DSH 2012 Career Fair Registration by xiagong0815


									    DSH Career Fair Registration January 25th, 2012
Company Information:

      Company Name

      Please use our Registration
      Information from the
      Internship Expo.                 *If YES, please submit this form, and we will use your Internship Expo
      (Yes, No, N/A)                                           Company Information.
                                               **If NO, please update and complete this Registration.
      Company Website
      Company Address
      Participant #1: Name & Title
      Email Address
      Phone Number
      Participant #2: Name & Title
      Email Address
      Phone Number
      Additional Guests $35
      Includes lunch: (Enter #)
      Electricity Needed? (Y/N)


      Would you like to hold
      interviews on campus? (Y/N)
      How many representatives
      will be interviewing?
      How long would you like your
                                                15 Min.    20 Min.    30 Min.     45 Min.     60 Min.
      interviews to be? (Circle one)
      Which days would you like to
      interview on? (Circle all that           Wednesday (1/25)      Thursday (1/26)     Friday (1/27)
                                       ____________ Day, From _______ (am/pm) to _______ (am/pm).
      Please specify the interview     ____________ Day, From _______ (am/pm) to _______ (am/pm).
      time frame:                      ____________ Day, From _______ (am/pm) to _______ (am/pm).
                                       (Please note that Wednesday (1/25) interviews will start after 4pm.)

      Additional Comments:

     Early Registration for the Career Fair is $325 (Due: December 9th, 2011)

     Regular Registration for the Career Fair is $375 (Due: January 6th, 2012)

     This price includes two representatives per booth. This helps defray the cost of the Career
     Fair. You can pay online at http://dsh.fsu.edu/Industry-Partners/Hospitality-Career-Fair/DSH-Career-
     Fair-Registration, please click on the BLUE “Buy Now” logo. You can also make checks
     payable to: “Florida State University”

                                               Please mail to:
                        Attn: Ms. Alishia Piotrowski, Director of Industry Relations
                                       Dedman School of Hospitality
                                     288 Champions Way, Suite 4107
                                        Tallahassee FL 32306-2541

We’ll see you soon!

     Thank you for completing this registration form and for your involvement in the
     Dedman School of Hospitality’s Career Events! This is our 27th Annual Career Fair and
     we are excited to have your company join us in making this a truly spectacular event.
     Please call or email the event coordinator at any time with comments or questions!
     Natasha Cancialosi, Email: dedmanschoolcareers@gmail.com or Phone: 305-794-3899.
                                         Once complete:
             Please email this form to dedmanschoolcareers@gmail.com or fax to

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