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  Vol. 25, No. 7                    Published by the City of New Bedford, Massachusetts • Scott W. Lang, Mayor                             FEbRuARy 2009

                                             Prescription Advantage Changes Hit Seniors’ Pocketbooks
Inside                                         About 60 people attended a meeting at the Brook-
                                            lawn Senior Center recently, hoping to learn more about
                                            the changes in Prescrption Advantage that are hitting
                                            seniors in the pocketbook.
                                               Prescription Advantage, the state’s prescription drug
                                            assistance program for seniors and people living with
                                            disabilities, was hit by an $11 million budget cut that is
                                            affecting more than 44,000 Massachusetts seniors.
                                               Many seniors are learning they are now responsible
                                            for a $295 deductible formerly coved by Prescription
      Straight Shooters, p. 8               Advantage. And many are seeing their drug copayments
                                            double or triple.
                                               “The biggest problem this year,” says Regional
n Editor’s Notes ...................2       SHINE Director Mary Bessey who spoke at the meet-               Mary M. Bessey, Regional SHINE Director,
                                            ing, “is that Prescription Advantage is not helping with      answers questions after the meeting on changes in the
n Donations ..........................2     the $295 deductible. Most seniors did not realize they        Prescription Advantage program at the Brooklawn
                                            had a deductible.”                                            Senior Center on January 22.
n If a Retailer Goes                            Seniors in lower income brackets did not have a
  bankrupt...........................3      deductible, but those in higher income brackets who did       Prescription Advantage until they reach the Medicare
                                            are now responsible for the first $295 in drug copay-         Part D “doughnut hole.” This is the threshold at which
n Menu for February ..........4             ments.                                                        most Medicare Part D plans temporarily stop insuring
                                               Elders enrolled in the Prescription Advantage              members.
n Recipe Roundup...............4            program who would be affected by the changes were                The “doughnut hole” starts when the total retail cost
                                            notified by letter that “due to the current nationwide        of the drugs purchased by an individual reaches $2,700.
n Shopping Guide................5           fiscal situation and its impact on Massachusetts, it is       Also, Prescription Advantage members at the high-
                                            necessary to impose significant budgetary restrictions        est income level, who only received help when they
n update ...............................6   on the Prescription Advantage program.”                       reached the “doughnut hole” will not see any changes.
                                               But even with mass mailings and outreach by advo-          The income cap for Prescription Advantage is $70,000
n The Way We Were ...........7              cacy groups, many seniors did not realize how or if they      for a couple and $52,000 for a single person.
                                            would be affected by the cuts.                                   All other Prescription Advantage benefits will remain
n Senior Travel ....................7          For married Prescription Advantage members with            the same for Medicare members. Prescription Advan-
                                            an annual income up to $21,000 and single members             tage members who receive the Medicare Part D Low-
n Senior Trends ...................7        with incomes up to $15,600, there will be no change to        Income Subsidy are not affected by the change. They
                                            their Prescription Advantage benefits, according to Ms.       will continue to receive help with their copays from the
n At the Senior Centers ......8             Bessey.                                                       first dollar.
                                               Prescription Advantage members in higher income               Ms. Bessey urges seniors to make an appointment
n Hypothermia ....................9         brackets will no longer receive copayment help from                   Prescription Advantage... continuted on page 10
n Digital TV Conversion .....9
                                            Study Finds Most Seniors Feel younger
n Nutrition Facts ...............10
                                               Older people tend to feel about 13 years younger than         In general, women perceived their appearance as
n Obesity in Later Life .....10             their chronological age. That is one of the findings of a     being closer to their actual age, Smith said. “Women
                                            study reported in the Journals of Gerontology: Psycho-        saw themselves as about four years older than their
n Depression and Diabetes11                 logical Science. The researchers analyzed the responses       male peers,” she said. “There are several likely reasons
                                            of 516 men and women age 70 and older who partici-            for this gender gap in subjective physical age. One is
n brain Power....................11         pated in the Berlin Aging Study, tracking how their           that women may be more aware of their appearance
                                            perceptions about age and their satisfaction with aging       than men, especially given the negative stereotypes of
n Reader Exchange ...........12             changed over a six-year period.                               older bodies.”
                                               “People generally felt quite a bit younger than they          To assess satisfaction with aging, researchers asked
                                            actually were, and they also showed relatively high levels    participants to what extent they agreed with these five
 n Los Articulos en                         of satisfaction with aging over the time period studied,”     statements: “Things keep getting worse as I get older;”
   Español ................Página 9         said Jacqui Smith, a psychologist at the University of        “I have as much pep as I had last year;” “As I get older,
                                            Michigan Institute for Social Research (ISR). Smith           I am less useful;” “As I get older, things are better than
 n Os Artigos em                            conducted the study with colleagues at the Max Planck         I thought they would be;” and “I am as happy now as I
   Português .............Página 9
                                            Institute for Human Development in Berlin.                    was when I was younger.”
                                               “We examined individual changes over time, and                Initially, men were more satisfied than women with
                                            expected the gap to increase. But we were surprised to        their own aging. But over the six-year period studied,
                                            find that it was maintained, on average. Perhaps feel-        men’s satisfaction decreased more than women’s. Poor
  PRESIDENTS DAY                            ing about 13 years younger is an optimal illusion in old      health magnified these patterns, Smith said.
                                            age,” Smith said.                                                In unpublished research based on the Berlin Aging
                                               Smith and colleagues found that some of the oldest         Study, Smith and her colleagues found that people who
                                            participants did feel even younger over time. But poor        feel younger are less likely to die than those who don’t,
                                            health reduced the gap between felt age and actual age.       given the same level of chronological age and equiva-
                                               The researchers also assessed how old people thought       lent physical health.
                                            they looked, asking them, “How old do you feel when              “Feeling positive about getting older may well be
                                            you look at yourself in a mirror?” In general, at the start   associated with remaining active and experiencing
                                            of the study people said they looked about 10 years           better health in old age,” she said. “Thus, studies on
                                            younger than they were. By the end of the study, this         self-perceptions of aging can contribute to our under-
                                            gap had narrowed. People felt they looked only about          standing of potential indicators of resilience in older
                                            seven years younger than their chronological age.             adults.”
 2                                                                                                                Senior Scope                                             februAry 2009

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A “Time of Tempest”                                                                                                                             In APPreCIATIon of
   Like just about everyone else,                               President Obama and his wife                             In appreciation of SeniorScope                                   10.00
I watched the inauguration of our                            Michelle are a striking couple,                                 - Anonymous,New Bedford
new President last month. It was a                           classy and elegant, not to mention
momentous and moving occasion,                               super-smart. Maybe these attributes                         In appreciation of SeniorScope                                   15.00
not only because of the historic                             will have a positive effect on popular                          - Anonymous, Dartmouth
nature of our country’s first African-                       culture.                                                    In appreciation of SeniorScope
American President, but because of                              President Eisenhower took the                            Christmas donation                                               25.00
the overwhelming challenges Barack                           oath of office on a much milder day
Obama faces.                                                 than our new President. At noon on                              - St. Hedwig Seniors
   Watching this inauguration made                           January 20, 1953, the temperature in                                                   In MeMory of
me think of others I’ve experienced                          Washington, D.C., was 49 degrees.                           In memory of Douglas and Kevin                                   50.00
over the decades. Some seemed                                   Security seemed to be less of a                              - R.R., New Bedford
almost routine, but others were                              concern then. The outgoing and
historic, such as the inauguration of                        incoming Presidents, Truman and                             In memory of my husband Antone R. Gomes
John F. Kennedy, the first Catholic                          Eisenhower, rode down to the Capi-                          Birthday remembrance, January 7                                  20.00
President, all too quickly followed                          tol in a White House car, a Lincoln.                            - Wife Ann, New Bedford
by President Johnson, who took                                  “On the way back up Pennsylvania
office at a time of national turmoil.                        Ave., in the Inaugural parade, Presi-                       In memory of my Estrella Vieira Mello
   The first inauguration I remember                         dent Eisenhower and Mrs. Eisen-                             107h anniversary, December 23                                     5.00
was that of Dwight Eisenhower in                             hower rode together -- the first time                           - Daughter Kathleen Medeiros
January of 1953. I was 12 years old                          a new President and the First Lady                          In memory of deceased members                                    25.00
and in the seventh grade.                                    had ever done so,” according to The
   I looked up Eisenhower’s inau-                            Washington Post. “They rode in a                                - Mount Carmel Seniors, New Bedford
guration and found much interest-                            White Cadillac, with its top down.”                         In memory of my sister Rita St. Laurent                          25.00
ing information that brought back a                             The report continued: “The new                               - R.S.L., SC
flood of memories. He and outgoing                           Chief Executive, after taking the
President Harry Truman both wore                             oath of office, dedicated himself to                        In memory of Joseph E. Sousa and Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Saraiva     10.00
black homburg hats “instead of the                           the pursuit of peace, and told the                              - Mary D. Sousa, New Bedford
silk topper ordained by tradition,”                          world that the United States faces
according to The Washington Post’s                           this ‘time of tempest’ not ‘with dread                      In memory of Aldor Surprenant                                    25.00
account of the day.                                          and confusion,’ but ‘with confidence                            - Anonymous, Falmouth
   We had a black and white tele-                            and conviction’.”                                           In memory of W.A.N.                                              40.00
vision at the time, but my mother                               Life seemed quite simple to me at                            - Anonymous, Dartmouth
never had it on during the day. So                           the age of 12, and my worries were
I was surprised when I came home                             minor. But in retrospect the Cold                           In loving memory of Frances P. Bonczek                           25.00
for lunch to find her watching the                           War was raging and Communism                                    - Vincent E. Bonczek, Fairhaven
inauguration. It had to be important                         was something we all feared.
for Mom to take time out from her                               There’s no doubt that once again,                        In memory of the Dupuis family                                   10.00
household chores.                                            we find ourselves in a “time of                                 - Anonymous, New Bedford
   I remember that the television                            tempest.” In the last five decades,                         In memory of my husband Henry Gongola 10th anniversary           10.00
announcers made a lot of the hats.                           we’ve gone from the Cold War to the
I asked Mom what a homburg was                               War on Terrorism, with a couple of                              - Wife Teresa, New Bedford
because I had never heard the word                           other bloody battles in between.                                                        THAnK you
before. Both Eisenhower and Truman                              Let’s all hope and pray that this                        Thank you to St. Anthony and Sacred Hearts For prayers answered 10.00
wore the morning coat and striped                            new President can, indeed, usher in                            - R.M. Tessier
trousers required for such an impor-                         an era of peace.
tant occasion in the early 1950s.                                                                                        Thank you to St. Jude asking for prayers to be answered         10.00
                                                                                                                            - Anonymous, New Bedford
                                                                                                                         Thank you to St. Jude and St. Anthony

Letter to the Editor
                                                                                                                         For favors and prayers answered                                 20.00
                                                                                                                            - Anonymous Acushnet
                                                                                                                         Thank you to St. Jude for prayers answered                       45.00
   I am writing regarding Evelyn                             nity to build my self-esteem. My aunt
Desrosiers’ “Christmas on the Farm”                          maintained that farm for many years                            - A.D.U., Dartmouth
story that was recently re-published.                        and was heartbroken when she had to                         Thank you to St. Jude for prayers answered                       10.00
Evelyn is my aunt and godmother.                             sell. To shed additional light on the                          - E.R., Acushnet
She is a truly amazing, brilliant, and                       kind of person she is, Evelyn contin-
warm individual. I spent a significant                       ues to walk daily, transports neigh-                        Thank you to St. Jude for prayers answered                       10.00
amount of my childhood on the farm                           bors and friends to appointments                               - M.O.M., Dartmouth
referred to in the story. My memories                        and shopping, is very active in her                         Thank you to St. Jude for prayers answered                       10.00
continue to permeate my daily life,                          church, and volunteers at a nursing
as she, my Aunt Julia, and my grand-                         home where her husband spent his                               - Anonymous, New Bedford
mother, Julia made my childhood                              final years. All this and she is ninety-                    Thank you to St. Anthony for prayers answered                    10.00
wonderful. I learned to knit, bake,                          one, as of January 12, 2009!! She is                           - Anonymous, Dartmouth
and sew by Aunt Evelyn. I remember                           an incredible, strong, loving woman
sheets drying in the sun, picking wild                       and I just needed to share her true self                    Thank you to St. Jude for prayers answered                       10.00
blueberries, and learning to make                            with you. Thank you for publishing                             - Anonymous
Boston Cream Pie.                                            her story. She was intensely pleased
   My aunts and grandmother always                           and proud, as was I.                                        Thank you to St. Jude for prayers answered                       25.00
made me feel I was beautiful and                                Elizabeth A. Roy                                            - Pat C., New Bedford
smart, and never missed an opportu-                             Cranston, RI                                             Thank you to Blessed Mary Mother, Sacred Heart of Jesus,
                                                                                                                         And Our Lady of Fatima for prayers answered                       5.00

                               Senior Scope
                                    newbedford’S                                                                            - E.F., New Bedford
                                                                                                                         Thank you to St. Anthony for prayers answered                     5.00
           Published by the City of New Bedford, Department of Community Services,                                          - M.I.P., Mattapoisett
                       with a grant from Coastline Elderly Services, Inc.
                                                                                                                         Thank you to St. Jude for prayers answered                        5.00
  Scott w. Lang, Mayor                                             distribution: Michael Graffeo                            - Anonymous, Dartmouth
  Jeannine wilson, editor                                                    franklin d. Hodson
  dora Gomes, office Manager                                                                                             Thank you to Blessed Virgin for prayers answered                 10.00
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                                               Act of 1974 as amended.
feBRuaRy 2009	                                                                   Senior Scope	                                                                                 3

You and Your Money
Money Management Program                                                                    If a Retailer Goes Bankrupt
Celebrates 10th anniversary                                                                    As	a	result	of	the	declining	econ-
                                                                                            omy,	the	number	of	retailers	closing	
                                                                                                                                        dispute	 the	 charge	 with	 the	 credit	
                                                                                                                                        card	company	and	get	their	money	
   Coastline	Elderly	Services’	AARP	          Office	 of	 Elder	 Affairs;	 George	          their	 doors	 has	 increased	 substan-      back—for	 this	 reason,	 among	
Money	 Management	 Program	                   Smith,	Board	president	of	Coastline	          tially,	 leaving	 confused	 shoppers	       others,	 BBB	 highly	 recommends	
(MMP)	 hosted	 a	 10th	 anniversary	          Elderly	 Services;	 Nancy	 Munson,	           wondering	 what	 will	 happen	 to	          consumers	 pay	 with	 a	 credit	 card.	
volunteer	recognition	event	Decem-            Chief	 Executive	 Officer	 of	 Bristol	       goods	 they	 haven’t	 received,	 gift	      For	the	rest	who	paid	by	debit	card,	
ber	17	at	Coastline’s	facility	in	New	        Elder	Services,	Fall	River;	and	Rich-         cards	 and	 outstanding	 warranties.	       check	or	cash,	they	will	need	to	file	
Bedford.	Charles	N.	Sisson,	Coast-            ard	 Hylan,	 Massachusetts	 Money	            Your	 Better	 Business	 Bureau	 if	         a	 claim	 with	 the	 bankruptcy	 court	
line’s	 executive	 director,	 congratu-       Management	Program	Manager.		                 offering	general	advice	for	consum-         administering	 the	 process—the	
lated	 everyone	 and	 thanked	 them	             Following	 lunch,	 the	 volunteers	        ers	on	what	to	do	if	a	retailer	closes	     deadline	 is	 typically	 90	 days	 after	
for	 the	 terrific	 work	 they	 do.	 	 He	    learned	all	about	the	benefits	of	exer-       up	shop	without	fulfilling	its	prom-        the	filing	date.	More	information	on	
emphasized	 how	 important	 a	 role	          cising	the	brain	in	a	presentation	by	        ises.                                       filing	a	claim,	including	download-
they	played	in	the	lives	of	the	seniors	      Dr.	Andrew	 J.	 Revell,	 PhD,	Assis-             Some	 of	 the	 bigger	 names	 filing	    able	 forms,	 is	 available	 online	 at	
they	help.		                                  tant	 Professor,	 in	 the	 Gerontology	       for	 bankruptcy	 in	 2008	 include	 A	      uscourts.gov.	
   “Because	 of	 the	 work	 you	 do	 –	       Center	 at	 UMass	 Dartmouth.	 	 He	          Sharper	 Image,	 Linens	 n’	 Things,	           	
getting	the	bills	paid,	balancing	the	        was	assisted	by	William	Fitzgerald,	          Lillian	Vernon,	Levitz	Furniture	and	                      Warranties
checkbook,	and	keeping	them	orga-             undergraduate	 psychology	 major	             most	recently	Mervyn’s	department	              The	 validity	 of	 any	 outstanding	
                                                                                            store	chain.                                warranties	varies	for	each	bankrupt-
                                                                                               “Business	 bankruptcy	 filings	          cy.	If	a	retailer	goes	out	of	business,	
  Money Management Program                                                                  increased	 41.6	 percent	 in	 the	 first	   the	 consumer	 may	 be	 able	 to	 rely	
                                                                                            half	of	this	year	compared	to	2007,	        on	the	manufacturer’s	warranty.	If	a	
                                                                                            and	 the	 U.S.	 economy	 saw	 nearly	       manufacturer	 goes	 out	 of	 business,	
                                                                                            34,000	 businesses	 go	 under,”	 said	      the	 consumer	 may	 be	 able	 to	 rely	
                                                                                            Paula	 Fleming,	 vice	 president	 of	       on	 any	 warranties	 provided	 by	 the	
                                                                                            communications	 and	 marketing	             retailer.	 Many	 extended	 warranties	
                                                                                            for	BBB.	“In	the	wake	of	so	many	           and	service	plans	are	provided	and	
                                                                                            bankruptcies,	 customers	 have	 been	       administered	by	third	parties	and	are	
                                                                                            and	will	most	likely	continue	to	be	        typically	not	affected	by	a	retailer	or	
                                                                                            in	 the	 dark,	 wondering	 if	 they’ll	     manufacturer	going	bust.
                                                                                            ever	get	the	goods	they	paid	for	or	
                                                                                            if	the	gift	cards	they	are	holding	are	                   Gift Cards
                                                                                            even	worth	anything.”                           In	cases	of	Chapter	11	bankrupt-
                                                                                               Following	is	advice	from	BBB	on	         cy,	courts	will	decide	if	the	business	
                                                                                            steps	consumers	can	take	if	a	retailer	     must	honor	gift	cards	or	certificates.	
                                                                                            files	for	Chapter	7	bankruptcy:             If	 the	 business	 has	 filed	 Chapter	 7	
                                                                                                                                        bankruptcy,	 the	 holder	 must	 file	 a	
   Enjoying the 10th anniversary of the Coastline Elderly Services Money                             Goods or Services Due              claim.	 In	 some	 cases,	 consumers	
 Management Program are the program’s Advisory Council, from left to right:
 Maureen Bertrand, SouthernMass Credit Union, Deborah Jenkins, Fairhaven                        Bankruptcy	law	is	specific	regard-      might	 actually	 get	 at	 least	 part	 of	
 Council on Aging, Rosa Farizo, South Coastal Counties Legal Assistance                     ing	who	will	benefit	first	in	the	case	     the	 value	 of	 the	 card	 back.	 Some	
 Corporation, Sandra Sevigney, Citizens-Union Bank, Diane Rocha, New                        of	 a	 retailer’s	 liquidation.	 Unfortu-   retailers	 have	 tried	 wooing	 new	
 Bedford Housing Authority, Karen Scott-Statser, Bristol Elder Services, Sharon             nately,	customers	are	at	the	back	of	       customers	 by	 accepting	 a	 bankrupt	
 Shustack, Greater New Bedford Community Health Center, and in front, Delia                 the	line.	Typically,	the	money	gained	      competitor’s	 gift	 card	 –	 but	 this	 is	
 DeMello, Social Security Administration.                                                   from	 the	 selling	 of	 the	 company’s	     generally	a	rare	circumstance.	BBB	
                                                                                            assets	goes	to	paying	back	secured	         advises	that	consumers	redeem	gift	
                                                                                            creditors,	 as	 well	 as	 any	 employee	    cards	as	soon	as	possible	in	order	to	
nized	 –	 you	 keep	 our	 seniors	 safe	      and	research	lab	member	in	geron-             wages,	before	whatever	is	left	over	        avoid	any	headaches	with	bankrupt-
and	 in	 their	 homes,”	 Sisson	 said.	       tology,	 who	 taught	 the	 volunteers	        is	 divvied	 among	 customers	 who	         cy	files	and	court	actions.	
“Coastline	 is	 dedicated	 to	 helping	       the	ins	and	outs	of	Wii	gaming.               didn’t	receive	the	promised	services	           For	 more	 trustworthy	 advice	 on	
our	elders	to	remain	in	their	homes,	            The	 afternoon	 ended	 with	 the	          or	goods.	                                  extended	 warranties,	 gift	 cards,	
and	this	service	is	key	to	helping	us	        presentation	 of	 service	 anniversary	           Customers	 who	 paid	 with	 cred-       and	 on	 how	 to	 become	 a	 savvier	
achieve	our	goal.”		                          pins,	 with	 a	 special	 salute	 to	 those	   it	 cards,	 though,	 may	 be	 able	 to	     consumer,	go	to	bbb.org.	
   The	AARP	 Money	 Management	               volunteers	 who	 had	 been	 with	 the	
Program,	 begun	 in	 1998,	 provides	         program	 since	 its	 inception	 and	
bill-paying	 and	 organizational	             who	were	part	of	the	original	MMP	
representative	 payee	 services	 to	          Advisory	 Council.	 They	 include	
seniors	 in	 a	 23-town	 area	 includ-        Delia	DeMello	of	the	Social	Securi-
ing	 Acushnet,	 Attleboro,	 Berkley,	         ty	Administration	who	serves	as	the	
Dartmouth,	 Dighton,	 Fall	 River,	           2008	 co-chair	 of	 the	 MMP	 Advi-
Fairhaven,	 Freetown,	 Gosnold,	              sory	Council,	Rosa	Farizo	of	South	
Mansfield,	 Marion,	 Mattapoisett,	           Coastal	 Counties	 Legal	 Assistance	
New	 Bedford,	 North	 Attleboro,	             Corporation,	 Diane	 Rocha	 of	 the	
Norton,	Raynham,	Rehoboth,	Roch-              New	 Bedford	 Housing	 Authority,	
ester,	Seekonk,	Somerset,	Swansea,	           Deborah	 Jenkins	 of	 the	 Fairhaven	
Taunton,	and	Westport.                        Council	on	Aging	and	MMP	Advi-
   Joining	 Mr.	 Sisson	 in	 offering	        sory	Council	Emeritus,	and	Valerie	
their	 thanks	 to	 the	 volunteers	 were	     Nichols,	 also	 an	 MMP	 Advisory	
Mary	 Neal,	 regional	 protective	            Council	Emeritus,	who	could	not	be	
services	 manager	 of	 the	 Executive	        present	at	the	event.

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4                                                                       Senior Scope                                                       february	2009

                                      Menu for February 2009
                                  COASTLINE ELDERLY NUTRITION PROGRAM • 1646 PURCHASE ST, NEW BEDFORD, MA 02740
                                FOR RESERVATION/CANCELLATION CALL 508-999-6400 EXT. 188 AT LEAST 24 HOURS IN ADVANCE.

 	        Monday	                           Tuesday	                 wednesday	                         Thursday	                        friday	
                2                                3                             4                                5                                 6
         Chicken Marsala                 American Chop Suey              Roast Pork w/                   Chicken Divan w/               Meatloaf w/Gravy
         Vegetable Soup                  Wax & Green Beans              Rosemary Gravy                       Broccoli                   Whipped Potatoes
         Mashed Potatoes                   Vienna Bread                  Sweet Potatoes                    Confetti Rice                   Sliced Carrots
        Whole Wheat Bread                    Pineapple                  Roman Blend Veg                  Multi-Grain Roll                   Fruit Muffin
             Orange                                                       Dinner Roll                        Peaches                    Chocolate Pudding
                                                                         Spiced Apples                                               Diet: Sugar Free Pudding

                 9                                10                            11                              12                              13
        Stuffed Peppers w/              Beef Stew w/Vegetables          Beef Stroganoff w/                  Chicken w/                 Seafood Newburg w/
          Tomato Sauce                       Boiled Potato               Buttered Noodles                Friccassee Sauce               Fluffy White Rice
         Mashed Potatoes                   Multi-Grain Roll          Chuckwagon Blend Veg                      Peas                           Carrots
           White Bread                          Banana                 Whole Wheat Bread                Lyonnaise Potatoes              Whole Grain Bread
               Pears                                                  Butterscotch Pudding              Parker House Roll         Valentine’s Day Bread Pudding
                                                                     Diet: Sugar Free Pudding              Mixed Fruit               Diet: Sugar Free Pudding

                 16                               17                             18                              19                             20
              Holiday                     Boned Chicken w/            Macaroni and Cheese             Roasted Turkey w/ Gravy             Sheppard’s Pie
          President’s Day                 Lemon Dijon Sauce           Escalloped Tomatoes                 Cranberry Sauce               Italian Blend Veg
            Site Closed                 Tomato Florentine Soup              Fruit Muffin                 Mashed Potatoes                Multi-Grain Roll
                                          Scalloped Potatoes              Vanilla Pudding                  Winter Squash                       Pears
                                            Snowflake Roll           Diet: Sugar Free Pudding            Whole Wheat Roll
                                               Peaches                                                    Apple Turnover
                                                                                                            Diet: Cookie

                23                                24                           25                               26                              27
     Turkey Ham w/Fruit Sauce            Stuffed Cabbage w/           Vegetarian Bean Chili         Cajun Chicken w/ BBQ Sauce        Pier 17 Baked Fish w/
            Sweet Yams                      Tomato Sauce               Fluffy White Rice                 Country Blend Veg                 Tartar Sauce
           Green Beans                     Mashed Potatoes                 Breadstick                   Smothered Potatoes                 Spanish Rice
           White Bread                   Whole Wheat Bread               Birthday Cake                    Multi-Grain Roll               Peas & Carrots
            Mixed Fruit                    Fruit Smoothie             Diet: Graham Waffle                    Pineapple                     Fruit Muffin
                                          (Mod Fresh Fruit)                                                                                  Orange

Recipe Roundup
                     almond-Topped	fish                                                          almond	Crusted	Pork	in	
	 ingredients:                                                                                      sherry	soy	sauce	
1 tablespoon butter or stick margarine
1 small onion, thinly sliced
                                                                                 1 1/2 lb pork, tenderloin, lean, raw
4 cod or haddock fillets (6 ounces each)
                                                                                 1/2 cup cooking sherry
1 teaspoon seasoned salt
                                                                                 2 tbsp low sodium soy sauce
1/2 teaspoon dill weed
                                                                                 1/2 tsp black pepper, ground
1/4 teaspoon pepper
                                                                                 2 medium garlic cloves, crushed
1/4 cup grated Parmesan cheese
                                                                                 1/2 cup ground almonds
1/4 cup fat-free mayonnaise
                                                                                 1 tsp olive oil
1 tablespoon minced fresh parsley
                                                                                 1 cup fresh chopped onion
1 tablespoon lemon juice
                                                                                 1 fresh carrot, peeled and diced
2 tablespoons sliced almonds, toasted
                                                                                 1 celery stalk, fresh, medium, chopped
Place butter in a 13-in. x 9-in. baking dish; place in a 400° oven until melt-
ed. Spread butter over bottom of dish; cover with onion. Arrange fish over
                                                                                 In small bowl stir together sherry, soy sauce, pepper, and garlic; pour over
onion; sprinkle with salt, dill and pepper. Combine the Parmesan cheese,
                                                                                 pork in a self-sealing bag.
mayonnaise, parsley and lemon juice; spread over fish. Bake, uncovered,
                                                                                 Seal bag; marinate in refrigerator 1 hour. Remove pork from marinade, re-
at 400° for 18-20 minutes or until fish flakes easily with
                                                                                 serving marinade; pat dry. Coat pork with almonds. Heat oil in large skillet
a fork. Sprinkle with almonds.
                                                                                 over medium heat.
                                                                                 Brown pork on all sides, about 5 minutes, turning carefully.
Yield: 4 servings.
                                                                                 Reduce heat to low, add reserved marinade, onion, carrot, and celery; cover
                                                                                 and simmer 10-12 minutes.
Source: Light and Tasty
                                                                                 To serve, slice tenderloin and serve with vegetables and hot cooked rice.
                                                                                 Garnish with chopped cilantro and accompany with a fruit salad.
                     Chicken	Potato	bake
	 ingredients:                                                                   additional	information:
2-4 pieces cut up chicken                                                        Marinate the tenderloin overnight in the refrigerator, and finish prepara-
2-4 red potatoes, cut into chunks                                                tion just before dinner. This skillet supper is on the table in fewer than 30
1/4 c. prepared Italian salad dressing                                           minutes. Accompany with a fresh fruit salad.
1 tsp. Italian seasoning
1/3 c. grated parmesan cheese                                                    Source: Theotherwhitemeat.com
Place chicken in a greased 9-in. square baking dish. Arrange potatoes
around chicken. Drizzle with dressing; sprinkle with Italian seasoning and
                                                                                          Let your heart feel for the afflictions and distress of everyone,
parmesan cheese. Cover and bake at 400 degrees for 20 minutes. Uncover;
bake 20-30 minutes longer or until potatoes are tender and chicken juices           and let your hand give in proportion to your purse.
run clear.
                                                                                           George Washington
Source: Adapted from Aaron’s Easy Recipes
FEBRUARY 2009                                                                              Senior Scope                                                                                           5

             Special Shopping and Services Guide
                                                                                        PROJECT INDEPENDENCE
                                                                     ADULT DAY
                                                                     HEALTH CARE
                                                                     CENTER                 “Serving Adults with Medical Needs
                                                                                                 For More Than 25 Years”
                                                                     Karen A. Maciulewicz, M.S. R.N.C
                                                                     250 Elm Street* New Bedford, MA 02740
                                                                     Fax: 508-997-5594* www.piadhc.org
                                                                     Caregiver Grant Funded by
                                                                     Title III-E of O.A.A Sponsored by Coastline Elderly

                                                                                                                                                 MECHANICS SQUARE
                                                                                                                                                         39 N. Sixth Street
                                                                                                                                                           New Bedford

                                                                                                                                            Accepting applications for
                                                                                                                                          1 and 2 bedroom apartments.
                                                                                                                                        Specially designed for people 62 years and older
                                                                                                                                             Including elders and non-elders with
                                                                                                                                                      mobility disabilities.

                                                                                                                                         Rent based on 30 percent of adjusted income.
                                                                                                                                                    Income requirements.
                                                                                DARTMOUTH PEDORTHICS
                                                                                         at Harve’s Shoe Box                                       Heat and electricity included.
                                                                                Michael Friedland, Certified Pedorthist
                                                                                         Tel. (508) 997-1749                                   Please call for more information
                                                                              98 State Road (Route 6) • North Dartmouth
                                                                            Come in today for a free professional shoe fitting                         508-995-1844
      INTER-CHURCH COUNCIL                                           We Might be Big and Bold on the Outside But We’re
         ELDERLY HOUSING                                                       Warm and Cozy on the Inside
               George H. Young House
     790 Brock Avenue • New Bedford, MA 02744
                                                                                   Melville Towers
                   A Residential Community of                                850 Pleasant Street, New Bedford
               Studio and One Bedroom Apartments
                    Section 8 Rental Assistance
                                                                                1 and 2 Bedroom Apartments
                                                                            HUD Subsidized, Affordable Housing
                                                                             Heat & electricity included in rent.

                                                                            Making your life a little easier with-                                Olympia Tower
                                                                       Resident Services, Meal Site, Laundry Facility                     Now Accepting Applications. Overlooking New Bedford
                                                                                 & Community Activities                                 Harbor and Buzzards Bay, Olympia Tower is now accepting
       Now accepting applications. Located a few blocks from                                                                               applications for 1 & 2 bedroom apartments. Specially
   Hazelwood Park. A tastefully restored red brick building with a                                                                        designed for people 62 years old and over and for handi-
        new community room with fireplace and full kitchen.                          Recognized as a                                     capped or disabled persons who are 18 years old and over.
     New Handicapped front entrance • On-site laundry facilities
 Full-time Manager & Maintenance • Resident Services Coordinator             “National Community of Quality”                          Enjoy the convenient downtown location and feel secure in the
             Monthly Activities and Services Programs                      from the National Affordable Housing                        friendly atmosphere. Rent based on 30% of adjusted income.
               Call or stop by for more information.                                                                                             Income requirements, please call for info.
                                                                                 Management Association
                       Managed by
                MB Management Company                                      Managed by Peabody Properties, Inc.                                          (508) 997-1205
       (508) 999-5240 • TDD 800-545-1833, Ext. 132                                                                                                       TDD# 800-439-2370

      For information on
         Senior Scope’s
                      ad rates,
                    please call                                      Privately owned building in the North End of New Bedford.
                                                                     Taber Mill is now accepting applications for bright 1 & 2 bed-
                                                                     room apartments. Specially designed for people 62 years old

            508-979-1510 or                                          and over and for handicapped and disabled persons who are
                                                                     18 years old and over. Rent based on 30% of adjusted income.
                                                                     Income requirements, please call for more info.

               508-979-1544                                                217 Deane Street, New Bedford, MA 02746

                                                                                       (508) 996-3111
                                                                                  VOICE-TDD# 1-800-439-2370
6                                                                        Senior Scope                                                    FebRuaRy 2009

Charlton Retirees Meet
  The Retired Employees of Charl-
ton Memorial Hospital, a part of
                                         until 1 p.m. at Charlton Memorial
                                         Hospital in the Mooney Assembly
                                                                                  Line Dancers Take a break
Southcoast Hospitals Group, will         Room. The snow date is on Friday,
have their Annual meeting on             February 27. All Charlton Memo-
Friday, February 20, from 10 a.m.        rial Hospital retirees are welcome.
“Dreamz in Kolor” exhibit
  New Bedford resident and Sene-            The exhibit also features a trib-
gal native Antoine Ferreira’s artwork    utary piece for jazz legend Louie
in his newly-installed “Dreamz           Armstrong. It will be held at
In Kolor” exhibit pays homage to         Artworks!, 384 Acushnet Avenue,
Africa’s influence in America and is     from noon to 5 p.m. Thursdays
dominated by depictions of faceless      through Saturdays, from January 8
performers, dancers and musician.        through February 14. Admission is
7th annual Take This Child To Heart
   The New Bedford Community             Teen Enrichment Fund.
Connections Coalition’s Task Force          Great entertainment will be
for Foster Care Support invites you      provided by the A-List featuring
to its 7th Annual “Take This Child       Jackie Santos, Armsted Christian,
To Heart” fundraiser on February         Gabrielle Goodman and Daniel              Some of the “regulars” at the line dancing class take a break at the
7 from 8 p.m. to midnight at the         “Buddy” Monteiro. The event will          Hazelwood Senior Center. The group meets on Thursdays at 1 p.m.
Century House, Acushnet. Proceeds        also feature fabulous art, a silent       with professional instructor Nancy Cabral.
will benefit the Foster Children and     auction and cash bar.
10th annual Frederick Douglass                                                   Mattapoisett board Seeks Members
Read-a-Thon                                                                         The Mattapoisett Council on             Individuals should be prepared
   One of our nation’s greatest aboli-   New Bedford’s most renowned             Aging is currently accepting letters    to attend board meetings the first
tionist leaders, Frederick Douglass      and prominent resident on Sunday,       of interest from individuals wishing    Wednesday of each month at 8 a.m.
escaped slavery and lived in New         February 8, from 2 p.m. to 6 p.m. at    to be considered for a seat on the      Please send letters to Robert Walter,
Bedford from 1838 to 1846.               the First Unitarian Church, corner      COA Advisory Board. The current         COA Board Search Committee, at
   Join the New Bedford Historical       Union and Eighth Streets.               board is seeking individuals inter-     the Mattapoisett COA, P.O. Box
Society in celebrating Black Histo-         Community members and school         ested in contributing fresh ideas for   528, Mattapoisett.
ry Month with this non-stop reading      aged youth highlight this annual        current and new programming in
of the enthralling autobiography of      event with their participation.         support of well-being throughout
                                                                                 later life.
aHa! New bedford Lincoln 200
   Come and celebrate the 200th Thursday, February 12 from 5 p.m.
birthday of this great, remarkable to 9 p.m. Events will be held Down-
                                                                                 New Veterans’ agent in acushnet
president, Abraham Lincoln on town and in the National Park.                       Ron Cormier is the new Veter-            His hours are Monday from 8
                                                                                 ans’ Service Agent for the town of      a.m. to noon and Thursday from 11
“Frederick Douglass – Profile In                                                 Acushnet. He is available to assist
                                                                                 veterans and their spouses with a
                                                                                                                         a.m. to 2 p.m. For more informa-
                                                                                                                         tion or to make an appointment, call
Courage”                                                                         variety of services.                    508-998-0207.
   A superb film on Frederick Doug-      Hill, on Friday, February 13, at 7
lass and his courage in revealing        p.m.                                      Old age is an excellent time for outrage. My goal is to say or do at
his status as a fugitive from slavery      Sponsored by the New Bedford            least one outrageous thing every week.
will be shown at the New Bedford         Historical Society, the event is free      Maggie Kuhn
Whaling Museum, 18 Johnny Cake           with the Museum fee.

Shrink your Footprint Series
   Take part in an enlightening          Park Zoo on Saturday, February 21,
lecture and hands-on workshop on         from 10 a.m. to noon.
“buying green” at the Buttonwood

brooks School Fundraiser
   Enjoy an entertaining evening of      Elizabeth Carter Brooks Elemen-
Texas Hold’em poker and help raise       tary School.
funds for books, supplies, new tech-        The event will be held at Café
nology and maintenance assistance        Funchal on Church Street on Satur-
for needed improvements at the           day, February 28, 5:30 p.m.

Greater New bedford Home Show
   Experience New Bedford’s most         organizations, attendees will surely
informative home and garden show         discover solutions to their home
featuring practical results and prod-    and garden needs. The event will
ucts for use in and around the home.     be held at the New Bedford Voca-
Free workshops and seminars will         tional Technical High School, 1121
focus on today’s hottest home and        Ashley Blvd. on Saturday, March 7,
garden topics.                           from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. and Sunday,
   With nearly 100 exhibitors from       March 8, from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.
over 40 different product and service
Music at St. anthony’s Featuring
James Jordan
   Experience the magnificent            St. Anthony of Padua Church 1359
music of the Casavant pipe organ in      Acushnet Avenue. The concert will
recital on Sunday, March 8 at 3 p.m.,    feature accomplished guest organist
surrounded by the inspirational          James Jordan.
splendor of the majestic and historic

    I have always found that mercy bears richer fruits than strict justice.
    Abraham Lincoln
FEBRUARy 2009                                                      Senior Scope                                                                  7

The Way We Were
   New Bedford Vocational High School Graduates 1955

   Members of the New Bedford Vocational High School Class of 1955         Thomas Delgado, unknown, Gerard J. Braithwaite, Charlotte Carroll,
   posed for the camera outside of the school on Hillman Street. Our       Peter Silva, unknown, Walter McMullen Jr. unknown, Anthony Louis
   thanks to class member Gerry Braithwaite of Falmouth for submitting     Gomes, Gloria Jean Fell, Robert Coleman Gray, unknown, unknown,
   this photo and providing the names, “in memory of Charles H. Seguer,    Bette L. St. Clair.
   an outstanding teacher and person.”                                     Fourth row, unknown, unknown, Edward J. Machado, William F.
   Front row, Margaret Bergeron, John Marques Jr., Phyllis Matyiakowski,   Hierholcer, Laura Jean Andrews, Desmond White, unknown, unknown,
   Joseph Reedy, Cynthia Berube, John Freitas, Muriel Fitchenmeyer,        Jennie Ann Gonsalves, unknown, Leonard Hudzik, unknown, unknown,
   Robert E. Pearson, Doris “Curly” Angers, Charles W. Posiviata,          unknown, unknown.
   Rosalie Slowik, Norman Bourque, Gaye Lees, Jay Bruce Borges,            Fifth row, unknown, unknown, James Romero, George Kenny Lawrence,
   Phyllis Dobija, Donald F. Rousseau, Claire Bissonnette;                 Walter Koroski Jr., Thomas Edward Broadland, unknown, Barry J.
   Second row, Ronald Sylvia, Claudette Lavoie, Richard J. Manning,        Poole, unknown, Edward J. Lima, unknown, unknown, unknown,
   Barbara Stevens, Eonald Paul Ouelette, unknown, unknown, unknown,       unknown, Anna Christina Cabral, Janet Cathcart.
   Francis J. Michalski, Emilie Lorraine Grenon, unknown, Patricia         Last row, unknown, Leonard Faulkner, Paul M. Kelley Jr., unknown,
   Tinkham, William Francis Rapoza, Betty Conquest, Joseph Botelho,        Richard Martin, unknown, unknown, William Faria, Arnold Robert
   Barbara Crumley, Leonard Frank Godomski.                                Atkinson, William J. Smith, unknown, unknown, unknown, unknown,
   Third row, unknown, Charles Lentz, unknown, Nancy Jane Haskell,         unknown.

Senior Travel
Day Trips                                                                  Multi-Day Tours
   Contact the Fairhaven Council on Aging at 508-979-4029 about the           Contact the Acushnet Council on Aging at 508-998-0280 about the
following trips:                                                           following trips:
   Mon.Feb. 23 -- Foxwoods                                                    Apr 26 – 29 – Land of Song – Hotel du Parc Orford, Quebec.
   Sat. Apr. 25 -- Daffodil Days on Nantucket                                 May 15-17 – Montreal – Cirque du Soleil Premiere, stay at Fairmont
                    _____________________________                          Queen Elizabeth Hotel.
   Contact the Mattapoisett Council on Aging at 508-758-4110 about the
following trips:                                                              Contact the Dartmouth Friends of the Elderly at 408-999-4717 about
   Thurs. Feb. 12 – Boston Museum of Fine Arts.                            the following trips:
   Thurs. Feb. 19 – Boston Symphony open rehearsal.                           Shades of Ireland
   Fri. Feb. 20 – Rhode Island Flower Show.                                   The French Riviera
   Thurs. Mar. 5 – Fuller Craft Museum, Brockton.                             The U.S. Dakotas
   Thurs. May 21 – Baseball night with the Boston Pops.                                 ________________________________________
   Thurs. July 2 – Pawsox game.
   Thurs. July 9 – Spirit of Boston cruise and tall ships.                    Contact the Mattapoisett Council on Aging at 508-758-4110 about the
   Fri. Sept. 4 -- Pawsox game.                                            following trip:
                     ______________________________                           Mar. 23-25 – Atlantic City – Trump Taj Mahal.
  Contact the City of New Bedford Senior Travel program at 508-991-
6171 about the following trips open to anyone 50 or older:                 Contact the City of New Bedford Senior Travel program at 508-991-
  Mon. Feb. 9 – Foxwoods Casino.                                        6171 about the following trips open to anyone 50 or older:
  Fri. Feb. 20 – Rhode Island Flower Show and lunch at Grist Mill.         Mar. 8–10 – Atlantic City Trump Plaza – includes dinner buffet.
  Tues. Feb. 24 – Celebrate Mardi Gras – Holiday Inn, Boxborough.          May 17-23 – Smoky Mountains show tour.
  Thurs. Mar 12 – St. Patrick’s Day celebration – Holiday Inn, Foxbor-     June 22—24 – Beacon Lobsterfest, cruise on Golden Pond, New
ough.                                                                   Hampshire.
  Mon. Mar. 23 – Foxwoods Casino.
  Thurs. Apr. 2 – Foothills Theatre – “Best Little Whorehouse in Texas”
and lunch at Toolhouse Restaurant.
  Wed. Apr. 15 -- New Dawn Singers – lunch and show at Sheraton in
                                                                           Senior Trends
Leominster.                                                                Movin’ in … According to U.S. Census figures, from 2000 to 2007,
  Mon. Apr. 20 – Foxwoods Casino.                                       the number of parents aged 65 years and older moving in with their kids
  Wed. Apr. 29 – Hart House restaurant and Wolf Hollow, Ipswich.        increased by 62 percent.
  Wed. May 6 – Capt’n Jack’s Lobsterbake and Mohegan Sun.                   USA Today
  Wed. May 13 – The Four Aces – lunch and show at Luciano’s.
  Mon. May 18 – Foxwoods Casino.                                           Retirement When … An AARP survey found that a whopping 70
  Wed. May 27 – Hartman’s Herb Farm Restaurant and country percent of mature workers plan to work into what they view as their retire-
cheese tour.                                                            ment years. When asked to explain their main reason for working now, a
  Wed. June 3 – Beantown Trolley Tour and Venezia Restaurant.           full 64 percent of workers stated current financial need. Another 11 percent
  Wed. June 10 – Lobster Roll Cruise, West Dennis.                      cited reasons related to future financial security such as “to save more for
  Mon. June 15 – Foxwoods Casino.                                       retirement” as their main reason for working now.
  Wed. June 17 – Best of Times variety show, Lantana’s Restaurant.         AARP “Work and Career Study”
8                                                                     Senior Scope                                                   FEBRuaRy 2009

At the Senior Centers
acushnet Senior Center                                                        Downtown Senior Center
   For more information on the following activities, call the Acushnet     For more information on the following activities, call the Downtown
Council on Aging at 508-998-0280:                                        Senior Center at 508-991-6255:
   Everyone is invited to try a new card game, Hand and Foot, led by       A Valentine’s Day Luncheon and party is planned for Friday, February
Karen Mello on Fridays from 12:30 p.m. to 3 p.m..                        13, starting at noon.
   Registered Nurse Pat Midurski of Community Nurse and Hospice Care       The Choral Group meets for rehearsal on Mondays at noon. Anyone
will present a program for family members who are caring for some- who would like to join is asked to call the Senior Center.
one with alzheimer’s disease or dementia on Wednesday, February 25,
at 6 p.m. Call 508-996-0368 to register for this free program.
   A representative of the PaCE Fuel assistance program is at the center                acushnet Straight Shooters
every Monday from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. Call the center for an appointment.

Brooklawn Senior Center
   For more information on the following activities, call the Brooklawn
Senior Center at 508-961-3100:
   Free and private 15 minute legal consultations with Attorney Robert
L. Surprenant will be available on Tuesday, February 10, from 10 a.m. to
11:00 a.m. Topics to be discussed can include Durable Power of Attorney,
Massachusetts Health Care Proxy, Living Wills, Medicaid Planning, Trusts
and Veteran Benefits. Due to the popularity of this program, appointments
are required. Walk-ins will not be seen.
   The Strength and Conditioning Class with Personal Trainer Larry
Bigos is now free through June 30. Come in and join us on Thursdays
from 10 a.m. to 11 a.m. This exercise class is appropriate for all ability
   The Veterans Informational Series will resume on Thursday, March
5, at 12 noon. The free informational meetings for honorably discharged
veterans, regardless of age, and their spouses are held on the first Thurs-    A pool player lines up her shot as two other players look on at the
day of every month from 12 p.m. to 1 p.m. Various guest speakers will          Acushnet Senior Center.
be available each month to discuss veterans’ benefits and programs and
address any concerns or questions that you may have.

Buttonwood Senior Center                                                      Fairhaven Senior Center
                                                                                 For more information on the following activities, call the Fairhaven
  For more information on the following activities, call the Buttonwood       Council on Aging at 508-979-4029:
Senior Center at 508-991-6170:                                                   Square Dance and Belly Dance lessons are now starting. Call for dates
  Mark DeStephano of PharmaHealth will discuss Life’s Total Care on           and times.
Thursday, February 19, from 10:45 a.m. to 11:30 a.m. Refreshments will           The Center is looking for chess players to start a new league.
be provided.                                                                     A live band plays every Thursday from 1 p.m. to 3 p.m. at the Senior
  The Gentle yoga group meets on Tuesdays from 10 a.m. to 11 a.m.             Center for your listening and/or dancing pleasure. The group is looking for
  Bingo players have several options, with games scheduled on Monday,         fellow musicians to join the music jam at 1:30 p.m.
Tuesday and Thursday afternoons from 1:00 to 3:00 and Thursday morn-             Old cell phones can be donated to the COA. These used phones will be
ings from 9:30 to 11:00.                                                      used to ensure that seniors have access to 911 communications during an
Dartmouth Senior Center
   For more information on the following activities, call the Dartmouth       Hazelwood Senior Center
Senior Center at 508-999-4717:                                                   For more information on the following activities, call the Hazelwood
   The Dartmouth COA is looking for Cribbage players. We would like to        Senior Center at 508-991-6208:
start a winter league on Tuesday mornings. Call for more information.            Line dancing lessons for beginners with professional instructor Nancy
   Are you or someone you know having trouble purchasing enough food?         Cabral are offered on Thursdays from 1 p.m. to 3 p.m. A more advanced
The Dartmouth Council on Aging has a food bank that can help. We are          class meets on Tuesday afternoons from 1:00 to 3:00.
open to all residents in need.                                                   Play Bingo every Wednesday and Friday from 1 p.m. to 3 p.m.
   Spend a fun afternoon while you organize and create a special keepsake        Exercise classes meet on Wednesdays and Fridays from 10 a.m. to 11
for your family at the Scrapbooking class that meets Tuesday afternoons       a.m..
from 1:00 to 2:30. Most materials are provided.                                  The Portuguese Cultural Group meets on Monday afternoons. Call
                                                                              for more details.

                                                                              Mattapoisett Social Center
                                                                                 For more information on the following activities, call the Mattapoisett
                                                                              Council on Aging at 508-758-4110:
                                                                                 A Food Safety presentation is scheduled for Tuesday, February 17, at
                                                                              1 p.m.
                                                                                 A Scrabble group meets Mondays at 9 a.m. and the Garden Club meets
                                                                              at 10 a.m. Enjoy a game of Bridge on Thursday mornings at 9:30.
                                                                                 A monthly trip to Price Rite supermarket will begin on March 4.
                                                                                 Discounted tickets for the Zeiterion Theatre are available. Call for a
                                                                              list of shows and ticket prices.

                                                                              Rochester Senior Center
                                                                                 For more information on the following activities, call the Rochester
                                                                              Senior Center at 508-763-8723:
                                                                                 Start your morning off by joining us for Breakfast any Monday through
                                                                              Friday morning, at the Senior Center, from 7 to 9 with a varied selection
                                                                              of breakfast items, and friendship. This new Program is made possible by
                                                                              a joint effort of the Friends of the Senior Center and the Rochester Lions
                                                                                 Tai Chi is being offered by seasoned exercise instructor, Karen Corcor-
                                                                              an, who recently received certification in the 12 step “Tai Chi For Seniors”
                                                                              Program. The one- hour class meets every Monday at 2 p.m. All ages and
                                                                              fitness Levels are welcome.
                                                                                 Sponsored by AARP, certified tax aid counselors are available to assist
                                                                              you in preparing your income tax returns for 2008 for free at the Senior
                                                                              Center. Our newest counselor, Carolyn Gray, is scheduling individual
                                                                              appointments on Wednesday afternoons and all day on Fridays.
FebruAry 2009	                                                               Senior Scope	                                                                             9

Senior Safety                                                                            Fairhaven ”Sister Act”
Hypothermia: A Cold Weather risk
for Older People
   Almost	 everyone	 knows	 about	            How to prevent hypothermia
winter	 dangers	 such	 as	 broken	            The	NIA	has	information	to	help	
bones	from	falls	on	icy	steps,	side-       you	prevent	hypothermia.	Here	are	
walks	 or	 streets.	 But	 cold	 weather	   a	few	tips:	
also	 can	 cause	 an	 important,	 less	       Wear	 several	 layers	 of	 loose	
obvious	danger	that	can	affect	older	      clothing	when	it	is	cold.	The	layers	
people.	                                   will	 trap	 warm	 air	 between	 them.	
   Older	 adults	 are	 especially	         Tight	clothing	can	keep	blood	from	
vulnerable	 to	 hypothermia,	 which	       flowing	 freely	 and	 lead	 to	 loss	 of	
can	be	deadly	if	not	treated	quick-        body	heat.	
ly.	The	National	Institute	on	Aging	          Wear	 a	 hat,	 scarf,	 gloves	 or	
(NIA),	 part	 of	 the	 National	 Insti-    mittens,	 and	 warm	 clothes	 when	
tutes	 of	 Health	 (NIH),	 has	 some	      you	 go	 outside	 in	 cold	 weather.	A	
advice	 to	 help	 older	 people	 avoid	    significant	 amount	 of	 your	 body	
hypothermia.	                              heat	can	be	lost	through	your	head,	          The staff and volunteers of the Fairhaven Senior Social Day Program
   Hypothermia	 occurs	 when	 a	           and	hands	and	feet	are	the	first	body	        performed an adaptation of “Sister Act” at the Fairhaven Senior
person’s	 body	 temperature	 drops	        parts	to	get	cold.	
below	 normal	 and	 stays	 low	 for	 a	       To	 keep	 warm	 at	 home,	 wear	           Center. Performers included, left to right, Sister Gerri, Sister Suzy,
prolonged	 period	 of	 time.	 With	        long	underwear	under	your	clothes,	           Sister Joan, Sister Joyce, Sister Sue, Mother Theresa, Sister Karen,
advancing	age,	the	body’s	ability	to	      along	with	socks	and	slippers.	Use	           and seated, Pope Al.
endure	long	periods	of	exposure	to	        a	blanket	or	afghan	to	keep	legs	and	
cold	is	lowered.	                          shoulders	 warm	 and	 wear	 a	 hat	 or	
   Older	people	also	are	at	risk	for	
hypothermia	 because	 their	 body’s	
                                           cap	indoors.	
                                              Make	 sure	 your	 home	 is	 warm	
                                                                                       Coastline Helps Seniors with Digital
response	to	cold	can	be	diminished	        enough.	 Set	 your	 thermostat	 to	 at	     TV Conversion
by	 certain	 illnesses	 such	 as	 diabe-   least	68	to	70	degrees.	Even	mildly	           Coastline	 Elderly	 Services,	 Inc.	     converter	 box	 from	 a	 retailer,	 and	
tes	 and	 some	 medicines,	 including	     cool	homes	with	temperatures	from	          was	 awarded	 a	 grant	 to	 conduct	        installing	the	converter	box.	
over-the-counter	 cold	 remedies.	 In	     60	to	65	degrees	can	trigger	hypo-          a	 community-based	 campaign	 to	              The	grant	was	awarded	by	from	
addition,	 older	 adults	 may	 be	 less	   thermia	in	older	people.	                   educate	 older	 consumers	 and	 their	      the	 National	 Association	 of	 Area	
active	and	generate	less	body	heat.	          Check	 with	 your	 doctor	 to	 see	      caregivers	 about	 how	 to	 success-        Agencies	on	Aging	and	the	Nation-
As	a	result,	they	can	develop	hypo-        if	any	medications	(prescription	or	        fully	transition	to	Digital	TV.             al	 Telecommunications	 and	 Infor-
thermia	even	after	exposure	to	rela-       over	 the	 counter)	 you	 are	 taking	         Coastline	 will	 offer	 one-on-          mation	 Administration.	 	 If	 you	
tively	mild	cold	weather	or	a	small	       may	 increase	 your	 risk	 for	 hypo-       one	 help	 to	 older	 individuals.	This	    want	help	because	you	may	need	a	
drop	in	temperature.                       thermia.	                                   assistance	 can	 include	 an	 in-home	      converter	 box,	 please	 contact	 Ann	
   The	 best	 way	 to	 identify	 some-        Because	 heating	 costs	 are	 high,	     assessment	 to	 determine	 the	 need	       McCrillis	 at	 508-999-6400,	 ext.	
one	with	hypothermia	is	to	look	for	       the	U.S.	Department	of	Health	and	          for	a	converter	box,	applying	for	a	        160.
confusion	 or	 sleepiness,	 slowed	 or	    Human	 Services	 has	 funds	 to	 help	      converter	 box	 coupon,	 obtaining	 a	
slurred	speech,	shivering	or	stiffness	    low-income	families	pay	their	heat-
in	 the	 arms	 and	 legs,	 weak	 pulse,	
poor	control	over	body	movements	
                                           ing	 bills.	 For	 more	 information,	
                                           contact	 the	 Low	 Income	 Home	            el litoral Ayuda a Mayores con
or	 slow	 reactions.	 If	 you	 suspect	
that	someone	is	suffering	from	the	
                                           Energy	Assistance	Program	(1-866-
                                           674-6327)	or	the	Eldercare	Locator	
                                                                                       Conversión Digital de televisión
cold	 and	 you	 have	 a	 thermometer	      (1-800-677-1116).	                             Los	Servicios	de	Personas	mayor-         de	convertidor,	obteniendo	una	caja	
available,	 take	 his	 or	 her	 tempera-                                               es	de	litoral,	fue	concedido	una	beca	      de	convertidor	de	un	detallista,	y	de	
ture.	If	it’s	96	degrees	or	lower,	call	                                               para	 realizar	 una	 campaña	 comu-         instalar	la	caja	de	convertidor.	
911	for	emergency	help.	                                                               nidad-basado	para	educar	consumi-              La	beca	fue	concedida	por	de	la	
                                                                                       dores	más	viejos	y	a	sus	cuidadores	        Asociación	 Nacional	 de	 Agencias	
                                                                                       acerca	 de	 cómo	 a	 exitosamente	          de	Area	 en	 el	 Envejecimiento	 y	 la	
                                                                                       transición	a	la	televisión	Digital.	        Administración	 Nacional	 de	 Tele-
                                                                                          El	 litoral	 ofrecerá	 ayuda	 de	 uno	   comunicaciones	 e	 Información.	
                                                                                       a	uno	a	individuos	más	viejos.	Esta	        Si	 usted	 desea	 ayuda	 porque	 usted	
                                                                                       ayuda	puede	incluir	una	evaluación	         puede	necesitar	una	caja	de	conver-
                                                                                       de	 en-en	 casa	 para	 determinar	 la	      tidor,	 por	 favor	 contacto	 Ann	
                                                                                       necesidad	para	una	caja	de	conver-          McCrillis	 en	 508-999-6400,	 ext.	
                                                                                       tidor,	solicitando	un	cupón	de	caja	        160.	

                                                                                       Coastline Ajuda os Idosos com a
                                                                                       Convergência Digital
                                                                                          Coastline	 Elderly	 Services,	 Inc.	     para	 a	 caixa	 conversor,	 ajuda	 em	
                                                                                       recebeu	 um	 subsídio	 para	 liderar	       conseguindo	 uma	 caixa	 conversor	
                                                                                       uma	 campanha	 comunitária	 para	           dum	comerciante	e	ajuda	com	insta-
                                                                                       educar	consumidores	de	idade	e	os	          lando	uma	caixa	conversor.
                                                                                       que	cuidam	deles	sobre	como	fazer	             O	 subsídio	 foi	 atribuído	 da	
                                                                                       uma	transição	para	a	televisão	digi-        National	Association	of	Area	Agen-
                                                                                       tal	bem-sucedida.                           cies	 on	 Aging	 	 e	 a	 National	 Tele-
                                                                                          Coastline	oferecerá	ajuda	para	os	       communications	 and	 Information	
                                                                                       individuais	de	idade.		Esta	assistên-       Administration.	 	 Se	 quiser	 ajuda	
                                                                                       cia	 pode	 incluir	 uma	 avaliação	         porque	precisa	duma	caixa	conver-
                                                                                       em	 casa	 para	 determinar	 a	 neces-       sor,	por	favor	chame	Ann	McCrillis	
                                                                                       sidade	 para	 uma	 caixa	 conversor,	       através	 do	 número	 508-999-6400,	
                                                                                       ajuda	 aplicando	 para	 um	 cupão	          extensão	160.	

                                                                                       rMV No Longer Sending License
                                                                                       renewal Notices
                                                                                          Don’t	wait	until	you	get	a	notice	         The	 RMV	 expects	 to	 save	 more	
                                                                                       from	 the	 Registry	 of	 Motor	 Vehi-       than	 $600,000	 by	 eliminating	 the	
                                                                                       cles	to	remind	you	that	it’s	time	to	       notices.	They	will	continue	to	mail	
                                                                                       renew	 your	 driver’s	 license.	 The	       vehicle	registration	reminders.
                                                                                       RMV	 has	 eliminated	 the	 courtesy	           Licenses	 can	 be	 renewed	 up	 to	
                                                                                       notices	it	sent	drivers	in	the	past	to	     one	year	prior	to	the	expiration	date.	
                                                                                       remind	 them	 it	 was	 time	 to	 renew	     For	more	information	call	617-973-
                                                                                       their	license	or	Mass.	ID.	                 8995	or	go	to	www.mass.gov/rmv.
10	                                                                            Senior Scope	                                                              february 2009

Your Health
Take the Pain out of Cold Weather                                                       Nutrition facts for the New year
   If	you’re	one	of	the	estimated	27	        at	an	indoor	pool	or	yoga.	Be	sure	        Kimberly ferreira, MS, rD, LDN
million	Americans	who	suffer	from	           to	 warm	 up	 before	 and	 cool	 down	     Registered	Dietitian
osteoarthritis,	 many	 cold	 weather	        after	 your	 workout	 to	 help	 prevent	   Coastline	Elderly	Services,	Inc.
sports	and	activities	can	seem	over-         strains,	 muscle	 soreness	 and	 other	
whelming.	 In	 fact,	 colder	 weath-         injuries.	 Talk	 to	 your	 health	 care	      Looking	 to	 make	 2009	 a	 happy	          is	moderate,	400	is	high.
er	 often	 intensifies	 arthritis	 pain,	    provider	 before	 beginning	 a	 new	       and	 healthy	 year?	 Take	 a	 minute	             Limit yourself: Limit	your	total	
reports	Health	News	Digest.                  exercise	routine.                          and	learn	to	read		food	labels	or	if	          fat,	saturated	fat,	trans	fat,	sodium,	
   By	 following	 a	 few	 simple	 tips,	        Try hot and cold therapy.	Both	         you	already	know	how,	spend	some	              and	 cholesterol	 intake.	 Too	 much	
people	with	arthritis	can	reduce	the	        warm	 baths	 and	 heating	 pads	 help	     time	 refreshing	 your	 label	 reading	        of	these	nutrients	can	increase	your	
impact	that	pain	has	on	their	lives:         ease	the	pain	while	ice	packs	reduce	      skills.                                        risk	of	heart	disease,	some	cancers,	
   Maintain         your       exercise      inflammation	 and	 swelling.	 Try	            Take It from the Top:	Look	at	              and	high	blood	pressure.	
program. It’s	 not	 just	 the	 cold	         starting	 with	 cold	 therapy	 to	 help	   the	serving	size	and	the	number	of	               Check It Out:	 	 Most	 labels	 list	
weather	 that	 causes	 joints	 to	 stiff-    with	inflammation	and	then	switch	         servings	 on	 the	 box.	 Serving	 sizes	       the	Daily	Values	for	2000	and	2500	
en,	 but	 inactivity.	 People	 who	 are	     to	heat	therapy	for	stiffness.	            make	 it	 easier	 to	 compare	 foods.	         calorie	diets.	Your	own	calorie	needs	
normally	active	in	the	summer	can	              Layer your clothing.	 By	 wear-         The	size	of	the	serving	on	the	pack-           may	be	more	or	less	than	the	Daily	
become	 sedentary	 when	 it’s	 cold.	        ing	multiple	layers	of	clothing,	you	      age	will	affect	the	number	of	calo-            Values	 on	 the	 label.	 A	 Registered	
Lack	of	exercise	raises	the	risk	for	        can	avoid	rapid	temperature	transi-        ries	and	all	other	nutrients	listed	on	        Dietitian	 (RD)	 can	 help	 you	 figure	
cardiovascular	 disorders	 and	 other	       tions	between	indoors	and	out.             the	 label.	 How	 many	 servings	 of	          out	your	individual	needs.
chronic	illnesses	and	can	also	make	            Take an over-the-counter pain           this	 food	 are	 you	 going	 to	 eat?	 A	         bulk up:	Most	Americans	don’t	
the	 muscles	 of	 the	 body	 less	 effi-     reliever.	Non-steroidal	anti-inflam-       half?	Two?	Five?                               get	 enough	 dietary	 fiber,	 vitamin	
cient	 and	 increase	 fatigue,	 stress	      matory	drugs	(NSAIDs)	and	ibupro-             Concentrate on Calories:	Calo-              A,	iron	and	vitamin	C.	These	nutri-
and	anxiety.	                                fen	work	to	relieve	everyday	aches	        ries	measure	how	much	energy	you	              ents	 can	 help	 protect	 against	 some	
   If	the	weather	outside	is	prohibi-        and	 pains.	 Contact	 your	 doctor	 or	    get	from	one	serving.	Calories	play	           diseases	 so	 bulk	 up	 your	 diet	 with	
tive,	find	an	indoor	activity	such	as	       pharmacist	 before	 taking	 over-the-      a	very	important	role	in	controlling	          healthy	 foods.	 Plenty	 of	 fruits	 and	
mall	 walking,	 dancing,	 swimming	          counter	drugs.	                            your	 weight.	 The	 number	 you	 get	          vegetables	will	give	you	a	lot	these	
                                                                                        from	a	food	depends	on	how	many	               great	nutrients.	Aim	for	25	grams	of	
                                                                                        servings	you	eat.	A	general	guide	to	          fiber	per	day.
Peanut Products recall expanded                                                         calories	per	servings:	40	is	low,	100	
   Peanut	 Corporation	 of	 Ameri-           pain.	 In	 rare	 circumstances,	 infec-
ca	 (PCA)	 is	 voluntarily	 recalling	       tion	 with	 Salmonella	 can	 result	 in	   Obesity in Later Life Leads To
all	 peanuts	 and	 peanut	 products	
processed	 in	 its	 Blakely,	 Georgia	
                                             the	organism	getting	into	the	blood-
                                             stream	 and	 producing	 more	 severe	      Increased risks Of Disability
facility	 in	 the	 last	 two	 years.	 PCA	   illnesses	such	as	arterial	infections,	
sells	its	products	to	institutional	and	     endocarditis	and	arthritis.                    Obesity	 in	 later	 life	 leads	 to	       is	weak.	Only	severely	obese	older	
industrial	users	for	service	in	large	          Because	 some	 of	 PCA’s	 peanut	       increased	risks	of	disability	but	not	         men	 seemed	 to	 run	 this	 increased	
institutions	 or	 for	 sale	 and	 further	   products	 are	 used	 in	 pet	 food,	       of	 dying	 --	 and	 to	 ‘a	 ticking	 time	     risk.	
processing	 by	 other	 companies.	           Salmonella	can	potentially	be	trans-       bomb’	for	health	and	social	services.	             Dr	Iain	Lang,	who	led	the	research	
PCA	does	not	sell	peanuts	or	peanut	         ferred	to	people	handling	pet	treats	      Research	 carried	 out	 at	 the	 Penin-        commented,	 “We	 have	 known	 for	
products	 directly	 to	 consumers	 in	       exposed	 to	 Salmonella,	 especially	      sula	 Medical	 School	 in	 the	 South	         some	 time	 that	 young	 and	 middle-
stores.                                      if	they	have	not	thoroughly	washed	        West	of	England	has	discovered	that	           aged	adults	who	are	overweight	run	
   The	voluntary	recall	comes	amid	          their	hands	after	having	contact	with	     obesity	 in	 later	 life	 does	 not	 make	     a	 higher	 risk	 of	 death	 and	 it	 was	
an	FDA	investigation	into	a	nation-          the	products	or	any	surfaces	exposed	      a	 substantial	 difference	 to	 risks	 of	     presumed	that	this	held	true	for	older	
wide	 salmonella	 outbreak	 that	 has	       to	these	products.	Pets	with	Salmo-        death	among	older	people	but	that	it	          people.	In	fact,	our	results	show	that	
sickened	 more	 than	 500	 people	           nella	 infections	 may	 be	 lethargic	     is	 a	 major	 contributor	 to	 increased	      the	risk	of	dying	is	higher	only	for	
nationwide	 beginning	 in	 Septem-           and	 have	 diarrhea	 or	 bloody	 diar-     disability	 in	 later	 life	 –	 creating	 a	   the	most	severely	obese,	but	that	all	
ber.	Salmonella	is	an	organism	that	         rhea,	 fever,	 and	 vomiting.	 Some	       ticking	time	bomb	for	health	servic-           older	 people	 who	 are	 overweight	
can	 cause	 serious	 and	 sometimes	         pets	will	have	only	decreased	appe-        es	in	developed	countries.                     are	at	significantly	increased	risk	of	
fatal	 infections	 in	 young	 children,	     tite,	fever	and	abdominal	pain.	Well	          The	 research	 is	 published	 in	 the	     developing	problems	with	mobility	
frail	 or	 elderly	 people,	 and	 others	    animals	 can	 be	 carriers	 and	 infect	   August	2008	edition	of	the	Journal             and	carrying	out	everyday	tasks.”
with	 weakened	 immune	 systems.	            other	 animals	 or	 humans.	 If	 your	     of the American Geriatrics Soci-                   He	 added,	 “This	 research	 is	
Healthy	 persons	 infected	 with	            pet	has	consumed	the	recalled	prod-        ety. The	 Peninsula	 Medical	 School	          important	 because	 a	 growing	
Salmonella	 often	 experience	 fever,	       uct	and	has	these	symptoms,	please	        research	 team	 worked	 with	 data	            proportion	of	the	population	is	aged	
diarrhea	 (which	 may	 be	 bloody),	         contact	your	veterinarian.                 on	 just	 under	 4,000	 participants	          65	 or	 over,	 and	 more	 and	 more	 of	
nausea,	 vomiting	 and	 abdominal	                                                      aged	65	and	older	and	living	in	the	           these	 older	 people	 are	 overweight.	
                                                                                        community.	 Each	 participant	 had	            In	fact,	in	most	developed	countries	
                                                                                        their	 weight	 and	 height	 measured	          middle-aged	 and	 elderly	 adults	 are	
                                                                                        and	 their	 body	 mass	 index	 (BMI)	          more	likely	to	be	obese	than	people	
                                                                                        calculated	 and	 they	 were	 followed	         in	any	other	age	group.	These	find-
                                                                                        up	 for	 five	 years.	 The	 researchers	       ings	have	huge	significance	for	the	
                                                                                        compared	 people	 in	 four	 catego-            delivery	of	health	care,	both	now	and	
                                                                                        ries:	those	of	recommended	weight,	            in	the	future.	Increasing	numbers	of	
                                                                                        overweight,	 obese,	 and	 severely	            older	 people	 and	 higher	 levels	 of	
                                                                                        obese.	                                        overweight	and	obesity	will	lead	to	
                                                                                            The	results	showed	that	the	high-          a	 greater	 burden	 of	 disability	 and	
                                                                                        er	an	older	person’s	BMI,	the	more	            ill	 health	 and	 place	 an	 immense	
                                                                                        likely	 he	 or	 she	 was	 to	 develop	         strain	on	health	and	social	services.	
                                                                                        mobility	 problems	 or	 to	 develop	           The	 issue	 is	 likely	 to	 get	 worse	 as	
                                                                                        difficulty	 carrying	 out	 everyday	           time	goes	on	and	represents	a	tick-
                                                                                        tasks.	The	results	also	showed	that,	          ing	 time	 bomb	 for	 health	 services	
                                                                                        in	 older	 people,	 the	 link	 between	        around	the	world.”
                                                                                        higher	 BMI	 and	 the	 risk	 of	 death	

                                                                                                          Prescription Advantage... continuted from page 1
                                                                                           with	 a	 SHINE	 Counselor	 to	              Bessey	 noted,	 is	 that	 many	 seniors	
                                                                                        review	their	situation.	Every	Coun-            “think	 Prescription	 Advantage	
                                                                                        cil	on	Aging	has	a	SHINE	Counsel-              is	 their	 Part	 D	 drug	 plan	 and	 it’s	
                                                                                        or	 to	 help	 seniors	 with	 their	 health	    not.”	 Medicare	 Part	 D	 is	 a	 federal	
                                                                                        information	needs.                             program,	while	Prescription	Advan-
                                                                                           “Every	 fall	 seniors	 should	 meet	        tage	is	a	state	program	that	supple-
                                                                                        with	 a	 SHINE	 Counselor	 to	 re-             ments	the	federal	program.
                                                                                        evaluate	their	Medicare	Part	D	drug	              Elders	with	questions	about	their	
                                                                                        plan,”	 she	 said.	 “Drug	 companies	          Prescription	 Advantage	 benefit	
                                                                                        change	their	premiums,	deductibles,	           can	 call	 Prescription	 Advantage	
                                                                                        and	list	of	covered	drugs	every	year.	         Customer	 Service	 at	 1-800-AGE-
                                                                                        The	plan	that	was	best	for	an	elder	in	        INFO	(1-800-243-4636)	or	TTY	for	
                                                                                        2008	may	not	be	the	best	in	2009.”             the	 deaf	 and	 hard	 of	 hearing	 at	 1-
                                                                                           Another	 area	 of	 confusion,	 Ms.	         877-610-0241.	
february 2009	                                                                 Senior Scope	                                                                               11

Your Health
Depression Can Hamper Glucose                                                            The 1-2-3 of brain Power
Control in People With Diabetes                                                             Think	of	it	as	a	recipe	for	brain	
                                                                                         boosting.	 Researchers	 are	 begin-
                                                                                                                                      late.	 Do	 word-search	 games	 and	
                                                                                                                                      crossword	 puzzles.	 Go	 to	 lectures,	
   Depression	 can	 cause	 diabetes	        clinicians	administered	a	blood	test	
patients	to	suffer	from	higher	glucose	     that	 measures	 long-term	 glucose	          ning	 to	 believe	 in	 a	 three-pronged	     concerts	and	museums.	LaRue	said	
levels	over	time	compared	to	those	         control.	Experts	recommend	a	target	         strategy	for	keeping	a	mental	edge	          early	 observational	 studies	 have	
who	are	not	depressed,	finds	a	study	       level	of	less	than	7	percent.	               and	retaining	memory	as	we	age.              indicated	 the	 benefits	 of	 mental	
of	 older	 veterans	 with	 the	 disease.	      They	 found	 that	 over	 the	 four-          “We’re	 seeing	 baby	 boomers	            gymnastics	and	mind	challenges.
“Our	study	shows	that	depression	is	        year	 period,	 the	 glucose	 control	        and	 even	 people	 in	 their	 thirties	          Stay Socially active.	 LaRue	
a	major	and	important	complication	         values	 in	 the	 veterans	 who	 were	        worrying	about	brain	fitness,”	said	         says	 it	 appears	 that	 people	 who	
in	people	with	type	2	diabetes,”	said	      depressed	 averaged	 0.13	 percent	          Asenath	 LaRue,	 a	 senior	 scientist	       are	active	in	broad	social	networks	
study	 co-author	 Leonard	 Egede,	          higher	 than	 the	 veterans	 who	 were	      at	 University	 of	Wisconsin	 School	        may	hold	up	better	cognitively	than	
M.D.,	 from	 the	 Center	 for	 Health	      not	depressed.	Egede	said	the	differ-        of	 Medicine	 and	 Public	 Health	           those	who	are	less	socially	active.
Disparities	Research	at	the	Medical	        ence	is	quite	significant	—	enough	          (SMPH).	LaRue,	a	neuropsycholo-                  “While	 we	 don’t	 know	 at	 what	
University	of	South	Carolina.               to	raise	people	with	diabetes	above	         gist	 at	 the	 Wisconsin	 Alzheimer’s	       point	in	an	individual’s	life	the	three	
   Through	 a	 combination	 of	 diet,	      the	 desirable	 range	 for	 glucose	         Institute,	 specializes	 in	 research	       factors	have	maximum	impact,	the	
exercise	 and	 medication,	 people	         control,	putting	them	at	higher	risk.        into	cognitive	aging.                        theory	 is	 that	 the	 better	 developed	
with	 type	 2	 diabetes	 work	 to	 keep	       The	 difference	 persisted	 over	            “It’s	 not	 a	 stretch	 to	 think	 we	    your	 coping	 resources,	 the	 more	
their	 blood	 glucose	 levels	 within	      time	 and	 that	 the	 depressed	 group	      may	 begin	 hiring	 brain	 coaches	 in	      likely	 you	 are	 to	 withstand	 brain	
a	 certain	 range.	 Past	 research	 has	    had	 higher	 blood	 glucose	 readings	       addition	 to	 physical	 fitness	 train-      changes	 affecting	 memory	 and	
shown	 that	 those	 who	 are	 also	         at	all	36	blood	tests.	The	research-         ers,”	notes	LaRue.                           thinking,”	says	LaRue.
depressed	 have	 a	 tougher	 time	          ers	 also	 found	 that	 the	 change	 in	        While	 there	 aren’t	 many	                    	
doing	so.	About	30	percent	of	adults	       blood	 glucose	 readings	 among	 the	        controlled	clinical	trials	on	ways	to	           LaRue	 does	 emphasize	 that	
with	 diabetes	 have	 depression	 and	      depressed	participants	did	not	differ	       keep	your	brain	in	shape,	she	says	          researchers	 don’t	 believe	 brain	
the	 combination	 is	 linked	 to	 poor	     based	on	race	or	age.                        a	 variety	 of	 observational	 stud-         workouts	 will	 stop	 or	 reverse	
glucose	 control,	 higher	 complica-           Evette	Joy	Ludman,	Ph.D.,	senior	         ies	 point	 to	 three	 main	 preventive	     dementia	and	Alzheimer’s	disease.	
tion	rates,	decreased	quality	of	life	      research	 associate	 at	 the	 Group	         actions:                                     But	they	may	forestall	memory	loss	
and	increased	risk	of	death.                Health	Center	for	Health	Studies	in	            be Physically active.	 Regular	           and	confusion.
   The	current	study	appears	in	the	        Seattle,	 said	 that	 although	 the	 link	   activity,	 not	 necessarily	 planned	            “It’s	 not	 unlike	 heart	 disease.	
November/December	 issue	 of	 the	          between	 depression	 and	 diabetes	          exercise,	 seems	 to	 relate	 to	 brain	     Once	you	have	it,	you	can’t	reverse	
journal	 General Hospital Psychi-           complications	 might	 seem	 daunt-           fitness,	 according	 to	 LaRue.	 She	        it,	 but	 with	 a	 combination	 of	 life-
atry.	 Egede	 and	 his	 colleagues	         ing,	it	is	possible	for	adults	to	follow	    says	 activities	 like	 gardening,	          style	adjustments	and	medications,	
analyzed	data	from	11,525	veterans	         treatment	orders	for	their	depression	       dancing	and	even	cleaning,	among	            many	 of	 the	 most	 challenging	
(98	percent	men)	with	type	2	diabe-         while	also	managing	their	diabetes.          others,	could	increase	your	chances	         symptoms	 can	 be	 managed	 effec-
tes	who	received	medical	care	at	a	            “I	think	it	is	a	reasonable	expec-        of	maintaining	brain	health.                 tively,”	says	LaRue.
Veterans	 Administration	 facility	 in	     tation	 that	 health	 care	 teams	 can	         Challenge your brain.	 Calcu-
the	Southeast.	                             help	patients	who	have	both	depres-
   The	participants’	average	age	was	
66	years	and	48	percent	were	white,	
                                            sion	 and	 diabetes	 manage	 both	
                                            conditions,”	she	said.	“I	don’t	think	
                                                                                         blacks at risk of Heart failure
27	 percent	 were	African-American	         patients	see	themselves	as	a	collec-         While	 African-Americans	 are	               health	 study	 that	 recruited	 6,814	
and	25	percent	were	of	other	races.	        tion	of	different	illnesses	and	if	we	    not	 any	 more	 likely	 to	 suffer	 heart	      people	ages	45	to	84,	from	2000	to	
Six	 percent	 of	 the	 participants	 had	   take	 a	 more	 proactive,	 integrated	    attacks	than	whites	are,	they’re	near-          2002.	During	a	four-year	period,	79	
depression,	researchers	determined.         approach	 to	 caring	 for	 them,	 it	 is	 ly	 twice	 as	 likely	 to	 develop	 heart	      of	 the	 participants	 developed	 heart	
   Researchers	 evaluated	 each	            likely	 they	 can	 benefit.	 Research	    failure,	apparently	because	of	their	           failure.	 African-Americans	 were	
participant	 at	 three-month	 inter-        currently	 in	 the	 field	 is	 addressing	propensity	 to	 develop	 high	 blood	           1.8	times	more	likely	to	develop	the	
vals	 from	 1997	 to	 2006,	 with	 36	      that	exact	question.”                     pressure	 and	 diabetes,	 according	            condition.	
intervals.	At	each	3-month	interval,	                                                 to	 a	 study	 in	 the	 October	 27	 issue	         High	blood	pressure	and	diabetes	
Parkinson’s Support Group                                                             of	 the	 journal	 Archives of Internal
                                                                                                                                      in	African-Americans	seemed	to	be	
                                                                                                                                      the	 main	 reason	 for	 the	 difference,	
   The	 February	 meeting	 of	 the	           Dick	 Johnson,	 shoe	 expert	 from	        The	 findings	 “show	 the	 impor-            although	 income	 and	 education	
Parkinson’s	 Support	 Group	 will	          A	 Proper	 Fit,	 will	 be	 the	 speaker.	 tance	of	more	aggressive	control	of	            levels	 appeared	 to	 play	 a	 role	 too,	
be	 held	 on	Thursday,	 February	 12,	      Please	call	508-997-0907	for	infor- high	blood	pressure	and	diabetes	in	                  the	study	said.	
at	 1	 p.m.,	 at	 the	 Dartmouth	 Senior	   mation.                                   African-Americans,”	said	lead	study	               Overall,	 the	 difference	 between	
Center	on	Dartmouth	Street.	                                                          author	 Hossein	 Bahrami,	 M.D.,	               two	 ethnic	 groups	 was	 large:	 4.6	
                                                                                      a	 cardiology	 research	 fellow	 at	            in	 every	 1,000	 African-Americans	
                                                                                      Johns	Hopkins	University.	Chinese-              suffered	from	heart	failure	in	a	year-
                                                                                      Americans,	by	contrast,	only	had	a	             long	period,	compared	with	just	one	
                                                                                      third	 of	 the	 risk	 of	 heart	 failure	 as	   in	1,000	Chinese-Americans.	
                                                                                      whites.	                                           In	 another	 study	 finding,	 heart	
                                                                                         According	to	the	National	Heart,	            attacks	boosted	the	risk	of	heart	fail-
                                                                                      Lung	 and	 Blood	 Institute,	 about	 5	         ure	among	both	Chinese-Americans	
                                                                                      million	Americans	suffer	from	heart	            and	African-Americans	more	than	it	
                                                                                      failure	 and	 the	 condition	 contrib-          did	among	whites	and	Hispanics.	
                                                                                      utes	to	300,000	deaths	a	year.	Heart	              Diane	 Brown,	 director	 of	 the	
                                                                                      failure	 occurs	 when	 the	 heart	 fails	       Institute	 for	 the	 Elimination	 of	
                                                                                      to	pump	blood	adequately.	                      Health	Disparities	at	the	University	
                                                                                         “It	 doesn’t	 mean	 your	 heart	 has	        of	 Medicine	 and	 Dentistry	 of	 New	
                                                                                      stopped,”	 Bahrami	 said.	 “It’s	 basi-         Jersey,	 said	 future	 research	 should	
                                                                                      cally	that	the	heart	doesn’t	function	          explore	 a	 possible	 gap	 in	 quality	
                                                                                      properly.”	 He	 said	 causes	 of	 the	          of	 health	 care	 encountered	 by	 the	
                                                                                      condition	 include	 high	 blood	 pres-          different	 groups.	 It	 is	 especially	
                                                                                      sure,	which	makes	the	heart	strain	to	          important	 for	 researchers	 to	 exam-
                                                                                      pump	blood,	and	damage	sustained	               ine	the	follow-up	care	that	patients	
                                                                                      during	a	heart	attack.	                         receive,	 Brown	 said.	 “We	 need	 to	
                                                                                         In	 the	 new	 study,	 Bahrami	 and	          look	at	access	to	quality	care	on	an	
                                                                                      colleagues	 examined	 the	 findings	            ongoing	basis.”
                                                                                      from	 an	 ongoing	 cardiovascular	

                                                                                         Stroke Support Group Meets
                                                                                            A	 Stroke	 Support	 Group	 spon-          opportunity	 for	 	 stroke	 survivors	
                                                                                         sored	 by	 Southcoast	 Hospitals	            and	 their	 families,	 caregivers	 and	
                                                                                         meets	 the	 third	 Wednesday	 of	 the	       friends	to	gather	and	meet	others	in	
                                                                                         month,	 from	 4:oo	 p.m.	 to	 5:30	          similar	circumstances.	The	group	is	
                                                                                         p.m.	at	Autumn	Glen	of	Dartmouth	            informational	 and	 allows	 for	 shar-
                                                                                         (formerly	 Heritage	 of	 Dartmouth),	        ing	and	social	interaction.	
                                                                                         239	Cross	Road,	Dartmouth.                      For	more	information	call	Veron-
                                                                                            The	 monthly	 forum	 provides	 an	        ica	Robdau	at	508-961-5769.	
  12	                                                                                  Senior Scope	                                                          February 2009

Reader Exchange
 The Whaler, the Stitcher and the                                                                            New bedford and
Catch New bedford, Massachusetts                                                                         The underground railroad
                                                                                                                         by Joan beaubian
                         by Peter Francis raffa                                                                     Former	President/	Exec	Director
            The	Whaler’s	Day	of	the	1800s	was	New	Bedford.	                                                       New	Bedford	Historical	Society,	INC
     Whale	oil	was	for	lamps	by	night	for	man’s	toil	lesser	by	sight.	
     As	it	were,	500	ships	of	New	Bedford	when	the	market	peaked.                               The	 Underground	 Railroad	 was	          there	 was	 no	 need	 for	 hiding	 places.	
                                                                                            neither	 underground	 nor	 a	 railroad.       Blacks	 were	 free	 to	 openly	 walk	 the	
            Captains’	mansion	with	rooftops	for	widows	to	peek	                             The	term	was	used	for	a	loose	network	        streets	of	New	Bedford.
                     in	wait	of	their	loved	one’s	return.	                                  devised	 by	 abolitionists	 and	 others	         In	 September	 of	 1838,	 the	 now	
         The	mansions	still	occupied	today	adorned	in	array	of	color.                       with	anti	slavery	sentiments	to	assist	       famous	 Frederick	 Douglass	 and	 his	
                                                                                            runaway	 slaves	 as	 they	 sought	 free-
                  Two	or	three	years	at	sea	before	ships	return	                            dom.	 The	 activities	 were,	 by	 nature,	
            after	depleting	the	Atlantic	of	the	prized	Sperm	whale.	                        secret	 and	 “underground”.	 Many	
             It	was	the	Pacific	and	beyond	in	journey	to	complete.                          attribute	 the	 name	 to	 a	 Kentucky	
                                                                                            slaveholder	 who	 after	 searching	 for	
        In	the	crow’s	nest	a	whaler	could	see	down	on	the	great	whale	                      his	runaway	slave,	Tice	Davis	in	1831	
                  and	shout	knowing	the	earning	just	ahead.                                 said”	 It	 is	 though	 he	 disappeared	 on	     Frederick
                                                                                            an	underground	road.	                           Augustus
                 In	a	full	gale,	survival	was	by	prayer.	                                       New	 Bedford	 played	 a	 major	 role	
    Upon	the	ship’s	return,	many	thanks	given	at	Seamen’s	Bethel	on	                        in	 this	 humanitarian	 movement.	 The	         Washington
                           Johnny	Cake	Hill.                                                sentiment	 was	 due	 to	 the	 Quaker	           Bailey
                                                                                            community	 that	 largely	 ran	 the	 city	       Douglass
          The	turn	of	the	century,	a	new	era	in	New	Bedford	                                and	 whose	 religion	 forbade	 slavery.	
                        and	the	demise	of	whaling.	                                         Before	the	Civil	War,	the	city	had	the	       new	 bride	 arrived	 in	 our	 city	 and	
     Like	spring	in	the	air	was	time	changing	like	the	moment	of	a	                         largest	black	population,	per	capita,	of	     walked	 to	 21	 Seventh	 Street	 and	 the	
                              bright	flare.	                                                any	northern	city	including	Philadel-         welcoming	Nathan	and	Polly	Johnson.	
    Whale	oil	no	longer	needed	to	burn	and	Henry	T’s	took	their	turn.	                      phia	and	Boston.	Once	runaways	made	          The	Nathan	and	Polly	Johnson	House	
                    It	was	the	leap	into	industrialism.                                     it	to	New	Bedford,	they	were	assured	         is	now	a	National	Historic	Landmark	
        In	with	the	hideous	1920s	came	scores	of	textile	mills	erected	                     of	 lasting	 freedom.	 Many	 stories	 are	    and	an	official	documented	site	on	the	
                              around	the	city.                                              told	of	slave	catchers	coming	to	New	         National	Network	to	Freedom	as	the	
        For	six	decades	thousands	of	stitchers	found	tenement	housing                       Bedford	and	meeting	a	force	prevent-          first	 free	 home	 of	 Frederick	 Doug-
              While	subjected	to	steady	but	tedious	employment.                             ing	the	capture	of	former	slaves.             lass.
                                                                                                One	 such	 story	 involves	 Rodney	          	Frederick	Douglass	said,	“My	first	
     All	the	while,	fishing	still	strong	today	in	New	Bedford’s	catch.                      French,	a	whaling	captain,	who	with	          afternoon	 on	 reaching	 New	 Bedford	
                      The	top	fish	port	in	the	country.	                                    the	help	of	an	African	American	citi-         was	spent	in	visiting	the	wharves	and	
               Year	round	nonstop	are	boats	out	for	bounty	                                 zen		of	New	Bedford	funded	the	place-         viewing	the	shipping.	The	sight	of	the	
        past	the	dike’s	safe	embrace	to	the	quench	of	the	Atlantic.                         ment	of	a	bell	in	the	tower	of	Liberty	       broad	brim	and	the	plain	Quaker	dress,	
                                                                                            Hall,	 on	 the	 corner	 of	 Purchase	 and	    which	 met	 me	 at	 every	 turn	 greatly,	
                  The	crew	wishing	and	the	nets	mended,	                                    William	 Street,	 to	 sound	 the	 alarm	      increased	 my	 sense	 of	 freedom	 and	
               they	work	and	work	some	more	and	still	more.                                 warning	of	slave	catchers	as	the	boats	       security.	I	am	among	the	Quakers	and	
                                                                                            arrived	 in	 the	 harbor.	 One	 particu-      I	am	safe.”
   Fish	vessels	heavy	in	the	sea	with	their	catch	packed	tight	with	ice	                    lar	 event	 took	 place,	 soon	 after	 the	      There	are	many	more	stories	about	
    make	for	port	where	money	by	current	market	price	will	be	sort.                         passing	of	the	Fugitive	Slave	Law	in	         the	 Underground	 Railroad	 and	 New	
                                                                                            1850,	when	many	ships	carrying	slave	         Bedford.	Visit	the	New	Bedford	Whal-
            Old	New	Bedford,	the	Whaler,	the	Stitcher,	the	Fisher,	                         catchers	tied	up	and	not	one	fugitive	        ing	 National	 Historic	 Park	 in	 person	
                              the	Endeavor.                                                 was	re-captured.                              or	online	at	www.nps.gov/nebe.	New	
                                                                                                Many	 questions	 have	 been	 asked	       Bedford	 Historical	 Society	 will	 be	
                                                                                            about	local	tunnels	so	the	New	Bedford	       offering	tours	this	spring	and	summer.	
                 My Journey Through                                                         Historical	 Society	 and	 WHALE	              Contact	them	at	508-979-9828.
                                                                                            commissioned	 an	 archaeologist	 to	
                  Surviving Cancer                                                          physically	examine	one	such	reputed	
                                                                                            tunnel	on	Spring	Street.	His	conclusion	        Nathan and
                   by Truman C. L. Nunes, New bedford                                       was	that	it	had	never	been	constructed	         Polly John-
                                                                                            to	serve	as	a	hiding	place	for	people.	         son House
   On	January	17,	2007,	I	was	diag-          servicemen	 also	 were	 receiving	             National	 Park	 Service	 archaeologists	
nosed	with	lung	cancer	at	the	VA	            the	 same	 care	 as	 I	 was.	 Not	 that	       came	to		the	same	conclusion	.Many	       	     New Bedford
Medical	 Center	 in	 Providence	 by	         I	 have	 a	 big	 mouth,	 but	 I	 seem	         local	historians	have	determined	that	          Historical
Dr.	 Nancy	 Freeman,	 chief	 oncol-          to	 be	 able	 to	 communicate	 with	           most	of	the	tunnels	had	other	uses	and	         Society The
ogy	 doctor	 on	 Floor	 4.	 On	 that	        people	from	being	a	salesman	for	              may	never	have	been	part	of	the	New	
day,	 or	 I	 should	 say,	 after	 I	 went	   a	 while.	 I	 began	 to	 talk	 to	 these	                                                      first free home
                                                                                            Bedford	 Underground	 railroad.	 New	           of Frederick
through	all	the	tests,	Dr.	Freeman	          service	 people	 with	 me.	 I	 asked	          Bedford	was	so	liberal	at	the	time	that	
and	an	aide	went	to	a	room	so	she	           them	questions	and	it	seemed	as	if	                                                            Douglass
could	talk	with	me.	She	told	me	I	           I	 was	 helping	 others.	 It	 gave	 me	
had	six	months	to	live.	
   At	 that	 moment	 I	 said,	 “I	 will	
                                             a	 feeling	 as	 if	 I	 was	 really	 help-
                                             ing	others.	As	the	months	wore	on	             Mail Subscription available
be	around	for	quite	a	while.”	I	just	        I	went	to	the	VA	Clinic	four	times	               SeniorScope	is	available	free	of	charge	at	more	than	200	locations	in	New	
knew	 by	 looking	 at	 the	 doctor.	         a	 month	 every	 Tuesday	 for	 quite	          Bedford,	 Acushnet,	 Dartmouth,	 Fairhaven,	 Gosnold,	 Marion,	 Mattapoisett	
She	gave	me	a	feeling	I	never	had	           a	long	time.	I	rode	on	the	van	for	            and	Rochester.	These	locations	include	senior	centers	and	clubs,	banks,	super-
before,	 and	 I	 told	 her	 I	 had	 faith	   veterans	 that	 leaves	 from	 the	 old	        markets,	 pharmacies,	 and	 other	 retail	 outlets.	 SeniorScope	 is	 also	 delivered	
in	her.                                      Vocational	 School	 on	 Hillman	               with	Meals	on	Wheels.
   I	went	on	to	say,	let’s	start	now	        Street	at	7:15	a.m.	every	Tuesday.                Following	many	requests,	we	now	offer	mail	delivery	subscriptions.	The	
because	 I	 feel	 as	 though	 I	 can	            Maybe	 it	 was	 the	 confi-                cost	is	$10	per	year	to	cover	postage	and	handling.	
stop	 it	 now.	 So	 a	 year	 went	 by.	      dence	 I	 had	 in	 my	 doctor	 Nancy	      	      SeniorScope	is	still	available	free	of	charge	at	all	the	regular	locations.	But	
On	 January	 17,	 2008,	 I	 bought	 a	       Freeman	As	the	months	went	on,	            	   if	you	want	to	be	receive	the	paper	through	the	mail,	please	fill	out	the	coupon	
box	 of	 Whitman	 chocolates	 and	           I	 just	 knew	 it	 would	 be	 all	 right.	     below	and	send	it	with	your	check	or	money	order	made	payable	to	Senior-
an	 anniversary	 card.	 On	 the	 card	       As	the	months	went	on,	things	got	             Scope.	Please	see	coupon	for	mailing	instructions.
I	wrote,	“This	is	our	first	anniver-         easier	and	easier.	I	just	felt	better	
sary.	 I	 will	 see	 you	 again	 on	 our	    and	 better.	 I	 had	 no	 pain	 or	 cold	         Mail	Subscription
second	anniversary.”                         hands	or	feet.                                    Yes,	I	want	to	receive	SeniorScope	by	mail.	Enclosed	is	a	check	or	money	
   All	 the	 RNs	 at	 those	 stations	           At	 times	 if	 I	 felt	 depressed,	 I	     order	in	the	amount	of	$10	to	cover	postage	and	handling	for	one	year	(10	
got	a	big	kick	out	of	it.	But	deep	          would	turn	to	my	prayers	and	atti-
down	 in	 my	 heart,	 I	 knew	 it	 was	      tude	of	being	a	positive	thinker.	I	           issues).
a	great	beginning.	I	told	all	those	         have	 never	 felt	 sorry	 for	 myself,	           Name__________________________________________
around	that	I	had	ESP.	Jokingly,	it	         as	 I	 have	 led	 a	 fairly	 good	 life.	 I	      Street__________________________________________
means	 “Extra	 Short	 Portuguese.”	          belong	to	quite	a	few	organizations	
But	I	knew	I	had	something	going	            that	have	really	kept	me	busy.	So	                City	or	town	________________________Zip_________
that	 I	 could	 not	 explain.	 As	 I	        with	that	in	mind,	I	kept	my	faith	               Telephone	______________________________________
began	 the	 therapy,	 other	 brave	          and	positive	attitude.	                           Mail	to:	SeniorScope,	181	Hillman	Street,	New	Bedford	MA	02740.

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