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Coloring the
Choosing a
hue for the
gowns.           What to
                look for
                     in a

                                                                 Did you know?
                                       ot all couples are in love with the
                            idea of being the center of attention on
                         their wedding day. Some couples are simply
                       uncomfortable in front of crowds both big and
                      small. However, such couples              who are about
                       to walk down the aisle                     might want
                 to take a cue from Prince                         William
         and his now princess bride, Catherine
         Middleton. In what many called the
         social event of the year and some
called the most talked about wedding since
Prince William’s late mother, Diana, walked
down the aisle roughly 30 years earlier, the
prince and his bride stayed cool under
pressure despite the knowledge that their
wedding was being broadcast all over the
world. The Nielsen Co., which monitors
television viewer habits across the globe,
reported that, in America alone, 22.76
million viewers watched the ceremony
as it was taking place between the hours

                                                          Cover Bride: Caley Challans
                                                          Location and dress provided by:
                                                          Kari Lynn’s Bridal & Prom.
                                                        of 6 a.m. and 7:15 a.m. EDT on
                                                        Friday, April 29. That viewing
                                                        was spread across 11 different
                                                        networks, including ABC, CBS,
                                                        NBC, CNN BBC America and
                                                        E! Entertainment. But broadcast
                                                        networks were not the only ones
                                                        to reap the rewards of what
                                                        came to be known as the Royal
                                                        Wedding. E! Online reported its
                                                        23.6 million page views the Friday
                                                        of the wedding was the most
                                                        site had ever garnered, while
                                              , no stranger to big
                                                        news stories itself, saw its online
                                                        traffic reach its highest point since
                                                        the 2008 presidential election.

             - B R I DA L G U I D E 2 0 1 2 -       2
Origins of
Bridal Customs
C     hances are those who have attended a wedding
have witnessed some popular traditions take place.
The bride wears a veil, a court of wedding attendants
accompanies the bride and groom, and birdseed, rice
or flower petals are tossed. But have you ever wondered
why? The wedding customs are ripe with tradition and
harken back to days when superstition and myth often ruled the day.
* Throwing rice: Today it has become common to blow bubbles,
toss birdseed or release doves when the bride and groom leave the
house of worship newly betrothed. That’s
because savvy individuals found that raw rice
can pose a hazard to birds pecking in the area.
However, rice throwing is an old custom that
dates back to the Middle Ages, when wheat
or rice where thrown to symbolize fertility
for the couple.
* Bouquet: Nowadays, the bride carries a
beautiful bouquet of flowers. But the purpose
of the bouquet held different meanings in the
past. Saracen brides carried orange blossoms
for fertility. Others carried a combination of
herbs and flowers to ward off evil spirits with
their aroma. Bouquets of dill were often carried,
again for fertility reasons, and after the
ceremony, the dill was eaten to encourage lust.
* Bridesmaids: There may be arguments over
dresses and how many bridesmaids to have in                  A wedding cake once
a wedding party now, but in ancient times it               symbolized fertility for
                                                                the happy couple.
was “the more the merrier.” That’s because
bridesmaids were another measure to keep the bride safe against evil
spirits. Essentially the bridesmaids were decoys for the spirits -- dressing
like the bride to confuse the spirits or maybe help deter them to leave the
bride be.
* Wedding rings: Wearing of wedding rings dates back to ancient Egypt.
The round shape of a ring symbolizes eternal love. The ring is worn on the
fourth finger of the left hand because it is believed this finger has a blood
vessel that goes directly to the heart.
* Wedding cake: The traditional wedding cake evolved from Roman times
when the cake was originally made from wheat. It was broken over the
bride’s head to ensure fertility. All of the guests eat a piece for good luck.
Single women used to place a piece of wedding cake under their pillows
in hopes of finding their own husbands.
* Father accompanying the bride: This tradition symbolizes that the
bride’s father endorses the choice in husbands and is presenting his
daughter as a pure bride to that man.
* Kissing the bride: In older times, a kiss symbolized a legal bond. There-
fore, the bride and groom kissed to seal the deal on their betrothal. There
are many traditions surrounding a wedding that people simply accept.
But understanding their origins can make the ceremony more meaningful.

                                        3             - B R I DA L G U I D E 2 0 1 2 -
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Colorful Accents Chic for
this year’s Bridal Gowns

  A       lmost as long as there have been bridal gowns,
white or ivory have been the colors of choice for first-
time brides. These light hues represent the purity and
innocence of the bride. Although a few brides-to-be
choose to forego wedding white for something a bit more flashy --
little pink or yellow gowns -- a popular trend today is to wear
gowns with accents of black or other deep colors to add
dimension to the white canvas.
      Considering the groom and groomsmen will be dressed in black
tuxedos, black accents on a wedding gown have been growing in
popularity and add a formal, regal look to a wedding. Darker color
embellishments can add drama to a gown. Another advantage is they
can call out pattern or adornments not easily seen on a white-on-white
gown. Furthermore, deep colors against the white backdrop of the
gown show well in photography, particularly the black-and-white
journalistic style that is very trendy as well.
      Women shopping for bridal gowns who are considering colored
accents should be careful that these embellishments are subtle and
do not overwhelm the gown -- or the person who will be wearing it!
Popular enhancements include appliques on the bodice or the train
of the gown. Another idea is to select a white gown and then tie
a black bow or sash around the waist or put a lace
shrug over bare shoulders. Blank-and-white lace
gloves are also an option for those
who want to add just a little splash of dimension.
      The same concept can be applied to any
accent color. Burgundy or plum colors also work
well to add the contrast of dark against light and
aren’t as extreme as black. Some brides can also
opt for a paler, more pastel shade to serve as an
accompaniment to the white gown. Many times
the accent colors chosen are replicated in the hue
of the bridesmaids’ gowns, so the entire wedding
party looks cohesive.
      Because the spectacle will be the beauty
of the gown, it’s best to carry a neutral-colored    Consider black stitching
bouquet in a small size. Or, a black-and-white       in the appliques of a
                                                     gown for some drama.
gown can be accented with a small nosegay            Many gowns come with
of red flowers or roses.                             colorful accents or they
                                                          can be added later by
                                                          a talented seamstress.

                                     5            - B R I DA L G U I D E 2 0 1 2 -
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   wedding memories with
     custom framing at

      ry &
                                                           Her hand, to be precise.
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Pack an Emergency
Wedding Day Kit
  B      rides and grooms-to-be hope and pray
their wedding day will go off without a hitch. After
a year or more of planning and writing checks for so
many things, couples hope that it all comes together in
the end. For most it does. Others may need a little help keeping
things on track.
    Although the idea is to hope for the best, being prepared
for a few obstacles along the way can ensure the day goes
smoothly. Many couples find it wise to pack an emergency kit,
stocked with items to make repairs or handle tie ups with ease.
    Brides and grooms can use this checklist to compile a wedding
day kit that meets their needs and customize with any speciality items.
needle and thread in white, black and the color of bridesmaid gowns
 __ extra pairs of panty-hose
 __ pain reliever pills
 __ antacid
 __ quick-clean detergent stick
 __ bandages
 __ powder
 __ deodorant
 __ double-sided tape
 __ black buttons
 __ sanitary pads
 __ mints / gum
 __ makeup for touch-ups
 __ extra cash
 __ slippers or a change of shoes           Although the idea is to hope for
                                            the best, being prepared for a few
 __ umbrellas                               obstacles along the way can
 __ hair spray                              ensure the day goes smoothly.
 __ hair pins
 __ names and phone numbers of all wedding vendors
 __ static cling spray
 __ hair dryer
 __ contact lens solution / eye drops
 __ nail file
 __ nail clipper
 __ straws (to sip drinks without ruining lipstick)
 __ safety pins
 __ black socks
 __ earring backs

                                       7            - B R I DA L G U I D E 2 0 1 2 -
                                                   Tips for Trying on
                                                     Wedding Gowns
                               any brides-to-be look forward to the
                        day when they visit a bridal salon and are able
                to try on gowns for the first time. There are certain tips
                that can make the day go much more smoothly and
        potentially reduce the amount of time it may take to find
        the perfect gown.

* Wear a supportive, well constructed strapless bra or corset
in your correct size. If you will be wearing a petticoat, also
have the right size available.

* Go without face makeup when trying on gowns so they remain clean.

* Try to wear your hair similar to the style you have in mind
for your wedding.

* Note that the size of the wedding gown you will wear is typically
one to two sizes larger than your day-to-day clothes. Proper
measurements can be matched to designers’ size charts.

* It’s best to limit the number of people with whom you shop to 1 or 2
trusted friends or family members. An entourage can be confusing.

* It’s always better to order a slightly larger gown and leave room
for alterations if you are between sizes.

            - B R I DA L G U I D E 2 0 1 2 -   8
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                                                     Do-it-yourself Wedding
                                       hose thinking about tying the knot in the
                               months to come may be discouraged by how
                               expensive weddings can be. But with a little
                               ingenuity and a hands-on approach, couples
                      can have a wedding that is inexpensive and memorable
                      at the same time.

         According to, on average, U.S. couples spend
         $26,542 for their weddings. Weddingbells magazine states that the
         average cost for a wedding in Canada is $23,330, up from $20,129
in 2010. These amounts do not include the cost for an engagement
ring or wedding bands. With such a high price tag, some couples may
wonder if they can afford their dream wedding or if there are ways
to cut costs. Having a backyard, DIY wedding can be the answer.

Although some may envision a backyard wedding with picnic benches and
Dad at the grill, it can be a much classier affair than that. Smart couples
are realizing that the money they would normally spend on a big wedding
at an outside venue can be put to better use, either though buying a new
home or fixing up one they may already own. Furthermore, for couples
who are picky about details, having a DIY event ensures that they can
control the details and have them as personal as they would like.

Getting Started

A DIY wedding is one that will take much more work than simply hiring
vendors and leaving the details to them. But the money saved with sweat
equity can be substantial. A well-planned wedding is the best start.
Grab a notebook and start making lists of all the things you will need:

        *   location                                        *   music
        *   tables and chairs                               *   officiant
        *   linens                                          *   centerpieces and other decor
        *   food                                            *   cake or dessert
        *   silverware and glassware                        *   lighting
        *   invitations                                     *   attire
        *   photography                                     *   flowers

Work in Advance

Many items necessary for a wedding can be bought in advance. Some
couples find that purchasing low-cost items at discount stores turns out
to be less expensive than renting. For example, inexpensive glasses and
silverware can be bought at dollar stores or chains like Ikea. Later
on these items can be kept, sold or even donated to shelters.

              - B R I DA L G U I D E 2 0 1 2 -         10
Wedding Continued...
Tablecloths don’t have to be the traditional kind.
It may be less expensive to purchase pieces of fabric
from a fabric store and dressing them up oneself.
Candles can be stockpiled relatively easy and provide
a very affordable means of ambient light. Plan out
centerpiece ideas and figure out which components can be
bought and stored. Then items can be assembled at leisure. Wedding
stationery is one thing that will have to be bought well in advance
so there will be time enough to printout save-the-dates, invitations
and response cards, as well as mail them.

An informal wedding may mean couples can get simple attire.
Buying off the rack may mean a smaller price tag for gowns.
Gentleman may be able to fare with sport coats and slacks. Purchase
wardrobe essentials several months in advance to be sure there will
be time for alterations, if necessary.

Enlist the help of family and friends to get many of the tasks completed.
Upon asking, many couples find there are members of the family who
have skills in certain areas, which can be tapped for wedding. There
may be a gourmet chef, a disc jockey, a photographer or even someone
who can officiate the vows. Having these people on board means
a great reduction in costs.

Readying the Venue
Because couples will be doing the work themselves, it’s best to start
several days in advance of the wedding (weather permitting). Be sure
the grounds are well groomed and landscaped. Ensure there are no
tripping hazards and that there is a sturdy surface for placing tables
or creating a dance floor.

It may pay to ask an electrician or someone who dabbles in electric work
to help string lights to better illuminate the area, especially for when
the sun goes down.

Set up the tables and chairs to finalize placement the day before.
Figure out where the ceremony will take place. A small arbor can mark
the area and make a nice photo backdrop. Dress the tables with linens
and settings the morning of the wedding.

One splurge couples may want to make is hiring a wait staff to help
set up food service areas, serve as bartenders and clear away dishes
and other messes. This way the bride and groom can mingle with guests.

                                    11           - B R I DA L G U I D E 2 0 1 2 -
Planning a
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                                               Coloring the wedding
                                                  Choosing a hue for
                                               the bridesmaid gowns
                              ridesmaids are an important part of the
                  wedding party, and most brides opt to have a handful
         of close friends and family members play a special role in the
         wedding. Choosing a gown and a color that will flatter all of
         the bridesmaids typically takes a little work.
              An overwhelming majority of couples choose to have
a formal wedding. The average number of bridesmaids for these
formal weddings is four.
     Considering around two million weddings take place in North
America every year, that’s a lot of bridesmaids for whom gowns
and other attire must be planned.
     Many bridesmaids worry about the gowns they will wear come
the big day. Horrible bridesmaid dresses have been the butt of jokes
for years, and many people have their own stories of garish gowns
they’ve been asked to don for a wedding. Some have said that brides
intentionally choose ugly gowns for their bridesmaids to ensure they’re
not outshined come the wedding day. Although this may be the case for
some, most brides aspire to select gowns that will be flattering for all.
And color scheme is integral in the choice of gown.
     Every well-planned wedding carries a color scheme throughout.
This includes the color a bride selects for her bridesmaids to wear. But
not every color accentuates everyone’s features. Therefore, some
experimentation might be necessary to find a color that is flattering
to all and fits with the color scheme.
     Depending on hair color and skin shade, there are many flattering
hues available for gowns. When making this decision, consider
bridesmaids’ ethnicity and skin tone.
     African-American: Women with dark skin and hair may really
shine in jewel-colored gowns, including silver, gold, purple and
salmon. Very pale colors may be daring and conspicuous.
     Asian and olive-skinned women: Those with a slight yellow tone
to their skin will look good in many colors, including red, navy, peach
and fuchsia. However, avoid colors in light yellow, aqua, gray, taupe,
or mint, which may make the bridesmaid look washed out.
     Fair skin: Ladies with pale skin will benefit from richly colored
gowns in jewel tones. Pastels may work, but be careful about those
depending on hair color. Pink or red-hued gowns may clash with
someone with auburn hair. Yellow and green may not work with a fair
brunette. Gray and silver may wash out someone is pale and blonde.

            - B R I DA L G U I D E 2 0 1 2 -   14
Coloring the wedding
Choosing a hue for
the bridesmaid gowns
     Once a color is chosen, brides also need to consider
the season. Certain colors may look out of place depending on the
season. For example, an evergreen or deep blue may seem wintry
during a summer wedding. Similarly, russet or brown may work
for the autumn but not for a spring wedding. Many brides gravitate
toward mid-level blues, greens, pinks and purples for their
weddings, simply because those colors transcend the seasons.
     After colors are worked out, the style of the gown deserves
consideration. Because not every bridesmaid has the same physical
attributes, many brides are now open to selecting a color and length
and allowing the bridesmaid herself to choose the exact style. This
way someone who is busty won’t feel uncomfortable in strapless,
and someone who is thin won’t be overwhelmed by a lot of ruffles.
The intent is to have bridesmaids feel beautiful and comfortable,
and different styles can help achieve this.
     Making the effort to choose a gown color and style that is flattering
to all in the bridal party will help the ladies feel they are truly a special
part of the wedding.

                                 Choosing a gown that flatters bridesmaids
                                 is a significant responsibility for prospective
                                 brides planning their big day.

             - B R I DA L G U I D E 2 0 1 2 -     15              B B R I DA G U I D E 2 2 0 -
                                                                - - R I DA L L G U I D E 0 1 21 2 -
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                                                     Reception Touches
                                    ver the course of their lifetimes, many
                           people will be wedding guests on several
                  occasions. During the height of wedding season,
                  weddings can run into one another, as the format and
         the festivities are similar at various ceremonies. Couples
         interested in setting their nuptials apart may want to enhance
         the wedding reception with a few unique ideas.
             Who hasn’t attended a wedding that seems formulaic?
The couple enters, they do their spotlight dance, there’s food, a bouquet
toss and then the cake cutting. Guests may actually be able to predict
what’s coming next. While it is often customary and easy to follow
tradition, that doesn’t mean you cannot buck with tradition and
offer a few creative ideas to make your event stand out.
    Here are several ideas you can introduce into your wedding
to add something special to the reception.
                                    * Skip the big entrance. Those who were
                                    kind enough to attend the ceremony
                                    have already been introduced to the
                                    newly minted happy couple. Instead of
                                    spending the cocktail hour in the
                                    isolation of the wedding suite, mingle
                                    with your guests from start to finish. So
                                    much time is spent posing for pictures
                                    or being out of touch with guests,
                                    the cocktail hour can be a great time
                                    to sit and chat. Being with guests during
                                    the cocktail hour means you don’t have
                                    to make that big entrance from behind
                                    closed doors. Guests will have all eyes
                                    on you when you step on the dance
                                    floor for your first dance together.
                                    * Dance to an upbeat number. Guests
                                    are expecting a slow, sappy tune. What
                                    they may not expect is an upbeat song
that shows you are willing to have a little fun. If you haven’t mastered
the waltz but enjoy a little quick step now and again, feel free to choose
a tune that shows your excitement and love for each other.
* Encourage couples to dance together. It’s often customary for the
bridal party to join the bride and groom on the dance floor midway
through the first dance. However, that leaves spouses or significant
others waiting in the wings while their dates tango with groomsmen
or bridesmaids. Instead, don’t have assigned partners. Rather, encourage
your bridal party members to dance with whomever they choose.

             - B R I DA L G U I D E 2 0 1 2 -       18
Unique Reception
Touches continued...
* Swap the garter / bouquet toss for something
more meaningful.
If you’re part of a couple who feels the garter and
bouquet toss has become trite, there are other ways
to create special moments in your celebration -- ones
that don’t single out the singletons who haven’t
yet found their special someone. Use this time to present a small
gift or token of your affection to someone on the guest list who
has served as a mentor or source of inspiration.
* Choose one special component as an extra goodie for guests.
Some couples feel the more they offer the better guests will view
their wedding. Spending more money doesn’t necessarily mean
guests will have a better time. If you want to go above and beyond
the ordinary, find one thing that you absolutely love and offer that
at the party. It could be a flambe presentation, a chocolate or candy
bar, a carving station with your all-time favorite food (even if that’s
PB&J), or a carnival-inspired automatic photo booth.
* Hire a live performer. Although it’s hard to beat the performance
quality of your wedding song being performed by the original artist,
unless you’re cousins with Celine Dion, chances are she won’t be
available to sing “My Heart Will Go On” at your reception. However,
a live band adds a certain level of excitement that a disk jockey may
not be able to provide. Those who are adding a cultural or ethnic
component to their wedding may want to hire a dance troupe or
another type of performer, like a bagpiper, as an added measure
of entertainment for guests.
* Let them eat ... cookies? Some people just don’t like cake. Therefore,
why should a couple have to cut a seven-tiered white confection?
Towers of different types of treats can be created from just about
anything and serve as the perfect backdrop for that classic cake-cutting
photo. A pyramid of cream puffs, stacks of brownies, a cookie castle,
or cereal-cake concoctions can work. Some bakeries will decorate
a “dummy” styrofoam cake, and then you can serve apple pie
a la mode, if you desire.
* Stage a costume switch. Let’s face it, dancing all night in a long
gown takes some stamina. As the bride, have a more comfortable
cocktail dress available to switch into for the latter part of the
reception. It will also add some variety to your wedding photos.

            - B R I DA L G U I D E 2 0 1 2 -   19     B B R I DA G U I D E 2 2 0 -
                                                    - - R I DA L L G U I D E 0 1 21 2 -
                                     Montana Mike’s is available for nearly any
                                       private function from casual luncheons to
                                    business dinners and elegant rehearsal dinners.

Delicious food, exceptional hospitality, our friendly, professional staff wants
to make sure that you will be able to relax and enjoy this special occasion.

                     Choose from our menu selection or we can
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                  Our party room can accommodate 60 guests for
                seated events and 75 guests for standing receptions.
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        selection and adult beverage service.

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                                                      New Beginnings
                                                      published by
                                                      The Newton Kansan &
                                                      McPherson Sentinel.
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                                                        What to look for in
                                                        a Reception Venue
                                ngaged couples must make assorted
                         important decisions with regards to their
                 wedding day. For some, the process of planning
         a wedding can be overwhelming, while others revel in
         each and every decision.
             Among the many
         decisions couples must
         make is which venue to
use for their reception. The
wedding reception venue is
where most of the day will be
spent, and where the majority
of the people will do their
mingling. When looking for
a wedding venue, there are
a number of factors to take
into consideration.

The Accommodations
    The facility itself should
be able to accommodate the
wedding size. Some weddings
are grandiose events with large
guests lists, while others are
more understated and intimate,
with only a small number of
family and friends in attendance.
Couples should know which type
of wedding they will be having, and should have at least an estimate
figure in mind of the number of guests before visiting any facilities.
Once that estimate has been made, look for a facility that can
comfortably accommodate that number of people, and ideally find
one that has a done so in the past. Couples won’t want a facility where
everyone is crammed together, nor will they want one where a relatively
small number of guests are in a large ballroom with lots of empty space.
More minor details regarding the facility must also be considered.
Ask if the facility is handicapped accessible. If the wedding is in the
warmer months, make sure the venue is air conditioned. Since most
weddings have a break in between the ceremony and the reception,
ask if the facility has a room in which the bride and groom can freshen
up before the reception begins.

            - B R I DA L G U I D E 2 0 1 2 -       22
What to look for in a
Reception Venue continued...
The Date
     Couples may choose the date of their wedding based
on the availability of a church they attend or a specific
wedding officiant they want to perform their ceremony. Once that
date has been chosen, it’s time to look for a reception venue.
Couple who have a specific venue in mind might want to ask
about he venue’s availability before settling on a wedding date.
When seeking out a reception venue, ask if the venue has any other
events scheduled for that day. Some couples prefer to have the facility
all to themselves and their guests.

The Location
     The facility’s location should be priority. Couples won’t want their
guests to have to drive too far from the wedding ceremony to the
reception venue or from the reception venue back to the hotel. Since
many wedding guests come from out of town, they likely won’t know
the area well and could get lost if the facility is too far away from their
hotel. Keep things simple by finding a reception venue that’s close
to the hotel or hotels where guests will be staying.

The Hours
     Couples who want their receptions to last into the wee hours
should inquire about the facility’s hourly rate. A typical reception
lasts five or six hours. If couple want to go beyond that, they might
have to pay an hourly rate. Ask if the facility charges an hourly rate
or if the venue can simply be rented for as long as the party keeps going.

The Price
     Many facilities offer a flat rate to rent the venue. When discussing
the rate, be sure to ask what’s included. Will food, flowers, venue
decor, and even staff tips be included in the rental fee? If not, is there
room for negotiation? When facilities expand the services they include
in their rental fee, that can save couples substantial amounts of money.
When choosing a reception venue, couples must consider a host
of factors that stretch beyond a venue’s aesthetic appeal.

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                                                     Honeymoon how-to
                                    fter the thrill of wedding festivities dies
                            down, couples often jet off to a honeymoon
                           retreat and begin an entirely different adventure.
                           The honeymoon retreat and begin an entirely
                   different adventure. The honeymoon may create mixed
         feelings, some concerning the chance to spend time alone after
         months of planning and a few feelings of anxiety over spending
         the first night together as a married couple.
              For many couples, the honeymoon
         wedding night is the first time they
are intimate together or it holds a special
meaning of being intimate for the first time
after being married. Such significance can
put pressure on a happy and natural experience.
     Wedding jitters are normal, as are
honeymoon and wedding night jitters. But just
as wedding trends have changed through the
years, so, too, have beliefs about the wedding
night. Knowing about shifting trends can
alleviate some of the nervousness.
     According to a recent survey from Brides
magazine, one in three brides plan to get into
bed on the wedding night and ... sleep. After
all of the hoopla of planning and enjoying the
wedding, most people are exhausted. Others
say they plan to stay up and relive moments
of the day. Only about half of all couples think they will consummate the
marriage on their wedding night. Taking the pressure off of the wedding
night means that the rest of the honeymoon may be filled with
opportunities to amorous. But couples may still be filled with expectations
for the perfect romantic retreat. Here are some things to think about.
* Accept the fact that some wedding nights and honeymoons aren’t
exactly what’s pictured in the movies. Don’t try to live up to a
Hollywood-inspired ideal or you may be let down when things don’t
go your way. In other words, it may rain on your beachside liaison.
* A wedding requires a lot of work. Many people find themselves to be
physically exhausted afterward. Others find they are so wound up that
they cannot relax. When the mind or body is on adrenaline overload or
completely wiped out, it’s not the ideal situation for romantic endeavors.
* Try to make the honeymoon stand apart from other nights by packing
nice lingerie or nighttime attire so that the memories will be special.
There will be plenty of other times down the road when you’re an old,
married couple to hop between the sheets in a ratty college T-shirt.
* Pack some candles and mood music, or ask the resort to handle
these details for you. These items can help set the scene.
* Make sure your packing list includes special toiletries and birth
control methods if you’re not ready to start a family so soon after
being married. The brands you prefer may be hard to acquire while
at some honeymoon locations.

             - B R I DA L G U I D E 2 0 1 2 -   26
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Bridal Story
By Cristina Janney
McPherson Sentinel

  A     manda Flickinger may be away at college,
but she is a hometown girl who is looking to plan
her wedding locally.
    Flickinger of McPherson decided on a fall wedding to allow
her family to be home for Thanksgiving. She and her fiancé, Wade
Graham, have set their big day for Nov. 17 at the First Baptist
Church in McPherson. To unite with the autumn theme, she
has chosen the color plum that will be accented with silver
and orange in her flowers.
    Although Flickinger, has done some shopping in Wichita,
she turned to McPherson for most of her needs.
    She has ordered her wedding dress and bride’s maid’s dresses
from Kari Lynn’s Bridal and Prom of McPherson.
    Even though Kari Lynn’s did not have the dresses she wanted in
stock, they were happy to order the dresses for her, Flickinger said.
“They’ve been flexible and helpful,” she said.
    Flickinger is planning a cruise for her honeymoon, which she
booked with her mother Sandi Flickinger at Advantage Travel.
    Flickinger said some businesses have been reluctant to take
her seriously as she is only 22.
    However, she said she has experienced good service
from her hometown’s businesses.
    “Living in a small town, everyone is helpful,” she said. “You may
see something in a magazine and think that it may only be available
in a big city, but everyone is helpful and you can get some of the
same things for a small-town wedding.”

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