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									                                                                      Department: Tibus
                                                                      Completed by: RMCK/JC
                                                                      Date: January 2012

                                JOB DESCRIPTION

Job Title:     Creative Director

Reporting to: Managing Director, Tibus

Purpose of     Setting the creative bar in Tibus, the post-holder will be responsible for all
role:          aspects of creative output including campaign origination and creativity, assisting
               in the development of new business, company marketing output, quality of
               creative output, graphic design and rich media design within Tibus. The post-
               holder will work with the other teams and colleagues in the business to deliver

               Heavily involved in business development, the post-holder will require a strategic
               understanding of client requirements and the use of appropriate media to
               originate, present and deliver distinctive, engaging and motivating digital projects
               and campaigns for Tibus clients. Working as part of a senior team, the post-
               holder will coordinate the delegation of work to involve additional or third-party
               involvement where appropriate

Main Duties:   To liaise with the relevant people and departments in the business in identifying
               and targeting new business opportunities requiring creative input, both from
               within and outside the current client base.

               To originate and produce engaging and effective design for Tibus and our client
               base, taking advantage of the full spectrum of available platforms and media, to
               include rich media, video, social networks, animation, online advertising, micro-
               sites and interactive presentations.

               To research, devise, get buy in for, and roll out appropriate marketing messages
               and materials externally, to market Tibus as an industry leader in the digital
               space, taking advantage of appropriate marketing practices.

               To work alongside the User Experience Director to integrate our creative output
               recommendations with best practice user experience and interface design.

               To manage, motivate, develop and recruit team members.
To maintain in-house standards of documentation and archiving

To support team members

To participate in the full range of management activities

To be responsible for implementing Health and Safety, Equal Opportunities and
Human Resources Policies as required

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