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ASIA Spring 2009 newsletter by jianghongl


									    Short Swings
Amateur Ski Instructors Association Newsletter                                         Spring 2009

Belleayre Hall of Fame to Induct Bill Hornbeck
                                                            Imagine Bill’s surprise and my delight when he received this letter
 November 19, 2008                                          from Belleayre Mountain Ski Center recently. I cannot think of a
                                                            more deserving person for this honor. Congratulations, Bill.
 Dear Bill,                                                 n Pat McVitty of Belleayre Ski Center would like you to know that
    We are proud to announce Boston Culinary                if you’d like to join Bill for this night of fun, honor and celebration,
 Groups’ 3rd Annual Hall of Fame Dinner at                  tickets for the event will go on sale through her office on or about
                                                            February 23. She says the cost is $75 per person, and will include
 Belleayre Mountain to honor individuals who                a banquet dinner, open bar, live band, red carpet photo ops and
 have contributed in extraordinary ways to this             induction ceremonies. You can contact Pat McVitty for more
 establishment and the surrounding Catskill region.         information and tickets at the Belleayre Overlook Lodge or phone
                                                            800-942-6904 Ext 1313.
     Belleayre Mountain is excited to announce              The Spirit of ASIA
 that we consider you, Bill Hornbeck, a role model,         n It has been my joy, privilege, and honor to know, work for and ski
 for your years of constant support for Belleayre           with Bill Hornbeck for the past 19 years. When I first did the ASIA
 Mountain through your invariable and positive              certification in 1990, I was really impressed with Bill’s ability to bring
                                                            out the best in his students and light the light of ski teaching within
 devotion to the ski industry. In addition to being a       them. Though I was a weak intermediate skier at the time, he was so
 cherished past employee, your efforts as founder           encouraging and positive about my ability to perform the tasks and
 and executive director of ASIA have inspired               ski the terrain, that I passed - by the skin of my teeth. Immediately, I
 countless individuals, ski instructors, and skiers alike   was bitten by the learning bug, and became a student of the sport.
 to devote their winters to the sport. Your presence        Since, I have seen Bill unselfishly give his time and expertise to many
 and knowledge has been and always will be held in          hundreds of students, friends, and ski teachers alike, never expecting a
 the highest regard at Belleayre Mountain.                  thing in return, only hoping to help them come to enjoy the thrill of
                                                            skiing and teaching as much as he does. He takes the good in people
                                                            and let’s the rest go, and hopes others will do the same.
    This year’s Hall of Fame Dinner will take place at
 7:00 PM on Saturday, April 4, 2009 in the Overlook         Bill looks forward to every ski day, and his passion for sharing the
                                                            sport increases with each passing year. And today, he is just a much a
 Lodge at Belleayre Mountain. We hope you accept            student of skiing as the day he took his first ski run.
 this honor and will join us, along with your fellow
 inductees Judy Shiner and Dan Potter, for what will        I am proud and grateful that he has been my mentor in both the
                                                            sport of skiing and in life for the past 19 years. How lucky I have
 truly be a night to remember...                            been...
                                                                                           - Betsy Burns

                                                   Come Help Us Grow
                  SHORT SWINGS
         is the official publication of the        n Several Board of Director positions are       Many of our Board members started out
      Amateur Ski Instructors Association          expiring June 1, 2009. If you are interested    in ASIA by going through our certification
      28 Park Drive, Woodstock, NY 12498           in donating some time, experience, or special   program, becoming involved with teaching
       (845) 679-4609
     Short Swings is published 2 times a year.
                                                   expertise to this great group to help promote   through their ski clubs or organizations, and
                                                   the organization and bring in new members,      continuing their ski education with ASIA
          Producer/Editor - Betsy Burns            please fill out the nomination form below       Level 2 certification, and PSIA affiliation.
    The entire content of this newsletter is the   and return it to the ASIA office with a brief   As their skills and knowledge expanded, so
    property of ASIA and its contributors, and     letter of your interests and experience to be   did their desire to help others learn to enjoy
      may not be reprinted without express         considered for a position on the ASIA Board.    the thrill of skiing and riding through their
                written permission.                                                                volunteer association with ASIA.
                                                   Regional Directors must attend a June and
          The Amateur Ski Instructors              September Board meeting, and provide help       n If this sounds like something that
                Association, Inc                   in their area of expertise on a promotion       would interest you, send your completed
  is a nonprofit educational organization in-
 corporated in the state of New York in 1980.
                                                   committee and with area program                 nomination form signed by three current
 The ASIA mission has three main objectives:       coordination.                                   ASIA members to the ASIA office by March
                                                                                                   15, 2009. Come help keep ASIA growing!
    • Train and certify candidates interested in   Benefits are the joy of giving back to the
             teaching alpine, nordic and           sport we all enjoy so much, as well as free     Bill Hornbeck
       snowboard skiing at the amateur level       ASIA program fees and tickets at many of        Executive Director
              through ski clubs, schools,          our season events.
              youth groups and the like.

         • Encourage and facilitate skills
         development through positive
      programs designed to contribute to
    and enhance the safety and enjoyment of                      ASIA Board of Directors Nomination Form
               skiing and riding.
                                                     The following Board of Director positions are expiring June 1, 2009. If you are an ASIA
    • Provide a continuing education program
    for amateur instructors, and provide a first
                                                     member in good standing and are interested in running for a position on the Board of
      step toward PSIA membership for those          Directors, please complete the form below and mail it to the ASIA office with a brief
    wishing to become certified through PSIA.        resume of your skiing or riding background and special expertise by March 15, 2009.

        Bill Hornbeck - Executive Director                     REGION             REPRESENTING              POSITION
               Bill Neville - President
             Ray Owens - Vice President                        III                CT/RI                     1
              Ned Crossley - Treasurer                         IV                 NJ                        1
               Betsy Burns - Secretary                         V                  NY                        1
      Stacey Lazarus - Executive Committee                     VI                 PA                        1
       Nancy Nolan - Executive Committee                       VII                West Point                2
                                                               At-Large                                     1
             Nordic Director - Vacant

                 Regional Directors                  Candidate:
                                                     NAME: _____________________________________REGION: ___
    Region I      Scott Landis          2010
    Region II     Tom Powers            2010         ADDRESS: _______________________________________________________
    Region III    Stephen Lutz          2010         CITY: ______________________________________STATE: _____ZIP: ______
                  Nancy Nolan           2009
    Region IV     Joel Blank            2009         EMAIL: __________________________________________________________
                  Laurie Owens          2010
                  Ray Owens             2010
    Region V      Betsy Burns           2009         Nominated By:
                  Stacey Lazarus        2010         NAME: _____________________________________DATE:________________
                  Alex Sharpe           2010
    Region VI     Bill Neville          2009         NAME: _____________________________________DATE:________________
    Region VII    Ned Crossley          2009
                                                     NAME: _____________________________________DATE:________________
                  Madeline Knaggs       2009
    (At-Large)    Les Bucher            2010
                  Toni Mullins          2009
                                                     This application must be received in the office by March 15, 2009. Thank you.

   short swings | spring 2009
                                                                                                                         KUDOS AND AWARDS

Madelene Knaggs Receives Pat Bettin Award
n West Point Ski School Director,
Nils Anderson, and Bill Hornbeck
were proud to present Madelene
                                                                                                      Member Donations
Knaggs the Pat Bettin Award at the
                                                                                                          n We are a member supported
West Point Certification program
                                                                                                      organization, and once again you have
this January.
                                                                                                      shown your support and appreciation
                                                                                                        through your generous donations.
The Pat Bettin Award is presented
                                                                                                      These are the donations we’ve received
“In recognition of amateur
                                                                                                        from September 19, 2008 through
instructors who have demonstrated
                                                                                                               February 19, 2009.
exceptional dedication to helping
others and promoting the sport
                                                                                                      In addition, we received $871 through
of skiing in the volunteer spirit of
                                                                                                       your participation in our raffles at the
                                                                                                        Fall Rally and February Bumpfest.
Madelene has been skiing and
                                                                                                                   Thanks again!
teaching skiing both for ski areas
and as a volunteer instructor since high             n Madelene can be found most weekends
school. She taught at Holiday and Davos as           at West Points’ Victor Constant Ski Slope                  Benefactors
well as at Ski Minnewaska.                           sharing her knowledge and helping folks get           Donations of $100 or more
                                                     started in skiing. She also serves as Regional
Madelene was a member and volunteer                  Director on the ASIA Board of Directors.                 Connecticut Ski Council
instructor for The Shawangunk Mountain               Congratulations and thanks so much,                          Stacey Lazarus
Ski Club, Hudson Valley Ski Club, and since                                                                    North Penn Ski Club
the early 1980’s a volunteer instructor for the      Madelene, thanks for sharing your love of                 Upper Bucks Ski Club
West Point Ski School.                               skiing in the volunteer spirit of ASIA!                       Adel Teplitz

                                                                                                             President's Club
                       ***                                                                                  Donations of $50 or more

   Come help us celebrate our 30th anniversary                                                                     Pat Gottshalk

  next season! And bring a skiing or riding friend                                                                 Directors
   to an ASIA event. You’ll both be glad you did!                                                           Donations of $25 or more
                                                                                                                    Donald Phy
                                               ***                                                                 Joanne Landis
                                                                                                                Judith Griemsmann

                        ASIA Membership Application
                                                                                                       Thanks to Pete Ryan, Laurie Owens,
  __NEW      __RENEW            __ALPINE        __NORDIC       __SNOWBOARD                            Jane Chambers and Pat Gottshalk and
                                                                                                      all who helped put the Fall Rally raffle
  NAME ______________________________DONATION ____________________                                      together and sell raffle tickets, and
                                                                                                       especial thanks to all who purchased
  ADDRESS __________________________________________________________                                                   them!
  CITY _______________________________STATE ______ ZIP ______________
  PHONE _____________________________SKI CLUB ______________________                                  We appreciate your continuing support
                                                                                                                     of ASIA.
  EMAIL ____________________________________________________________
  I have enclosed my check made payable to ASIA for membership dues and mailed to:

  ASIA 8 Park Drive Woodstock NY 1498 USA
  (845) 679-4609

                                                                                                                      spring 2009 | short swings   

                                                                       them as we skied Dot         this will be a very demanding course and
                                                                       Nebel but we were giving     therefore cannot get to the Bumpfest,
                                                                       our best to perform the      however, I wanted to share an experience I
                                                                       Heismann Trophy exercise     had at Killington this past weekend.
                                                                       successfully.                  I went to Killington for a 3 day weekend
                                                                        The pre-season event with   that included my son, his girlfriend and my
                                                                       you, Betsy, was a great      daughter. I spent a couple of hours each day
                                                                       start to the season. Your    with my son’s girlfriend to teach her how to
                                                                       insight into movement        ski. By the end of the weekend, she followed
                                                                       patterns is a gift. Thank    us all around the mountain with a big smile
                                                                       you for sharing your eye.    on her face. It was really cool (including
                                                                        I continue to be blessed    the temps) to see this beginner turn into an
                                                                       through my membership        excited new skier.
                                                                       in ASIA. My own skiing         Also, my personal skiing has really
                                                                       continues to evolve and      improved, as the hammering, I mean lessons,
                                                                       will always be a work in     you provided last year really produced better
                                                                       progress. The friendships    turns this year. My kids were duly impressed.
Fall Rally Highlights                              of ASIA are the best gift. We pick up where      With 4 inches of new powder on the
                                                   we left off the previous season, laughing and    mountain, it was a great weekend. Thanks
Hi Bill and Betsy,
                                                   smiling all the way. We are a lucky bunch of     again, Bill.
n I wanted to let you and Bryce Swanker
know that I found the Fall Rally very
                                                                                                    Doc Garner
helpful. Bryce focused on control on ice.
                                                   Pat Gottshalk                                    ASIA Level 2 Certified Instructor
I skied Windham yesterday and it was
                                                   ASIA Level 2 Certified Instructor                High Life Ski Club
almost all ice. They had an inch of rain the
                                                   Upper Bucks Ski Club
night before and then it froze but was too
soft to groom. I had full control and was                                                           Snö Mountain Successes
                                                   n I had a BLAST (at the Fall Rally)! This is
very comfortable, (except for the fatigue                                                           Dear Bill,
                                                   very definitely a do again clinic! I have two
the vibrations caused me.) I enjoyed skiing                                                         n My daughter, Brynn, and I just completed
                                                   take aways -- always figured if you got one
where no one would go. Thanks and please                                                            a weekend of intermediate ski instruction at
                                                   then it was a good clinic.
forward this to Bryce.                                                                              Snö Mountain with Bryce Swanker. It was
                                                      One skiing related: Neutral!! Going to
                                                                                                    our first time at an ASIA clinic and we really
                                                   work on that every chance I get this year.
Myles Gordon                                                                                        enjoyed it. Bryce is an excellent teacher, as
                                                   When you get the timing right everything
ASIA Contributing Member                                                                            well as a patient and encouraging individual.
                                                   just slows down and smooths out! Quite a
                                                                                                    We enjoyed interacting with all the ASIA
                                                   QUIET RIOT!
Bill and Betsy,                                                                                     staff there, including Pete Ryan.
                                                      One organization related: These ASIA
n Thank you for getting me in the Fall Rally
                                                   guys are quite a group! In two days I never
program this weekend. I was so impressed                                                            Bryce and Pete told us about the Fall Rally
                                                   heard a single negative comment about
by the coaching, the professionalism and                                                            and we are already making plans to attend
                                                   or directed at any one! And talk about
dedication that Mike Weiss demonstrated                                                             next year. We were referred to ASIA by
                                                   encouraging! I was especially impressed this
throughout the weekend. I worked really                                                             friends and we are so pleased!
                                                   afternoon when we did was some level 3
hard ( I can feel it in my legs) yet I know
                                                   drills to give folks in the group with PSIA L3
I improved my skiing. I wish you both a                                                             Jennifer Peters & Brynn Lancaster
                                                   aspirations a glimpse of the tasks...
Merry Christmas.                                                                                    ASIA Contributing Members
                                                      ...I’m exhausted, but strangely enough, my
                                                   legs are in relatively good shape for all the
Karen Walsh
                                                   work they did in the past two days - there
ASIA Contributing Member
                                                   must be something to this skeleton stuff and
                                                   efficient movements.
Dear Bill and Betsy,
n The Fall Rally was a wonderful time. One
                                                   Jeff Barcus
time Bryce told me that the season does not
                                                   ASIA Contributing
get started until we are all together. I am sure
he is right.
   The rally was the first time I skied with
Rick Svencer. It was a great two days. He is       Hammered Into
one of the most graceful skiers I have skied
with. As a visual learner his demos were
powerful tools for me. He provided the class       Bill,
                                                   n I start school this
with lots of individual and group instruction
allowing time for plenty of smiles. His group      Saturday to become a
worked well together because of him. Many          certified holistic health
other groups thought we were waving to             counselor. I believe that

4   short swings | spring 2009
                                                                                                                      OUR MEMBERS WRITE

Greetings,                                       It was THE BEST $100 I
n This January, I attended the Level I           have ever spent in pursuit
Certification clinic at Snö. It was probably     of skiing in my life! And
the best experience in my skiing life I can      that is an understatement.
remember.                                           Seven Springs also
   Les, our instructor, was the ultimate         graciously provided
professional. He continually took time for       complimentary lift tickets,
each of the attendees so that we all felt we     which would have added
had our own personal coach. I know my            another $110 to the cost
skiing has improved because of his teaching.     of the program. I would
I’m now looking forward to the Spring Rally.     thank them for that
                                                 personally but don’t have
Dan Sierchio                                     any idea who to contact.
ASIA Level 1 Certified Instructor                Maybe you could pass
                                                 along that I, along with
Gentlemen,                                       several other participants,
n It was time for breakfast. In the Hampton      greatly appreciated their support of the        Belleayre Bumpfest
Inn dining room I got a warm greeting from       program.
                                                                                                 Bill & Betsy,
Les bucher, Patty Gottshalk and Pete Ryan.          Ernie was a very patient, methodical
                                                                                                 n Thank you so much for such a wonderful
What a great way to start out. They were         instructor. It was a real treat to spend the
                                                                                                 weekend of skiing and learning at such
part of the ASIA team when I got my ASIA         time with someone who loves the sport
                                                                                                 a beautiful mountain. I just wanted to
Level 1 Certification at Mt Snö last January.    as much as he does. I left with a solid
                                                                                                 let you both know what a great learning
   I was back for a refresher this year. Our     understanding of the building blocks to keep
                                                                                                 environment you created and how much I
instructor this time was Bryce Swanker.          improving and fine tuning, but also to help
                                                                                                 got out of it. I had never been in the bumps
Our group was very diverse but somehow           my children develop their skills as well.
                                                                                                 before and am now more confident and
Bryce made it work for all of us. He was         Sincerely,
                                                                                                 found that instead of fearing the bumps now
personable, kind, attentive, and talented.
                                                                                                 I actually LOVE them!!!! I can’t wait to get
I quit a bit early on Sunday to catch the        Marianne Salzman
                                                                                                 back out there and keep practicing what I
Eagles/Giants game. I was at the bar with        ASIA Contributing Member
Pete Ryan. We weren’t rooting for the same
                                                                                                    You both have such an ability to teach
team which made it more fun. We’re still         Betsy and Bill:
                                                                                                 and convey new information to a beginner
friends, I think.                                n Again, it was a pleasure to ski with Ernie
                                                                                                 like me in a way that made sense. I can’t
   “You don’t quit skiing because you get old;   Fagnelli at Seven Springs. This was my
                                                                                                 thank you enough and am already looking
you get old because you quit skiing.” I don’t    second time skiing with him and it seems
                                                                                                 forward to coming back next year for some
know who said that, but I believe it!            that I improve my skiing and teaching
                                                                                                 other ASIA events. Not only did I learn
                                                 methods because of his progressive, step by
                                                                                                 more about improving my own skiing, I
Donald E Kaplan                                  step, fun approach.
                                                                                                 also learned more about how to be a better
ASIA Level 1 Certified Instructor                   ASIA should be proud to have him as
                                                                                                 instructor to my own students. You two are
Gentlemen’s Ski Club                             an instructor because he has been such a
                                                                                                 true role models!
                                                 positive influence on people like myself.
                                                                                                    It was a pleasure and an honor getting
Saving $$$ at Seven Springs                                                                      to meet and ski with you both. To see true
                                                                                                 masters like Bill out there enjoying what he
Hi Bill,                                         Dave Mertz
                                                                                                 does so well, truly warmed my heart and
n I just wanted to touch base with you           ASIA Level 1 Certified Instructor
                                                                                                 inspired me. I hope I can do the same thing
regarding the Seven Springs clinic I took        King of Prussia Ski Club
                                                                                                 when I am 82 years young too! God Bless!
under the tutelage of Ernie Fagnelli.
                                                                                                    All the best and thank you both from the
                                                                                                 bottom of my heart! I am so happy that Ed
                                                                                                 and Bryce introduced me to ASIA.
                                                                   Dear ASIA,
                                                                   n The class conducted by
                                                                                                 Paul Albrecht
                                                                   Ernie Fagnelli on January
                                                                                                 ASIA Contributing Member
                                                                   31 and February 1 was
                                                                                                 PSIA Level 1 Certified Instructor
                                                                   very valuable. Mr. Fagnelli
                                                                   is a gifted instructor
                                                                                                 Note: The folks in these photos stood still
                                                                   and communicates key
                                                                                                 just long enough for the pictures. The rest
                                                                   concepts in the expert
                                                                                                 of the weekend, they were bumping it up in
                                                                   fashion in which he skis.
                                                                                                 the moguls and trees and on the dance floor
                                                                                                 with coaches Mike Weiss, Bill Hornbeck, Ed
                                                                   Jan Carey
                                                                                                 George and Don Boyce. It was one of our
                                                                   ASIA Contributing
                                                                                                 best Bumpfests ever!

                                                                                                                    spring 2009 | short swings   5

    ASIA Early Payment                            West Point Certification A Cool Blast
    Drawing Winner                                n We held the West Point
    n Congratulations to Jeff Thomas for          program over Martin
    winning the Early Payment Raffle this         Luther King weekend this
    year. The prize was a free program, all       year. It happened to be
    fees included.                                the coldest weekend by
                                                  far all winter, with temps
    Unfortunately, Jeff was unable to attend      hovering around zero. Due
    any ASIA functions due to conflicting         to tight cadet schedules all
    ski trips to Vail and Japan, so Jeff gifted   the cadets and others who
    the program to Al Leaf, who introduced        attended endured the cold
    him to ASIA last season, because he           for the training over two
    was so happy with the Spring Rally            and a half days instead of
    program and because “Al is such a great       the usual four. That led to
    promoter of ASIA.”                            long days, late night skiing
                                                  and more effort on the
    Thanks to Al for promoting ASIA, and          everyone’s part.
    to Jeff for his thoughtful gift! Al has
    taken his ASIA skills to the ski school       Everyone did a great job
    program at Camelback Ski Area in              in spite of it, and we have                      Twilight at Victor Constant Ski Slope
    PA, and is working on taking his PSIA         lots of newly certified skiers and riders.
    Level 1 Certification this spring.
                                                  Thanks in part to the cold weather, the              Fortunately, everyone survived with no ill
    Jeff, hope to see you next year, and Al,      snow conditions were outstanding, with all           effects, the lift was repaired by morning, and
    we’ll see you at the Spring Rally!            available terrain open and packed powder             we all got to share in 6 inches of fresh, fluffy
                                                  conditions. The catch? Brrrr! As the evenings        powder first thing on Sunday.
                                                  wore on, it got brisker and brisker.
                                                                                                       n These new instructors will spend some of
    Goodbye, Friend                               Some of our coaches and riders even got a            their free time after classes or work volun-
    Hello ASIA,                                   little more training than even we anticipated.       teering to teach the children and adults of
    n It is with deep regret that I inform        They got to experience and participate in            the West Point community through the West
    you of William Alexander’s passing on         their own lift evacuation on Saturday night          Point Ski School. Congratulations to all who
    Monday evening, November 24. Alex             after an emergency stop of the lift caused a         endured this long, cold and snowy weekend
    was diagnosed with IPF (Idiopathic            mechanical failure.                                  to learn to teach others. Our hats off to you.
    Pulmonary Fibrosis) in early 2007. He
    continued to live his life as he wanted
    despite his health challenges until his
    recent hospitalization.

    Alex learned how to ski at the age
    of 58 and continued to improve his
    skiing ability with excellent lessons
    from ASIA. He loved skiing and
    looked forward to each Winter season

                                                      THE PRO Ski N’ Ride
    to improve his skills. His greatest                                                                                                    Ride
    accomplishment was being able to get                                                                                                   Flow
    down a Black Diamond trail!
                                                        Rte 23A Hunter, NY 12442 (518) 263 5303
    For all of us, his passing was far too                                                                                              Fischer
    soon and we will miss him dearly.                                                                                                     Head
                                                           Grindrite Factory Tuning Service Center                                     Tecnica
    Thanks,                                                For all your custom ski and board tuning needs...                           Dalbello
    Denise Roberts                                                                                                                      Spyder
    ASIA Contributing Member                               Custom boot fitting by Keith Holmquist,                                      Marker
    King Of Prussia Ski Club                               Master Fit Technician, Pedorthist                                         North Face
                                                           Member “America’s Best Bootfitters”                                        Cloudvell
                                                           As seen in Ski and Skiing Magazine                                               Leki

6   short swings | spring 2009
                                                                                                                CERTIFICATION NEWS

Congratulations To Our New                                                                             Alpine Level 1
                                                                                                            Okemo, VT
Certified Instructors                                                                                       Jim Barlow
                                                                                                          Debbie Danaher
                                                                                                        Anthony E Edwards
n 27 alpine and 27 snowboard folks earned their ASIA Level 1 Certification this season!
                                                                                                        David E England Jr
Everyone went away from the programs with solid training for teaching beginning skiing and              Judith Griemsmann
snowboarding and brought their own sliding skills to a new level.                                         Don Simmonds
Congratulations to everyone. We hope you have already enjoyed your first students, and were             Snö Mountain, PA
                                                                                                             Will Lapp
able to share a bit of the thrill of skiing and riding you love with them. That’s the true spirit           Bob Levine
and mission of ASIA and its programs.                                                                     Daniel Sierchio
If you enjoyed the program, be sure to tell a skiing or riding friend about ASIA so they can            USMA -West Point
                                                                                                         Carrie Bachmann
have the same opportunity to improve their skills, build their confidence, become an instruc-           Dennis Yongjin Cho
tor, or just learn to ski or ride like one!                                                                  Isaac Cluff
                                                                                                        Arthur C Coughlin
                                                                                                       Spencer W Donaldson
Best Ski Instruction Program Ever                                                                        Talon Z Erickson
Dear Mr. Hornbeck,                                                                                       Sarah R Hopkins
n I have just received my updated ASIA membership card with my certification as a newly                     Kyle Johnson
qualified Level 1 instructor indicated. Thank you for your kind wishes that were included with               John King
the card.                                                                                                 Edward W Lash
                                                                                                       Samuel Maccammon
The 4 day ASIA Level 1 Certification class led by Les Bucher at Snö Mtn in January was                 Nicholas Normandin
easily the best instruction program that I have ever attended, and head and shoulders above                   Julia Oh
any other ski training that I have ever received. As a retired Training Consultant, I consider            Collin C Smith
myself a good (and critical) judge of other trainers. Les was one of the finest instructors I have         Shawn Tenace
ever observed. His abilities as a skier and teacher were both outstanding. He was patient with            Raymond Vetter
the class, and kept us all focused on the overall content and goals of the course, and on our           Michael Scott Walls
individual strengths and weaknesses. I have only good things to say about him as a dedicated                Chris White
course leader and instructor. I hope to have opportunities in the future to attend additional        Snowboard Level 1
classes that Les will be leading.                                                                          Michael Allen
                                                                                                            Avi Bakshani
My primary goals in taking this course were twofold: (1) to gain knowledge that will enable               John Y Bonds IV
me to help my four grandchildren learn to ski, and (2) to improve the level of my skiing                      Josh Bryan
ability. Both goals were achieved through this course and Les’ ability as the course instructor.               Kyle East
                                                                                                           Adam Fulling
As I start my 26th year of skiing, on the threshold of my 72nd birthday, my only regret is that              Chris Garti
I didn’t do this about 10 - 15 years earlier. While we can’t turn the clock back, we can all look          Colin Gilligan
forward to as many more years of sharing this great sport together as possible. I have already              Brian Grealy
told people about ASIA and this training, and I hope that I can help to bring additional                   Patrick Herold
members into the fold. I look forward to the opportunity to meet you at an ASIA activity.                Alexander Johnson
                                                                                                           Michelle Kane
Bob Levine, President                                                                                 Connor Brody Kilpatrick
Eastern 50+ Ski Club                                                                                          Tyler Kim
ASIA Certified Instructor                                                                                   Steven Lafave
                                                                                                            Daniel G Lee
                                                                                                          Harrison Mann
Keeping the ASIA Vision                                                                                     Hailey Merlo
n Dear Bill and Betsy,                                                                                     Hannah Merlo
Thank you both for your positive and affirmative vision of ski education. I will keep my (ASIA               James Merlo
Level 1 Certification) report card forever. I will pay you folks a visit to hopefully pass the             Justin D Pettit
wedge christy! I gave my first lesson through the CSC on Saturday to three children, and the                Dariel Powell
two hours just flew by. Have a wonderful Christmas and New Year,                                       Jonathan B Strickland
                                                                                                          Carleton Swartz
Dave England                                                                                                 Ruben Veliz
ASIA Certified Instructor                                                                                    Sean Wester
Mt Laurel Ski Club                                                                                        Spencer Wilhelm

                                                                                                              spring 2009 | short swings   7
“SERVING SKI CLUBS AND THE SNOWSPORTS COMMUNITY SINCE 1980”                                                                                  FIRST CLASS
                                                                                                                                             US POSTAGE
                           Amateur Ski Instructors Association                                                                             PERMIT #49185
                                     28 Park Drive                                                                                          KINGSTON NY

                            Woodstock NY 12498-1726 USA                                                                             FIRST CLASS MAIL

                                      OFFICIAL NEWSLETTER


Kudos...                                          To Bill Hornbeck, Nancy Nolan, Pete
                                                  Ryan, Ernie Fagnelli and Ray and Laurie
What’s true is that every member of our           Owens, for coordinating another great                        Inside This Issue
organization adds to our success! There are       season of ASIA events, despite the economic           Belleayre Hall of Fame Induction 1
some who deserve our special thanks once          meltdown we are all experiencing, and to all          ASIA BOD Nominations ........... 2
again, for their volunteer spirit and tireless    on the ASIA Board who give their support to           Pat Bettin Award......................... 3
efforts on ASIA’s behalf.                         the programs.                                         Donations................................... 3
                                                                                                        Our Members Write ................ 4,5
To Belleayre, Okemo, Snö Mountain, Victor         To Pat Gottshalk, Jane Chambers, Pete Ryan,           Program Notes ............................ 6
Constant Ski Slope, and Seven Springs, for        and Laurie Owens for their donations, and             Certification News ...................... 7
graciously hosting our events and providing       tireless antics selling raffle tickets and setting    Kudos ......................................... 8
lift tickets and meals at a great price for our   up the penny social to raise money at our
members. Special thanks to Seven Springs          premier Rally events.
for their donation of complimentary lift
                                                  To our dedicated coaches, Don Boyce, Les
                                                                                                       ASIA Schedule of Events
tickets for our program there this season.
                                                  Bucher, Betsy Burns, Ernie Fagnelli, Ed                    2009-2010
To Nils Anderson, USMA West Point                 George, Bill Hornbeck, Jack Kennedy, Barb            Look for the latest info, letters, photos,
coordinator, for pulling together another         Marshall, Steve O’Connor, David Pick,                  and program news, along with the
great ASIA Certification and refresher            Bryce Swanker, Rick Svencer, Mike Weiss               2009-2010 ASIA alpine, snowboard
program, and to Major Ed Teague for               and Woody Woodworth for willingly and                 and nordic schedule on our website
coordinating the West Point cadets.               professionally sharing their knowledge and                at in June.
                                                  passion for the sport.
To Sue Poirer for her efforts at getting a                                                                 Come ski and ride with ASIA!
Nordic program together at Mtn Meadows            It comes down to how our members enjoy
XC Center, VT. If eight of you sign up, we’ll     their time on the snow that really counts.
HAVE one next year!                               Thanks to all!

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