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									Introduction to Web Switching and Server Load Balancing
Course Number:            ETH-0202
Length:                   2 Days
Max. No. of Delegates     Twelve (12)

Course Overview:
The course is a comprehensive study of the layer 4 through 7 features of Brocade ServerIron Products. The
student gains hands on experience in configuration of typical installations with the ServerIron product.
Lecture topics are supported with real world labs involving: Source NAT, Direct Server Return, Hot/Active
Standby Server Load Balancing, Outbound Link Load Balancing (LLB) and Global Server Load Balancing

The course is designed for:
  • Anyone who is new to the Brocade products and services
  • Network Administrators responsible for implementing and managing small to large business networks
  • Network support staff who act as network device installers and first-line support for any size business
  • Anyone preparing for the ‘Brocade Certified Network Engineer’ (FNCNE) certification.

At the end of this course the student will be able to:
    • Identify where Brocade ServerIron Products are used in a Typical Data Network
    • Configure ServerIrons in Layer 4 through 7 applications
    • Incorporate fault tolerance and high availability at:
           o The local level with multiple servers that failover
           o The public address level with Multiple Virtual IP addresses (VIPs) that failover
           o The global level with multiple business sites that failover
    • Redirect content to cache servers without configuring a browser proxy
    • Configure Outbound Link Load Balancing (LLB)
    • Implement Policy Based Switching keying on SSL ID, cookie or URL parsing
    • Optional: Configure Firewall Load Balancing (FWLB)

Delegates are required to have a working knowledge of the follow technologies and the following personal
hardware during the class.
   • Brocade Command Line Interface
   • Brocade Router Interfaces addressing
   • Domain Name Service (DNS)
   • The OSI reference model
   • The classification of TCP/UDP traffic based on port number
   • The structure of a URL address (Prefix/Pattern/Suffix)

Delegates will be required to bring hardware as detailed below:
   • Notebook with Windows 2000/XP
   • Ethernet NIC card
   • Serial Interface (with a DB9 connector)
   • TFTP application

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                                                                                          Tel : +49 (0) 89 60 87 87 26
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Key Topics:

  •   Introduction to the ServerIron
          o ServerIron Products
          o ServerIron Applications
          o Layer 4-7 Switching
          o Layer 4-7 Security
  •   Server Load Balancing (SLB)
          o Basic SLB Configuration
          o Multinetted Networks (Source NAT)
          o Hot-Standby Redundancy
          o Direct Server Return (DSR)
          o Configuring Many Virtual IP’s (VIPs)
          o Symmetric Server Load Balancing
          o Remote Server Farms
          o Configuration of Link Load Balancing
          o SLB Lab #1: Basic SLB
          o SLB Lab #2: Source NAT
          o SLB Lab #3: Hot Standby Redundancy
          o SLB Lab #4: DSR
          o SLB Lab #5: Active-Standby
          o SLB Lab #6: Remote Server
          o SLB Lab #7: Link Load Balancing
  •   Transparent Cache Switching (TCS)
          o Transparent Cache Switching (TCS) Overview
          o Configuring TCS
  •   Global Server Load Balancing (GLSB)
          o Domain Name System (DNS)
          o Global Server Load Balancing Overview
          o Evaluation Criteria
          o Configuration of GLSB
          o Modifying DNS Parameter
          o GSLB Lab # 1: GLSB
  •   Policy Based Switching
          o Policy Based Switching Overview
          o Configuring Cookie Switching and Hashing
          o SSL Session ID Based Switching
          o URL Switching
          o Policy Lab #1: Policy Based Switching
  •   Appendix A: Firewall Load Balancing (FWLB)
          o Firewall Load Balancing Overview
          o Configuration of FWLB
          o Stateful FWLB
          o Active-Standby and Active-Active Configuration
          o Firewall Zones
          o FWLB Lab #1: Firewall Balancing
  •   Appendix B: HTTP Primer
  •   Appendix C: SSL Primer

                                      AluP IT Services GmbH (West), Barbaraweg 12, 53474 Bad Neuenahr Ahrweiler
                                                                                       Tel : +49 (0) 89 60 87 87 26
                                                                                        Fax +49 (0) 89 60 87 87 87
                                                                Email: Website:

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