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									              List of CDs, VCDs, etc. of NGOs and social issues available with Ka

CD No. Name of CD                     Subject of CD
       Alert India – TB Dots          About TB / Symptoms + issues fered
       Alert India - Leprosy          Awareness about Leprosy /
1003   Awareness                      Symptoms
       Alert India – Celebrity        Awareness messages for Lepoes
1004   Messages                       through celebrities
       Alert India – Leprosy          Leprosy awareness – shorter than the
1005   awareness – 6 minutes          15 min version 1003
       LSF – Video documentaries of   Highlights the history & activities of
1006   various programs in thane      Learning Space

1007    VSPCA videos Presentation     Highlights activities of VSPCA

1008    VSPCA CD presentation         History & Activities of VSPCA (ppt)
                                      Highlights: 2 Rural Development
1009    Yusuf Center – Rural projects projects at Tara

        Water Aid – Hand washing      Hand washing campaign song – in 8
1010    song                          languages
        Maharashtra Floods –
        Interview with Mr R.M.
        Premkumar Chief Secretary     Complete Interview of R. M.
1011    Govt of Maharashtra           Premkumar about Maharashtra floods

                                      Short films on RTI Campaigns ,Songs
1012    Right to Information Act 2005 on RTI & about RTI in Villages
                                      About the RTI Act, sample RTI
                                      applications , format appeals,
                                      directory of RTI Volunteers, fee rules
                                      & directory of information
1013    Right to Information Act 2005 commissions
                                      5 Short films on Testimonials on
1014    Right to Information Act 2005 usage of RTI and its impact .

1015    Right to Information Act 2005 Three RTI success stories in Villages
                                       History of Lok biradari and their
1016   Lok Biradari Prakalp            current activities

                                       About the various activities of the
                                       Ashram , and the difference they have
1017   Muni Seva Ashram                made to the villages.
1018   Raju & I                        Film on childrights

                                       About their activities for eliminating
1019   From work to school             childlabour in Mirzapur

                                       Women Empowerment program by
1020   Coming together                 CREDA in Mirzapur.

                                       About the elimination of child labour
1021   Childhood Regained              by CREDA in Mirzapur.

                                       Highlighting the various activities of
1022   The Bridge                      Bridge trust
                                       Highlighting the various activities
1023   CHIP                            undertaken by CHIP Mumbai .

1024   Wonders of Kambalvadi         Rural developments in Kambalvadi
       The City dialogues on climate A series of dialogue under CSM’S
1025   change                        Climate change Initiative
                                     Speaks about the history of
                                     deepalaya and the various activities of
1026   Deepalaya                     deepalaya since inception.

                                       About the awards , The Marico
1027   Marico Innovation awards        Innovation book
                                       Camp for the handicapped 10th-12th
                                       Dec’05 by Ratna Nidhi Charitable
1028   Camp for the handicapped        Trust
                                       About the garbage situation in India
       Let’s build paradise clean up   and explains the possible solution
1029   the garbage.                    like composting, recycling & others
                                       Campaign for CEE pilot project on
1030   IPE – CEE                       household segregation .
                                     Contains complete information on
                                     Ear Nose and throat problems (
1031   Dr Kothari – ENT CD           Hearing Aids , Ear Ache, others)
                                     About Cow Urine Therapy for cancer
1032   Dr Jains Cow Urine Therapy    and other diseases
                                     The CD talks about the importance of
                                     a bridge between donors and NGOS
                                     and thus Citizen IDBI banks aims to
1033   Citizen IDBI India            be that bridge.

1034   TCS Eliteracy               Sample of an Hindi teaching CD
                                   News Channels broadcasts on Eco
       Media Coverage of Ganesh    friendly Visarjans by Pestom Sagar
1035   Nirmal Project 2006 by PSCF compiled.

                                     Highlights the history of the north
       Redefining Revolution by      east issues and the major activities of
1036   Rajiv shah                    The Ant .

                                   Highlights various activities of Life
1037   Life Landmark Foundation    trust.
                                   Laadli campaign presentation based
                                   on female foeticide & a few related
1038   Laadli ppt – 2 cds          pictures .
                                   BMC Vermi compost demo of
       Vermiculture at home /at    flowers during festivals ppt / Also a
       school with B.M.C and water demo of Vermicompost at home and
1039   harvesting                  in school ppt.
                                   Highlighting various issues in Public
                                   Water supply in slum areas on
                                   Mumbai and its impact on peoples
                                   lives (Water borne diseases, effect on
1040   Politics of Water           livelihood & others)
                                   BMC Slum Sanitation project called
                                   Parivartan Prakalp . Addresses issues
                                   on health of rag pickers , segregating
                                   of waste , garbage disposal , and
1041   PPSA (Hindi)                others .
                                   Analyses the Child Sex ratio in India
1042   Child Sex Ratio             based on the Indian Census -2001
                                    B Ward Solid Waste Management
                                    Practices and an End to End
1043   MEDC B Ward Report           Solutions Approach
                                    Spiritual Counselling songs in
1044   Integrate Self               English
                                    Himachal Pradesh – Agriculture,
                                    Existing industries , incentives to
1045   Politics of Water            invest in Himachal
       Priyadarshani Academy- June
1046   2008                        Service to Humanity

1047   2006                         Education for Transformation

1048   PRAJ                         Ethanol Technology
       Scrap Metal Sculpture-
1049   Dominic                      Scrap Metal Sculptures
       Sanskruti’s World of
1050   Meditation                   Meditation

1051   BCCI presents CEOs on CSR CSR
       Bharat Shodh (An
1052   Empowerment Initiative)   Educating people to rebuild India
                                 A persons reaction when he gets back
1053   Madman                    his eyesight

1054   Project Tiger                Save the tiger
                                    Various incidents on epilepsy and
1055   Asha- The Hope               their cure
                                    Contains 101 short films of local
1056   Genesis Film Project -2007   charities in Mumbai
                                    Awareness for Female Foeticide – (5
1057   She Creates                  Short films)
                                    The film highlights how property
                                    rights need to be integrated into the
       Property Rights Are Human    context of a more comprehensive
1058   Rights                       system of Human rights protection
       Stree Mukti Sanghatana       Waste Mangement and techniques
1059   (SMS)                        that can be used to educe it
                                      3 documentaries of 15 minutes each /
                                      One is about Ganeshpuri i.e the
                                      location of learning space./ Second is
                                      about the volunteer program for
                                      Jamnabai school to Learning space
                                      foundation./ Third –about learning
       LSF – Video documentaries of space projects & activitie which is
1060   various programs in thane      more in detail in cd no 1006
       Light of Love – Inspiring
       songs from the children of the Inspiring songs from the children of
1061   forest.                        the forest .-16 Songs
                                      About the various activities of
1062   Narmada Kidney Foundation Narmada kidney foundation.

       Centre for Environment        About art from waste -print of this
1063   education                     video is very poor.
                                     Publication to share the learning’s of
                                     various Asia pacific countries in
                                     extending services to the Urban poor.
       Beyond Boundaries extending / Contains various resources, case
1064   services to the poor.         studies ,references & others.
                                     It is about youth and the change our
1065   Generation Next – By Viraj .R todays youth can bring if they desire.

       Deep Griha Society – An        About the various activities of deep
1066   Introduction                   Griha.

1067   Hindi & English Tutorials  Hindi & English Tutorials
                                  Audio-Visual Medical Awareness
                                  Seminar held on 25-02-2005 (Part I –
1068   Cancer & Natural Therapies II)
                                  Audio-Visual Medical Awareness
                                  Seminar held on 26-02-2005 (Part I –
1069   Cancer & Modern Medicines II)

       4th Report on Corporate
       Responsibility in India (2006
1070   – 2007)                       About Corporate Responsibility
       National Survey (2007) on       1 National Survey on Corporate
       Corporate Responsibility        Responsibility Research & Teaching
       (Teaching & Research) in        in Management Education in India,
       Management Education in         conducted in 104 Management
1071   India                           Schools
                                       Mumbai Reader is a project intended
                                       to be a research collective focusing
                                       on urbanism and is aimed at
                                       addressing the lack publications on
1072   Mumbai 07 Reader                urbanism.
       Eye Bank ka Gorakh
1073   Dhandha                         Scandal regarding the Eye Bank

                                       One Stop Solution For Fire, Safety,
1074   New Age                         Rescue & Disaster Mgmt Equipments

       Iskcon Food Relief
1075   Foundation                      (Not able to view the CD)
       Carborundum Universal           Carborundum Universal Limited
1076   Limited (Chennai) - CSR         Corporate Social Initiatives
       Suzlon - CSR / a) Sustainable
       Development for Sustainable
       Economy / b) Corporate Film
       / Corporate Social              About the various activities of Suzlon
1077   Responsibility                  Foundation
                                       Larsen & Toubro Corporate Social
1078   Blossoms of Hope                Initiatives
       Philips Home Decorative
       Lighting                        Home Decorative Lighting Collection
1079   Collection_2009_2010            & Products

1080   Tata Steel -100 (1907 – 2007) History of Tata Company

1081   Sulabh Sanitation Movement Sulabh Sanitation Movement
       Iskcon Food Relief
1082   Foundation           (Not able to view the CD)

       SOUL2SOUL Picture
1083   Company              SOUL2SOUL Picture Company

                            Company profile / Products of
1084   Geodesic Limited     Geodesic Limited

1085   ACT-HIV              HIV-AIDS Action Plan in 6 Steps
nd social issues available with Karmayog
                                  Category of Work the
                                  organisation is
        Name of Organisation      engaged in              Type of Format of CD
                                  Majority Leprosy
        ALERT India                                       Including language
                                  Working for Leprosy     VCD – Eng VCD / Hindi
        ALERT India               Patients                VCD
        ALERT India               Working for Leprosy     VCD – English + Hindi
                                  Patients                Mix - VCD
                                  Working for Leprosy
        ALERT India               Patients                VCD in English
                                  Education to tribal
        Learning Space Foundation children in Ganeshpuri VCD – English
        Vadodara Society For
        Prevention of Cruelty To
        Animals                   Animal Welfare          VCD – English VCD
        Vadodara Society For
        Prevention of Cruelty To
        Animals                   Animal Welfare          CD with PPT
                                  Yusuf development       Yusuf development
        Yusuf Meherally Centre    (Currently)             (Currently)
                                  Providing Acess to Safe
                                  Water + Sanitation
        Water Aid India                                   Audio CD

        Indian NGOS’com Pvt Ltd Database of NGO’s       VCD - English

                                                        VCD – Hindi with English
        Kabir                    Governance / Media     subtitles

        Kabir                    Governance / Media     CD

        Kabir                    Governance / Media     VCD –English

        Kabir                    Governance / Media     VCD – Hindi
                           Animal Welfare, social
                           work & community
Lok Biradari Prakalp       development               VCD- English
                           development (
                           healthcare, education,
                           oldageshome & others
Muni Seva Ashram           at goraj)                 VCD – English
Aseema                     Street Children           VCD- English
Centre for Rural Education                           VCD- English a few
and Development Action                               interviews in Hindi with
(CREDA)                    Rural Development         English subtitles.
Centre for Rural Education                           VCD- English a few
and Development Action                               interviews in Hindi with
(CREDA)                    Rural Development         English subtitles..
Centre for Rural Education                           VCD- English a few
and Development Action                               interviews in Hindi with
(CREDA)                    Rural Development         English subtitles..
                           Social Welfare
Bridge Trust               development)              VCD in English
Children in Pain (CHIP)    Underprivileged           VCD in English & bit of
Mumbai                     Children                  Hindi
                           Rural development ,
Jidnyasa Trust Thane       Youth development         VCD in Hindi
Center for Social Markets development                DVD
                           Education , awareness
                           and community
Deepalaya                  development               VCD in English
                                                     CD – With Adobe Flash
                           Miscellanous (            complete details of the
Marico Innovation          Innovation Awards         Award winners, innovation
foundation                 annually)                 book and others.

Ratna Nidhi Charitable     Children related social
Trust                      work                      VCD in English

Centre for Environment
Education                  Environment Education VCD
Centre for Environment
Education                  Environment Education VCD in Hindi
Dr Kothari - ENT                                        CD (with word files ) – 49
Surgeon                    ENT Surgeon                  files
Dr Jains Cow urine therapy Healthcare
health clinic                                           VCD in Hindi

IDBI Bank                 Retail Banking                CD with a flash film
                          One of their focuses –
Tata Consultancy Services Education content cds         CD with flash

Pestom Sagar Citizens
Forum                        Citizen Forum              VCD in Hindi & Marathi
                             Health, women’s
                             information, livelihoods
The action northeast trust   across 50 viilages in
(The Ant)                    Assam .                    VCD in English
                             Underprivileged            CD with a video – in
                             children ( BMC             English opens in Media
Life trust                   Schools)                   Player

CD with.pps file & photos
(along with captions)     Population first              6.69 MB + 8.19 MB

Brihan Mumbai
Coroporation (BMC)           No                         CD with three power points

                                                        VCD in English and a few
                                                        testimonials in hindi from
YUVA - Youth for Unity       Youth and community        local slums with English
And Voluntary Action         development                subtitles

Brihan Mumbai
Corporation                  No                         VCD in Hindi and Marathi

J K Banthia                  No                         CD with ppt
Maharashtra Economic
Development Council         Urban Development       CD with word file
                                                    CD in English with three
Learning Space Foundation No                        tracks
Department of IT of
Government of Himachal                              CD with a flash
Pradesh                   No                        presentation
                          Healthcare course
Priyadarshani Academy     content                   Adobe PDF, English
SOPHIA / SHREE B.K.       Educating people to
SOMANI / MEMORIAL make a difference in              Powerpoint Presentation,
POLYTECHNIC               society                   English
                          Using environment
PRAJ                      friendly technology       Flash Presentation, English

DOMINIC                     No                      Video and pictures

Sanskruti                   No                      Audio clippping
                                                    Presentation and some
PRAJ                        Surveying CSR           website links
                            Spreading awareness
Bharat Shodh                and educating people    VCD

NAB                         Blind people            DVD
Individual - Sandeep
Waraich                     No                      DVD (2 copies)

Asha                        Treatment of Epilepsy   DVD
                            Media for social
MAM Movies                  Change                  DVD
                            Media for social
MAM Movies & Laadli         Change                  DVD
Individual - Kamal Musale
– Director
                            Film & documentary
                            makers                  DVD
Stree Mukti Sanghatana                              VCD-1 Hindi & 1 english
(SMS)                       Waste Management        – we have 2 copies
                          Education to tribal
Learning Space Foundation children in Ganeshpuri VCD – English

                          Education to tribal
Learning Space Foundation children in Ganeshpuri        Music – English & Hindi

Learning Space Foundation Kidney Transplants    Music – English
Centre for Environment
education- Southern
Regional cell             Environment education English , VCD

Asian Development Bank    Research                      Data CD

Seva Dham                 No                            VCD-Hindi
                          Capacity building and
                          sustainable rural and
Deep Griha Society – An   urban development
Introduction              programmes.                   DVD- English
Individual - Mr Deepak
Gachde                    Education                     DVD- English & Hindi
Hiralaxmi Memorial
Foundation (Ashapura      Ayurved, Naturopathy,
Minechem Ltd.)            Yog, Homoeopathy      CD - English
Hiralaxmi Memorial
Foundation (Ashapura
Minechem Ltd.)            Allopathy                     CD - English
                          To promote the
                          understanding and
                          practice of Corporate
                          Responsibility in India and
Partners in Change –      was among the first
                          organisations in India
Making Corporate Social   dedicated to promoting
Responsibility Your       pro-poor CR through
Business                  partnerships.                 CD- English
Partners in Change –
Making Corporate Social       Research & Advocacy
Responsibility Your           on Corporate Social
Business                      Responsibility              CD- English / not working

                              Protection of the built
                              environment and
The Urban Design              improving urban
Research Institute (UDRI)     communities.                CD – English
Individual - Vasant L Dave
/ Sangita N Jadhav         Eye Bank                       CD

                              Fire Protection
New Age Industries            Engineers                   CD – English
                              ISKCON FOOD RELIEF
                              FOUNDATION, has
Iskcon Food Relief            resolved to liberate the    CD (Not able to view the
Foundation                    underprivileged             CD)
                              Orphanage Children,
Carborundum Universal         Education, Medical Health
Limited                       Camp                        CD - English

                              Women Empowerment,
Suzlon Foundation             Education, Health           VCD - English
Larsen & Toubro - CSR         Empowerment, Education,
                                                          VCD - English

Philips - CSR                 Lights                      CD - English

Tata Steel - CSR              Steel                       CD - English
                              Sulabh Treatment
Sulabh International Social   Technology Conserving &
Service Organisation          Purifying India’s River     DVD - English
                          ISKCON FOOD
                          FOUNDATION, has
                          resolved to liberate the
                          underprivileged from
                          this vicious cycle by
                          feeding the poor with
Iskcon Food Relief        sanctified and nutritious CD (Not able to view the
Foundation                food.                     CD)
                          Providing Knowledge about
                          Education, ISI Mark, Hall
                          Mark, (Jagoo Grahak
                          Jagoo) Smoking etc.
SOUL2SOUL Picture         Showing us through the
Company                   short film.                 VCD - English
                          Geodesic operates in a
                          niche area of
                          developing various
                          innovative products in
                          the information,
                          communication and
Geodesic Limited          entertainment space.    CD - English
                          Accor Services designs,
                          develops and manages
                          innovative solutions to
                          attract, motivate and
                          retain employees,
                          citizens, distribution
                          networks and            CD with a flash
Accor Services in India   consumers.              presentation, English

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