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2010 Black Tie Gala Salutes
Humanism in Patient Care
The glamour that is New York City was a perfect backdrop
on May 8 for the annual Black Tie Gala to benefit
Englewood Hospital and Medical Center. Guests celebrated
the fifth anniversary of The Russell and Angelica Berrie
Center for Humanistic Care and the Medical Center’s                                        Angelica Berrie cuts the ribbon at the opening of The Russell and Angelica Berrie
commitment to humanism.                                                                    Center for Humanistic Care in 2004.

  The affair was held at Pier                                                                                 coincided with a growing relationship
Sixty. Guests enjoyed a cocktail                                                                              between the hospital and The Russell
reception and live jazz under the                                                                             Berrie Foundation. The fruits of
direction of guitarist Roni Ben-                                                                              their combined effort resulted in the
Hur, followed by a program and                                                                                building of The Russell and Angelica
concert emceed by the popular                                                                                 Berrie Center for Humanistic Care, an
commentator Steve Adubato.                                                                                    outpatient facility that incorporates the
Sweet Georgia Brown, the “Last                                                                                best qualities of humanism.
of the Red Hot Mamas,” and                                                                                      This commitment to humanism has
The Blues Crusaders and Davell                                                                                been reaffirmed repeatedly, most notably
Crawford, “The Piano Prince of                                                                                with the opening of The Kaplen Pavilion,
New Orleans,” headlined the bill. The Kaplen Pavilion includes 60,000 square feet designed to incorporate the a next-generation facility with a special
  It was little more than 10 years best practices of humanism in patient care.                                focus on patient comfort and privacy.
ago that Englewood Hospital
began a complete overhaul of its physical, emotional, and                            To find out about upcoming Englewood Hospital Foundation events,
spiritual underpinnings by embracing humanism. The initiative                     visit EnglewoodHospitalFoundation.org.

    Concierge Care
    When you or a loved one is in the hospital, the demands of everyday life do not stop. Thanks to the
    Guest Services Program at Englewood Hospital and Medical Center, we can coordinate the services
    you and your family need to restore a sense of normalcy while you heal.
       Guest services liaisons offer concierge-like                                                               “Our guest services liaisons are
    assistance to make patients feel more at home during                                                        here to accommodate any request
    their stay at Englewood Hospital. Through our liaisons,                                                     of patients and their families,” says
    patients and families have access to an array of specialty                                                  Maribel Lopez, Senior Guest Services
    offerings, including:                                                                                       Liaison at Englewood Hospital.
      • Books                                                                                                   “Knowing needed items are taken care
      • Car service                                                                                             of allows patients to focus on healing.”
      • CD/DVD players
      • Games/puzzles                                                                                                If you or a loved one is at
      • Gift shop items                                                                                           Englewood Hospital, a guest services
      • Hair/nail services (payment due at time of service)                                                       liaison is available Monday through
      • Laptop rental with free wireless Internet                                                                 Friday from 9:00 a.m. until 7:00 p.m.
      • Local hotel and restaurant information                                                                    and on Saturday from 9:00 a.m. until
      • Mail/fax services                                                                                         5:00 p.m. Call (201) 894-3557 or
      • Massage/aromatherapy                                                                                      e-mail GuestServices@ehmc.com to
      • Pet care
                                                                     Maribel Lopez, Senior Guest Services Liaison learn more.
      • Transportation information
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Are You Ready for
(Safe) Summer Fun?
Referred to as “trauma season” in many hospital emergency departments, summer presents a host of
potential dangers not seen during any other season. The good news is by taking a few simple precautions,
you can prevent common summer injuries.
  The following are a few precautions you can take to help avoid
accidents and trips to your local emergency department this summer.
  • Beware leaves of three. Poison oak, ivy, and sumac are all
                                                                              CHECk INTo SuMMER
                                                                              Are you ready for summer? Remember the
    known to cause an allergic, itchy reaction when exposed to the            following checklist to ensure your family’s
    skin. Though these itchy red bumps or blisters cannot be cured,           summer is a safe one:
    there are ways to lessen the discomfort they inflict while they
                                                                              • Aloe gel              • Hydrocortisone cream
    heal, such as cool showers and over-the-counter calamine lotions.
    Take the time to educate yourself and your family about the               • Bandages              • Pain reliever
    potential plant dangers in your area and what should be avoided.          • Bug spray             • Portable water bottle
  • Gear up. “The number of injuries related to leisure activities like       • Electric fan          • Sunscreen
    sports, yard work, and home improvements typically increases              • Hat                   • Sunglasses
    over the summer,” says David Istvan, MD, Chief of Emergency
    Medicine at Englewood Hospital and Medical Center. “By
    wearing the appropriate equipment, such as a helmet, eye
    protection, or knee and elbow pads, children and adults may
    avoid injuries or lessen the severity of accidents.”
  • Bug off. Whether you are allergic or not, summer insect
    bites can be quite frustrating. Arm yourself by using a product
    containing the ingredient DEET or Picaridin. In the event you
    or someone you know suffers from a bug bite, a hydrocortisone
    cream can provide itch relief.
  Remember: any rash accompanied with a sore throat or fever
could signal a serious infection and should be examined by a
healthcare professional immediately.
  • Drink up. Rising temperatures can easily result in dehydration,
    heat exhaustion, and heat stroke. Keep a bottle of water with you
    at all times and seek shade whenever possible.
                            • Shield yourself. “Too much sun exposure
                              can leave the skin sunburned and irritated,”
                              says Dr. Istvan. “Apply a sunscreen with
                              an SPF [sun protection factor] of 30 or
                              higher every two hours and immediately
                              after swimming or sweating excessively.
                              Lightweight, breathable long-sleeved shirts
                              and pants can also help protect the skin from
                              the sun’s ultraviolet rays.”
David Istvan, MD, Chief
of Emergency Medicine       Did you know Englewood Hospital has a
                          new and improved Emergency Care Center?
                          To learn more—and watch a video—visit
                                                                                                        Summer 2010 HealtHy you ¦ 3
Compassionate, Comprehensive

Breast Care
The leslie Simon Breast Care and Cytodiagnosis Center at Englewood Hospital and Medical Center is an
internationally recognized leader in breast cancer diagnosis and treatment. For women diagnosed with
breast cancer, the Breast Care Center offers the expertise, advanced methods, and personal support to help
them along every step of their journey while facing the disease.

                                                The Breast Care Center is              Some of the highlights of the Center’s
                                             the only breast care facility in        continuum of care include:
                                             New Jersey—and one of the first           • Dedicated breast MRI unit used to
                                            nationwide—to be recognized by               obtain conventional images and perform
                                           the National Accreditation Program            MRI biopsy
                                         for Breast Centers. The American              • Digital mammography, which offers
                                         College of Radiology designated                 clearer images and a greater level of detail
                                        the Breast Care Center a Center                  than traditional film mammography
                                       of Excellence, and the Intersocietal            • High-Risk Breast Cancer Program
                                      Commission for the Accreditation                   that provides a risk assessment, breast
                                     of Magnetic Resonance Laboratories                  exam, genetic counseling and testing, and
                                    accredited the Center for breast magnetic            a personalized screening and prevention
                                    resonance imaging (MRI).                             plan for women with increased risk of
                                       “One thing that sets us apart is our              developing breast cancer
                                    ability to perform fine-needle aspiration,         • Mammography Screening Center, a
                                    a technique for diagnosing cancer. A                 facility that opened in fall 2009 to allow
                                    cytopathologist is always on-site and                diagnostic and screening mammography
                                       available to perform the test and interpret       patients to wait in separate areas
                                          the results immediately,” says Dawn          • Telephone system that allows screening
                                             Hegadorn, Administrative Director           mammography patients to access their
                                                of the Breast Care Center. “This         results within 24 hours
                                                   allows us to provide patients
                                                      with a diagnosis before they
                                                        leave instead of requiring   HElPING PATIENTS MAkE CoNNECTIoNS
                                                          them to return later.”       One of the Center’s newest additions is
                                                                                     the Volunteer Survivor Program, which
                                                                                     pairs individuals who’ve been diagnosed
                                                                                     and treated for breast cancer at Englewood
                                                                                     Hospital with current patients to share
                                                                                     their experiences.
                                                                                       “This program helps patients gain a
                                                                                     better idea of what to expect during their
                                                                                     cancer treatment at Englewood Hospital,”
                                                                                     Ms. Hegadorn says. “We want patients to
                                                                                     feel comfortable and know our Breast Care
                                                                                     Center is a place to find compassionate care
                                                                                     as well as top-notch clinical expertise.”

                                                                                       For more information about the Center
                                                                                     or to download a sign-up form for
                                                                                     the Volunteer Survivor Program, visit
                                                                                     EnglewoodHospital.com and select
4 ¦ HealtHy you Summer 2010
                                                                                     “The Leslie Simon Breast Care Center.”
YouR ANNuAl MAMMoGRAM:                           TAkE TIME FoR YouRSElF                                 HElPING PATIENTS ACCESS THE
Too IMPoRTANT To DElAY                                                                                  SERvICES THEY NEED
                                                 The Center for Integrative Healing at
In November 2009, the United States              Englewood Hospital and Medical Center                  Since January 2010, the Patient Navigator
Preventive Services Task Force (USPSTF)          offers many ways for breast cancer patients            Program at Englewood Hospital and
made some significant changes to its             to manage stress and maintain a sense of               Medical Center has helped breast cancer
breast cancer screening guidelines,              well-being during their journey while facing           patients access services and programs
including a recommendation that women            the disease. Some of the services offered              available at Englewood Hospital and
undergo their first screening mammogram          at the Center include acupuncture, holistic            Medical Center through the local chapter
at age 50 instead of 40. Physicians              nutritional counseling, and mind/body                  of the American Cancer Society (ACS).
at The Leslie Simon Breast Care and              stress management programs.                            Patient navigators reach out to all women
Cytodiagnosis Center at Englewood                                                                       diagnosed with the disease in order to
Hospital and Medical Center believe the          Felicia Callagy, Coordinator of the Center,            help answer their questions and provide
USPSTF’s recommendations have the                is a specialist in breast cancer massage,              them with information about services
potential to confuse women and undermine         which removes toxins, increases blood                  that offer both tangible support, including
the progress made during the last 20 years       flow, and stimulates deep relaxation for               free wigs from Englewood Hospital, and
of reducing the breast cancer death rates        patients. She also performs lymph drainage             emotional support, such as the ACS’
in the United States.                            therapy for pre- and post-mastectomy                   Reach to Recovery Program that connects
                                                 patients that can redirect water in the area           patients with survivors.
“The USPSTF panel consisted of                   around the limbs to other parts of the body.
government officials rather than breast                                                                 “A breast cancer patient’s needs change
experts, and they relied on outdated             “I’m a breast cancer survivor and know                 over time,” says Cathy Lauer, MS, LCSW,
studies to form their recommendations,”          only too well how stressful cancer can                 Patient Navigator at Englewood Hospital
says Mindy Goldfischer, MD, Associate            be for women who have a lot going on                   and Director of Patient and Family Services
Medical Director and Chief of Breast             in their lives,” Ms. Callagy says. “In                 for the local ACS chapter. “We help women
Imaging at the Center. “The screening            September, we’ll begin a wellness series               find what they need on their journey from
guidelines recommended by the American           for breast cancer patients. It’s my hope               diagnosis through survivorship.”
College of Radiology state that women            that this service, along with our other
should have a mammogram every year               programs, will help women take time to
beginning at age 40. In addition, women          focus on themselves.”
with a family history of pre-menopausal
breast cancer should be evaluated
starting at age 30. Unlike the task force
study, these recommendations were
made on the basis of peer-reviewed
journals and studies to check the
recommendations’ validity. Mammography
is the only screening tool that is proven
to decrease breast cancer death rates.
The earlier the disease is detected, the
less chance a patient stands of needing
aggressive therapy for treatment.”
                                                                                                        Cathy Lauer, MS, LCSW, Patient Navigator

                                                 Felicia Callagy, Coordinator, Center for Integrative
                                                 Healing; Certified Massage Therapist

Mindy Goldfischer, MD, Chief of Breast Imaging
                                                                                                                                   Summer 2010 HealtHy you ¦ 5
   Celebrating Milestones in
                                                                                                       The Institute for Patient
                                                                                                       Blood Management and
                                                                                                    Bloodless Medicine and
                                                                                                    Surgery at Englewood Hospital
                                                                                                    and Medical Center celebrates
   The primary mission of The Institute is         SHINING ACHIEvEMENTS                             15 years of excellence,
to care for a population who was medically           After the first year, the staff recognized     demonstrating the benefits
underserved because of their religious beliefs     patients treated with the optimal blood          of blood management around
that required treatment without the use of         management approach were ready to
blood transfusions. The positive experience        discharge more quickly than patients
                                                                                                    the globe.
of caring for this patient population—and          receiving conventional care. This realization
the accumulating data showing optimal              led to the expansion of the bloodless
blood management is beneficial for all
patients—has expanded The Institute’s
                                                   medicine approach to all qualifying patients
                                                   at Englewood Hospital.
                                                                                                    NEW FuNDING
mission to include research and education,
creating a new standard of care.
                                                     Other milestones of The Institute’s first 15
                                                   years include:
                                                                                                    FoR EDuCATIoN
   “Through The Institute, Englewood                 • Helping patients from 47 U.S. states         The Institute for Patient Blood Management
Hospital took on the challenge to provide              and 43 countries worldwide                   and Bloodless Medicine and Surgery at
bloodless care for patients who desired              • Participating in a cardiac                   Englewood Hospital and Medical Center
this option, causing a flood of requests for           surgery demonstration                        recently received $1.49 million in federal
treatment from all over the country and the          • Receiving a federal grant of                 funds to provide blood management
world,” says Aryeh Shander, MD, FCCM,                  $5 million to provide blood                  education to civilian and military physicians.
FCCP, Executive Medical Director of The                management training to physicians            Administered through the U.S. Army
Institute. “Optimal blood management                   in the U.S. and abroad                       Medical Research and Medical Command,
is only one of many efforts Englewood                “In 2000, we began performing cardiac          participants will learn how to implement
Hospital pursues to ensure patients                surgery as part of a state-directed program      blood management techniques, collect
continually receive care that is on the            designed to show how blood conservation          data, and instruct physicians in blood
cutting edge.”                                     leads to better outcomes,” says Sherri           management strategies.
                                                   Ozawa, RN, Clinical Director of The
                                                   Institute. “Today, our patient outcomes are      CAuSE FoR CElEBRATIoN
                                                   better than other facilities in New Jersey for   Data shows blood management to be more
                                                   mortality and morbidity, which we feel is due    cost effective than transfusions, beneficial
                                                   in part to our blood management approach.”       for patients, and an important technology
                                                                                                    in combat or after natural disasters when
                                                     For more information about The                 blood for transfusions is in short supply.
                                                   Institute for Patient Blood Management           Steve Rothman (D), representing the
                                                   and Bloodless Medicine and Surgery, visit        ninth congressional district, has been a
   Sherri Ozawa, RN,          Aryeh Shander, MD,   EnglewoodHospital.com.                           strong advocate of blood management in
   Clinical Director of       FCCM, FCCP                                                            Washington, D.C., and announced the grant
   The Institute
                                                                                                    funding in January 2010.
6 ¦ HealtHy you Summer 2010
                                                                                                   FoR PRoSTATE CENTER
                                                                                                   Surgeons at Englewood Hospital and Medical
                                                                                                   Center offer patients a minimally invasive
                                                                                                   option for prostatectomy—the da Vinci®
                                                                                                   Prostatectomy. This robotic-assisted surgical
                                                                                                   procedure is the No. 1 choice for treatment of
                                                                                                   localized prostate cancer in the United States.

                                                                                                   “We’ve perfected our techniques to optimize
                                                                                                   cancer control while minimizing side effects,”
                                                                                                   says urologist Richard Lee, MD, Director of

In the know:
                                                                                                   Robotic Surgery at Englewood Hospital. “In
                                                                                                   addition to less pain, minimal blood loss, and
                                                                                                   a quicker return to normal activities, robotic

Prostate Health
                                                                                                   prostate surgery results in earlier return of
                                                                                                   sexual function and urinary continence, a
                                                                                                   major concern for many patients.”

According to the American Cancer Society, one in six men will get
prostate cancer in his lifetime. Did you know that routine prostate                                SuPPoRT FoR A
health screenings can spot prostate cancer in its earliest, most
treatable stages?
                                                                                                   loCAl CAuSE
                                                                                                   The Prostate Health & Awareness Group of
  If you’re experiencing any difficulty        National Prostate Cancer Awareness Week             New Jersey (PH&A) was founded by local
urinating, including hesitancy, frequent       in September. Patients are offered a PSA            businessman Mario Roselli, owner of Vero
urination, or a sensation of the bladder not   screening as well as a digital rectal exam by       Uomo Distinctive Men’s Apparel. Their
emptying, talk with your physician about       an on-staff urologist.                              mission is to educate men about prostate
your prostate health. These symptoms              “Through free screenings and                     health. Eric J. Margolis, MD, FACS,
may potentially indicate prostate disease or   educational outreach, we want men to                urologist on staff at Englewood Hospital
prostate cancer.                               be aware that prostate cancer exists,”              and Medical Center, says the group keeps
  “Men should receive an annual digital        says Dr. Andronaco. “If a problem                   the cause local.
rectal exam as well as screening for a         is detected, we also want them to
prostate-specific antigen [PSA] in the         know Englewood Hospital offers the                  “We’re looking to raise awareness within
blood starting at age 50,” says Raymond        most modern, effective therapies and                our community by advocating education,”
Andronaco, MD, Chief of Urology at             treatment available.”                               Dr. Margolis says. “We’re also interested
Englewood Hospital and Medical Center.                                                             in encouraging preventive alternatives for
“Talk with your physician about your risk        For a referral to an Englewood Hospital           prostate health through nutrition.”
factors. Men who are at high risk may need     urologist, visit EnglewoodHospital.com or call
to begin screening at an earlier age.”         1-866-980-EHMC.                                     Check EnglewoodHospitalFoundation.org
  While the cause of prostate cancer is                                                            for upcoming events sponsored by the
unknown, certain risk factors have been                                                            PH&A Group and Vero Uumo. The money
associated with prostate cancer, including:                                                        raised will support prostate health and
  • Age—risk increases, especially after the                                                       education programs at Englewood Hospital
    age of 50                                                                                      and in the community.
  • Race—African-American men are at
    greater risk
  • Family history—having a first-degree
    relative indicates increased risk

  Englewood Hospital sponsors a free             Raymond Andronaco, MD,   Richard Lee, MD,
                                                 Chief of Urology         Urologist, Director of
screening that is open to the public during                               Robotic Surgery                                   Summer 2010 HealtHy you ¦ 7
                                                                                                                                         Nonprofit Org.
                                                                                                                                          US Postage
         350 Engle Street                                                                                                               Lynchburg, VA
         Englewood, NJ 07631                                                                                                            Permit No. 830

                              Healthy You is a publication of the Marketing and Communications Department of Englewood Hospital.

A Healing Space for Families of Patients
                                                        The new Family Resource Center offers the compassionate support
                                                        loved ones need when a family member is hospitalized. located near
                                                        The Drapkin Café, the Center offers a healing space for families of
                                                        patients to rest, reflect, recharge, and research.
                                                          “Englewood Hospital provides family-             In addition, The Family Resource
                                                        centered care,” says Michelle Brauntuch,         Center serves as an information hub
                                                        MS, Certified Child Life Specialist at           for out-of-town family members in
                                                        Englewood Hospital. “We take great care          need of information related to hotels,
                                                        of our patients, but our commitment does         transportation, and restaurants.
                                                        not end there. Caring for the patient’s            “The Center is a great resource for those
                                                        family is a major part of the healing            who find themselves visiting the hospital
                                                        process as well. We want to help them            unexpectedly,” adds Ms. Brauntuch. “Just
                                                        cope so they can be there for their loved        recently, a couple was vacationing from
                                                        ones as they recover.”                           Hawaii when the husband became ill. His
                                                                                                         wife used the Internet to pay her bills.”
                                                        MEETING FAMIlY NEEDS
                                                          The Center is staffed by specially             CARE FoR THE CAREGIvERS
                                                        trained, caring volunteer facilitators. These      Family members also can use the Center
                                                        volunteers offer emotional support as well as    to simply rest and relax while a loved one is
                                                        guidance on how to locate information on         receiving care – as an inpatient or outpatient.
                                                        health and medical topics, hospital services,      “We offer a warm, inviting place away from
                                                        and community resources.                         the bedside and other traditional waiting
                                                          For the convenience of visitors, The           areas. Families appreciate the tranquil space
                                                        Center also offers free Internet access, fax,    we provide for reading, private conversation,
                                                        and copy services.                               and family gathering,” says Ms. Brauntuch.
                                                          “Family members find our Internet
                                                        access very useful to research rehabilitation      For more information about the Family
                                                        facilities, medications, and other health-       Resource Center at Englewood Hospital, call
Specially trained, caring volunteers provide
emotional, social, and research support in
                                                        related issues,” says Ms. Brauntuch.             Michelle Brauntuch at (201) 894-3635.
the new Family Resource Center.

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