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WHEREAS the “S Endorsement” expires after five years; and

WHEREAS the “A Endorsement” and “M Endorsement” do not expire

THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED that CUPE Local 4869 request CUPE Saskatchewan
to lobby SGI to remove the expiry date from the “S Endorsement”; and

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that CUPE Local 4869 request CUPE Saskatchewan to
lobby SGI to develop a defensive driving course specific to school bus operations.

PROPOSED BY                                       SECONDED BY

Lois Mahnke                                       Michele Walter

January 12, 2011
                           IN SUPPORT OF THE RESOLUTION

As stated in the resolution, the “S Endorsement” is the only endorsement with an expiry
date. Every five years, school bus drivers are required to re-write the class 5 license
exam, the S endorsement exam, and to re-drive the road test in a school bus. In British
Columbia, Alberta, and Manitoba, a school bus driver’s license does not expire,
however they all have programs in place to assist school bus drivers in keeping their
driving skills well tuned.

I have not seen any concrete evidence that SGI’s retesting system reduces or
eliminates the rate of accidents or incidents when compared to the other three
provinces. In addition, school bus drivers are learning little that is new or beneficial from
this retesting system.

I do believe that a defensive driving course, specifically designed for school bus
operations, would teach new and beneficial mechanisms to enhance the driver’s skills,
eliminate bad habits, and renew their self confidence. This would not only provide a
safer climate for the occupants of the school bus, but also for those who share the road
with school buses.

In addition, we are losing school bus drivers through retirement and those who choose
not to renew their endorsement. It is increasingly difficult to recruit full time, part time, or
even casual school bus drivers and I can’t help but wonder if the five year re-testing isn’t
part of the problem.

I thank you for your consideration of this resolution.

Lois Mahnke
School Bus Driver
CUPE Local 4869

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