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					MGT C42: Public Management
   Spring Semester 2009

       Lecture Notes
      Professor Borins
        Objectives of the Course
• Understand public sector institutions, processes,
• Develop skills of effective public managers
• Prepare for careers in or dealing with public sector
• Learn from current events:
• 2008 Canadian and US federal elections
• January 27, 2009 federal budget and confidence vote
• 2007 Ontario election and 2009 Ontario budget
• First two months of Obama administration
Role of the public sector, especially in a financial crisis and
  severe recession
How public management differs from business
Outline of classes

Course administrative arrangements
Evaluation and assignments
Texts and readings
Admission to course
Student information form
Contacting me
Sandford Borins award for top student in cour se
           Roles in Yes Prime Minister

• Sir Humphrey Appleby, Cabinet Secretary
• Frank, Permanent Secretary (Deputy Minister) of the
• Head of the British Tobacco Group (lobbyist)
• Prime Minister James Hacker
• Bernard, Hacker’s personal secretary, a seconded
  public servant (divided loyalty)
• Dr. Peter Thorne, Minister of State for Health
• Leslie Potts, Minister for Sports
• Permanent Secretary for Health
        Analyzing Yes Prime Minister

• What are the characters’ objectives (PM,
  ministers, public servants, lobbyists)?
• What management skills are demonstrated by
  Hacker, Thorne, and Sir Humphrey ?
• What are the sources of humour?
Theory of Public Choice

• Application of rational self-interest to public
  sector (politicians, public servants, business
  and lobbyists)
• Rent-seeking society and bureaucratic budget
• Do you find this theory convincing ?
• Is it applicable to behaviour of parties in an
  election campaign?
         Evolving Public Policy
Minister Thorne’s “radical” agenda (for 1984)
• Ban smoking in public places
• Ban tobacco advertising and sponsorships
• Punitive taxation on tobacco products
             Alternative View of
              the Public Sector
Donna Shalala: former university president,
 appointed secretary of Health and Human
 Services in Clinton admin (1993-2001), lecture
 in honour of Elliott Richardson, a former
 cabinet secretary
Next Week’s Readings

•   Shalala handout
•   Goldenberg, pp. 386-88
•   Chretien, pp. 2-3 (RP)
•   Borins and Blakeney, chapter 7
•   Goldenberg, chapter 3
•   Flanagan, pp. 272-3, 288-9 (RP)
•   Prof. Borins blog posts on federal and US
    election (
    Next Week Student Presentations
2 groups of 3 students (presentations of 10 minutes maximum):
   Conservatives: Ritesh Kotak, Nisha Vijh, Alex Tong; Liberals:
   Peng Hao, Stefan Perera
Discuss the Conservative Party of Canada (
   for group 1) and Liberal Party of Canada ( for
   group 2) websites in terms of election readiness; balance
   between self-advocacy and attack; balance among leader,
   party, policy; scope for citizen initiative; social networking;
   branding and look and feel; technological sophistication; use
   of languages (English, French, other); provision for people
   with disabilities; and privacy protection. Evaluate the site’s

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