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					                                                                                                      National Alliance on Mental Illness

March 2011 Vol. 27 / No. 7                                                                                           Patience Merullo, Editor

                           NAMI Central Middlesex
                  invites you to a special event presented
        with the Social Action Committee, First Parish in Lexington
                 "Dangerously High" by Kitty McKay
                       Monday, March 21st - 7 to 9 p.m.
                        First Parish Church in Lexington
                        (7 Harrington Road, Lexington MA
                       White Church on the Lexington Green)
                                    Admission is FREE
      Dangerously High is a one-woman-show with a message of hope for people
         with mental illness and their friends and families. The show highlights a
     personal experience with mania and its repercussions. It carries a message to
    help break the stigma for those people who want further education about mental
       illness. It is also a dramatic presentation for those who simply love theatre.

                                                                    1      Our Next Program: Dangerously High
                                                           IN THIS ISSUE

                                                                    2      Support Groups & Help lines
                                                                    3      Affiliate President’s Message: Advocacy Needed on DMH Budget Cuts
                                                                    3      DMH Commissioner Testimony on Next Year’s Budget
                                                                    3      “Attitude”
                                                                    3      Connections Veterans’ Support Group is starting
                                                                    4      Recap of NAMI Mass Executive Director’s February Presentation
                                                                    4      New Movies on Mental Health Issues
                                                                    5      Annual Spring Fling Function Volunteers Needed
                                                                    5      Fundraiser for NAMI of North Central
                                                                    5      Severe Mental Health Disorders Untreated in Many US Teens
                                                                    5      NAMI-Mass Advocacy Event at the Mass State House
                                                                    5      Conference: Getting Real about Family Voice and Choice
                                                                    5      The Sibling Support Demonstration Project
                                                                    5      Psychiatric Rehabilitation Journal
                                                                    6      What Does Peer Support Mean to You
                                                                    6      Working and Benefits
                                                                    6      NAMI Walk 2011 updates
                                                                    6      Lobby Day for the Homeless
                                                                    7      DMH Citizens Legislative Breakfasts
                                                                    7      Effects of Mental Illness-An Artist’s Interpretation
                                                                    7      DMH Task Force on Staff & Client Safety Convened
                                                                    8      Calendar and Membership Form

   is and previous issues of        e Bridge can be viewed on our website:     
                                                        SUPPORT INFORMATION
      For Consumers (those with a mental illness) and Family/Friends (those who are dealing with a person with a mental illness)
                                       There are three di erent types of NAMI support groups:
                                                              NAMI CONNECTION:
                              recovery support groups (for consumers) facilitated by NAMI-trained volunteer peers
                                                             NAMI Family/Friends:
                                           support groups facilitated by NAMI-trained volunteer peers
                                                          NAMI Caring and Sharing:
                                       (for family/friends) support groups facilitated by NAMI volunteers

Near-by Locations:
Cambridge: Sponsored by NAMI Cambridge-Middlesex, this Caring and Sharing Support Group for family/friends meets at the Cambridge
Hospital, 1493 Cambridge Street, on the 3rd oor of the main building, in the Learning Center/Conference Room A on the rst and the third Monday
of the month, 7:30 to 9:30 p.m. There is free parking. Call Elizabeth at 781-646-0397. The hospital is also on the bus line. You can nd bus directions
to the Cambridge hospital at this link:
Bedford: Sponsored by NAMI Central Middlesex, this support group for family/friends meets last Tuesday of each month, 7:30 - 9:30 p.m., First
Church of Christ, 25 Great Road (Route 4/62/225). Call ahead to use the elevator for handicap access (Susan Wing eld 781-275-9389). Questions:
Call the NAMI of Central Middlesex a liate helpline 781-982-3318. (See information below.)
Belmont: Sponsored by DBSA - BOSTON (Depression Bipolar Support Alliance – formerly the MDDA) support groups for either family/friends or
consumers meet every Wednesday from 7:00 to 9:00 pm at McLean Hospital in the deMarne e building cafeteria. Additionally, there are drop-in
groups on Monday, Thursday, Friday, and Saturday from 1:30 p.m. to 3:30 p.m. in room 132 in the deMarne e building cafeteria. Phone: 617-855-2795,
Email:, Website:
Fitchburg: Sponsored by NAMI of North Central, there are two support groups—meeting separately, one for family/friends and one for consumers,
meeting at the Messiah Lutheran Church, 750 Rindge Road, Fitchburg, every Thursday night 7:00 - 8:30 p.m. Contact Diane or Guy at 978-345-1491
(family/friends) or Sheryl at 978-602-0089 (consumers).
Framingham: Sponsored by NAMI Metro West, there are two support groups—meeting separately, one for family/friends and one for consumers.
The support groups meet on the rst and third Tuesdays from 7-9 p.m. at Advocates, 1 Clarks Hill, Framingham, MA. For additional information call
Tina at 508-272-9061 or the NAMI Metro West Help Line: 508-875-1544.
Lowell: Sponsored by NAMI of Greater Lowell, for caretakers, on the third Wednesday of the month at the Solomon Mental Health Center, 391
Varnum Avenue at 7:00 p.m. Contact 978-677-0618 or
Newton: Sponsored by NAMI of Newton-Wellesley, this family/friends support group meets at the Newton-Wellesley Hospital on the second oor
(usually Bowles Room #6) at 7:00 p.m. on the second Tuesday of each month. Contact Eileen at 781-444-0750 or Jean at
Somerville: The NAMI Connection Support Group, for consumers meets at the Cambridge-Somerville Recovery Learning Center, 153 South St, 2nd
 oor, every Monday from 1-2:30 p.m. For more information, contact Janel at 617-863-5388 or
Stow: Sponsored by NAMI of Central Middlesex, this family/friends support group meets the third Saturday of the month starting at 10:00 a.m.
Fellowship Hall, First Parish Church in Stow near the intersection of Rt. 117 and Rt. 62. Call Chuck or Trish Woods at 978-897-2962 for more
information and directions.

Waltham: Sponsored by NAMI of Central Middlesex, there are two support groups—meeting separately, one for family/ friends and one for consum-
ers. The meetings are the rst and third Tuesday of each month, from 6:30 to 8:00 p.m. at The Edinburg Center, 169 Elm Street, Waltham. Call the NAMI
of Central Middlesex a liate helpline 781-982-3318. (See information below.)
Wake eld: Sponsored by NAMI of Central Middlesex, this Caring & Sharing support group for family/friends meets on the 2nd Monday of the
month (except when there is a Monday holiday) between 1-3 p.m. at the Beebe Wake eld Library in Wake eld. In April, the support group will return
to evenings, at 6:30 p.m. at Horizon House, 78 Water St, Wake eld. For information contact: Kay at 781-438-1851 or Diane at 978-658-3567 or

     Information on support groups in other parts of Massachusetts: Contact the NAMI-Mass o ce at 781-938-4048 or 800-370-9085
       or check the website at in the programs section. It is always a good idea to call the contact person
                            before attending a meeting because meeting dates, time, and location may change.

                                                                Peer Warm Line:
               1-877-733-7563 - A friendly phone line run by peers for peers. Hours of operation: Tuesday thru Sunday, 4 to 8 p.m.
                                                           Psychiatric Emergency:
       Instead of calling 911 or using the local hospital emergency rooms, call the Emergency Service Provider (ESP) 1-877-382-1609 and
                                                enter your zip code. This is a 24/7/365 toll free line.
                                                                    Help Line:
              NAMI of Central Middlesex maintains a helpline at 781-982-3318, covered by trained volunteers. Leave a message and
                                                someone will return your call within 24 hours.

                                        NAMI of Central Middlesex
                                        Affiliate President’s

                                                                                    By: Charles Swindoll
                                                                                    Attitude is more important than facts.
                                        I am by nature a person who is
                                                                                    It is more important than the past, than
                                        comfortable with numbers. At                education, than money, than circumstances,
                                        the risk of helping you to nod              than failures, than successes, than what
        Lynda McCumber                  off, I’d like to show you a few.            other people think or say or do. It is more
The governor has put forth a proposed budget for fiscal year 2012                   important than appearance, giftedness or
which begins July 1. After many years of flat funding and budget                    skill. It will make or break a company...
                                                                                    a church...a home…a community.
cuts, the Department of Mental health is about to be hit hard again.
                                                                                    The remarkable thing is we have a choice
  • Mental health services will be cut 3.4%, a loss of $21.4 million.
                                                                                    every day regarding the attitude we will
    The new budget will be $606.9 million in a total state budget                   embrace for that day. We cannot change
    of $30.5 billion.                                                               our past... we cannot change the fact that
  • Inpatient care will be cut by 11%, $16.4 million.                               people will act in a certain way. We cannot
  • 25% of inpatient beds will be lost, 160 beds lost out of the current            change the inevitable. The only thing we
     626 state beds.                                                                can do is play on the one string we have,
  • 250 full time employees will be lost from inpatient services.                   and that is our attitude... I am convinced
  • Inpatient services are being reduced without a corresponding                    that life is 10% what happens to me and
     increase in community services.                                                90% how I react to it.
  • Outpatient services for children will be cut by $2 million.                     And so it is with you...
  • After-school programs for children will be reduced and in some                  we are in charge of our attitudes.
     cases eliminated.
  • Outpatient services for adults will be cut by $3 million.
  • Clubhouse funding will be reduced, and some may be forced to
Now is the time to provide your feedback to our government on how
these cutbacks will affect us. Please take a few minutes to contact
your legislators. If you’re not sure who represents you, you can find out
at:                   Mass DMH Commissioner Testimony
You may contact Governor Deval Patrick at his Constituent Services          before Mass Budget Committee
Team at (617) 725-4005 or send an email via:                                                   Commissioner Barbara Leadholm testified recently on
                                                                            the Mass. Department of Mental He (DMH) FY2012
Take the time. As our infrastructure is disassembled, it will become in-
                                                                            Budget before the Joint Hearing of the House and
creasingly difficult to restore it. Your advocacy can make a difference.
                                                                            Senate Committees on Ways and Means Committee
                                                                            recently. The total testimony can be viewed at:
It is here!!!!
Our NAMI Connection Veterans Support Group
NAMI of Central Middlesex affiliate is pleased to announce that
our new Connection support group for veterans will begin March              Are Psychiatric Medications Causing
3rd in Room 216, Campus Center, Middlesex Community College                 More Mental Illness?
at the Bedford Campus, from 6:30 to 8:00 p.m.
                                                                            WBUR's Radio Boston recently had a program, "Are
NAMI Connection is a recovery support group for veterans with               Psychiatric Medications Causing More Mental Illness?"
emotional struggles regardless of their diagnosis. Every group is
                                                                            The guests were Robert Whitaker, author of Anatomy of
offered free of charge and meets weekly for 90 minutes. All are led
by trained facilitators who are also veterans in recovery, people           an Epidemic, and Dr. Dr. Andrew Nierenberg, Director of
who understand the challenges you face.                                     the Massachusetts General Hospital Bipolar Clinic
The support group will met the first and third Thursday of each             and Research Program. To hear the program, go to:
February Educational Meeting                                             are nothing new, but in prior years, funding for community sup-
                                                                         ports was included to offset the bed closures. The FY12 budget
Provides Timely Updates                                                  does not include this funding. (See President’s column on page 3.)
Submitted by: Liz Watson                                                 Violence and Mental Illness. Recent tragedies in the news have
The guest speaker at our affiliate February educational meeting was      unfortunately associated violence and mental illness. In the
Laurie Martinelli, Executive Director of NAMI Mass whom                  shooting in Arizona where six people were killed and
updated us on several issues in which the NAMI state office is           Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords was wounded, the accused
involved.                                                                appears to have an untreated mental illness. Locally, Stephanie
                                                                         Moulton, a counselor at a mental health clinic, was murdered at
Rosie D. v. Romney. In this court case, MassHealth, the Medicaid
                                                                         her workplace in Revere, MA.
insurance provider in Massachusetts, was successfully sued for
providing inadequate services for children with mental illness. The      NAMI Mass, among others, advocated for a commission to
case started in 2001, was decided in 2006, and since then has            investigate the circumstances around the death of Ms. Moulton
continued in the courts through negotiation of remedial plans.           and how to keep clients and staff safe. DMH has formed a
                                                                         commission and Phil Hadley of NAMI Mass will be serving on
When the case started there were a large number of “stuck kids” in
                                                                         it. (See article on page 7.)
the system who were unable to move out of hospital settings due to
lack of community services. MassHealth was forced to redesign its        In the aftermath of both of these tragedies, NAMI national and
mental health programs for children through the Children’s               NAMI Mass were both active in issuing statements and writing
Behavioral Health Initiative (CBHI). Mandated improvements to            letters to editors stressing that people with mental illnesses were
services are still ongoing. The good news is that the “stuck kid”        more likely to be victims of violence rather than perpetrators.
problem has largely been solved.                                         NAMI Legislative Advocacy Day. Thursday, March 31, 2011,
A specific example of an improved program that resulted from the         10AM-2PM. There are 40 new members of the legislature. This
Rosie D. case is the Emergency Services Program (ESP), which has         is a great opportunity to meet our legislators and their staff to
actually been implemented statewide for adults as well as children.      make sure they know about NAMI. Ms. Martinelli pointed out
                                                                         that one of the most effective ways to advocate is to develop
Due to the Rosie D. decision, MassHealth must now pay for many           personal relationships with our legislators and their staff. (See
services that private insurers will not cover. Some observers believe    article on page 5.)
that MassHealth is now the insurer who provides the best access to
                                                                         NAMI Mass Outreach to People with Mental Illness who are
mental health services for children in Massachusetts.
                                                                         on MassHealth. NAMI Mass is continuing to look for
There are 1.3 million MassHealth clients. By comparison, DMH             MassHealth clients who have recently lost their mental health
has 22,000 clients. These numbers show how important it is that          outpatient services. You must be a person living with a mental
mental health advocacy extend to MassHealth, which is under the          illness and be willing to make your story public. Contact Ms.
same kind of budget pressures as DMH. NAMI Mass is expanding             Martinelli for more information. Phone: 781-938-4048 (with
its efforts on this front.                                               confidential voicemail) Email:
Inpatient Bed Cuts. The governor’s budget for Fiscal Year 2012           Thank you very much, Ms. Martinelli, for coming out on a cold
proposes a 25% cut to DMH inpatient beds. If this cut stands, it will    February night and sharing your valuable insights with our
result in the closing of 160 beds. Reductions to the bed count [cont.]   members!

      New movies dealing with mental health issues...
        The Beaver:
        See for exclusive interview with actress Jodie Foster about her
        upcoming movie, The Beaver, which she also directed. The movie deals with
        major depression and is a moving story about a family striving for recovery. Look
        for its premiere in select theaters on March 23.

        Frankie and Alice:
        Actress Halle Berry, who has lived with depression, stars in Frankie and Alice,
        premiering nationally in February. Based on a true story, the film portrays a
        woman living with dissociative disorder. NAMI has not had an opportunity to
        view the film in advance. We await comments from those who see it in theaters.
NAMI Mass Advocacy Event at the State House                            Severe Mental Health Disorders Untreated
Thursday, March 31, 2011 10:00 a.m. – 2:00 p.m.                        in Many U.S. Teens
At the Massachusetts State House, Nurses Hall                          From the U.S. National Library of Medicine
Presentation and Lunch 10 a.m. – 12:30 p.m.                            Health Day News, Friday, January 21, 2011, by Robert Preidt
Speakers:                                                              The results of a new study suggest that among American teens, many
                                                                       with severe mental disorders, many never receive treatment.
• Representative Elizabeth A. Malia, Co-Chair Joint Committee
  on Mental Health and Substance Abuse                                 Researchers examined data from a nationally representative
                                                                       sample of 6,483 adolescents, aged 13 to 18, and found that only
• Senator John Keenan, Co-Chair Joint Committee on Mental              36.2 percent of those with any mental disorder received treatment.
   Health and Substance Abuse
                                                                       Read article at:
• Laurie Martinelli, NAMI Mass Executive Director
• Barbara Leadholm, Department of Mental Health
• Joe Giannino, NAMI Mass Legislative Affairs
Meeting with Legislators 1-2 p.m. (You can set up your own
meetings or we will instruct you on dropping in on Advocacy Day.)
Meetings with key committees (set up in advance by NAMI Mass.)

Psychiatric Rehabilitation Journal
The monthly email newsletter from the Center for Psychiatric           Getting Real about Family Voice and Choice -
Rehabilitation at Boston University                                    A Conference for People who Care about Families
Articles in the Winter Issue of the eCast, Mental Health & Rehabili-   Tuesday, March 22, 2011 at Bentley College, Waltham, MA
tation Newsletter February 2011 provide valuable information on
topics related to:                                                     Conference from 8:30 a.m. - 4:00 p.m.; refreshments are included in
 • recovery-promoting professional competencies                        registration fee of $89 (before Feb. 22nd) or $109 (as of Feb. 23rd).
 • recovery training and staff attitudes in community mental           Featured speakers are June Gross, first director of PAL, and Gail
    health settings                                                    Garinger, Child Advocate for the Commonwealth. Keynote address
 • the effect of Wellness Recovery Action Plan (WRAP)                  will be delivered by our own Lisa Lambert
    participation                                                      Workshops include:
 • maximizing recovery goals with effective money management           Embracing Families: System Integration
   skills                                                              The Family Partner Role
View the complete list of articles available in this issue at:         Trauma Focused Cognitive Behavioral Treatment and check out the complete archive           Acceptance Skills
of online articles at                         Teaching Parents to Nurture
                                                                       Creating Families: The Challenge of Working with Today's Youth.
                                                                       For more information, contact

The Sibling Support Demonstration Project
needs YOU!
                                                                                 S F !!
                                                                                    l i ng
Do you have a child that has been hospitalized?
Does that child have a sibling who needed support?
Would you be willing to offer your advice to a new program?
Please consider joining the Advisory Group for this special project.
From March to August 2011, the Director of Sibling Support, Emily      Annual “SPRING FLING" April 25
Rubin will be emailing participants questions and soliciting sugges-
tions for the design of this exciting new program. For more            From 5:30 to 9:00 p.m.
information, please email                     Our NAMI affiliate is holding our annual Spring Fling dinner,
                                                                       dance and social on Monday evening, April 25th at the Olde
                                                                       Towne Hall, 16 South Road, Bedford.
Fundraiser for NAMI of North Central                                   This is a whole affiliate event. It takes us all to host, cook, serve,
                                                                       decorate, dance, gab and have a good time, and (don't forget clean
Join us at the Montachusetts Chorale Concert                           up). We invite the club houses staff, consumers, community
Sunday, May 1, 2011 at 2:00 p.m.                                       consumers, and families as guests. Everyone should receive a call
At the Leominster City Hall, 25 West Street, Leominster.               over the next few weeks asking for participation but you do not need
Tickets in advance $12.00 and at door $15.00.                          to wait.
For tickets and more info, call Maureen Smith at 978-343-2972          All volunteers willing and able and who are ready for this please call
or email:                                      Billie Drew: 781-439-8923 or Ralph Fleischmann 781-862-2807.
                                                                         What Does Peer Support Mean To You?
                                                                         Share Your Story
                                                                         I am Lyndsay Garval, a graduate student at Brandeis University look-
                                                                         ing for peer support facilitators, certified peer specialists and other
                                                                         peer-providers in the mental health field to participate in my research.
NAMI WALK, Boston                                                        I would like to interview you about how you became involved in peer
SATURDAY MAY 21, 2011                                                    support and how it affects your life.
Artesani Park                                                            I want to hear about the experiences that motivated you to become a
Introduction and Goals                                                   peer-provider, and how your involvement in peer support activities
                                                                         have shaped your outlook on life and who you are as a person.
12 Weeks to Go!
                                                                         The interview should take 30 minutes to one hour of your time. We
Despite the snow it’s time to think about the 2011 NAMI Walk, and        could meet over a cup of coffee or tea to discuss these experiences or
although it is still 12 weeks away, time will fly by and the WALK day    in any other location you are comfortable in.
will soon be here!                                                       I will treat the information I gather as confidential and anonymous.
Many of us shared a wonderful day of FUN supporting our CAUSE            Your participation is completely voluntary. I would greatly appreci-
last year. We were honored to be the Number 1 Affiliate in Massa-        ate the opportunity to learn from you.
chusetts. Thanks to all our great supporters. Together we can make       For more information or to schedule an interview, please contact me
May 21st 2011 another record breaking day. What FUN!                     at 860-729-9199 or email: LJGARVAL@BRANDEIS.EDU
During the next 12 weeks as we all prepare, I would like to share
with you once again my thoughts for the NAMI WALK. I hope this           Frequently Asked Questions about Benefits
will give you encouragement, enthusiasm, excitement, useful hints        and Working. Answers about SSI, SSDI,
on building your own group of supporters and donors to help our          Medicaid, Medicare
                                                                         Presented by Gretchen Maher, Director of Employment and Educa-
Last year our walk was the Number 1 NAMI WALK in the USA (six            tion Services.
thousand strong, and raising $380,000 for NAMI). Our affiliate
                                                                         Where: The Edinburgh Center, Training and Conference Center @
Walkers were 250 strong raising a record $36,000 for our cause.          1050 Waltham St., 4th Floor, Lexington, MA 02453
This year the state goal is $400,000 and the goal for our Affiliate is   When: March 8, 2011 from 6:30 - 8:30 pm
$40000. We will be more than 250 Walkers strong!
                                                                         For questions or to RSVP please contact Janet Hodges, Director of
With a little planning and a lot of excitement and enthusiasm we can     Family Support and Advocacy at or
surpass this year’s goal!                                                781-761-5287
So stay tuned…we need you to make 2011 another record year for
the NAMI WALK! I really look forward to working with you all!
                                                                         You are invited to
                                                                         Lobby Day for the Homeless
Tom Scurfield
NAMI Central Middlesex Walk Coordinator                                  Sponsored by The First Parish Church in Lincoln
Cell Phone 978-618-7521,                         Submitted by: Jane Cooper
                                                                         On Wednesday, March 9 the First Parish Church in Lincoln, will hold
                                                                         their annual event - a Lobby Day for the Homeless and this year, they
                                                                         are providing transportation to the Suffolk School of Law in Boston.
                                                                         Transportation provided at 8:15 a.m. from the Parish House which is
                                                                         a stone church up the street (Bedford Rd) from our steepled white
                                                                         church across from the Lincoln public library. We are planning to be
                                                                         home by 3pm.
                                                                         Morning session keynote speaker is Paul Boden, Director for the
                                                                         Western Advocacy Project and he will talk on a recent report,
                                                                         Without Housing, tracing the present housing crisis to the Reagan
                                                                         Administration's elimination of affordable housing funding and the
                                                                         dismantling New Deal social safety nets.
                                                                         Later, we will meet with our Representatives Thomas Conroy and
                                                                         Senator Fargo at the State House.
      NAMI Central Middlesex – Bedford VA Team 2010                      Homeless populations have a high percentage of mentally ill people.
      See more photos taken at our Walk last year:                       Any questions 781 259 0476 Sign up; Lorraine, 781 259 8582 Jane                              Cooper or 860-729-9199.
Effects of Mental Illness–                                             (DMH) Task Force on Staff and Client
An Artist’s Interpretation                                             Safety Convened
At The Fifth Year Exhibition 2011                                      by Mass DMH Commissioner Barbara Leadholm, M.S., M.B.A
Presented by the Museum of Fine Art, Grossman Gallery                  Last month, our mental health community was shaken by the death of
March 30–April 30, 2011                                                Stephanie Moulton, a mental health worker with our partner provider
Opening Reception, March 30, 5–7 pm                                    North Suffolk Mental Health Association. We all grieve her loss and
Artists' Talk, April 13, 12:30–2 pm                                    are deeply saddened for her family, friends, co-workers and clients
                                                                       who knew and worked with her.
No admission fees.
                                                                       Because we need to understand the factors in this very tragic death, I
This show is dedicated to NAMI and all who work in the Mental
                                                                       convened the Department of Mental Health (DMH) Task Force on
Health Field. It explores the stages a family member goes through:
                                                                       Staff and Client Safety. Over the next three months, the Task Force
F2F's Grieving, Coping, Advocacy and then explores the Scientific
                                                                       will assess current policies and practices around safety and training
Response. There are 11 works: oil on canvas, mixed media and
                                                                       for those who provide and receive Department of Mental Health
                                                                       services in the community.
One of the exhibitors is Lynda Michaud Cutrell, who is the vice
                                                                       The Department is committed to the safety of the dedicated workers
president of NAMI-Mass and a member of the Board of Directors
                                                                       who provide services and supports to DMH consumers in the
of NAMI National. Ms. Cutrell received an MBA and BS/BA from
                                                                       community and in our hospitals and facilities. In light of recent
Suffolk University in 1981 and 1980, and a Post-Baccalaureate Cer-
                                                                       events, I want to strengthen this ongoing commitment and be mindful
tificate and Studio Diploma from SMFA in 2007 and 2008. She has
                                                                       of the importance of ongoing review and continual improvement of
exhibited around New England including the Somerville Museum,
                                                                       how we do our work and meet our challenges in our efforts to provide
the Marblehead Festival of Arts and GASP Gallery. Cutrell's series
                                                                       every opportunity for recovery for the individuals we serve.
of oil paintings reflect her emotional journey following a family
member's diagnosis with schizophrenia. Working at the intersection     I also remain committed to the vision of Community First and
of art and science, Cutrell seeks to de-stigmatize mental illness by   promoting the dignity and rights of people with mental illness to live
transforming data imagery into striking, accessible images. See her    in communities of their choice. The vast majority of individuals
website at:                               served by DMH live in the community. The Community First vision
                                                                       acknowledges that symptoms of mental illness rise and fall and our
The other two exhibitors will be Senem Kavak and David Pappas.         mental health system must be responsive to the changing levels of
The Grossman Gallery is located at:       Hours are:                   need that some individuals can experience. But ultimately, it is a
School of the Museum of Fine Arts         Mon–Wed: 10 am–5 pm          home, a job, an education, relationships, social connections that
230 The Fenway                            Thursday: 10 am–8 pm         people with mental illnesses want – itt’s what we all want – and that
Boston, MA 02115                          Fri–Sat: 10 am–5 pm          is what Community First is all about.
Tel: 617-369-3718                         Closed Sunday and holidays   The Task Force will be co-chaired by the Honorable Paul F. Healy,
                                                                       Jr., retired district court judge; and Kenneth L. Appelbaum, M.D.,
                                                                       Professor of Clinical Psychiatry and the Director of Mental Health
                                                                       Policy and Research for the University of Massachusetts Center for
                                                                       Health Policy and Research. Task Force members are representative
                                                                       of all areas of the mental health community that have influenced the
                                                                       DMH community service system. This group is charged with
                                                                       evaluating specific aspects of the Department's community system,
                                                                       including risk management practices, appropriate access to and
                                                                       utilization of criminal history information (CORI) and safety training
                                                                       and safety provision for provider staff. The Task Force will complete
                                                                       its review within three months and make recommendations for

                                                                       DMH Citizens Legislative Breakfasts
                                                                       Tuesday, March 15th, for the DMH Northeast-Suburban Area
                                                                       DMH will host its annual series of Citizens Legislative Breakfasts in
                                                                       the coming months. These will take place at the Great Hall, State
                                                                       House, Boston, MA.
                                                                       This is an opportunity for members of the mental health community
                                                                       to meet with their legislators, thank them for their support and dis-
                                                                       cuss how DMH helps people with mental illnesses recover and live
                                                                       satisfying lives in communities of their choice. It is also an oppor-
                                                                       tunity for consumers and family members to share good news and
                                                                       success stories about their life experiences.
                                                                       The DMH Area Citizens Legislative Breakfasts start with registration
                  Brain Cells by artist Lynda Cutrell
                                                                       and refreshments from 9:30 to 10 a.m. and the program begins
                                                                       promptly at 10 a.m. and runs until approximately 11 a.m.
                                               CALENDAR OF UPCOMING EVENTS                                                                         8
                 March 1 (Tuesday): Waltham Support Groups for Families and Consumers.
                 March 3 (Thursday): Connections Support Group for Veterans
                 March 8 (Tuesday): Frequently asked questions about benefits and working. See article on page 6.
                 March 9 (Wednesday): Lobby Day for the Homeless. See article on page 6.
                 March 15 (Tuesday): Waltham Support Groups for Families and Consumers.
                 March 15 (Tuesday): DMH Northeast-Suburban Area Legislative Breakfast. See article on page 7.
                 March 17 (Thursday): Connections Support Group for Veterans.
                 March 19 (Saturday): Stow Support Group for Families & Friends
                 March 21 (Monday): Affiliate Meeting presents: “Dangerously High” by Kitty McKay. See article on page 1.
                 March 22 (Tuesday): Getting Real about Family Voice and Choice Conference at Bentley College. See article on page 5.
                 March 28 (Tuesday): Bedford Support Group for Families & Friends.
                 March 30 (Wednesday): Grossman Gallery Exhibition open reception. See article on page 7.
                 March 31 (Thursday): NAMI Mass Advocacy Day at State House. See article on page 3.
                 April 25 (Monday): NAMI CMSX affiliate annual Spring Fling. See article on page 5.
                 May 1 (Sunday): Montachusetts Chorale Concert at Leominster City Hall. See article on page 5.
                 May 21 (Saturday): NAMI-Mass walk, Artesani Park, Brighton. See article on page 6.

                                        SEE PAGE 2 FOR DETAILS ON AREA SUPPORT GROUPS

                                             Deadline for the next Bridge is: Friday, Mar.25, 2011
                        Please remember that all submissions must be emailed as attachments in the Microsoft Word (.doc) format.

                                               Affiliate Officers & Board of Directors
     President                                       Lynda McCumber                   978-250-1509           
     Vice President                                  Judy McKendry                    978-897-9541           
     Secretary                                       Liz Watson                       na                     
     Treasurer                                       Claire Boudreau                  978-772-0402           
     Auditor                                         Brown Pulliam                    781-275-0090           
     Community Outreach Co-Cordinator                Judy McKendry                    978-897-9541           
     Community Outreach Co-Cordinator                Janet Hodges                     617-816-5856           
     Consumer Legislative Coordinator                Gail Rosensweig                  978-618-7521                     gracie0410
     Legislative Coordinator                         Rita Sagalyn                     781-538-5102           
     Membership Co-Coordinator                       Dee Febba                        978-697-3441           
     Membership Co-Coordinator                       Ivy Pompei                       978-667-4543           
     Programs Coordinator                            Billie Drew                      781-799-4744           
     Support & Resource Coordinator                  Claire Boudreau                  978-772-0402           
     Legislative and Consumer Issues                 Gail Rosensweig                  781-275-0523                     gracie0410
     Walk Coordinator                                Tom Scurfield                    978-618-7521           
     Veterans Outreach Coordinator                   Tom Raposa                       508-326-3220           
     DMH Board Area Meeting Reporter                 Erna Greene                      781-777-2328           
     Board Member At-Large                           Francine Stieglitz               781-862-9171           
     Board Member At-Large                           Pam Andrews                      617-484-7938           
     Board Member At-Large                           Carl Jones                       na                               na

                 Special thanks to Joe McKendry for creating the bridge drawing on this newsletter’s cover!

                  NAMI Annual Membership: Obtaining a NAMI membership gives you membership in our local NAMI a liate,
                    the NAMI-Mass organization, and the NAMI-National organization. Please join by lling out and mailing this form.
                                        NAMI of Central Middlesex Annual Membership Form
Name:______________________________________ Telephone: (____)_____-______ Email:______________________________

Address:______________________________________________ Town:_____________________________Zip Code:___________

New members, please tell us briefly how you heard about NAM I ______________________________________________________
          I prefer to receive the affiliate newsletter, The Bridge, via             Post Mail            Email (preferred–due to cost savings)
                             Check only one membership choice:
                           Individual / family membership         New       Renewal $35.00                     Please make check payable to:
           Open door membership for people of limited means       New       Renewal $3.00                      NAMI of Central Middlesex
                                    Consumer membership           New       Renewal FREE
                                                                                                              Mail to:
 Check below ONLY if you don’t wish to have a membership but wish to receive our affiliate newsletter:        NAMI of Central Middlesex
                                          The Bridge only     New        Renewal $10.00                       c/o Claire Boudreau, Treasurer
                                                                                                              55 Littleton Road, Unit 24-B
                                                      Extra donation: (thank you!) $ ______                   Ayer, MA 01432-1760
                                                                    Total enclosed $ ______

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