Sam Jones by wuzhengqin


									                                                                          Sam Jones
                                                               Newton Primary School
                                                                      Kingsway West
                                                                            CH2 2LA
                                                                       20th May 2011
Dear Parent/Guardian,
                      I am writing this letter to tell you that Newton Primary School
would love to have your child at our school.

All the pupils at this school are all friendly and very passionate! No one is ever left
out of the fun and games. Some of the pupils like football, some like skipping and
some just chat. But if I told you about every game your child can play I would be
writing for days. Your child will always be encouraged to take part in every lesson.
And the teachers are very kind and helpful. They can always find the time to help.
And finally they give the right standard of work for your child’s abilities.

At our school there are varieties of sport and after school clubs. One of the most
popular clubs at Newton is football club on Mondays after school, and you are a
good player you can get picked to go to tournaments with your friends. We also
have other sports clubs such as. Cricket, Golf ,Basketball, Tennis, Netball, Drama,
Rounders and many more. Drama is the one for you if your very creative and
mysterious. You can express your feelings in any way you want because everyone
has the same idea as you. So you can do as much as these clubs as you like and
you will be as slim as a stick or dramatic as you want. This could be a start of a
career as a sports man/lady and you could become famous. You just never know

Lastly the education at this school is great. We have 5 hours of maths and literacy
every week,3 hours of science and geography. And now and then we go on some
very fun educational trips.

After reading this I hope you have considered sending your child to this school.

                             Yours faithfully, Sam Jones

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