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					Georgia Tech Lacrosse 4.0 Alex Kiehl Scholarship Fund Campaign

The Georgia Tech Lacrosse Alumni Affinity Group seeks gifts from alumni, foundations,
corporations, parents and friends to support the Alex Kiehl Scholarship Fund. Private support
provided through gifts to the Alex Kiehl Scholarship Fund both honors “team work and effort”
for which is our team enduring core value and provides financial opportunities to selected
student members to be successful on and off the field.

Georgia Tech Lacrosse 4.0

Our plan completed in 2010 to build a sustaining championship level program is dependent on
attracting talented student athletes. We have found that having a significant portion of the
team receiving small “tuition off set” scholarships in spring semester is a powerful incentive to
attract and maintain players and award high achievers. We seek to expand the Alex Kiehl
Scholarship Fund and make it more accessible. This is our Lacrosse program and this is a great
opportunity to “give back”, even in a small way.

How do I make a gift?

        Checks may be made payable to the Georgia Tech Foundation-Alex Kiehl Lacrosse
          Scholarship Fund and mailed to:

Georgia Tech Lacrosse
C/o Ken Lovic
750 Ferst Drive
Atlanta, GA 30332-0110


Georgia Tech Foundation, Inc.
760 Spring Street NW, Suite 400
Atlanta, GA 30308

      An electronic transfer of stock to the Georgia Tech Foundation can be made by
        contacting the Foundation. Stock held in certificate form can be transferred by mailing
        the certificate and the stock power, in separate envelopes, to the Foundation. For
        more information, please contact the Foundation at 404-894-6130.
      For credit card gifts, please provide the Georgia Tech Office of Development with the
        gift amount and designation, credit card type, number, and expiration date. Please
        contact the Gift Accounting Office at 404-894-5544.
      For further information about making a gift, contact Trish Wichmann, Director of
        Development for Student Affairs, at 404-385-7605 or
Recognition: GT Lacrosse recognition sticker for all donors. Please register your donation via
email to after transaction complete for us to verify if you use a donation
method other than Check.

      White; for a $100-250 donation before 2-1-2012 receive a GT Lacrosse Nike Polo Shirt.

      Gold; for a $251-1000 donation receive a GT Lacrosse Book bag or GT Lacrosse custom

      Yellow Jacket; for above a $1000 donation receive a GT Lacrosse team Boathouse Gore
       Tex Jacket.


      This fundraiser will close on June 30, 2012.
      Minimum donation $50 per year.
      If we raise $15,000, all donors will receive an additional GT Lacrosse customized Nike

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