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					                          Faculty and Staff Biographies                                      Steven R. Hill, RN, BS is the PN Evening Program Coordinator.
                                                                                             He obtained his AA in Nursing in 1975 from Meridian Junior
                                                                                             College in Meridian, Mississippi. He received his BS in Adult
                          Galen provides students with a qualified faculty of                Nursing in 1987 from the University of South Florida.
                          professionals who are committed to sharing their knowledge
                          and experience.                                                    Mr. Hill has practiced as a Registered Nurse in Intensive Care
                                                                                             and Home Health Care. He has experience as a clinical
                                                                                             educator and nurse manager. He is an ACLS and BCLS
                          Sharon A. Roberts, ARNP, MSN is Dean of the Tampa Bay              instructor with the AHA. He is also an adjunct faculty member
                          campus, appointed to the position in October of 1989. Ms.          of St. Petersburg College.
                          Roberts also serves as a Vice President of Galen.                  Syvonne Terrell, MSN, BSN, RN is the Director of Clinical
                          A native of Denver, Colorado, she received a diploma in            Education. She received her nursing diploma from Cox School
                          nursing from St. Joseph's Hospital School of Nursing in Denver.    of Nursing in Springfield, Missouri in 1994. She received her
                          She holds a Bachelor of Science in Nursing from Indiana            BSN from Webster University in St. Louis, Missouri in 1998.
                          University School of Nursing and a Family Nurse Practitioner       Mrs. Terrell began her nuring career working as a labor and
                          Certificate from Indiana University School of Medicine. She        delivery nurse and a first assistant in a large teaching hospital.
                          received her Master of Science degree from the University of       After several years of working as a traveling nurse working on
                          South Florida, College of Nursing with a clinical specialty in     labor and delivery units, she settled down in Tampa, Florida
                          Adult Health.                                                      where she completed her MSN in Nursing Education in 2007
                                                                                             from the University of South Florida. Since 2007, she has
     Ms. Roberts began her nursing career in the United States                               taught at St. Petersburg College with a concentration in the
  60 Army Nurse Corps and served in the continental United States,                           courses of Maternity, Pediatrics, and Medical-Surgical Nursing.
     Republic of South Vietnam and West Germany, working as a                                Her plans are to pursue a PhD. in the near future.
     staff nurse and head nurse in Intensive Care Units and
     Emergency Rooms. She was discharged in 1972 with the rank                               Christine Airey, MSN, RN is is an Adjunct Practical Nursing
                                                                                             Clinical Instructor at Galen School of Nursing; she is also an
Galen School of Nursing

     of Captain.
                                                                                             ACLS and BLS instructor and assists USF Health in certification
                          She then moved to Indianapolis, Indiana and while obtaining        courses for medical students and residents. She received her
                          her Bachelor's degree, she worked at Wishard Memorial              BSN from St. Petersburg College in 2007 and her MSN from
                          Hospital as a staff nurse in the Intensive Care Unit and in the    the University of South Florida in 2009. Her 9 years of nursing
                          Emergency Room as Assistant Director of Nursing. She joined        experience include work in the OR, nurse management, PACU,
                          Galen, formerly Humana, in 1978 as Associate Executive             simulation education for medical students and residents at USF
                          Director of Nursing at Gibson General Hospital in Trenton,         Health, emergency nursing, and cardiac catheterization lab
                          Tennessee. In 1980, she was promoted to Associate Executive        work for a community hospital. She is an active member of the
                          Director of Nursing at Humana Hospital - St. Petersburg, where     Emergency Nurses’ Association, the Society for Critical Care
                          she remained until she was appointed Dean. She is a member         Medicine, and the RN Response Network.
                          of the Florida Chapter of the National League for Nursing. She
                          is a member of Sigma Theta Tau, a national nursing honor           Felicia Alphonse is a Financial Planning Coordinator.
                          society.                                                           Alexsy M. Anderson, BSN, RN is a learning lab faculty member
                          Melissa J. Brickner, MSN, RN is the RN Program Director. She       at Galen. Mrs. Anderson received her BSN in 1997 from
                          received her Bachelor of Science Degree in Nursing at              Madonna University in Livonia, Michigan. She began her
                          University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee in 1992 and her Master of        nursing career in 1997 at Morton Plant Hospital in Clearwater,
                          Science Degree in Nursing at Marquette University in 1995.         Florida, working on a women’s floor. She advanced to an
                          Mrs. Brickner has extensive nursing experience in critical care,   assistant nurse manager in 1999 and began working on a large
                          medical-surgical, outpatient surgery, and nursing education.       medical/surgical floor at Morton Plant. In 2002, she started
                          She has worked as an ICU nurse, pre-op nurse, nurse manager        working on the maternal/infant unit, where she remained an
                          and clinical nurse specialist. She has taught in both associate    assistant nurse manger and became a hospital-based trainer
                          and bachelor registered nurse programs in theory and clinical      for the American Academy of Pediatrics’ Neonatal
                          settings at Alverno College in Milwaukee, Wisconsin and St.        Resuscitation Program. She was also involved with the
                          Petersburg College in St. Petersburg, Florida. Mrs. Brickner is    hospital’s pre-operative instruction class for gynecology
                          certified in BLS, ACLS, and PALS.                                  patients for three years and served on the Professional Practice
                                                                                             Council for 11 years. For the last year and a half, Mrs.
                          Fran Davis, MSN, RN is the PN Program Director at Galen            Anderson was a clinical research coordinator for a company in
                          School of Nursing. Fran has 10 years experience in nursing         Clearwater, Florida, where she collaborated with physicians and
                          education as a faculty member and administrator. She holds a       pharmaceutical companies on phase II and phase III drug trials.
                          Masters Degree from the University of Southern Mississippi.        She helped consent patients for participation in these trials,
                          Ms. Davis also has extensive experience in Pediatric and           using Good Clinical Practice standards and following FDA
                          Psychiatric Nursing.                                               regulations. Mrs. Anderson also serves as one of The Home
Shopping Network’s medical expert guests.                                Learning Center. After serving as a corporate English trainer in
Sharon Baker, MSN, RN is a faculty member in the PN                      Munich in 2007, Ms. Chikwava spent two and a half years
program. She received her ADN from Lima Technical College                working as an editor and German-English translator.
in 1993, her BSN from the University of Phoenix in 2009, and             Bill Cody is the Information Technology Specialist.
her MSN Ed. from Walden University in 2010. Her nursing                  Jessica Cole is the Assistant Registrar.
experience includes medical-surgical, cardiac care, intensive
care, nursing management, case management, and home                      Sarah Colton, BS, RN is a clinical faculty member for the PN
health. She has served as instructor for LPN and RN students in          evening program. She received her BS in biology from Middle
classroom and clinical settings and tutored RN students. She is          Tennessee State University in 2000 and her ASN from Walters
a member of the National League for Nursing and the                      State Community College in 2006. She began her nursing
American Nurses’ Association.                                            career on a medical-surgical floor and then transferred to labor
                                                                         and delivery, where she has been since January 2007. She is
Jacqueline Bee, BSN, RN is a Practical Nursing clinical faculty          currently employed as a labor and delivery nurse at Morton
member. Jackie began her nursing career in 2004. She                     Plant Hospital in Clearwater.
received her BSN from the University of Phoenix in 2008. She
is currently pursuing her MSN from the University of South               Melody Conrad, ASN is a clinical faculty member. She
Florida. Jackie’s experience includes acute spinal cord                  received her ASN from the College of the Desert in 1987 and
rehabilitation, critical care, and patient care facilitator. Jackie is   is currently completing her BSN at the University of South
BLS, ACLS certified and is also certified as an end of life              Florida. She has 23 years of clinical nursing experience in
nursing education consortium.                                            ICU/CCU/CVICU and, most recently, PACU and perioperative
                                                                         nursing. Her experience includes serving as Clinical Director of
Russell Bloom is the Admissions Manager.                                 a free-standing surgery center in California. She has worked in 61
Heather Brase is the Executive Assistant to the Dean.                    nurse recruitment, training and leadership for over 18 years.
Melissa Cameron, M.S.P.H., MLT is a faculty member at Galen.             She is also ACLS and PALS certified.
Ms. Cameron completed a B.S. degree from the University of               Geraldine Costello, RN, BA is an adjunct faculty member. She
South Florida in 2003 in Biomedical Sciences with a                      is a 1964 graduate of Bridgeport Hospital School of Nursing.
concentration in Microbiology. She then completed a M.S.P.H.             She also attended Bridgeport University. She obtained her
in Communicable Diseases in 2007. She has vast experience in             Bachelor degree in Health Sciences from the College of St.
the areas of Clinical Microbiology, Bio-terrorism response,              Francis.
parasitology, and biological research. Ms. Cameron also holds            Mrs. Costello was Head Nurse of an Oncology Unit a t Mount
Florida Medical Technologist Licenses in Microbiology and                Sinai in New York; Workmen's Compensation Nurse in Boston;
Clinical Chemistry and is a member of the American Society of            developed Ostomy Department at Edward White Hospital; and
Microbiology and Bay Area Microbiologists.                               for three years was at the Wound Care Center at St. Petersburg
Joanna Charron, MSN, RN is a clinical faculty member. She                General Hospital. Mrs. Costello was an Administrative
received her Bachelor of Science in Nursing from Spalding                Supervisor for eight years in Texas and St. Petersburg.
University in Louisville Kentucky and her Masters in Nursing             Suzette Coursey is the Day Receptionist.
Education from Walden University. Her nursing background of
12 years includes Neuro Intensive Care/Trauma, PACU and                  Sue Dalton, BSN, RN is a clinical faculty member in the day PN
outpatient surgery. Prior to becoming staff at Galen, she had            program. She obtained her LPN from Hocking Technical
been working as an educator in the Nursing Education                     College in Ohio in 1987. Mrs.Dalton continued at Hocking
Department at a local acute care hospital with a focus on                Technical College and obtained her Associate Degree in
teaching the critical care internship, basic telemetry courses           Nursing in 1988. She obtained her BSN from Ohio University
and nursing orientation for all new employees. She holds                 in 2001. Mrs. Dalton received her certification in Gerontology
certification in ACLS, BLS and is in the process of becoming a           in 1995. She has over 22 years of experience in acute care and
BLS instructor.                                                          long term care. Mrs. Dalton has worked in Med/Surg,
                                                                         Telemetry, Orthopedics , Chemotherapy and Hospice in the
Krista Chikawava, BA, MA is an adjunct faculty member and                acute care setting of a hospital for 18 years. She was the
English instructor. After completing her secondary education in          Director of Medical/Surgical Services for the last 8 years of her
Germany where she majored in English and French, she                     tenure in the hospital. For the last 4 years, Mrs. Dalton has
received her BA in english communication from Fresno Pacific             worked in long term care. She practiced as wound nurse, staff
University and her MA in education from the University of                development, infection control coordinator, risk manager and
Phoenix. Her experience includes work as an English / Social             ADON. For the last 2 years in the long term care setting, Mrs.
Studies instructor at a boarding school for at-risk youth, where         Dalton was DON. She has written and received two grants,
she later became Academic Director for the English                       one from Ohio Area on Aging for $25,000 and one from AHCA
department. She has also served as the Assistant Program                 in Florida for $52,000. She has functioned extensively in the
Director at the Spectrum Center for children with emotional              role of Project Design and Project Implementation.
difficulties and autism and a Director of Education at Sylvan

STUDENT CATALOG • Tampa Bay Campus
                          Jeffery Davies, BSN, RN, CCRN is a clinical faculty member.          New York. She received her Associate of Science in Nursing
                          He began his nursing career as a Navy Corpsman. Mr. Davies           from Bronx Community College in 1973 and her Bachelor of
                          received his AS in nursing at St. Petersburg College in 1994         Science in Community Health and Behavioral Sciences in 1992.
                          and his BSN from the University of Phoenix. He has extensive         Ms. Gilliam has 30 years’ experience in adult, pediatric and
                          nursing experience including medical, surgical, critical care        adolescent nursing, 13 of which was spent at the Montefiore
                          emergency room, home health and long-term care. He                   Hospital and Medical Center in Bronx, New York, from 1973
                          continues to work at Bay Pines Medical Center. He is BLS/ALS         until 1996. Ms. Gilliam also has case management experience
                          certified and is currently enrolled in the MSN Program at            and is certified in basic life support.
                          Indiana State University.                                            Phillip Greco, MS is a faculty member. He graduated with a BS
                          Tom DeVoyd, MSN, RN is a faculty member. He began his                in exercise science and received Highest Honors from the
                          career as a nursing assistant in 1985. He received his BSN from      University of Florida in 1997. He completed his MS in exercise
                          the University of Massachusetts/ Boston in 1994, and his MS in       physiology at the University of Florida in 1999. He has clinical
                          Adult Psych/ Mental Health from Northeastern University in           experience in physical therapy, polysomnography, and cardiac
                          Boston, MA in 2001. He is currently pursuing a PhD. in               rehabilitation. He taught at Illinois State University and was
                          Educational Leadership. He has a wide array of experiences           twice recognized as an outstanding lecturer in biological
                          not only in psychiatry but also acute care, long term care, acute    sciences.
                          rehabilitation, critical care and administration. He is BLS and      Tiffany Halfacre, BA is a Teaching Assistant for Anatomy and
                          ACLS certified.                                                      Physiology in the RN program. She received her BA in field
     Linda Donahue, BSN, RN, CRNS, CCRN is a clinical faculty                                  and organismal biology from Berea College in 2010 and is
     member. She is a 1977 graduate of Olivet Nazarene University                              currently pursuing an Associate’s Degree in funeral services at
  62 in Kankakee, Illinois and has had fifteen years critical care                             St. Petersburg College. Her work experience includes serving
     experience, including neonatal and adult intensive care, CCU,                             as Office Manager for the Berea College Office of Institutional
     Pediatrics, Emergency Room, Endoscopy lab and Cardiac                                     Research and Assessment.
     Rehabilitation Units. Ms. Donahue received her CRNS in 1983                               Nancy Hobart, BS, RN-C is a clinical faculty member at Galen
Galen School of Nursing

     and her CCRN from Humana Hospital Brandon in 1989.                                        School of Nursing. She received her LPN from Grace-New
                          Allen Doody, AS, is the Administrative Services Manager.             Haven School of Nursing at Yale University and her BS in
                          Diane Fargnoli, BSN, RN is a clinical faculty member in the          psychology from Eastern Connecticut College in 1992. She is
                          evening program. She earned her diploma as a Licensed                currently pursuing her MSN Ed. She is certified in adult mental
                          Practical Nurse from Humana Health Institute (Galen)in 1993.         health and a member of the Florida Nurses’ Association and
                          The next 10 years was spent in the long term setting, caring for     the American Nurses’ Association.
                          pediatric and Alzheimer's patients. During that time Ms.             Betty C. Holte, DNP, ARNP is a faculty member. She obtained
                          Fargnoli became Board Certified in Acupuncture and Chinese           her Doctor of Nursing Practice in Educational Leadership from
                          Medicine. As an Acupuncture Physician she worked in a pain           Case Western Reserve University, Cleveland, Ohio in 2008. She
                          management center, where she treated many kinds of chronic           graduated from St. Petersburg College with an Associate of
                          pain issues. Ms Fargnoli earned her RN in May 2004 and her           Science Degree in Nursing and later attended the University of
                          BSN in May, 2006 at St. Petersburg College. Along with her           South Florida and earned a Bachelor of Science Degree. She
                          position at Galen Health Institute Ms Fargnoli is a critial care     continued her quest for education by obtaining a Masters of
                          nurse at a local hospital and is ACLS certified. She is currently    Science in Nursing degree and an Advanced Registered Nurse
                          studying for her Certification in Critical Care Nursing.             Practitioner specializing in Gerontology from the University of
                          Elizabeth Flanagan, BSN, RN, CNN is a learning lab faculty           South Florida.
                          member. She obtained her BSN from Marquette University in            She has extensive experience in nursing education and taught
                          Milwaukee, Wisconsin in 1985. She worked one year at                 at St. Petersburg College associate degree registered nursing
                          Metropolitan General Hospital in Pinellas Park on the oncology       programs in theoretical and clinical roles since 1990. Her
                          floor. In 1986, she began working in Hemodialysis. She worked        nursing experience includes hospital medical-surgical/trauma
                          with both hemodialysis and peritoneal dialysis patients.             nursing, long-term care, gynecologic surgical, Home Health
                          Ms. Flanagan has also worked for a physician doing research          Care, and Critical Care. Dr. Holte is a practicing part-time
                          for an experimental apheresis treatment for macular                  Advanced Registered Nurse Practitioner with cardiopulmonary
                          degeneration. At that facility she was the patient educator. Ms.     patients.
                          Flanagan taught one year at Boca Ciega High School in their          She is a member of several nursing organizations including the
                          medical magnet program. Ms. Flanagan has over 18 years of            National League for Nursing and Sigma Theta Tau as a
                          nephrology related experience in both patient care and as a          member of the St. Petersburg College of Nursing Honor
                          charge nurse and is a Certified Nephrology Nurse.                    Society. She was named in the "Who's Who Americas’
                          Dawn Friedline is an Admissions Representative.                      Teachers” on several occasions and graduated as a member of
                                                                                               Phi Theta Kappa.
                          Lillian Gilliam, BS, RN is a clinical faculty member and native of
Diane Jenks, MSN, RN-BC, CCRN is an adjunct clinical faculty         at Galen. She received her Bachelor of Science in Nursing from
member at Galen School of Nursing. She received her ASN              the University of South Florida in Tampa and is currently
from North Iowa Area Community College in 1993, her BSN              working on her Masters of Science in Nursing at USF. Cheryl
from St. Petersburg College in 2006, and her MSN from                began her nursing career in acute care after graduating from
Western Governor’s University in 2010. She also holds                Manatee Community College in 1995. Prior to graduating from
certifications in critical care nursing and professional nursing.    nursing school, Cheryl completed EMT/Paramedic training in
Her 17 years of nursing experience includes medical-surgical,        Manatee County, Florida. Cheryl’s experience encompasses
labor and delivery, transplant critical care, cardiac                acute care and open heart, emergency and triage nursing, first
catheterization, and medical intensive care. She is a member of      assistant in the cardiac catheterization lab, case manager for
AACN, where she serves as a peer reviewer for publication            home health care as well as nursing educator. Cheryl taught
articles. She is certified in and serves as instructor of ACLS and   Anatomy and Physiology at Manatee Technical Institute and
BLS. She is currently a staff nurse in a MICU unit.                  recently, Cheryl was a clinical adjunct faculty member at
Ernest Jones is an Admissions Representative.                        Manatee Community College. She currently holds certification
                                                                     in BLS, ACLS and PALS. Cheryl has an avid interest in
Linda S. Ketchum, BSN, RN is a clinical faculty member. She          education and is heavily involved with the Manatee County
earned her Bachelor of Science in Nursing and an Associate of        School Board, serving as School Advisory Council Chairperson
Arts in nursing from Saint Petersburg Junior College. She            for the last 8 years, and is active in the Joint Parent
began her nursing career as a Licensed Practical Nurse upon          Organization. She has served on various planning committees
graduation from Pinellas Vocational Technical Institute in 1974.     on behalf of the Manatee County School system.
Her plans are to pursue a Master’s Degree in Nursing, Clinical
Nurse Leader in the near future. She is certified in Low Risk        Patricia Legnini, RN is an adjunct faculty member for the
Neonatal Nursing, as a Certified Lactation Counselor, and            pediatric clinical segment of the evening curriculum. She      63
serves as a Regional Trainer for the American Academy of             received her PN in 2001 from the Hillsborough County School
Pediatrics’ Neonatal Resuscitation Program. Additionally, Ms.        of Practical Nursing and her RN from St. Petersburg College in
Ketchum currently serves as President-elect of the Saint             2003. She is currently enrolled in the Masters program at the
Petersburg College of Nursing’s Honor Society. Her previous          University of South Florida. Ms. Legnini’s career experience
nursing experience includes maternal/infant nursing, Labor and       includes work with infants and neonates at All Children’s
Delivery, and Neonatal Intensive Care Unit. She is presently         Hospital, St. Joseph’s Hospital, and Mease Countryside
serving as a subject matter expert on the design team of a new       Hospital, where she currently works in the NICU.
computerized documentation system for a major area health
care system.                                                         Lashelle A. Leftheris, BSN, RN-C is a clinical faculty member for
                                                                     the Practical Nursing evening program. Ms. Leftheris received
Bonnie Kirby, MSN, RN is a Galen faculty member with nearly          her LPN in 1994 and a Scrub Technologist certificate in 1995
20 years of nursing experience, beginning with the United            from Pinellas Technical Education. She received her ASN in
States Navy as a hospital corpsman. She received an honorable        1999 and her BSN in 2007 from St. Petersburg College. She is
discharge from the Navy in 1999, her BA (International Studies)
                                                                     currently enrolled in the MSN program at Walden University,
and BSN from the University of South Florida in 2004, her
                                                                     with an expected completion date of October 2009. Ms.
certification as a clinical research coordinator in 2008, and her
MSN from the University of South Florida in 2009. Her nursing        Leftheris is certified in Inpatient Obstetrics. She is currently
experience includes work in medical/surgical care, psychiatric       employed at Morton Plant Hospital as the Specialty Educator
care, emergency field operations, labor and deliver/post-            on the Labor and Delivery Unit. Ms. Leftheris is an active
partum, clinical studies research, and pharmaceutical research.      member of Florida Nurses Association, Association of Women’s
                                                                     Health, Obstetrics, and Neonatal Nurses, National Nurses for
Nancy V. Kirk, MSN, RN is a faculty member. Ms. Kirk received        Staff Development, Pinellas Association of Nurse Educators,
her BSN from The University of Florida in 1969. She earned           and a member of Sigma Theta Tau, serving as the Chapter’s
her MSN, Clinical Specialist Medical-Surgical Nursing from           secretary for Upsilon Psi.
Rutgers University, Newark, New Jersey in 1977. She then
served in the Navy Nurse Corps as Lt. (jg.) from 1969 to 1971.       Michele L. Loring-Grey, MA, BA ithe Student Success
                                                                     Coordinator and Section 504 Coordinator. She received a
She has held a variety of nursing administrative positions, the      Bachelor of Arts degree in Secondary Education/English in
most recent as Assistant Administrator Patient Care Service at       1997 and a Master of Arts degree in English in 2001 at Gannon
Palms of Pasadena, St. Petersburg. She was a Nursing                 University, in her native town of Erie, Pennsylvania. She holds a
Instructor in the St. Petersburg Junior College ADN program,         current Florida teaching license in English/Language Arts. With
February 1990 through May 1992.                                      nearly 12 years in the education industry, she has taught in
Ms. Kirk is a member of Sigma Theta Tau, National Nursing            both public and private schools in the United States and Asia,
Honor Society. She is the co-author of Fun Pharm, a                  at the elementary, secondary, and post-secondary levels. The
pharmacology study aide. She is currently working on future          bulk of her academic experiences include teaching, tutoring,
nursing publications.                                                and developing texts/courses for the following content areas:
                                                                     Language Arts; Expository and Persuasive Essay-Writing;
Cheryl Lasater, BSN, RN is an adjunct clinical faculty member
                                                                     College Composition and Research Writing; English as a

STUDENT CATALOG • Tampa Bay Campus
                          Second Language (ESL); and Aviation English Language (AEL).            Jon F. Nutting, MA, ASN, RN-BC is a faculty member. He holds
                          After serving as an Intelligence Officer in the US Army, she           a Bachelor of Arts and Master of Arts in Social Science from the
                          returned to Florida to work as an AEL instructor for Delta             University of Mississippi. He began his nursing career as a
                          Connection Academy, testing and training international pilot           Licensed Practical Nurse before completing his Associate of
                          cadets in the areas of Air Traffic Control communications,             Science in Nursing at Saint Petersburg College. He is certified
                          Aviation English, ESL, and Federal Aviation Regulations.               in Gerontology by the American Nurses Credentialing Center
                          Chris Machel, MS, BS is a faculty member at Galen. He earned           and is a past board member of the Community Health Centers
                          his BS in Management Information Systems from the University           of Pinellas County. He has extensive past experience in Home
                          of South Florida in 1999 and his Masters in Informations               Health Case Management.
                          Systems Management from the University of Phoenix in 2006.             Helen Oderinde, EdD is an adjunct instructor of developmental
                          He has taught Office and web based technologies to students            psychology. She received her MS in clinical psychology from
                          with disabilities at St. Petersburg College for 6 years. Mr.           Augusta State University and her Ed. D. in educational
                          Machel is a retired Army Senior Medical Non-Commissioned               leadership from NOVA Southeastern University. Her experience
                          Officer with 22 years of medical experience, primarily in Trauma       includes management, cross-cultural studies, business ethics,
                          management and health care administration operations within            psychology, sociology, and statistics. She previously served as a
                          fixed and mobile clinical environments.                                behavioral specialist with Georgia Correctional Facilities and
     Ann Marie Maloney, MLS, BA is a librarian. She obtained her                                 the Medical College of Georgia. She is owner of Peak Sound
     BA from St. Francis College in Biddeford, Maine majoring in                                 Mind, Inc.
     Political Science. She received her MA in Library and                                       Alesia Odums, MSN, BSN, RN is an adjunct faculty member at
     Information Science from the University of South Florida. She                               Galen School of Nursing. She received her ASN in 2001 from
  64 is a member of the American Library Association, Special                                    St. Petersburg College of Nursing , her BSN in 2008 from the
     Libraries Association, Suncoast Information Specialists, and the                            University of South Florida, and her MSN in 2010 from the
     American Indian Library Association.                                                        University of Phoenix. Her nursing experience includes medical-
                          Kim Maloy is the Bursar.                                               surgical, neurology, palliative/hospice care, disease
Galen School of Nursing

                                                                                                 management, consultation, and case management. Her work
                          Vonda Massie, BSN, RN is the Director of Simulation and                experience includes service as a diabetic liaison, pain
                          clinical learning laboratory faculty member. She graduated             management, medical-surgical supervision, preceptorship, and
                          from Indiana State University in 1993 with an Associate Degree         mentorship. She is the recipient of the 2001 Care M. Kuttler Jr.
                          in Nursing, followed by her BSN from the University of Phoenix         President’s Honor List, the 2006 Cambridge Who’s Who
                          in 2007. Vonda is currently pursing her Master of Science in           Among Executive and Professional Women in Nursing and
                          Nursing Education from Walden University, and has over 15              Healthcare, and the 2004 Nursing Excellence Award from
                          years of clinical experience, with 10 years of cardiac critical care   Morton Plant Mease Hospital.
                          and open heart recovery. She was previously the director of a
                          70 bed telemetry department at Northside Tampa Bay Heart               Karen R. Phillips, MA, BSN, RN is a clinical faculty member. She
                          Institute.                                                             received an RN, cum laude, from The Hackensack University
                                                                                                 Medical Center, a Bachelor of Science in Nursing from Farleigh
                          Shari McGowan, BSN, RN is an adjunct faculty member at                 Dickinson University and a Master of Arts in Education from the
                          Galen School of Nursing. She received her AA from St.                  University of South Florida. Her nursing background includes
                          Petersburg Junior College in 1979 and her BSN from Auburn              intensive care, coronary care, occupational health, long-term
                          University in 1982. Her nursing experience includes medical-           care, and home health. She also has extensive experience as a
                          surgical, neurology, gynecology, and postpartum. Her                   consultant regarding surgical service expansions, case cart
                          education experience includes Lamaze, parenting, and                   management and the implementation of open heart,
                          expectant fathers education. She has served as obstetrics tour         obstetrical and outpatient surgical services.
                          provider for Bayfront Medical Center, where she also
                          participated in the implementation, training, and transition of        Amy Purvis, MLS, BA is a librarian. She obtained her BA in
                          the Mother-Infant Care Unit. BLS, ACLS, NRP, and STABLE                English in 2003 and her Master's in Library Science in 2005
                          certified, she currently works in the inpatient Mother-Baby Unit       from the University of South Florida, Tampa, Florida. She is a
                          at Bayfront.                                                           member of the American Library Association.

                          Denise Morris, RN is an evening clinical faculty member. She           Audrey Rideout, RN, BSN is a faculty member. She graduated
                          comes to Galen with an expertise in progressive care and               from Grace General Hospital School of Nursing in 1980 as an
                          surgical nursing. She is currently the clinical coordinator of the     RN. She obtained her BSN from Regents College in Albany,
                          Spine Unit at Northside Hospital and Tampa Bay Heart                   New York in 1994. She is BLS certified and trained in EKG and
                          Institute. She is completing her Bachelor of Science degree in         PCU. Her experience includes, but is not limited to: Medical,
                          Nursing at St. Petersburg College and plans to continue                general surgical, gynecology, nephrology, telemetry,
                          toward a Master’s Degree.                                              orthopedics, trauma, and neurology.

                          Patrick Nehls is an Admissions Representative.                         Kay Ritchey, MSN, RN received her BSN from the University of
Mississippi in 1974 and her MSN from the University of South        Carina D. Smiric, BSN, RN is a clinical faculty member. She
Florida in 1989. Her 37 years of experience includes neonatal,      received her ASN from St. Petersburg College in 1989 and her
pediatric, and critical care nursing in addition to nurse           BSN from University of South Florida. Ms. Smiric has over 20
education and administration. She was a grant coordinator at        years of experience in medical-surgical and emergency room
St. Petersburg College of Nursing, where she was also an            nursing and is currently employed in the critical care unit at
instructor.                                                         Bayfront Medical Center. She has served as a clinical faculty
Gabriel Rivera, BSN, RN received his ASN in 1990 and his BSN        member for the University of South Florida and is currently
in 1992 from Metropolitan University, Puerto Rico. His nursing      pursuing her MSN.
experience includes emergency room, NICU, ICU and medical-          Angela M. Smith, MSN, CNL, RN is a clinical faculty member.
surgical. PALS, ACLS, and BLS certified, he is currently a Lead     She received her Associate and Bachelor's degree in nursing
RN in a psychiatric facility, where he also serves as a CPR         from St. Petersburg College, and her MSN from The University
instructor.                                                         of South Florida. She is a certified clinical nurse leader. Her
Charlotte Rivers is the Financial Planning Manager.                 nursing background is in Oncology/Hematology and Medical
                                                                    Surgical. She is a member of the Oncology Nursing Society.
Wendy Sanchez, BSN, RN, OCN, CRNI is a clinical faculty
member at Galen School of Nursing. She received her LPN             Michael Spitrey, BSN, RN is a clinical faculty member. He
from Pinellas Technical Education Center in 1994, her ASN           received his Bachelor of Science in Nursing from Long Island
from St. Petersburg Junior College, and her BSN from Florida        University in New York, and is currently nearing completion of
State University in 2008. She is currently pursuing an MSN at       his Masters in Nursing Education from the University of South
the University of South Florida. Her nursing experience includes    Florida. His nursing background includes cardiac surgery
CVICU, home health care, medical-surgical, and                      recovery and neurological ICU.
oncology/hematology. Certified in oncology and infusion, she        Pam Suetholz, MA, BA, AA, RN is a faculty member. Ms.
is also a member of Phi Sigma Theta, the Oncology Nursing           Suetholz received her MA in Adult Education from University of
Society, and the Infusion Nurses’ Society.                          South Florida in 1994 and her BA, magna cum laude, in 1987.
Terese Sanders is a Financial Planning Coordinator.                 Ms. Suetholz has 27 years of nursing experience in a hospital
                                                                    setting. Her professional memberships include: Association of
Kay Seymour is a Financial Planning Coordinator.                    Rehabilitation Nurses and the Oncology Nursing Society.
Charlotte Sheppard, BSN, RN is a clinical faculty member. A         member. She received her RN in 1981 at St Mary of Nazareth
native of St. Petersburg, Florida, she received her Practical       School of Nursing (IL). She completed her BSN at St.
Nursing license in 1994 from Galen School of Nursing (formerly      Petersburg College (FL), and a MS in Public Health at
The Health Institute of Tampa Bay). She went on to receive her
Associates Degree in nursing from the University of New York,       Trish Sward is the Office Manager.
Regents College and a Bachelor of Science in Nursing from the       Gerard Teamer, MS, BS is a faculty member at Galen. Mr.
University of Tampa. Ms. Sheppard is the Former Vice                Teamer graduated from Villa Maria College in Buffalo, New
President of the Delta Beta Chapter of Sigma Theta Tau, the         York, in 1987 with an AS in Business Administration. He
International Honor Society of Nursing. Ms. Sheppard has            graduated from Daemen College in Buffalo, New York, in 1992
devoted the majority of her career to working with the geriatric    with a BS in Business Administration, and also graduated from
population in Nursing Homes, Assisted Living Facilities and in      Canisius College in Buffalo, New York, in 2000 with an MS in
Home Health. She is Board Certified in Geriatrics through the       Mathematics Education. Mr. Teamer received his Florida
American Nurses Credentialing Center (ANCC). She is certified       Professional Teaching Certificate in Mathematics in 2008. He
as an Assisted Living Facility Administrator. Ms. Sheppard          has 9 years of secondary school mathematics experience and
provides Standard of Care consultation relative to the nursing      three years of collegiate teaching experience in Algebra,
community and has acted as a panel member for the Standard          Geometry, College Mathematics and College Prep
Setting Panel that provides the Board Certification examination     Mathematics at Southwest Florida College in Brandon, Florida.
in Geriatrics.                                                      While at Southwest Florida College, Mr. Teamer worked as an
Jane Sheridan, MSN, RN-BC is an adjunct faculty member at           Assistant Dean/Evening Administrator, and received awards for
Galen School of Nursing. She received her ASN in 1985 from          consistently achieving 4.84 out of 5.00 on student evaluations
Florida Keys Community College, her BSN in 1989 from the            and success with student retention.
University of Miami, and her MSN in 1999 from McNeese State         Andrew Upton, MSN, BSN, RN, CEN is a faculty member. In
University. Her extensive nursing experience includes hospice       1994, he attended Towson University in Baltimore, Maryland,
and palliative care, home care, infusion nursing, and psychiatric   graduating with a BSN in 1996. He completed his Masters
nursing. Her teaching experience includes pain and symptom          degree in nursing from Kaplan University. For the past twelve
management, end-of-life, psychiatric nursing, and community-        years, he has worked in emergency trauma nursing. He is a
based organizational OSHA compliance. She is a member of            member of ENA, NLN and Sigma Theta Tau International.
the American Society of Pain Management Nursing and ANCC            Steve Vogelsang is the Evening Receptionist.
certified as a pain management nurse.

STUDENT CATALOG • Tampa Bay Campus
                          Cheryl Walsh, BSN, RN is an adjunct clinical faculty member.      Cheryl Workman, MSN, RN is a clinical faculty member at
                          She obtained her BSN from Southern Illinois University in 1978.   Galen. she completed the ADN program in 1987 at Shawnee
                          She is a Certified Pediatric Nurse. She has extensive             State University in Portsmouth, Ohio and returned for her BSN
                          experience in Pediatric nursing as well as outpatient surgery,    in 2002. She received her MSN degree from the Universit of
                          hemodialysis and medical surgical nursing.                        Phoenix in 2005 and a Post Master’s Nursing Educator
                                                                                            Certificate from the University of Nevada Reno in 2009,
                                                                                            specializing in online education. Mrs. Workman has over 23
                          Kim Walztoni, MSN, RN is a faculty member at Galen School of      years experience in acute-care, disease management,
                          Nursing. She received her ASN in 1987 from Kirkwood               education, and community-based care. She worked 13 years
                          College, her BSN in 2007 from the University of Phoenix, and      for the Area Agency on Aging in Ohio with a Medicaid Waiver
                          her MSN in 2009 from the University of Phoenix. Her nursing       program. Recent work experiences include developing an LPN
                          career began in acute care, specializing in oncology and bone     curriculum for a school in Florida and teaching an online
                          marrow transplants. Her experience includes work in a post-       healthcare communication course with the University of
                          surgical unit and as Clinical Administrator for assisted living   Phoenix. Mrs. Workman spent 2 years as a travel nurse
                          communities, where she supervised the development and             working Medical-Surgical and Renal, Pancreas, and Liver
                          implementation of policies and procedures for state review.       Transplant units. She worked 4 years in Nevada as a Provider
                          She was also a hospital educator, working extensively with        Services Manager for an International Disease Management
                          quality assurance and survey preparedness teams. A member         company focusing on Evidenced-Based Medicine guidelines
                          of Sigma Theta Tau and the American Nurses’ Association, she      and Standards of Care for chronic diseases. She is a member
                          has teaching experience at Mount Mercy College and Kaplan         of Sigma Theta Tau International and American Nurses
                          College.                                                          Association.
                          Sue Wegener, BSN, RN is an adjunct mental health faculty
                          member in the PN evening program. She earned her BSN in
Galen School of Nursing

                          1991 from Niagara University in New York and began her
                          nursing career in mental health at the Rochester Psychiatric
                          Center, New York, immediately following graduation. Ms.
                          Wegener relocated to the Tampa area in 1998. She has a vast
                          array of experiences in mental health and has worked with a
                          large continuum of age groups from children and adolescents
                          to adults.

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