Course Observation Interviews

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					Course Observation Interviews

Many of the items on the observation protocol may not be observable during the class setting. In order
to find out more about expectations in higher education and student and professor perceptions of
international students, all students should conduct at least two interviews during the semester. The
minimum requirement is to observe one student and one professor, but if you can do more than this,
you will benefit even more from the assignment!

Follow these steps to prepare for your interview:

    1. Identify the goals of the interview. What do you want to know? Use the observation protocol
       and notice the gaps in your notes. Use these gaps to develop a purpose for your interview.
       Consider your goal log and reflect on your academic experiences during the semester. Use this
       reflection to clarify the purpose of your interview.

    2. Write questions that will elicit the desired responses. Avoid writing all yes/no questions. Use
       your survey experiences as a guide to generate questions that will provide you with meaningful,
       in-depth answers.

    3. Practice asking your questions and devise a format and plan for taking notes. If someone is
       going to take the time to meet with you, you must show that you respect their time by being

    4. Contact people for the interview. Contacting the professors should be relatively easy, but
       making conversation with students during the classes and asking them for an interview might be
       a bit difficult. Make sure to clearly explain the goals and purpose of your interview!


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