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					                           Anatomic High School MTB Series

                          REGULATIONS AND GENERAL INFO – 2011 SERIES

NOTE: Only Bona Fide public and private high schools may take part in the series. Riders may
only ride for the school that they officially attend and cannot ride for any other school or

                                 AGE AND RACING CATEGORIES

Each rider is classified according to his or her age on DECEMBER 31ST of the current year. The
age class and category to which a rider belongs is identified on the SA-MTB license.

In addition, age category winners may be recognized in the following age classes

CODE CATEGORY                  AGE CLASS            AGE YRS         NOTES

JG     Sub Junior Girls        Under 14             13-14           Girls Only

JB     Sub Junior Boys         Under 14             13-14           Boys Only

YW     Youth Women             Under 16             15-16           Women Only

YM     Youth Men               Under 16             15-16           Men Only

JW     Junior Women            Under 18             17-18           Women Only

JM     Junior Men              Under 18             17-18           Men Only

To determine age use following calculation – current year minus year of birth = age (ie 2010 –
1995 = 15 years)

                              RACING LICENSE AND IDENTIFICATION

A valid Cycling South Africa Member License is required for participation in all High School
Series Events.

A rider must present his/her license at registration in order to compete. Any rider who cannot
present an annual license must purchase a Day License for that event.

It is recommended that all riders obtain a Member License for the year.

          Revision 01                                                        Date: January 2011
                             Anatomic High School MTB Series


A course will be approximately 5km per lap. The duration of the race varies from category to
category, optimum times for this series, per category are listed below.

Mens laps

Juniors                    1hour15min

Youth                      1 hour

Sub-Juniors                45 min

Which depending on the course layout equates to 5, 4, 3 laps respectively

Girls laps depending on the size of the field

Junior                     4 laps

Youth                      3 laps

Sub-Juniors                2 laps

If the field is too small there will be one group of girls all racing 3 laps.

                                         COURSE MARKINGS

Riders are to take note and study the course markings.

     Straight Ahead                     Right Turn                      Left Turn
    Straight Ahead Slow                Danger Slow                    Danger Very Slow

    X Wrong Way                         Bridge Ahead                         Water Crossing

Other course markings may also consist of danger tape or other types of materials.

             Revision 01                                                            Date: January 2011
                         Anatomic High School MTB Series

                                  RIDING ATTIRE / DRESS CODE

Schools are encouraged to have unique cycling gear manufactured. However it is not
compulsory for schools to have unique school colours.

The wearing of sleeveless jerseys is not encouraged and is forbidden at UCI events.

Cycling helmets - Any riders not wearing their cycling helmets, with the retention strap properly
fastened, at any time during the race will be disqualified.

Only recognized hard-shell cycling helmets complying with recognized standards will be

                                       START AND FINISH


Number boards must be affixed to handle bars, facing forward and be visible at all times.

Number boards must not be obscured by brake cables or pipes.

Number boards must not cut, modify or mutilate in any way. No stickers may be added or

Riders must load from the back of the designated loading and start chute.

At least one foot must be on the ground at the start at all times.

Riders who jump the start may receive a penalty or be disqualified.

I Pod, MP3, Walkmans, Cell phones or any other audio device are not allowed to be used during
racing as they are considered dangerous to the rider and co-riders.


There is no seeding for the first event of the Series. Inexperience or unfit riders are encouraged
to start at the back. There after the first twenty riders for every event will be seeded. For the
girls the first 5 riders will be seeded. The race organizers and Commissaire reserve the right to
allocate seeding positions based on rider’s current form in provincial and national cross country
and marathon races.

          Revision 01                                                        Date: January 2011
                          Anatomic High School MTB Series

                                     POINTS SCORING SYSTEM

Points will be allocated to the top 25 positions for the boys; starting with 26 points for the
winner and then one less per finisher. Every finisher from position 26 will receive a point.

Points will be allocated to the top 10 positions for the girls; starting with 11 points for the
winner and then one less per finisher. Every finisher from position 11 will receive a point.

Once the first rider of a race is in, the race course will be closed.

All the various riders from a school points are added together to make up the school log.

Should two schools have the same points at the end of the Series, there will be a count back of
positions to determine a winner e.g. school with most 1st positions will be the winner, if none of
the schools have a 1st positions then the 2nd places will be counted etc.

Should two riders have equal points in the same category at the end of the Series; their position
at the last event of the Series will determine the winner.

                                              THE RACE

Riders who are racing for podium positions and series points must complete the entire distance
of the race and the responsibility for following the official route lies with the rider.

A rider is not permitted to take any shortcuts or to omit a circuit or take advantage of a similar
nature against opponents.

If a rider exits the route of the course for any reason, he/she must return to the course at the
exact same point from which he/she exited.

Any walking, running or riding by a rider which is carried out without the intention of directly
re-joining the course, or other activity in breach of the regulations, which takes place outside of
the marked course area, will result in disqualification.

A rider may receive technical assistance along the course from a fellow competitor but not from
anyone outside of the course.

A rider must act in a polite manner at all times and permit any faster rider to overtake without

Riders must respect the countryside and not litter and not use offensive or abusive language
during the race, act in an anti-sporting manner, be disrespectful to the officials or ignore the
race regulations.
          Revision 01                                                           Date: January 2011
                         Anatomic High School MTB Series

                             TECHNICAL ASSITANCE AND FEED ZONE

Technical assistance and feeding during a race is permitted subject to the following conditions

Authorised technical assistance during a race consists of repairs to or the replacement of any
part of the bicycle other than the frame. Complete bike changes are not permitted and the
rider must cross the finishing line with the same handlebar number board that they had at the

Technical assistance shall only be given in the designated feed/technical assistance zones.

Technical assistance is however allowed between competitors riding the same race and on the
same route. Assistance from anybody else/outside assistance is not permitted.

During feeding no physical contact between feeders and riders is allowed. This will be
considered as illegal technical assistance.

It is not permitted for a feeder to place water bottles on to the bike, and – or place food and
water bottles in the rider’s pockets. All food and bottles must be handed to the rider.
Considered illegal technical assistance.

No rider may turn back on the course to reach a feeding/technical assistance zone. Once past
the feed/tech zone a rider must follow the course until the next feed/tech zone before
receiving external feeding or external technical assistance. NO BACK TRACKING IS PERMITTED.

It is forbidden for feeders to run beside their riders in the feed zone.

Water bottles being discarded by riders in the feed zone will be done so in a safe manner and
the throwing or tossing of water bottles at any time is forbidden.

Outside feeding is considered illegal technical assistance

          Revision 01                                                         Date: January 2011
                           Anatomic High School MTB Series


Penalties can be imposed according to the nature of the offence and one of the following can
be used depending on the severity.

Relegation of position (by one or more positions)

Time or points penalty




Any rider who considers he has been prejudiced by any action during the competition may
submit a protest to the Chief Commissaire after he/she has crossed the finish line. The protest
in writing must be submitted within 15 min of the end of his/her race with a fee of R50-00 to
the Chief Commissaire.

                                      LIST OF PENALTIES

Illegal repairs to the bike,

Unauthorised feeding and technical assistance

Jersey pulling and pushing

Obstruction of any rider

Unsporting conduct

Taking Shortcuts

Indecent Conduct Foul language

Fighting between competitors and officials

Pollution or discarding of wrappers or containers

Use of I Pods, MP3 players and other similar audio devices during competition

Where specific provision for any incident has not been made in these rules, the decision of the
Chief Commissaire is final.

           Revision 01                                                      Date: January 2011
                        Anatomic High School MTB Series

Note: These rules are based on UCI and CSA MTB rules but have been specifically adapted for
the Anatomic High Schools MTB Series as applicable.

          Revision 01                                                     Date: January 2011

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