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					                                                                     Anna Bay Community Markets
                                                                        43 Gan Gan Rd, Anna Bay
                                                                       1st Sat of Month, 8:30am to 1:30pm
                                                                     Contact: Colin Reddel Ph 0429 506 802

                                      CONDITIONS FOR STALLHOLDERS 2010                                               Issue 3

 1.    A donation is to be paid by Stallholders to the Gateway Family Presbyterian Church.
                   Regulars:  $15 per 4m x 4m site outdoors or $15 per 3m x 3m indoor site.
                                    A Regular Stallholder is one who has attended for the past 2 consecutive months.
              New & Casuals:  $20 per 4m x 4m site outdoors or $20 per 3m x 3m indoor site.
 2.    Each site is entitled to a parking space alongside for one average family size car plus box trailer. Mains power is
       available to indoor sites but not to outdoor sites. Toilet facilities are available inside the building.
 3.    Bookings for sites may be placed by phoning the above contact number during the week before each market day.
       The property is open for Stallholders to begin set-up from 7:00am and bookings will only be held until 8:00am. Late
       Stallholders is not permitted entry to set-up after 8:30am.
 4.    Stallholders must provide proof of current Public Liability Insurance cover (e.g. Certificate of currency or a
       receipt for premium payment for the current year) and entry is not be permitted without this.
 5.    Stallholders must provide a copy of their Permit to sell packaged food items if applicable.
 6.    Stallholders who employ paid staff must provide proof of current Workers Compensation Insurance cover (e.g. a
       receipt for premium payment for the current year).
 7.    Sale of ready to consume, take-away meals or drinks by Stallholders is not permitted.
 8.    Stallholders must follow directions of the Parking Attendants for access and parking.
 9.    Disputes by Stallholders regarding site location or space allocation must be addressed to the Market Manager and
       his decision is final.
 10.   Sale by Stallholders of items with an explosive, projectile or otherwise dangerous nature is not permitted.
 11.   Sale by Stallholders of stolen, counterfeit or fake goods is illegal and is not permitted.
 12.   Stallholders must take precautions to minimise the risk to the public within their site. This should include safety of
       displays and safety in the event of strong winds.
 13.   The holding of raffles or lotteries by Stallholders is not permitted. Community Groups and Charities may be
       permitted to hold raffles at the Markets for fund raising purposes in accordance with applicable regulations (See
 14.   Stallholders are requested to not bring pet animals of any kind to the Markets for their safety and for safety of
       the public.
 15.   Stallholders are requested not to leave the Markets before 12:30pm for safety of the public and to minimise
       disruption to other Stallholders, unless under exceptional circumstances.
 16.   At the close of the markets, Stallholders must clear the area occupied by their stall and remove all their rubbish
       from the property.

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 Date Issued: 6th Feb 2010

       Hosted by The Gateway Family Presbyterian Church (

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