English Sociolinguistics by JoeSouthwick


									                   MA in English Linguistics: English Sociolinguistics
                               Convenor: Kathryn Allan
                         Thursdays 10-11.30, Foster Court 132
                                  Spring Term 2009

                                        Seminar Timetable

Main textbook: Wardhaugh, R. 2006. An Introduction to Sociolinguistics, 5th ed.
Oxford: Blackwell.
This text will be used selectively; the key passages are listed below as weekly reading. However, it
may still be useful (and interesting) to read other parts of the book.

15 January        Introduction: key terms and concepts in sociolinguistics
                  Reading: Wardhaugh ch.1&2 (pp.1-57)

22 January        Varieties and speech communities
                  Reading: Wardhaugh ch.4&5 (pp.88-132)

29 January        Variation and how to study it
                  Reading: Wardhaugh ch.6 (pp.135-161)

5 February        Variation 2: some well-known studies
                  Reading: Wardhaugh ch.7 (pp162-191)

12 February       A sociolinguistic view of change
                  Reading: Wardhaugh ch.8 (pp191-218)

19 February       READING WEEK

26 February       Conversation and speaker interaction
                  Reading: Wardhaugh ch.11&12 (pp.260-312)

5 March           Gender
                  Reading: Wardhaugh ch.13 (pp.315-334)

12 March          Social stratification: class, non-standard speech and disadvantage
                  Reading: Wardhaugh ch.14 (pp.335-354)

19 March          Language planning in the UK and abroad
                  Reading: Wardhaugh ch.15 (pp356-282)

26 March          Taking a longer view: historical sociolinguistics
                  Reading: Nevalainen, T. & H. Raumolin-Brunberg. 2003. Historical
                  Sociolinguistics. London: Longman. Ch. 1 (pp.1-11)

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