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					     V   i   r   g    i   n   i   a       C      o    m    m     o   n    w    e   a    l   t   h    U     n        i    v      e       r      s      i     t      y

                                       School of Nursing
   The School of Nursing originated in
1893 as part of the University College of            Accreditation                                        1220 E. Broad St. • P.O. Box 980567
Medicine. Since then, the educational pro-                                                                    Richmond, VA 23298-0567
gram evolved to multiple programs at the               The baccalaureate degree program in                (804) 828-5171 • Fax (804) 828-7743
baccalaureate-, master’s- and doctoral-              nursing is accredited by the National                   http://www.nursing.vcu.edu
degree levels. The undergraduate program             League for Nursing Accrediting
contains bachelor of science degree options          Commission, 61 Broadway, 33rd Floor,
for traditional students and for registered          New York, NY 10006, (800) 669-1656, ext.                           Nancy F. Langston
                                                     153. The undergraduate program is                                   Dean (1991)
nurses seeking completion of a bachelor of
                                                     approved by the Virginia Board of Nursing,               B.S.N. 1966 University of Arkansas
science degree. The School of Nursing is a
                                                     and graduates are eligible to take the                       M.N. 1972 Emory University
leader in nursing education in Virginia.
                                                     NCLEX RN registered nurse licensing                      Ph.D. 1977 Georgia State University
                                                     examination.                                                              Inez Tuck
Programs                                               The master’s degree program is accredited                 Associate Professor and
                                                     by the National League for Nursing                Associate Dean of Doctoral Programs (1997)
   Bachelor of science, certificate, master of       Council of Baccalaureate and Higher                 B.S.N. 1970 A&T State University, N.C.
science, post-master’s certificate and doctor        Degree Programs.                                  M.N. 1972 University of Florida, Gainesville
of philosophy degree programs are offered                                                                     Ph.D. 1980 University of North
through the School of Nursing. For informa-                                                                       Carolina, Greensboro
tion regarding the graduate programs, see the        Nursing alumni                                   M.B.A. 1995 University of Tennessee, Knoxville
Graduate and Professional Programs Bulletin
available on the Web: www.vcu.edu/bulletins.           All graduates are eligible for membership                         Janet B. Younger
   Complete information regarding curricu-           in the Nursing Alumni Division of the                Professor and Associate Dean for Master’s
lum and admissions may be obtained by                Medical College of Virginia Alumni                      and Undergraduate Programs (1984)
writing to the Office of Enrollment and              Association of VCU. The purpose of the                  B.S. 1967 Medical College of Virginia
Student Services, School of Nursing,                 division is to support and promote the                    M.Ed. 1970 University of Virginia
Virginia Commonwealth University, P.O.               School of Nursing. The division also pro-           M.S. 1972 Virginia Commonwealth University
Box 980567, Richmond, VA 23298-0567.                 vides support within the university to pro-               Ph.D. 1984 University of Virginia
                                                     mote and encourage the development of
                                                                                                                        Anthony J. DeLellis
                                                     nursing services of the highest possible
                                                                                                           Assistant Dean for Administration (1985)
Facilities and resources                             quality, to stimulate professional growth,
                                                                                                              B.A. 1970 University of Delaware
                                                     and to promote cooperation and fellowship
                                                                                                            M.A. 1973 Central Michigan University
   The faculty and administrative offices of         among nursing alumni and students.                        Ed.D. 1977 University of Virginia
the school are housed in the Nursing
Education Building, 1220 E. Broad St.
Additionally, this building has a nursing            Annual lectureships                             Table of contents
clinical resource laboratory, computer labo-                                                         Programs . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .295
ratory and classrooms equipped with a full              Outstanding scholars are brought to the
                                                     campus through a variety of resources.          Facilities and resources . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .295
range of audiovisual equipment. Both                                                                 Accreditation . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .295
graduate and undergraduate courses also              Students in the School of Nursing have
                                                                                                     Nursing alumni . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .295
are scheduled in other classrooms on                 access to special programs of an intellectual
                                                                                                     Annual lectureships . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .295
campus.                                              and cultural nature on both campuses of
                                                                                                     School honors and awards . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .296
   The clinical laboratories for nursing             the university.                                 Financial assistance . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .296
courses are conducted in VCU Health                     The Annual Nursing Lectureship, estab-       Critical Care Nursing Certificate Program . . .296
System’s MCV Hospitals and in numerous               lished in 1966 by contributions from            Bachelor of Science in Nursing Program . . . .296
other hospitals and health agencies in the           alumni and friends of the School of             Admissions . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .297
area. Students are given a diversity of expe-        Nursing, brings to the campus each year a       Curriculum . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .297
riences in hospital and community-oriented           person of national stature in the field of      Academic regulations . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .298
nursing.                                             nursing. Alumni and faculty plan and            Graduate degree programs . . . . . . . . . . . . . .299
                                                     implement the lectureship, which serves as      Department of Adult Health Nursing . . . . . . .300
                                                     an open forum to many public speakers in        Department of Maternal Child Nursing . . . . .300
                                                     the health fields.                              Department of Integrative Systems . . . . . . . .301
                                                                                                     Courses in nursing (NURS) . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .302

 Virginia        Commonwealth             University             •    Undergraduate             Bulletin        •        2003-04                                       295
School of Nursing

   The Yingling Visiting Scholar Program       sonal qualities are considered in selecting      the increasing number of registered nurses
was established in 1981 by alumni and          the recipients.                                  returning for baccalaureate degrees.
friends of Dr. Doris B. Yingling, upon her
retirement, in recognition of her many
years of service as dean of the School of
                                               Marguerite G. Nicholson Award                    Student Nurses’ Association Award
Nursing. The fund supports visits by emi-         This award was established by alumni             Initiated by members of the organization,
nent scholars to the School of Nursing.        and friends of the school to honor a             this award is given in recognition of out-
                                               beloved alumna and former faculty mem-           standing participation in the Student
                                               ber. The award is presented annually to a        Nurses’ Association. The award is presented
School honors and awards                       graduating senior student who best demon-        to a senior NSA member who has demon-
                                               strates the humanitarian qualities of            strated leadership, dedication and enthusi-
                                               unselfishness, helpfulness to others, consid-    asm for the nursing profession through
Sigma Theta Tau                                eration, humility and loyalty to the school.     involvement in the organization.
   The School of Nursing inducted its first
members in the fall of 1976. This local
honor society was accepted as a chapter of     Mayme B. Wilson Lacey Award                      Financial assistance
the international nursing honor society,          Established by alumni of the former St.
Sigma Theta Tau, in fall 1977. The chapter,    Philip School of Nursing, this award honors         Financial assistance is available.
known as Gamma Omega, installed its first      an outstanding alumna of the school who          Information may be obtained from the Web at
members in fall 1978. The purposes of          served for many years as assistant director of   http://www.vcu.edu/enroll/finaid or by writing
Sigma Theta Tau are to recognize superior      nursing services for VCU Health System’s         to the VCU Office of Financial Aid, Virginia
achievement and leadership qualities, to       MCV Hospitals. The recipient, a senior           Commonwealth University, P.O. Box 980244,
foster high professional standards and to      nursing student, must be a well-rounded          Richmond, VA 23298-0244.
strengthen commitment to the ideals and        individual committed to nursing as a pro-
purposes of the profession.                    fession, who gives consistently good nursing
                                               care, has the ability to work well with the      Critical Care Nursing Certificate
                                               health team and shows promise of support-        Program
Becky Godwin Fund                              ing professional organizations.
   This fund was established by former                                                             The Critical Care Nursing Certificate
Dean Yingling in 1978 following comple-                                                         program is composed of four courses,
tion of the Honorable Mills E. Godwin Jr.’s    Temple Memorial Award
                                                                                                Critical Care Nursing I and II, Critical
second term as governor of Virginia. The          The senior and junior classes, 1976-77,       Care Nursing Technologies, and Critical
fund was established in memory of former       and the alumni from the School of Nursing        Care Nursing Practicum. The program con-
governor and Mrs. Godwin’s only daughter,      established this award in memory of              sists of 12 credit hours. Certificate-seeking
Becky. The interest on the endowment           President and Mrs. T. Edward Temple. The         students will be admitted in the fall. Nurses
contributed to the School of Nursing by        award is given annually to a graduating stu-     with R.N. licensure may enroll as special
Yingling provides funds to enhance student     dent in the master’s degree program. The         students up to a maximum of six credits.
professionalism in nursing for individuals     recipient must possess characteristics that
enrolled in the undergraduate and graduate     demonstrate exemplary performance in the
programs. Awards from the fund are made        advocacy role for the consumer of health         Admission requirements
on an annual basis by the dean.                care services and for the nursing profession.       Applicants must (1) have R.N. licensure
                                                                                                or senior status in the VCU School of
Yingling Senior Achievement Award              Martha M. Borlick Research Award                 Nursing, (2) be eligible for re-admission to
                                                                                                or be in good standing at the last college
   Gifts to the institution to honor former       This award was established in 1980 by an      attended and (3) have a minimum GPA of
Dean Yingling have been used to establish      alumna in honor of Dr. Borlick, who served       2.5 based on a 4.0 scale. Applicants should
an annual award to a senior student in the     as chair of the Department of Community          submit a VCU undergraduate application
School of Nursing. Recognition is based on     Health Nursing from 1970-78. The annual          containing (1) post-secondary transcripts,
outstanding leadership ability and potential   award honors a graduate student in nursing       (2) resume and (3) three professional refer-
professional growth as determined by a         research.                                        ences including one from a direct supervisor.
selection of faculty and students.                                                              Preference will be given to VCU Health
                                               Registered Nurse Student Award                   System employees and applicants with at
Mable Montgomery Award                                                                          least one year acute care experience.
                                                  The Registered Nurse Student Award is
   This award was established through gifts    given in recognition of performance and
of faculty and students in honor of Miss       achievement within the School of Nursing.        Bachelor of Science in Nursing
Mable E. Montgomery, executive secretary       The award is presented annually to a gradu-
of the Virginia Board of Nursing, 1949-70.     ating senior who demonstrates excellence         Program
The award is given annually to a senior stu-   in clinical expertise, leadership and per-
                                                                                                  The School of Nursing has three tracks
dent and a faculty member. Leadership,         sonal qualities. This award is given with
                                                                                                in the baccalaureate program: (1) the
excellence in nursing and outstanding per-     funds provided by faculty in recognition of

 296              Virginia       Commonwealth            University           •   Undergraduate            Bulletin        •    2003-04
                                                                                                                                       School of Nursing

traditional and (2) the accelerated B.S. and     the R.N.-B.S. Completion Program. In                       3. Quantity and form
(3) the R.N.-B.S. completion.                    addition to traditional admission criteria,                   Prerequisite: College-level math, statistics or algebra 3
                                                 applicants must meet the following require-                   credits
                                                                                                            4. Science and technology
                                                 ments to be considered: (1) be graduates of
                                                                                                               Prerequisite: Biology 4 credits, anatomy 4 credits, phys-
Admissions                                       state-approved diploma or associate degree                    iology* 4 credits, microbiology* 4 credits, nutrition 3
                                                 programs in nursing and (2) hold a current                    credits, laboratory science** 4 credits
   Applications for admission are welcome        Virginia license to practice professional
from men and women from any cultural or          nursing.                                                   5. Interdependence
ethnic background who are interested in a           In addition to taking courses, R.N. stu-                   Prerequisite: Sociology 3 credits; humanities elective
career in professional nursing. Admission        dents may establish credit toward the bac-                    (e.g., foreign language, history) 6 credits
into the School of Nursing is competitive.       calaureate degree in several ways: (1) by
Freshmen should follow the university            portfolio; (2) through transfer of credit                  6. Visual and performing arts
guidelines in the Admission to the               from other colleges; and (3) through profi-                   Prerequisite: A course in the arts from the approved list
University chapter of this bulletin.                                                                           for non-School of the Arts majors provided in the
                                                 ciency examinations using the College
 Minimum admission criteria require that                                                                       School of the Arts chapter of this bulletin; 3 credits
                                                 Level Examination Program for general
an applicant must be eligible for re-admis-      education and through National League for                  7. Humanities and social sciences
sion to or in good standing at the last col-     Nursing standardized examinations for                         Prerequisites: Psychology 3 credits, developmental psy-
lege attended; have a minimum TOEFL              anatomy, physiology, microbiology and                         chology 3 credits, and general electives 3 credits
score of 550 if they do not use English as       nutrition. Information about the CLEP
their natural language; and have a mini-         tests may be obtained from the Web,                          * Physiology and microbiology credits must be earned
mum GPA of 2.5 based on a four-point             www.clep.org, or from the CLEP                                 within 10 years preceding admission.
scale. Grades lower than “C” in any of the       Administrator, Office of Interdisciplinary                  ** If high school chemistry or its equivalent is not
required courses are not acceptable.             Studies and Special Student Advising,                          passed with a “C” or better, the laboratory science
Admission GPA is calculated on courses                                                                          must be chemistry.
                                                 Virginia Commonwealth University, P.O.
required for the School of Nursing.              Box 843079, Richmond, VA 23284-3079,
Applicants should submit SAT, ACT, MAT           (804) 828-8420. CLEP tests are given on a                  Traditional program
or GRE scores. All applicants to the under-      monthly schedule, and arrangements to be                      Honors sections are available for a num-
graduate program must have a minimum of          tested may be made one month prior to the                  ber of courses. A typical curriculum for the
700 (combined original norm) or 830              testing date. Subject examinations are                     traditional program is as follows:
(recentered norm) on the SAT or a compa-         available in multiple areas as listed in infor-
rable score on the GRE, MAT or ACT to            mation available for the College Entrance                  Freshman year, fall semester                       credits
be considered for admission to the program.      Examination Board. Students may earn full                  Composition                                           3
Applicants are required to complete an           course credit by examination for general                   Biology                                               4
application and submit the required tran-        education courses.                                         Mathematics or statistics                             3
scripts, references and standardized test           Registered nurses who have achieved                     Psychology                                            4
scores by Dec. 1 for the accelerated B.S.        baccalaureate degrees in another discipline                Sociology                                             3
program, Jan. 15 for the traditional program     may apply to the master of science program                 VCU 101                                               1
and March 15 for the R.N.-B.S. program.                                                                                                                       _______
                                                 in nursing.
Applications may be obtained from the                                                                                                                            18
Office of Undergraduate Admissions, P.O.
                                                                                                            Freshman year, spring semester
Box 980632, Virginia Commonwealth                Curriculum                                                 NURS 101 Introduction to Nursing                      1
University, Richmond, VA 23298-0632,                                                                        Nutrition                                             3
(804) 827-0152 or 1-800-828-9451.                   The applicant is responsible to seek advice             Humanities                                            3
Applicants to the R.N.-B.S. program may          from the School of Nursing on courses taken                Second laboratory science or LFSC 101
submit California Critical Thinking scores       prior to admission. Students transferring                     Introduction to Life Sciences*                   3-5
in lieu of the above tests.                      from another college or university will enter              Anatomy                                              4
   Applicants for admission to the under-        the program as sophomores or, on a very lim-                                                                 _______
graduate program who wish to be consid-          ited basis, as juniors, which requires attend-                                                                13-16
ered for early acceptance will be considered     ing a 10 week summer session.
                                                                                                            Sophomore year, fall semester
if the following criteria are met: (1) submis-      Fifty-six semester hours of general educa-
                                                                                                            NURS 261 Health Assessment for Nursing Practice 3
sion of the complete application by Nov. 1,      tion courses are required for graduation.                  Developmental psychology                         3
(2) GPA of at least 3.4 and (3) SAT (or                                                                     Physiology                                       4
equivalent) scores of at least 1100 on                                                                      Philosophy/ethics/logic/critical thinking        3
recentered scores.
                                                 General education requirements
                                                                                                            NURS 201 Concepts of Nursing                     3
   Applicants who hold a baccalaureate                                                                                                                   _______
                                                 1. Communicating
degree from an accredited institution in                                                                                                                    16
                                                    Prerequisites: English composition 3 credits and ENGL
another discipline, but are not registered          200 or its equivalent
nurses, may apply to either the traditional                                                                 Sophomore year, spring semester
or accelerated B.S. program.                                                                                Visual/performing arts                                3
                                                 2. Ethics
                                                                                                            NURS 202 Technologies of Nursing Practice             3
   Applicants who are registered nurses and         Prerequisite: Ethics or philosophy 3 credits
                                                                                                            Microbiology                                          4
who seek a baccalaureate degree apply to

 Virginia       Commonwealth              University              •    Undergraduate                   Bulletin         •     2003-04                            297
 School of Nursing

ENGL 200 Writing and Rhetoric Workshop II               3     Fall 1                                                        should apply to the Office of Financial Aid
NURS 370 Theory and Research in Clinical Practice       3     NURS 325/NURS 355 or NURS 335/NURS 345                        in advance.
                                                    _______      (Junior-level clinical courses)                    12
                                                       16     NURS 365 Nursing Science I                            3
                                                              NURS 485 Managerial Theory for Nursing Practice       3
Junior year, fall semester
                                                                                                                            Academic regulations
NURS 365 Nursing Science I                             3      Spring 1
NURS 335 Nursing of Women                               6     NURS 335/NURS 345 or NURS 325/NURS 355            12          Progression
NURS 345 Nursing of Children                           6      NURS 366 Nursing Science II                        3
Humanities                                              3     NURS 370 Theory and Research in Clinical Practice 3
                                                                                                                               The minimum passing grade in the general
                                                    _______                                                                 education courses and the nursing major is a
                                                       18     Summer 2                                                      “C.” Any nursing student who receives less
                                                              NURS 425 Nursing of Adults II                          6      than a “C” in any course required for the B.S.
Junior year, spring semester                                  NURS 486 Nursing Leadership and Management                    degree must repeat the course with a “C” or
NURS 366 Nursing Science II                            3        Practicum                                            2      better. Progression to the next level of clinical
NURS 325 Nursing of Adults I                           6                                                                    courses is based upon satisfactory completion
NURS 355 Psychiatric-mental Health Nursing             6      Fall 2                                                        of courses of the current year and a cumula-
                                                    _______   NURS 415 Community Health Nursing                      6      tive GPA of not less than 1.91. Courses at the
                                                       15     NURS 496 Clinical Practicum                            3
                                                                                                                            next level in the nursing major without a
                                                              NURS 405 Nursing in Long-term Care                     3
Senior year, fall semester                                    NURS 475 Professional Issues in Nursing                3
                                                                                                                            clinical component may be taken before stu-
NURS 425 Nursing of Adults II                          6                                                          _______   dents officially progress to that level. Appeal
NURS 485 Managerial Theory for Nursing Practice        3      Total credits                                          68     of all progression issues is made to the
NURS 486 Nursing Management Practicum                  2                                                                    Undergraduate Admission, Policy and
NURS 405 Nursing Management of the                                                                                          Progression Committee. The clinical labora-
  Long-term Care Client                                 3     R.N.-B.S. Completion Program                                  tory grading system is satisfactory or unsatis-
                                                    _______      The general education requirements are                     factory. Unsatisfactory clinical application
                                                       14     the same for the R.N.-B.S. Completion                         results in a grade of “F” for the course.
                                                              Program. Fifty-six semester-hours of general                     A student may fail a clinical course prior
Senior year, spring semester
                                                              education courses are required for gradua-                    to the completion of the course under cer-
Upper division or nursing elective                      3
                                                              tion. The following is a typical curriculum                   tain circumstances. A student whose con-
NURS 415 Community Health Nursing                      6
NURS 475 Professional Issues in Nursing                3      plan for the R.N.-B.S. completion student:                    duct is judged to be clinically unsafe may
NURS 496 Clinical Practicum                            3                                                                    be dismissed at any time from a clinical
                                                    _______   Fall semester                                                 unit. Unsafe clinical performance is defined
                                                       15     NURS 302 Dynamics of Professional                             as behavior that is actually or potentially
                                                                 Nursing Practice                                    4      injurious to patients or staff and is out of
                                                              NURS 261 Health Assessment for Nursing Practice        3
  * Students who have not satisfactorily (grade of “C”                                                                      the range of ordinary student mistakes.
    or above) completed high school or developmental          NURS 370 Theory and Research in Clinical Practice      3
                                                                                                                            Dismissal for the remainder of the course
    chemistry are not eligible to take the LFSC course                                                                      results in a failing grade for the course as
    but must take a general chemistry course with a lab-      Spring semester
                                                              NURS 415 Community Health Nursing                      6      does any failure to meet course objectives.
    oratory to meet the science requirements.
                                                              NURS 405 Nursing Practice in Long-term Care            3      Further, any student who has been con-
                                                              Upper division elective                                3      victed of a felony may be ineligible for
Accelerated B.S. Program                                                                                                    licensure as a registered nurse in Virginia.
Cirriculum Plan                                               Fall semester                                                 Students or applicants should address any
                                                              NURS 485 Managerial Theory for Nursing Practice        3      questions of this nature directly to the
  Prerequisites include a baccalaureate                       NURS 486 Nursing Management Practicum                  2      Virginia Board of Nursing.
degree from an accredited college or uni-                     NURS 475 Professional Issues in Nursing                3
                                                                                                                               There are additional requirements for
versity. The general education requirements                   Upper-division credits will be awarded after
                                                                                                                            satisfactory progression in the School of
are the same as for the traditional B.S. pro-                    successful completion of NURS 302                   36
                                                                                                                  _______   Nursing and all students are responsible for
gram, but will be met with the previous
                                                              Total required nursing courses                         66     compliance with additional school policies,
degree. Additional prerequisites include
                                                                                                                            listed in the School of Nursing Policy
Microbiology 4 credits, Anatomy and
                                                                                                                            Manual, available on the School of Nursing
Physiology 5-8 credits, English 6 credits,                    Commuting and community practice                              home page (http://www.nursing.vcu.edu).
and Developmental Psychology 3 credits.                          Students are assigned to a variety of hos-
                                                              pitals and health agencies. Occasionally,
  The following is a typical curriculum                       these assignments may be during evening                       Re-admission
plan for the accelerated B.S. student:                        hours. Transportation is sometimes avail-                        Students dismissed from the school or
                                                              able to reach these assignments, but use of                   university who wish to return must re-apply
Summer 1                                                      an automobile is often necessary, especially                  for admission and be considered in relation
NURS 201 Concepts of Nursing                    3
                                                              in community health nursing. Transporta-                      to all other applicants. The applicant must
NURS 202 Technologies of the Nursing Practice   3
NURS 261 Health Assessment for Nursing Practice 3
                                                              tion costs vary widely each semester and                      then meet all criteria for admission and
                                                              may range from very little to more than                       graduation that apply at re-admission.
                                                              $100. Students who anticipate need of
                                                              financial assistance for transportation costs

 298                    Virginia            Commonwealth                   University                •     Undergraduate                Bulletin         •    2003-04
                                                                                                                     School of Nursing

Completion of degree                              plans with the associate dean for the mas-      M.S. program course work. The student
requirements – time limit                         ter’s and undergraduate programs. Before        completes the general education require-
                                                  leaving the school, the proper forms must       ments for the baccalaureate degree prior to
   Once the student enrolls in the School         be obtained from the registrar and com-         entering the R.N.-M.S. track. The track
of Nursing, the degree requirements must          pleted by the student. Failure to follow this   provides the additional courses in the major
be completed within six calendar-years.           procedure may prevent readmission to the        required for the degree and a B.S. degree is
The credentials and programs of a candi-          School of Nursing at a later date.              awarded after the completion of 30 credit
date unable to meet this requirement may                                                          hours of specified course work. All master’s
be evaluated by the Undergraduate                                                                 program concentrations are available to
Admission, Policy and Progression                 Graduate degree programs                        students admitted to this track.
Committee upon request. Such a candidate
may have to meet additional requirements             The School of Nursing offers programs of
established during the interval since
                                                                                                  Admission requirements
                                                  study leading to the master of science, post-     To be considered for admission, appli-
matriculation. All students must be               master’s certificate and doctor of philosophy
enrolled in the School of Nursing for the                                                         cants must have:
                                                  degrees. See the Graduate and Professional        • an associate’s degree or diploma in
final semester of study in order to graduate.     Programs Bulletin for a detailed description        nursing from an accredited program.
                                                  of all graduate programs.                         • transcripts reflecting completion of a
CPR                                                                                                   health assessment course comparable
   Students entering the School of Nursing        Master’s program                                    to NURS 261 and a community
must be certified in cardiopulmonary resus-          The master’s program is designed to offer        health nursing course comparable
citation (CPR) before they begin their first      general core content requisite for advanced         to NURS 415.
clinical nursing course prior to matricula-       practice in nursing as well as content aimed      • acceptable scores on the Graduate
tion in the sophomore year. CPR certifica-        at preparation in a specialty concentration.        Record Examination, including all
tion must include:                                The program is designed to prepare individ-         three components: verbal, quantitative
  • one- and two-rescuer CPR,                     uals for certification as nurse practitioners       and analytical.
  • CPR for infants, children and adults,         and/or clinical nurse specialists. The spe-       • TOEFL scores of greater than 550 for
     and                                          cialty areas are: adult health acute care,          international applicants.
  • rescue breathing for choking infants,         adult health primary care, child health,          • a current, unrestricted registered nurse
     children and adults.                         family health, nursing administration and           license in state, the District of
   Students are required to show evidence         leadership, integrative psychiatric mental          Columbia, or a U.S. possession or ter-
of CPR certification valid to the end of          health and women’s health.                          ritory, or an equivalent credential in
academic year to the Office of Enrollment                                                             another country.
and Student Services before the first clini-                                                        • passing scores on the Qualifying Exam
cal day. Those who are not certified will         Accelerated Second Degree                           of the Commission on Graduates of
not be allowed to participate in the clinical     Program                                             Foreign Nursing Schools (CGFNS)
laboratory and will be considered to have            In response to the growing number of             prior to applying if the applicants are
an unexcused absence.                             individuals with bachelor’s degrees in other        graduate of foreign nursing schools and
                                                  disciplines who are now seeking a career in         are licensed outside of the United
                                                  nursing, the school offers a graduate pro-          States. Applicants must include the
TB screening                                                                                          exam report with their application
                                                  gram whereby an individual can earn a
   All nursing students will have an annual       bachelor’s and master’s degree in nursing.          materials.
TB screening. Students are required to show       Students in the Accelerated Second Degree         • professional liability insurance (not
evidence of this annual screening. Those stu-     Program take courses in the undergraduate           required but highly recommended).
dents who have not had their annual screen-       and master’s program until licensure as a
ing will not be allowed to participate in the     R.N. is obtained. It is anticipated that this   Prerequisite courses
clinical laboratory and will be considered to     will occur at the end of the fifth semester.       The following will be accepted in trans-
have an unexcused absence.                        The master’s degree is awarded after two to     fer only upon a rigorous evaluation of each
                                                  four semesters of additional study depend-      course for comparability to the B.S. pro-
Hepatitis B vaccination                           ing on the area of concentration. This pro-     gram using defined criteria developed by
                                                  gram begins in the summer (see section          expert faculty in community health and
   All nursing students enrolled in clinical                                                      health assessment. Applicants must provide
courses are required to complete the Hepatitis    entitled, “Master’s Program”).
                                                                                                  a copy of the course syllabi and a written
B vaccination series or to provide proof of a                                                     statement of how the course met the objec-
positive antibody titer. The first injection of   R.N.-M.S. Track                                 tives of the VCU courses. VCU course
the series must be received prior to matricula-     The School of Nursing offers a track in       objectives will be provided to applicants.
tion into the School of Nursing.                  the master’s program designed for students      Otherwise the following courses will be
                                                  who have their R.N. but have not com-           taken prior to beginning the R.N.-M.S.
Separation from the school                        pleted the baccalaureate degree. The track      track:
  A student who wishes to withdraw from           includes elements of the R.N.-B.S. program
the School of Nursing should discuss the          and moves the student expeditiously into

 Virginia       Commonwealth               University         •    Undergraduate            Bulletin       •   2003-04                   299
 School of Nursing

                                                   credits    Post-master’s Certificate Program                          Munro, Cindy L. (1992) Associate Professor
   NURS 261 Health Assessment or                                                                                            B.S.N. 1983 Millersville University of Pennsylvania
   comparable course                                 2-3         Individuals with a master’s of science                     M.S. 1984 University of Delaware
   NURS 415 Community Health Nursing or                       degree in nursing may take courses in the                     Ph.D. 1992 Virginia Commonwealth University
   comparable course                                  3       master’s program in order to be eligible for               Salyer, Jeanne (1986) Associate Professor
                                                              the certification exam for advanced nursing                   B.S.N. 1972 University of Alabama
Courses required for the B.S. degree                          practice as a nurse practitioner. The plan of                 M.S.N. 1975 University of Alabama
General education requirements (taken prior to admission      study is dependent on prior master’s work.                    Ph.D. 1992 Virginia Commonwealth University
  to the R.N.-B.S. track)                                     Areas of study offered are: adult health,                  Taliaferro, Donna (2001) Associate Professor
                                                              child health, family health, women’s                          B.S.N. 1973 Murray State University
Communications                                     credits
                                                              health, nursing systems, psychiatric mental                   M.S.N. 1977 Medical College of Georgia
Writing or compositions                               6
                                                              health and spirituality.                                      Ph.D. 1991 Texas Women’s University
Philosophy, ethics, logic or critical thinking        3                                                                  Adjunct faculty
                                                              Doctoral Program                                           Kevin Brigle                  Beth Herndon-Spitzer
General humanities                                    6
                                                                The goal of the doctoral program in nurs-                Jane Ingalls                  Susan H. Jones
Arts                                                          ing is the preparation of scholars to develop              Kathleen Lanigan              Laura Larue
Visual or performing art                              3       knowledge in the discipline of nursing.                    Margaret Mountcastle          Gloria Myers
                                                              Substantive areas of study are: healing, risk              Juan Quintero                 Linda Radford-Goad
Social sciences                                               and resilience, health systems and immuno-                 Linda Williamson
Psychology                                           3-4      competence.
Developmental psychology                              3                                                                  Clinical faculty
Sociology                                             3                                                                  Kathleen Akridge              Kathleen M. Anderson
Mathematics                                                                                                              Kathy Baker                   Cathy M. Boze
Statistics                                            3
                                                              Department of Adult Health Nursing                         Denise Coleman                Courtney Cosby
                                                                 D. Patricia Gray                                        Suellen DeWitt                Kenneth Edmission
Sciences                                                                                                                 Laura Finch                   Julie Fitch
Laboratory sciences*                                  8             Associate Professor and Department Chair (1996)
                                                                    B.S. 1974 University of North Carolina, Charlotte    Patricia Garey                Marie Gerardo
Anatomy and physiology                                8                                                                  Cynthia J. Gifford            Diane L. Hanna
Microbiology                                          4             M.S. 1976 University of North Carolina,
                                                                    Chapel Hill                                          Janet K. Herr                 Jane Kaatz
Nutrition                                             3
                                                                    Ph.D. 1982 University of Utah                        Ann Kaplan                    Janice Keitz
                                                                                                                         Norah R. Knutsen              Catherine D. Lantz
                                                                                                                         Jill M. Mercier               Wanda H. Miller
   Any extra credit from required areas, computer science     Al’Majid, Sadeeka (2000) Assistant Professor
                                                                                                                         Deborah S. Mobley             Mary Ann Mugel
   or other liberal arts courses. Not more than three cred-      B.S.N. 1998 College of Health Sciences, Bahrain
   its in physical education or activity courses.    2-3                                                                 Janet Pinson                  Jo Lynn Robbins
                                                                 M.S.N. 1992 University of Wisconsin
Total general education                              56                                                                  Audrey Roberson               Barbara Jo Roberson
                                                                 Ph.D. 2000 University of Wisconsin
                                                                                                                         Renata C. Sampson             Jane T. Settle
                                                              Boyle, Anne H. (1991) Collateral Assistant Professor
Nursing courses                                                                                                          Lynette D. Short              Katharine K. Spiegel
                                                                 B.S.N. 1971 Duke University
NURS 302 Dynamics of Professional Nursing            4                                                                   Denise C. Thornby
                                                                 M.N. 1977 University of South Carolina
NURS 370 Nursing Theory and Research                 3           Ph.D. 1996 University of Virginia
NURS 475 Professional Issues in Nursing              3                                                                   Emeriti faculty
                                                              Grap, Mary Jo E. (1984) Associate Professor
NURS 485 Managerial Theory                           3                                                                   Exley, Ethelyn E., Associate Professor Emerita
                                                                 B.S.N. 1972 Kent State University
Total undergraduate nursing credit                   13                                                                  Kissinger, Jeanette F., Professor Emerita
                                                                 M.S. 1977 University of Colorado
                                                                                                                            B.S. 1953 College of St. Catherine
                                                                 Ph.D. 1986 Georgia State University
M.S. core curriculum                                                                                                        M.Ed. 1955 University of Minnesota
                                                              Jablonski, Rita A. (1997) Collateral Associate Professor
(credits shared for B.S. and M.S. degrees)                                                                                  Ed.D. 1979 University of Virginia
                                                                 B.S.N. 1986 Holy Family College
NURS 501 Advanced Professionalism I              1                                                                       Olgas, Marya, Associate Professor Emerita
                                                                 M.S.N. 1992 LaSalle University
NURS 502 Pharmacotherapeutics                    3
                                                                 N.P. 1997 University of Pennsylvania
NURS 503 Advanced Nursing Practice: Psychosocial 3
                                                              Langston, Nancy F. (1991) Professor and Dean
NURS 504 Advanced Nursing Practice: Biological   3
                                                                 B.S.N. 1966 University of Arkansas
                                                                                                                         Department of Maternal Child
NURS 508 Advanced Nursing Practice: Systems      3
NURS 511 Health Assessment for Advanced                          M.N. 1972 Emory University                              Nursing
    Nursing Practice                             3               Ph.D. 1977 Georgia State University
NURS 512 Advanced Nursing Science                3            Lipp, Susan L. (1987) Instructor                              Sharron Humenick
Total master’s credits applied to B.S. degree   22*              B.S.N. 1974 University of Virginia                            Professor and Department Chair (1999)
                                                                 M.S.N. 1979 University of North Carolina,                     B.S.N. University of Michigan
   * Not all of these courses are required in each mas-          Chapel Hill                                                   M.P.H. University of California at Berkeley
     ter’s program concentration. However, a student          Mallinson, Kevin (2001) Assitant Professor                       Ph.D. University of Texas at Austin
     must take at least 17 of these credits to meet B.S.         B.S.N. 1989 University of Miami Florida
     degree requirements.                                        M.S.N. 1997 Johns Hopkins University                    Amankwaa, Linda (2001) Assistant Professor
                                                                 Ph.D. 2000 Johns Hopkins University                       A.D. 1977 Santa Fe Community College
Remainder of curriculum (at least 30 credits) is consistent   McCain, Nancy L. (1995) Associate Professor                  B.S.N. 1981 University of Florida
  with all requirements of current M.S. program and spe-         B.S.N. 1973 University of Mississippi                     M.S.N. 1990 Florida State University
  cific to the concentration chosen.                             M.N. 1976 University of Mississippi                       N.P. 1983 University of Pennsylvania and Planned
                                                                 D.S.N. 1983 University of Alabama, Birmingham

 300                       Virginia              Commonwealth             University               •     Undergraduate                 Bulletin            •     2003-04
                                                                                                                                            School of Nursing

   Parenthood Federation of America                       Stephanie G. Metzger        Michelle Meyer-Ban              M.S. 1979 Virginia Commonwealth University
   Ph.D. 2000 Georgia State University                    Kathy Morris                Natalie Moses                   Ph.D. 1983 New York University
Cox, Ann W. (1981) Collateral Assistant Professor         Shirley Napier              Christy Neill                Cutler, Carol (2001) Assistant Professor
   A.D. 1967 Oxford College of Emory University           Aimee Radford               Linda Radford-Goad              B.S.N. 1963 University of Virginia
   B.S.N. 1970 Emory University                           Debra Seegers               Kelly Spann                     M.S.N. 1981 University of Virginia
   M.N. 1971 Emory University                             Stacie Stevens              Linda Stones                    D.N.Sc. 1998 The Catholic University of America
   Ph.D. 1992 Virginia Commonwealth University            Sue Taylor                  Harry Tillman                DeLellis, Anthony J. (1985) Assoicate Professor and
Chapin, Marie (1999) Collateral Assistant Professor                                                                   Assistant Dean for Administration
   A.A.S. 1983 Germanna Community College                 Clinical faculty                                            B.A. 1970 University of Delaware
   B.S. 1978 Mary Washington College                      Elizabeth W. Astin          Annette Backus                  M.A. 1973 Central Michigan University
   M.S. 1993 Virginia Commonwealth University             Betsy A. Bampton            Jacqueline G. Broyles           Ed.D. 1977 University of Virginia
Hearington, Debra K. (1995) Assistant Professor           Valerie Burkholtz-Welch     Elizabeth Chaisson-Ricker    Kirsch, Phyllis (1998) Collateral Assistant Professor
   B.S. 1979 Mary Washington College                      Valerie Coleman             Jennifer C. Condrey             B.S. 1973 Old Dominion University
   B.S. 1981 Virginia Commonwealth University             Sharon A. Cone              Joan Corder-Mabe                M.S. 1990 Virginia Commonwealth University
   M.S. 1985 Virginia Commonwealth University             Marcia S. Davis             Barbara H. Dunn                 M.P.H. 1998 Virginia Commonwealth University
   N.P. 1995 Virginia Commonwealth University             Sarah Eissler               Karen M. Hill-Holliday       Kritek, Phyllis B. (2002) Professor
Henry, JoAnne K. (1978) Associate Professor               Gail W. Johnson             Nancy P. Mason                  B.S.N. 1967 Marillac College
   B.S.N. 1968 University of Virginia                     Yvonne G. Newberry          Judith Parker-Falzoi            M.S.N. 1971 University of Illinois
   M.A. 1971 New York University                          Nancy Pridgen               Barbara Reyna                   Ph.D. 1980 University of Illinois
   Ed.D. 1979 University of Virginia                      Wanda Rivadeneira           Debra P. Shockey             Moon, Martha W. (1998) Assistant Professor
Lewis, Judith A. (1993) Associate Professor               Barbara V. Terrell                                          B.S. 1974 The College of William and Mary
   A.B. 1966 Brandeis University                                                                                      B.S. 1979 Virginia Commonwealth University
   B.S. 1968 Boston University                            Emeriti faculty                                             M.S. 1984 Virginia Commonwealth University
   M.S. 1977 University of California, San Francisco      Bampton, Betsy A., Associate Professor Emerita              Ph.D. 1995 University of California at San Francisco
   Ph.D. 1985 Brandeis University                            A.A. 1957 Frostburg State College                        M.P.H. 1996 University of California at Berkeley
Pickler, Rita H. (1990) Associate Professor                  B.S. 1960 Medical College of Virginia                    Post Doctoral Fellowship 1998 University of
   B.S.N. 1979 University of North Carolina, Greensboro      M.S. 1965 University of Maryland                         California at San Francisco
   M.S.N. 1981 University of North Carolina, Greensboro      Ed.D. 1987 The College of William and Mary
   Ph.D. 1990 University of Virginia                      Clarke, Bernadine A., Associate Professor Emerita        Adjunct faculty
Roux, Gayle M. (2001) Associate Professor                    B.S. 1953 Duke University                             Karen Carter                  Darlene Edwards
   A.D. 1972 Creighton Memorial St. Joseph School            M.S. 1975 Virginia Commonwealth University            Vickie Fisher                 Kathy Fornili
   of Nursing                                             Collins, Judith B., Associate Professor Emerita          Eleanor Garrett               Lauren Goodloe
   B.S.N. 1980 University of Nebraska                        B.S. 1962 University of North Carolina                Neil Horton                   Carlene Jean-Gilles
   M.S. 1988 MS Texas Women’s University                     M.S. 1968 Boston University                           Brenda Krohn                  Anthony Mangiafico
   Ph.D. 1993 Texas Women’s University                    Crowder, Dorothy S., Associate Professor Emerita         Monica S. Markowitz           Lucy Smith
Sawin, Kathleen J. (1987) Associate Professor                B.S. 1974 Virginia Commonwealth University            Margaret Supensky             Harry Tillman
   B.S. University of North Dakota                           M.S. 1976 Virginia Commonwealth University            Shirley Wampler
   M.S. 1976 University of Minnesota                      Crummette, Beauty D., Associate Professor Emerita
   D.N.S. 1988 Indiana University                            B.S. 1958 Medical College of Virginia                 Clinical faculty
   M.S. 1989 University of Wisconsin                         M.A. 1962 Columbia University                         Paula N. Allocca              James E. Ames IV
Scaringi, Eileen (2000) Collateral Assistant Professor       Ph.D. 1978 University of Pittsburgh                   Jan Dalby                     Sarah P. Farrell
   B.S. 1987 University of Sioux Falls                    Youngkin, Ellis Q., Associate Professor Emerita          Pamela R. Faulkner            Stacie W. Fisher
   M.S.N. 1992 Massachusetts General Hospital                                                                      Nancy C. Ford                 Stephanie Johnston
   Institute of Health Professions                                                                                 Connie L. Thompson-Bodkin
Smith, Sheila A. (1991) Instructor                        Department of Integrative Systems
   A.A.S. 1964 Jeanne Mance                                                                                        Emeriti faculty
   B.S.N. 1979 Stephen Austin                               Inez Tuck                                              Barrell, Lorna K. M., Associate Professor Emerita
   M.S.N. 1982 Northwestern University                         Associate Professor and Department Chair (1997)        B.S. 1955 University of Minnesota
Younger, Janet B. (1984) Professor and Associate Dean          B.S.N. 1970 Agricultural & Technical State             M.S. 1970 University of Illinois
   for Undergraduate and Master’s Programs                     University, Greensboro                                 Ph.D. 1980 University of Illinois
   B.S. 1967 Medical College of Virginia                       M.N. 1972 University of Florida, Gainesville        Bobbitt, Katherine C., Associate Professor Emerita
   M.Ed. 1970 University of Virginia                           Ph.D. 1980 University of North Carolina,               B.S. 1956 Medical College of Virginia
   M.S. 1972 Virginia Commonwealth University                  Greensboro                                             M.S. 1965 University of North Carolina
   Ph.D. 1984 University of Virginia                           M.B.A. 1995 University of Tennessee, Knoxville         Ed.D. 1987 Nova University
                                                                                                                   Francis, Gloria M., Professor Emerita
Adjunct faculty                                           Abraham, Isaac (1991) Instructor                            B.S. 1959 Ohio State University
Ron Alligood                Diane Beiring                    B.S.N. 1980 Virginia Commonwealth University             M.S. 1960 Ohio State University
Julie Campbell              Tammy Cauthorne-Burnette         M.S.N. 1990 University of Virginia                       M.S. 1970 University of Pennsylvania
Margaret Clarke             Shelley F. Conroy             Coleman, Christopher (2001) Assistant Professor             Ph.D. 1972 University of Pennsylvania
Denise Crosson              Kathryn P. Davis                 B.S.N. 1980 Walla Walla College                       Munjas, Barbara A. (1972) Professor Emerita
Liza Del Muro               Leslie Fehan                     M.S.N. 1991 Oregan Health Sciences University            B.S. 1959 Ohio State University
Elaine M. Ferrary           Norma Geddes                  Cowling III, W. Richard (1993) Associate Professor          M.S. 1962 Ohio State University
Martha Hart                 Karen Hill-Holliday              B.S.N. 1972 University of Virginia                       M.A. 1970 University of Pennsylvania
Faye Lemon                  Stephanie Marangoni                                                                       Ph.D. 1972 University of Pennsylvania

 Virginia           Commonwealth                  University                •   Undergraduate                  Bulletin        •      2003-04                       301
 School of Nursing

                                                            NURS 305 Knowledge Validation by Portfolio                   derived from pathophysiology, biochemistry and phar-
Courses in nursing (NURS)                                   Semester course; 3 credits. Offered: II. Culminates in       macology for selected human systems.
                                                            submission of a portfolio for validation of course-spe-
The following list is of courses in the nursing major.      cific knowledge and evaluation for full or partial credit.   NURS 366 Nursing Science II
For all courses with a clinical laboratory, the labo-       Elective. RN students only. Involves self-assessment of      Semester course; 3 lecture hours. 3 credits.
ratory is designed to develop the clinical and criti-       prior learning for RN. Requires correlation of experien-     Prerequisites: Anatomy and physiology. Integrates the
cal thinking skills needed to use the nursing               tial and theoretical knowledge with objectives of            foundations of nursing diagnoses and interventions
process with specific population groups.                    selected nursing courses.                                    derived from pathophysiology, biochemistry and phar-
                                                                                                                         macology for selected human systems.
NURS 101 Introduction to Nursing                            NURS 325 Nursing of Adults I
Semester course; 1 lecture hour. 1 credit. Offered:         Semester course; 3 lecture and 6 clinical laboratory         NURS 370 Theory and Research in Clinical
Spring. Introduces future nurses to the process and         hours. 6 credits. Prerequisite: Completion of 200-level      Practice
practice of nursing in the modern health care environ-      required nursing courses. Focuses on the client with         Semester course; 3 lecture hours for undergraduate
ment. Interaction with staff nurses in multiple practice    acute and chronic physical illnesses that have relatively    nursing students; 2 lecture hours for graduate students
environments illuminates “real world” nursing in the        stable trajectories. Examines principles of rehabilitation   who have not taken a research undergraduate course.
“ideal” learning environment. Combines discussions          and concepts relevant to the care of the elderly.            Variable credit: 3 credits for undergraduates; 2 credits
and field experiences.                                      Provides theoretical foundations for nursing manage-         for graduate students. Designed to promote under-
                                                            ment and relates therapeutic regimens. Develops              standing of the role of theory and research in the
NURS 201 Concepts of Nursing                                clinical decision making and selected specialized            development of nursing as a profession. Focus on three
Semester course; 3 lecture hours. 3 credits. Offered: II,   technical skills in the provision of care to adults in a     primary areas: (1) developing the language necessary
S. Pre- or corequisite: NURS 261. Provides a foundation     variety of settings including specialty areas such as        to understand theory and research; (2) analyzing the
for all clinical nursing courses. Content focuses on        the operating room.                                          relevance of theory and research to nursing practice;
human responses to health and illness and those con-                                                                     and (3) beginning to understand the research process.
cepts basic to a caring relationship including nursing      NURS 335 Nursing of Women                                    Skill in the ability to critically read and evaluate nurs-
process, communication, patient teaching, professional      Semester course; 3 lecture and 6 clinical laboratory         ing research literature for application to clinical prac-
responsibility and systems. Introduces roles of technol-    hours. 6 credits. Prerequisite: Completion of 200-level      tice also will be emphasized.
ogy in modern health-care environments, including           nursing course. Examines the health needs of women
management of patient information.                          across the life span with an emphasis on the health          NURS 396 Nursing Internship
                                                            needs of the childbearing family. Applies nursing            Semester course; 120 clinical hours per credit. Variable
NURS 202 Technologies of Nursing Practice                   process, theory and research with an emphasis on the         credit. Pre- or corequisites: Completion of junior-level
Semester course; 6 laboratory hours. 3 credits. Offered:    development of critical thinking skills in the diagnosis     clinical course or equivalent. Some units may require
II, S. Pre- or corequisites: NURS 201, NURS 261.            and treatment of human responses to health needs of          enrollment for three credits. Enrolled students must
Studies and applies techniques basic to all nursing         women, neonates and families. Practices clinical skills      meet requirements for employment at the VCU Medical
practice. Includes cognitive, psychomotor affective and     and applies theoretical knowledge in selected ambula-        Center, including one week of paid orientation.
interpersonal techniques organized through the nursing      tory care settings for women’s health and post-dis-          Provides combination supervised clinical experience
process to provide nursing care based on health needs       charge care, and hospital settings for antenatal, intra-     and paid work experience in selected settings of the
and human responses. Also, focuses on application of        partum, post-partum and neonatal experiences.                VCU Medical Center. Many of these settings are not
principles and demonstration of beginning skills in car-                                                                 available in traditional curriculum. Introduces students
ing relationships; provides opportunities for practice      NURS 345 Nursing of Children                                 to the work life of a nurse.
and demonstration of selected skills in the laboratory      Semester course; 3 lecture and 6 clinical laboratory
and in clinical settings; and introduces tools of patient   hours. 6 credits. Prerequisite: Completion of 200-level      NURS 405 Nursing in Long-term Care
information management and patient monitoring.              required nursing courses. Examines the health needs of       Semester course; 3 lecture hours. 3 credits.
                                                            children within the context of the family system, envi-      Prerequisite: Senior status. Focuses on the care man-
NURS 261 Health Assessment for Nursing                      ronment, developmental capability, stress and adapta-        agement of patients across the life span who require
Practice                                                    tion. Focuses on application of the nursing process,         long-term care. Integrates pathophysiologic presenta-
Semester course; 2 lecture and 3 laboratory hours. 3        development of communication skills, and critical think-     tion of selected chronic, long-term conditions with psy-
credits. Offered: I, S. Prerequisite: Admission to the      ing when giving nursing care to well and ill children.       chophysiologic aspects of patient care, including phar-
nursing program. Pre- or corequisite: Anatomy. Provides     Reinforces current theory and research on children and       macologic and non-pharmacologic treatments. Includes
the student with the knowledge and skills necessary to      their families in clinical experiences. Reinforces stan-     interdisciplinary management of the disease process
enact the first phase of the nursing process, assess-       dards of care for both well and ill children and their       and the patient, family and community response.
ment or the collection of patient specific data and the     families.                                                    Addresses financial impact, health care delivery sys-
formulation of a patient database as the foundation of                                                                   tems and health policy implications. Incorporates long-
the care planning process. Demonstrates specific tech-      NURS 355 Psychiatric-mental Health Nursing                   term therapeutic regimens into the illness trajectory.
niques of patient interview and physical examination        Semester course; 3 lecture and 6 clinical laboratory
skills. Focuses on the healthy adult client. Introduces     hours. 6 credits. Prerequisite: Completion of 200-level      NURS 415 Community Health Nursing
students to a variety of assessment framework to be         required nursing courses. Presents a systems approach        Semester course; 3 lecture and 6 clinical laboratory
used with a diversity of patient populations in acute       to understanding psychiatric-mental health nursing.          hours. 6 credits. Pre- or corequisite: Completion of all
care, ambulatory and community settings.                    Emphasizes the art of psychiatric nursing by developing      300-level required nursing courses. Builds on knowl-
                                                            therapeutic relationships with persons who are in the        edge and practice skills from prior nursing education
NURS 302 Dynamics of Professional Nursing                   mental health system. Applies science of psychiatric         and develops nursing competencies for care of commu-
Practice                                                    nursing by identifying theories used in nursing interven-    nities and targeted populations based on the core func-
Semester course; 3 lecture and 1 clinical laboratory        tions. Focuses upon principles and techniques of com-        tions of public health. Concentrates on an epidemiolog-
hour. 4 credits. Offered: I. Prerequisite: Admission to     munication with individuals and groups. Recognizes           ical approach to population-focused nursing through
undergraduate nursing program. Provides a transition        human responses to selected major mental disorders.          community assessment, evaluation of the effects of
from the student’s initial education into the baccalaure-   Identifies intervention strategies for primary, secondary    contemporary issues and health policy on the public’s
ate program. Expands knowledge of concepts and theo-        and tertiary levels of prevention.                           health. Directs service-learning projects to prevent dis-
ries of nursing practice using a process aimed at evalu-                                                                 ease and promote and preserve the health of popula-
ating and validating clinical practice in the student’s     NURS 365 Nursing Science I                                   tions at risk.
work setting. Introduces information technology in          Semester course; 3 lecture hours. 3 credits.
modern health care and academic environments.               Prerequisites: Anatomy and physiology. Integrates the        NURS 425 Nursing of Adults II
                                                            foundations of nursing diagnosis and interventions           Semester course; 3 lecture and 6 clinical laboratory
                                                                                                                         hours. 6 credits. Pre- or corequisite: Completion of all

 302                   Virginia           Commonwealth                   University                •     Undergraduate                 Bulletin              •     2003-04
                                                                                                                                                            School of Nursing

300-level required nursing courses. Focuses on the client          Focuses on the client in the critical phase of physical ill-    NURS 491 Special Topics Course
in acute phases of physical illnesses and with compli-             ness with complicated multisystem health problems. It           This course has several sections, one is a Military
cated multisystem health problems. Provides theoretical            provides an opportunity for practice in a critical care area.   Science section related to ROTC requirements. Military
foundations for nursing management and related thera-                                                                              Science majors may take the course.
peutic regimens. Focuses on the development and appli-             NURS 475 Professional Issues in Nursing
cation of clinical decision making in the provision of care        Semester course; 3 lecture hours. 3 credits. Focuses on         NURS 492 Elective Study
to acutely ill adults in a variety of settings.                    issues of professional practice by exploring the history        1 to 5 credits. Prerequisite: Consent of department.
                                                                   of nursing, health care policy, codes of ethics and legal       Independent study projects planned to meet the learn-
NURS 426 Critical Care Nursing I                                   and economic implications for nursing. Provides oppor-          ing objectives of the student.
Semester course; 3 lecture hours. 3 credits. Offered:              tunities for students to demonstrate competence in
Fall semester. Prerequisite: Licensure as a registered             group process.                                                  NURS 496 Clinical Practicum
nurse or senior undergraduate nursing student with                                                                                 Semester course; 9 clinical laboratory hours. 3 credits.
permission of instructor. Focuses on nursing care of the           NURS 476 Professional Transitions                               Pre- or corequisite: Completion of all 300-level required
critically ill adult with health care needs in the follow-         Semester course; 1 lecture hour. 1 credit. Prerequisite:        nursing courses. Facilitates transition into the profes-
ing systems: cardiovascular, endocrine, pulmonary,                 NURS 201. Focuses on the development of the second-             sional role using a faculty-student-practicing nurse
immunology and hematology. Focuses on the develop-                 degree student as a professional nurse within the con-          mentorship model. Provides opportunities for practice
ment and application of clinical decision making in the            text of prior education. Analyzes social forces, issues         in a student-selected specialty area.
provision of care to critically ill or injured adults in a         and trends that have shaped the profession.
variety of settings.                                                                                                               NURS 497 Specialty Clinical Practice
                                                                   NURS 485 Managerial Theory for Nursing                          Semester course; variable; 1-3 credits. Offered: I, II.
NURS 427 Critical Care Nursing Technologies                        Practice                                                        Prerequisites: RN licensure and enrollment in R.N.-B.S.
Semester course; 2 lecture and 3 laboratory hours. 3               Semester course; 3 lecture hours. 3 credits. Focuses on         track or graduate nursing program. Completion or
credits. Offered: Fall semester. Prerequisite: Licensure           principles of management as applied to nursing service          enrollment in 200 and 300-level courses or permission
as a registered nurse or senior undergraduate nursing              units, organization of nursing services and health care         of instructor is required. Advances professional nursing
student with permission of instructor. Focuses on criti-           systems.                                                        clinical competence using a faculty-student-preceptor
cal care technologies that are commonly used in care                                                                               mentorship model in a student selected area of spe-
of the critically ill. Course content will include the theo-       NURS 486 Nursing Leadership and Management                      cialty clinical nursing practice.
retical principles on which the selected technologies              Practicum
are based as well as discussions of the practical use              6 clinical laboratory hours. 2 credits. Pre- (by one            NURS 514/INTL 514 International Perspectives on
and troubleshooting of the technologies presented.                 semester) or corequisite: NURS 485 and completion of            Community Health in Developing Countries
                                                                   300-level required nursing courses. Provides opportuni-         Semester course; 1 lecture and 2 laboratory hours. 3
NURS 428 Critical Care Nursing II                                  ties to apply management principles to nursing practice         credits. This course may be taken for a maximum of six
Semester course; 3 lecture hours. 3 credits. Offered:              in a variety of settings and specialty areas.                   credits in two different world areas. Open to under-
Spring semester. Prerequisite: Licensure as a registered                                                                           graduate (junior or senior level) and graduate students.
nurse or senior undergraduate nursing student with per-            NURS 487 Leadership in Today’s Health-care                      Explores the impact of national and international policy
mission of instructor. Focuses on nursing care of the criti-       Environment                                                     decisions on the health and well-being of individuals
cally ill adult with health care needs in the following sys-       Semester course; 2 independent study and 3 clinical             and communities (country varies semester to semes-
tems: neurology, gastrointestinal and renal. Focuses on            laboratory hours. 3 credits. Prerequisite: Completion of        ter). Examines the relationship of cultural beliefs and
the development and application of clinical decision mak-          NURS 302 or senior status. Provides an opportunity for          values on health-seeking behaviors. Allows students to
ing in the provision of care to critically ill or injured adults   preceptorship with a nurse who is leading the profes-           become immersed in a culture different than their own.
in a variety of settings.                                          sion. Leadership may be in service, education, health           Evaluates the impact of international conflict and eco-
NURS 429 Critical Care Nursing Practicum                           policy or research and is not defined by position but by        nomic development on the health status of the commu-
Semester course; 9 clinical laboratory hours. 3 credits.           its influence in the discipline. Observation of the leader      nity. See Schedule of Classes for location.
Offered: Spring semester. Prerequisites: Completion of             planning and delivering effective innovation and ana-
Critical Care Nursing I and Critical Care Nursing                  lyzing the effectiveness leadership behaviors. Construct
Technologies. Completion of Critical Care Nursing II or            a personal leadership development plan.
may be taken concurrently with Critical Care Nursing II.

 Virginia             Commonwealth                         University               •     Undergraduate                     Bulletin           •    2003-04                          303
School of Nursing

304         Virginia   Commonwealth   University   •   Undergraduate   Bulletin   •   2003-04

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