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                                (Policy Date: 04/01/2008)
BIOL 223 Human Anatomy and Physiology I               4.0   Anatomy and Physiology Core Requirement
BIOL 224 Human Anatomy and Physiology II              4.0   Anatomy and Physiology Core Requirement
BIOL 251 General Microbiology                         4.0        Microbiology Core Requirement
ENG 101 Composition I                                 3.0         Written English Requirement
MAT*120 Fundamentals of College Mathematics or MATH
                                                      3.0               Natural Science
126 Precalculus I
PSY 101 General Psychology                            3.0               Psychology Core
ENG 102 Composition II                                3.0                 Humanities
SOC 101 Principles of Sociology                       3.0               Sociology Core
US/Nevada Constitutions Course                        3.0                Social Science

First Semester
NURS 136 Foundations of Nursing Theory                3.0                   Nursing
NURS 137 Foundations of Nursing Laboratory            1.0                   Nursing
NURS 138 Foundations of Nursing Clinical              2.0                   Nursing
NURS 141 Foundations of Pharmacology in Nursing       2.0                   Nursing
NURS 200 Health Assessment Theory                     2.0                   Nursing
NURS 201 Health Assessment Laboratory                 1.0                   Nursing
Second Semester
NURS 163 Maternal Child Health I Theory               3.0                   Nursing
NURS 164 Maternal Child Health I Clinical             1.0                   Nursing
NURS 165 Nursing Across the Lifespan Laboratory       1.0                   Nursing
 NURS 166 Health/Illness Across the Lifespan Theory                      4.0                                       Nursing
 NURS 167 Health/Illness Across the Lifespan Clinical                    1.0                                       Nursing
 Third Semester
 NURS 265 Alterations Maternal/Child Health Theory                       2.0                                       Nursing
 NURS 266 Alterations in Maternal Child Health Lab                       1.0                                       Nursing
 NURS 267 Alterations in Maternal Health Clinical                        1.0                                       Nursing
 NURS 268 Alterations in Child Health Clinical                           1.0                                       Nursing
 NURS 270 Advanced Clinical Nursing I Theory                             3.0                                       Nursing
 NURS 271 Advanced Clinical Nursing I Clinical                           2.0                                       Nursing
 Fourth Semester
 NURS 236 Mental Health and Illness Theory                               1.0                                       Nursing
 NURS 237 Mental Health and Illness Lab                                  1.0                                       Nursing
 NURS 238 Mental Health and Illness Clinical                             1.0                                       Nursing
 NURS 276 Advanced medical Surgical Nursing II Theory                    3.0                                       Nursing
 NURS 277 Advanced Medical Surgical Nursing II Clinic                    2.0                                       Nursing
 NURS 284 Role of the AND Manager of Care                                2.0                                       Nursing

                                  TOTAL PROGRAM HOURS                   72.00
                                                                                              30.00 Arts & Sciences/35.00 Nursing
                           TOTAL TRANSFERABLE HOURS                     65.00           Students are awarded a block of 35.00 prior learning credits
                                                                                          validated by successful completion of the NCLEX-RN.

This degree requires 121.00 credits in semester hours. Fifty-six (56) credits are still required. In addition to the 65.00 transferable credits noted
              above, an additional 24.00 credits may be taken and transferred from WNC for at total of 89.00 credits in transfer.
 REMAINING RN > BSN REQUIREMENTS                                       56.00
                                                                                             WESTERN NEVADA COURSEWORK
                                                                                    PHIL 135: Introduction to Ethics &
 Humanities (Must include 3.00 credits Ethics)                           9.0        6.00 credits in Art, Communication, Humanities,
                                                                                    Language, Literature, Music, Philosophy, and/or Theatre

                                                                                                       Western Nevada College AAS Nursing > EC BSN     2
                                                                                Coursework in Economics, History, Political Science,
 Social Sciences                                                      6.0
                                                                                Psychology or and/or Sociology

 Natural Science/Math (Must include 3.00 credits in
                                                                      3.0       STAT 152: Introduction to Statistics

                                                                                Coursework classified as Humanities, Social Sciences,
                                                                                and/or Natural Sciences area
 Arts & Sciences Electives                                            6.0
                                                                                (Note: 3.00 of these credits may need to be completed in
                                                                                psychology or sociology – see note on depth requirement)

                                               EXCELSIOR COLLEGE COURSEWORK
 Expository/Advanced Writing                                 3.0   ENG 201: Writing for the Professions
                                                                                One upper level (300 or above) course/exam in Biology,
 Upper Level Arts & Sciences (required for depth)                     3.0
                                                                                Psychology or Sociology
 Information Literacy Requirement                                     1.0       INL 102 Information Literacy
                                                                                NURx 306: Community Focused Nursing Examination (4)
                                                                                NURx 420: Management in Nursing Examination (4)
                                                                                NURx 430: Research in Nursing (3)
 Nursing Component
                                                                     25.00      NUR 435: Professional Socialization (3)
                                                                                NUR 445: Teaching Across Cultures (3)
                                                                                NUR 442: Health Assess & Promotion in Nursing (4)
                                                                                NUR 450: Baccalaureate Capstone Course (4)

                                                Total Transferable Hours from WNC =89.00
                                                   Total Excelsior College Hours = 32.00
                                             TOTAL DEGREE PROGRAM HOURS = 121.00
Note on Depth Requirement
This program requires one depth area. A depth consists of 9 credits in one arts & sciences academic discipline, of which 3 hours must be upper
level. For this program, Excelsior recommends a depth in Biology, Psychology, or Sociology. For Biology, students have enough credit at the
                                                                                                 Western Nevada College AAS Nursing > EC BSN   3
lower level. For Psychology or Sociology, students should complete one additional lower level course at WNC as part of their arts & science

This transfer guide is provided for informational purposes only and does not guarantee requirements to complete degree. Requirements will
be based on actual coursework taken by any individual student.

Excelsior puts no limit on the number of credits a student can transfer as long as that of credit meets degree requirements and comes from a
recognized source. Therefore, any credit completed in addition to those pursued with WNC, and that meets a degree requirement, will be
considered for transfer. However, as part of the Excelsior/WNC partnership, students are required to take a minimum of 12 credits in
Excelsior College coursework.

The first step in becoming an Excelsior College student is to apply by submitting an Undergraduate Application, which requires the
inclusion of all official transcripts of prior college credits. Once an application is reviewed, an evaluation summary outlining what is still
needed to complete this degree will be provided to the student. Upon receiving the results of this report, a student may enroll at any time. To
apply to Excelsior College please visit http://ccpartnerships.excelsior.edu

Information about Excelsior College and its degree programs, including transfer options and currently available courses and examinations
can be accessed on our website www.excelsior.edu

                                                                                                   Western Nevada College AAS Nursing > EC BSN    4

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