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2011	Houston	Cougar	Men’s	Basketball	Postgame	Quotes	
Houston	Cougars	(5‐5	/	0‐0	C‐USA)		
Tuesday,	December	19,	2011	//	Hofheinz	Pavilion	//	Houston,	Texas	
On	the	momentum	swings	
“I’m	happy	that	we	won	obviously.	It	was	unusual	in	the	fact	that	there	was	only	one	lead	change	in	the	whole	game.	
We	were	down	eight	in	the	first	half.	Coming	back	and	getting	ahead	two	before	the	half	was	big	for	us.	We	got	up	
eight	in	the	second	half,	and	we	had	the	ball.	During	that	situation,	you	have	to	understand	time,	situation	
momentum	and	score.	We	had	a	chance	to	go	up	double	figures	and	instead	of	penetrating	to	the	middle,	we	turned	
the	ball	over	with	a	walk.	They	went	down	and	hit	a	three,	and	it	was	a	dog	fight	the	rest	of	the	way.”	
On	the	defensive	play	
“Our	defense	at	the	end	of	the	game	was	a	little	better.	We	didn’t	let	the	ball	get	deep.	We	were	going	to	foul	had	
Jonathon	hit	the	free	throws.	We	did	a	better	job	of	our	defense.”	
On	the	unselfish	play	of	his	team	
“One	thing	that	was	impressive	was	we	had	21	assists	on	29	baskets.	We	did	a	good	job	there.”	
On	his	teams	play	in	the	second	half	
“We	did	a	better	job	in	the	second	half	on	the	boards	and	getting	to	the	free	throw	line.”	
On	if	he	was	nervous	during	the	last	shot	
“No,	because	if	you	keep	the	ball	behind	the	3‐point	line	and	have	them	coming	away	from	the	basket	like	he	was,	
then	that’s	a	tough	shot.	I	felt	much	more	comfortable.	We	did	a	good	job	on	Franklin	on	flattening	him	out	over	the	
floor	and	then	a	good	job	chasing	Johnson.”	
On	playing	against	their	zone	
“Our	interior	passing	got	better	as	the	game	went	on,	and	we	did	a	good	job	of	displaying	patience	in	the	second	
half	as	far	as	finding	the	right	people.”	
On	if	it	feels	good	to	win	
“It’s	great	to	win.	We	made	it	hard	on	ourselves,	but	the	good	thing	about	it	is	we	didn’t	do	everything	right,	and	we	
still	won.	We	found	a	way	to	win.	It	was	a	good	win	and	something	we	can	build	on.	It’s	a	short	turnaround	for	us	
so	we	have	to	get	in	bed	tonight	and	really	be	ready	for	tomorrow	evening.	This	is	a	good	win.”	
On	the	play	of	the	guards	
“They	took	better	care	of	the	ball.	They’re	going	to	get	better	we	just	can’t	have	sloppy	turnovers.”	
“They’re	a	good	ball	club.	They	have	good	guards,	and	(head	coach)	Brooks	(Thompson)	gives	them	a	lot	of	
confidence.	This	was	one	of	our	best	preparations	at	home	once	we	got	back	from	Oklahoma.	The	mental	and	
physical	preparation	was	the	best	we’ve	had.”	
On	if	Melvin	Johnson	III’s	last	second	shot	brought	the	feeling	of	déjà	vu	
“After	losing	all	those	close	games,	every	day	in	practice	(head)	Coach	(James)	Dickey	will	set	up	a	situation	on	the	
clock	with	three	seconds	left,	and	we’ll	run	a	play	and	play	defense	against	the	situation.”	
On	how	he	tried	to	keep	the	team	motivated	
“I	wasn’t	myself	the	first	half,	so	in	the	second	half,	I	knew	I	had	to	pick	it	up	for	the	team.	I	needed	to	play	defense,	
finish	and	look	for	the	guards	that	were	open.”	
On	the	close	win	being	an	emotional	boost	
“We	finally	got	a	win.	The	0‐2	losing	streak	bent	our	confidence	a	little,	so	this	win	means	a	lot	to	us.”	
On	if	Melvin	Johnson	III’s	last	second	shot	brought	the	feeling	of	déjà	vu	
“In	the	second	half,	we	got	it	together,	and	we	didn’t	want	to	lose	this	game.	I	wasn’t	worried	that	he	would	make	
the	shot.	“	
On	what	the	momentum	at	the	end	of	the	first	half	bring	to	the	second	half	
“The	momentum	showed	in	the	second	half	because	we	were	right	on	them.	Basketball	is	a	game	of	runs,	and	we	
both	made	our	runs,	but	at	the	end	of	the	day	we	got	it	done.”	
On	playing	back‐to‐back	
“It’s	why	we	play	basketball.	We	practice	everyday,	and	we	practice	like	it’s	a	game.	Our	preparation	leads	us	to	
situations	of	playing	back‐to‐back.”	

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