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									Personal Background:
Name: Saman Nikeghbalian
Date of Birth: 13/4/1969
Place of Birth: Boyerahmad, Iran
Nationality: IRANIAN
Sex: Male
Marital Status: Married

Address: Transplantation Unit, Surgical Department
Tel: (0098) 711-6474308
Fax: (0098)711-6474307

Current Position:
Professor of Surgery, head of organ transplant unit
Department of Surgery
Shiraz University of Medical Sciences
Shiraz, IRAN

1974-1981, Tehran University School of Medicine, Tehran, IRAN internship
1982-1986 General Surgery Resident, Shiraz School of Medicine
1987-1988 Fellowship in kidney transplantation, Shahid Beheshti School of Medicine, Tehran.
1990-1992 research fellow in liver transplantation Pittsburgh U.S.A.
2001: Research fellowship for 6 months in king’s College in London

Appointments and Positions:
19871997: Assistant professor of General Surgery, Department of Surgery, Shiraz School of
1987-89 Director of Faghihi Hospital
1989- Present: Chief of transplantation Section, Dept. of Surgery
1991- Present: Examiner, Iranian Board of General Surgery
1992-1994: Vice Chancellor of University of Medicine Sciences Shiraz IRAN
1994: Chancellor of University of Medicine Sciences, Shiraz, IRAN
1997- Present: Assistant professor of General Surgery.
2001-Member of editorial board of Archive of Surgery
2005: Member of the specializing committee in clinical-surgical branch of 9th Razi Medical Festival
2005: Constant member of Iranian Academy of Medical Sciences
2010: Elective director Middle east society for organ transplantation

Other Surgical Activities:
1987: Establishment of Kidney transplantation ward, Shiraz Medicine School and in 1992
expanded to organ Tx
1992: First liver transplantation in IRAN
1998: First partial liver transplantation in IRAN
2002: First liver Tx from Rt.Lobe; adult to adult
1981:M.D. Tehran University
1986: Iranian board of General Surgery

Scientific Meetings:
1989: First Congress of International Congress of Middle East Society for Organ transplantation
in Kuwait
1989: 2nd congress of MESOT, Karachi pakistan
1991: 4th International congress of geographic medicine, Shiraz, Iran
1993: Congress of Surgeons
1994: 4th congress of MESOT, Isfahan, Iran
1995: Congress of Surgeons
1995: 8th International congress of geographic medicine, Shiraz, Iran
1995: XII International congress of Nephrology, Spain, Madrid
1996: New South Wales University, Sydney, Australia
1996: Workshop in teaching strategies and assessment. Shiraz University of Medical Sciences
2001:British Cancer Research Meeting, Leeds, England
2002: 7th Asian Society & Organ transplantation in New Delhi
Nov. 2003: 16th International congress of geographic medicine, Shiraz, Iran
2003: 8th Congress of Asian society for transplantation (CAST), Malaysia
May 2004: Canadian society of nephrology annual meeting, Toronto, Canada
September 2004: National Congress of Pediatrics, Tehran, Iran
Nov. 2004: 17th International congress of geographic medicine (renal diseases and hypertension),
Shiraz, Iran
Dec. 2004: 4th National congress of gastrohepatology, From bed to bench (ICGH4-FBB2), Tehran,
Dec. 2004: 9th MESOT congress, Ankara, Turkey
April 2005: 9th Annual Iranian congress of nephrology, dialysis and transplantation, Tehran, Iran
April 2005: 20th International congress of transplantation society (ELTA wintermeeting),
Obergurgl, Austria
June 2005: 8th Meeting of the Turkish Transplantation Society, Ankara, Turkey
June 2005: ISN-NKF Post-satellite meeting of world congress of nephrology in Singapore
May 2005: ?th, Congress of Surgeons, Tehran, Iran
August 2005: 3rd world congress of International Pediatric Transplant Association (IPTA),
Innsbruck, Austria
October 2005: 12th ESOT Congress & 14th ETCO Congress, Geneva, Switzerland

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