes grow in).
they need a traffic light.                                                            Robert J. Knecht, post adjutant'    side effect of Lumigan, which               I am pleased to
                                                                                                                 Union    prompted its study for new
     Besides lacking federally recommended signage at                                                                                                        announce the opening of a
that danger spot, there are no signs posted along Walk-                                                                   use. Latisse and Lumigan are       second NJ office at the
er to prohibit parking within the prescribed distance       Successful spring cleaning                                    used differently with a sterile,   Jersey      Shore    at 407
from the corner. Large vehicles block the view of stop To the Editor:                                                     single-use-per-eye                 Richmond . Avenue,        Point
signs. As a careful driver — I was approved to be a             On behalf of the Crani'ord River Maintenance              disposable           applicator.   Pleasant Beach. For more
member of Westfield Township's volunteer speed- Committee, I would like to thank the many volunteers                      According        to         the    information or to arrange an
radar corps — who is diligent about driving at, or that helped make this year's spring clean-up one of our
                                                                                                                          manufacturer,           Latisse    appointment at the Point
slightly below, the 25-milc-per-hour limit in our most successful.
densely-populated .state, 1 nevertheless had an accident                                                                  produces longer, fuller, darker    Pleasant office kindly call
                                                                 We collected more than 200 bags of trash with the
on a dark and slippery afternoon in an area unfamiliar help of nearly 220 volunteers. This was one of the                 eyelashes in as little as eight    732-295-1331
to me. Fortunately, the driver and the passenger in the highest turnouts in years. It was very reaffirming to see         weeks. Full results come in
SUV declined an ambulance and even spoke civilly the'communtty spirit for which Cranford is noted. In
with me at the curb, kindly offering me a ride in a rel- particular, we would like to thank the many groups that
ative's car. I declined their very decent offer.            got involved, especially the many Boy Scout and Girl
     I feel that this accident could have been avoided — Scout groups that worked so diligently to make this
and others like it - - had the intersection been proper- clean-up such a success; the Cranford Jaycees who
ly signaged, according to federal guidelines. Current- once again pitched in, and last and certainly not least,
ly, the single stop sign is quite high, seven feet at the the Cranford Health and DPW departments.Without
bottom of the sign, and it is tilted. In the town of West-, their help we could not have succeeded.
 field, for instance, danger spots get double stop signs                                    Wally Shackell, chairman
 on two sides of the road and there are bold street lines,                  Cranford River Maintenance Committee
 forewarning signs of an imminent stop, and even
words reading "stop" on the road.
     Like all people, the good citizens of Union, my         More pickups needed                                            We represent the seriously injured from auto, motorcycle/
childhood home, deserve the very best in road signage To the Editor:
                                                                 I look around Union County and I see towns with,           slip and fall, work related accidents (workers' compensation),
 and design. I thank the Union police for their quick
and professional response to the emergency and urge several bulk, waste pickups and taxes are lower than
                                                                                                                            and medical malpractice. We also handle your traffic tickets,
those in charge of intersection safety to re-examine Roselle Park.
Oakland and Walker as soon as practical.                         Union has 123 bulk waste pickups per year. Now I
                                                            know that Union has more in its budget than Roselle             DWI/DUIand criminal matters.
                                   Mercedes Fol-Okamoto
                                                 Westfield Park, but really, how come they can build youth cen-
                                                             ters and preschool educational schools and not have

                                                            the means for six bulk waste pickups? South Jersey the
Support the poppy drive                                     taxes are low and you bring your bulk waste to the
To the Editor:                                              yard. That's fine with me — taxes are lower and they
     In 1920, a group of French volunteers led by Anna provide a service. So, Roselle Park, how about four                                  A T T O R N E Y S                A    T       L    A   W
 Guerin reacted to a poem written during World War I more bulk waste pickups for 2010?
by a Canadian infantryman, Col. John McCrae, which                                                      Brian P. Keanc
contained the words "In Flanders fields the poppies                                                       Roselle Park
 blow, between the crosses, row by row." This group
 selected the poppy as a symbol of the wartime dead,         Policy on letters, columns
 made and sold artificial bright red ones, and distrib-          Union County LocalSoiurc welcomes submissions
 uted them to raise money for thousands of French from its readers. Letters to the editor or opinion pieces
 orphans. In 1922, the Veterans of Foreign Wars of the on any subject will be considered for publication on
 United States began a similar program using poppies the opinion pages.                                                           Andrew S. Prince               Mitchell H, Portnoi
 from France. It became so successful that in 1923 a             Union County LocalSource reserves the right to
 plan to make them here and employ disabled vets to do edit all submissions for length, content and style. Writ-
 the work was formulated. That continues to this day ers must include their name, address and daytime tele-
 and the vets have dubbed them Buddy Poppies in phone number for verification.                                                        732.396.S9OO
 memory of fallen comrades.                                      Letters must be no more than 500 words long.
     More than a billion Buddy Poppies have been dis- Longer pieces must be arranged in advance with the                               ^i^l^^^0^§!^^^^^!^ff§0
 tributed since the program's inception and VFW editor. Union County LocalSource accepts letters to
 bylaws make it obligatory that all proceeds go to Post the editor and guest columns via e-mail. The address is
 Relief Funds for use in the care of veterans.               editorial@thelocalsource.com,

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