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                                QUALITATIVE RESULTS

Municipality: City of Pinole                                    Permit Year: (2008/2009)


The City of Pinole fully supports the concept of public outreach as it helps to enrich
people’s understanding of the need for water pollution control. It is our goal to keep the
public informed of all relevant and timely information relating to stormwater pollution
prevention. Currently, we disseminate useful information on our web site, as part of the
City Managers Weekly Administrative Report see attachment PE – 2 City Manager's
Weekly Report- Automotive Pollution Prevention 05-29-09, in our Pinole Community
Guide, see attachment PE – 3 HHW Mobile Collection Program 2008,on our local
access TV see attachment PE – 1 Clean Water Programming Report 08-09, in our local
Friends of Pinole Creek Watershed newsletter see attachment PE – 6 Friends of Pinole
Creek Watershed Newsletter Spring of 2009, and in the distribution of literature at local
events and by stenciling our storm drain inlets, warning residents that dumping into our
storm drains pollutes the bay and is illegal. In an effort to inform local business owners
and residents, staff has added stormwater information to the City’s web site and is
provides a link to the Clean Water Program’s web site for Contra Costa. We also have
links to other sites for stormwater pollution prevention resources.

Implementation & Evaluation:

Participation in PEIO Program Activities, Internal Agency Communication and Training
for Agency Staff and Officials (PEIO 1-3)

Nancy Voisey is the coordinator of the Clean Water Program for the City. She is
generally responsible for public outreach activities. She attends the monthly Contra
Costa Clean Water Program Management Committee meetings (CCCWP) and New
Development and Construction Controls Sub-committee (NDCC) meetings as the City’s
representative. She, with some assistance from the Stormwater Supervisor and City’s
local cable channel is the staff member responsible for implementation, coordination
and compliance issues relevant to the public education and illicit discharge portions of
the City’s NPDES permit. See the Performance Standards Table provided in the
“Introduction” to Volume II, Table 1-2 for a listing and description of all the various PEIO
Performance Standards.

Currently, program education and outreach material is distributed at every opportunity
from planning and permitting, to inspections and counter handouts. Staff utilizes the City
Manager’s weekly newsletter for City staff and the public to be informed. Information
about reporting pollution activity, local Clean Water program activity, permit compliance,
outreach activities and enforcement are included. When specific information is made
available through the Program it is distributed to senior City staff, Redevelopment,

                                          PEIO - 1
Council Members, Planning, Design Review Board members and any new employees
who need clean water information. Information is also posted on our web site at on the Public Works page, under storm drains. Integrated Pest
Management materials are distributed in the lobby at City Hall, and as handouts to the
public in the Clean Water booth at City events. New handouts are made available as
soon as they are distributed to us from the Program or we create our own or
publications received from other agencies involved in pollution prevention activities. Our
allotment for supplies from the Program is small since Pinole is a small City. With a
population of less than 20,000 our promotional material allotment from the program is
usually gone in one to two events in the. Handouts being used by the City can be
viewed in the Program’s Annual Report 2007/2008, Volume III, “Public Education and
Outreach. We have additional handouts in our lobby from other agencies that are
related to water quality. These can be made available on request.

This last December we hired Frank Kennedy of Kennedy and Associates to conduct an
in-house administration training of NPDES requirements. Please see the sign- in sheet
in attachment PE – 7, Stormwater Training Sign-in Sheet 12/20/08.

Procedures and Training for Handling Telephone Calls (PEIO 4 & 5)

The City of Pinole has a main information counter where the majority of calls and
inquiries from the public come to. Two Counter Technicians staff this counter. The staff
has been trained to ask callers for information on spills, dumping or loose particles of
debris being reported and for the location of any storm drains in the area. The written
telephone procedures for stormwater-related telephone calls are as follows:

When determining a call is stormwater related please, ask the following question:

1.    Is the material currently getting in or near a storm inlet or natural watercourse?

2.    The specialist answering the telephone should access the GIS Public Works map
      document located at G:/Shape Coverages/Arcreader/ and check the location for
      storm water structures.

3.    If it is determined that it is stormwater related the caller’s name and telephone
      number are given to the analysts.

All major spills are reported to the Fire Department as well as the Public Works
Department Maintenance staff. Those reports are forwarded to the analyst for tracking
and logging into the database. The spill response phone lists and matrix, developed in
2003/2004 by the Contra Costa Clean Water Program, HazMat and Regional Board
staff, was distributed to Public Works maintenance crews and their trucks; to the Fire
Department staff and their trucks; the Police Department dispatch call center; and the
main reception of City Hall; and East Bay Municipal Utility District who conducts our
commercial inspection program.

                                         PEIO - 2
Distribution of Program Information Pieces (PEIO 6- 8, 11 & 12)

Education and outreach materials are given out at permit issuance, during inspections
and at city events. “Contra Costa Builder’s Guide to Reuse and Recycling”, “It’s Enough
to Make You Sick,” and “Contra Costa Clean Water Program Pollution Prevention – It’s
Part of the Plan,” please see Volume III, Public Education and Industrial Outreach of the
Annual Report for these program handouts. The public counter at City Hall is stocked
with program materials for visitors. The Clean Water Program Inspector/Analyst
provides handouts at site visits and logs this distribution into the stormwater report. We
have updated our counter permit handouts with stormwater protection information. A
fact sheet related to the prevention of stormwater pollution with BMP’s, Hazardous
Waste disposal, New Development Erosion and Sediment Control for water pollution
prevention is distributed annually to staff via the City            Council and Planning
Commissioner’s mail, Staff e-mail and when appropriate, through the use of the creek
boxes along Pinole Creek. All of this printed information is also made available to the
public at the building services counter. This past year the City’s Clean Water Program
passed out approximately 469 pieces of clean water related materials at five events and
through conducting inspections. Additional Clean Water Program promotional materials
with City logo are purchased through an earth friendly vendor for City of Pinole events.
Samples of City of Pinole outreach materials can be viewed in the 2003- 2004 annual
report in Attachment BK, Coloring Book; Attachment BI, Tattoo; Attachment BJ, Plant
Pride not Litter, seed packet of California Aster. There were no public speaking events
this past year.

In the future, PEIO materials will continue to be distributed at three to four events based
on the new MRP requirements. Pinole is less than 20,000 in population and one person
coordinates all aspects of the NPDES permit. The City has eliminated funding because
of the City’s budget crisis and therefore the volume of activity is limited. Half-day events
are more easily funded than full-day events. Last year we had clean water material at
Shoreline Clean Up, Earth Day, The Halloween Carnival, The Tree Lighting Festival and
the Nor-Cal Car Show. If funding will allow we will continue to do mailings of information
to the business community through the business license renewal process. Mailings to
creek residences and property management groups on being good stewards of the
creek are mailed as needed and as funding allows. Next year’s mailing will be subject to
funding and whether or not it applies to the new MRP requirements. Other services
such as the Urban Creeks Council flyer and other water quality and creek related topics
are mailed out as needed. Due to a lack of funds for the last two years the City has
been unable to send out a city-wide mailer on oil recycling. This activity was curtailed by
the City’s budget deficit. The City’s street-sweeping schedule is posted on the City web
site and is updated annually. Event materials such as the “Celebrate the Earth” and
“Earth Day” posters and flyers are posted in public places to encourage participation.
Copies of items mentioned above can be provided on request.

There are five-literature creek boxes placed along the creek trail from the North Easterly
end of the City to the mouth of the creek at the bay. The City shares these literature
boxes with the local Friends of Pinole Creek Group. These boxes are used to distribute

                                          PEIO - 3
creek group newsletters, water quality flyers, recycling information, hazardous waste
information and environmental event flyers to those walking along the trail. See
Attachment AS, Photos of Creek Boxes and Attachment BG, After the Storm in the
2003/2004 report.

The City’s current process for tracking and reporting the number of PEIO materials is an
approximation of: materials given out at events, the number of permits issued to sites
greater than 10,000 sq. ft., sites that have a higher potential to pollute and the number
of job sites inspected by Clean Water Program Coordinator/Inspector. See Volume III
in the Annual Report, for program-developed PEIO materials being distributed. A fact
sheet, pertaining to the changing water quality requirements, is distributed to City staff
and the public as they are made available. Samples of these materials can be found in
the annual report for 2003/2004 as the following attachments. See Attachment AO,
New NPDES Requirements what Developers, Builders and Project Proponents Need to
Know and Attachment AZ, November 24, 2003, News from the City of Pinole
Stormwater Division. These last two flyers, along with fact sheets developed by the
program, are distributed to Council, Planning, Design Review and Redevelopment Staff.

Storm Drain Inlet Stencils/Marking and Signs (PEIO 9 & 10)

The City currently has a system in place for inspecting the entire storm drain system
annually. Part of this inspection includes the stenciling or re-stenciling of catch basins.
The City has already re-stenciled all of its storm drain inlets. The City’s maintenance
division determined that a more durable ceramic marker needed to be utilized in
replacing the original hot tape stencils. These button shaped markers are supplied to
us from Integrated Waste Management. The City’s maintenance crews have completed
replacing the old markers with the new ones. As markers become damaged or missing,
City maintenance crews will replace them on an as needed basis.

The City’s application to the Department of Conservation for a City and County “Funding
Program” for the installation of new trash and recycling receptacles along the public
right-of- way was again awarded. This funding was matched by AB939 funds to
purchase and installing seven additional trash with recycling receptacles in trash
problem areas. This is the fourth stage of this project. Pinole Watershed signs, paid for
from grant funding by the Contra Costa Resource Conservation District, were installed
three years ago at 24 sites that cross the creek such as street bridges, pedestrian
bridges and creek trails. For an example of these signs refer to annual report
2003/2004, See Attachment BA, Pinole Creek Watershed, "Ours to Protect", sign.

Agencies’ Community Outreach Program (PEIO 11-15)

The City of Pinole has a population approaching 20,000a. The City has participated in
community outreach activities like the City’s own Neighborhood Clean-up Day, see
attachment PE – 4, Recommendation to Approve Neighborhood Cleanup Project in an
Amount not to Exceed $14,670. When funding allows, these clean ups are followed up
    2006 census : 18,875

                                          PEIO - 4
by a mailer to the residences about the local household hazardous waste facility’s
location and items being accepted. Other outreach activities were the regional annual
Shoreline (Coastal) Cleanup Day, Earth Day; see 2003/2004 annual report for the photo
Attachments AV and AT. We also participate annually in our local Kids Creek Fest; see
Attachment PE-2, Redevelopment Agency Report 2006-14. The City purchased an
interactive watershed diorama in 2004. It is used in most of the events to explain the
difference between stormwater and sewer water. The Redevelopment Agency conducts
an e-waste drop off event each fall in the local high school parking lot or at the Senior
Center. Educational materials are distributed at this event

In addition to event activities, we have several clean water ads being aired on our two
local community channels, see attachment PE-1. For this reporting year Channels 26 &
28 of Pinole Community Television were able to air Clean Water related Public Service
Announcements on the following:
         Household Hazardous Waste
         Recycling of used motor oil
         Recycling used batteries
         Five Ways to be Greener
         Recycle Your Junk Mail
         The Watershed Project
         E-waste Events
         On-call Cleanups
         TV Recycling
         On-call Bulky Items Pickup
         Earth Day
         Save the Bay
         Coastal Cleanup
These 14 PSAs run an average of twice an hour on Channel 26 and once an hour on
Channel 28 respectively 28 and 16 times per day. This is minus an estimated 10 hours
a day of regular programming. These numbers add up quickly and estimates put clean
water related PSAs on Channel 26 at approximately 9,408 times per year and for
Channel 28, approximately 5,376 times per year.

All the residents of Pinole, Hercules and the unincorporated area of Richmond, El
Sobrante, receive this broadcast. Our City’s web page has clean water information and
links added under the Public Works Department. The Street Sweeping Schedule is
updated and posted on the web site every January, see Clean
water ads go out in the Pinole Community Guide and the local Chamber Directory when
space allows. Every year we have clean water promotional materials and handouts at

                                        PEIO - 5
the City’s information tables at events such as Kid’s in Creeks, Shoreline Clean-up, Fire
Department Open House, County Earth Day Celebration, Halloween Carnival, City Tree
Lighting Festival and Nor-Cal Car Show and this year at a new event, Community
Health Day. The City continues to support the Friends of Pinole Creek Watershed
group activities by sponsoring a dumpster when requested for their spring creek clean

Staff has also participated by providing GIS data, participating in meeting with
consultants, and participating in data gathering from Pinole Creek for the Program. The
City supports the local creek group activities by participating in their Spring Creek Clean
up and inviting them to join in the City hosted fall Shoreline Clean–up. City staff
participated in the collaborative process of the creation of the Pinole Creek Watershed
Vision Plan, which was finalized four years ago. A draft of the Vision Plan was provided
in the 2003/2004 annual report as Attachment BE, Pinole Creek Watershed Vision Plan.
The City is currently working on redesigning the mouth of Pinole Creek to restore it to its
natural state. A grant in the amount of 2.65 million dollars was awarded this last year
from Proposition 50 funding for California Rivers and Parkways for this project, see
attachment PE – 5, Pinole Creek Demonstration Project . Due to the economy and the
State freezing of grant funding this project has been put on hold until next year. Staff is
petitioning State Legislators for an extension of the grant timeline to accommodate for
the States delay in funding.

Coordination with Public Schools (K-12) (PEIO 13-15)

The Program has contracted with the Earth Island Institute in Berkeley to provide a 4th
grade-teaching program in local schools called Kids for the Bay. The Clean Water
Program provides matching funding for five cities each year to fund the implementation
of this program at one of their schools. This program is based on and meets the Open
Court guidelines requirement of the West Contra Costa Unified School Districts. The
“Kids for the Bay” programming provides a vital environmental education service and
fulfills the NPDES requirements for education and outreach in local elementary schools.
This last year we contracted with them to provide this water quality programming in our
last elementary school needing the program. The fourth grade classrooms at Elizabeth
Stewart Elementary School. This final funding completes the implementation of
installing the program in all the City’s elementary schools. Our biggest challenge in this
area has been providing funding and getting the schools to allow us to do programs in
their schools under district requirements. Materials implemented into the schools must
be in keeping with the Open Court teaching guidelines, adopted by the district. The
Earth Island Institute’s Kids for the Bay program has been able to meet these
requirements for us and gain the districts approval. It is uncertain if any funding will be
available in coming years to meet the new MRP requirements to expand these
programs into Junior High and High School classrooms.

                                         PEIO - 6
PEIO Household Hazardous Waste Program (PEIO18 – 23)

Three years ago The West Contra Costa Integrated Waste Management Authority
received a grant to take over running our Household Hazardous Waste Pick Up
Program for Senior and Disabled Residents and expanded it to all of West Contra Costa
County cities. The program has been so well received that Integrated Waste
Management has added this program to their budget and are successfully running it.

Household Battery & Used Motor Oil Recycling

The City has household battery collection boxes in the lobbies of City Hall, the Senior
Center, Library, Post Office and the Youth Center for collection of household use
batteries. The City also offers free used oil recycling to residents through a recycling bin
pick-up program as well as having a local retailer allow residents to pour their used
motor oil into their used oil drum. See footnote f, attachment PE – 6, Pinole Offers
Recycling, in Pinole’s 2007/2008 annual report PEIO section.

See additional handouts made available at City events and at the City of Pinole main
information desk. They were provided to you as the following attachments in the
2002/2003 Annual Report.

1.     Attachment BN, Easy Recipes for a Healthy House
2.     Attachment BM, Mercury Thermometer Exchange Program
3.     Attachment BL, Free Needle Collection
4.     Attachment BK, Household Hazardous Waste
5.     Attachment AS, Painting and Application of Solvents and Adhesives
6.     Attachment BC, Pollution Prevention Copper
7.     Attachment BD, Pinole Hercules WPCP Pollution Prevention Program Hazardous
       Waste Collection for Pinole and Hercules Residences

We provide new public handouts on recycling as they come out. In the lobby of City Hall
we provide free oil changing kits.

Last year the City of Pinole joined a group called ICLEI to participate in the cities for
climate protection campaign. It is an international membership association of local
governments committed to improving global environmental conditions through local
actions. Through this program the city will identify ways to reduce its carbon dioxide
foot print and participate in the worldwide movement for sustainable development.
Currently the City went through the process of receiving bids on installing solar on
several of its City buildings. Installation is scheduled to take place in the next year.
Documentation on this project can be provided on request.

                                          PEIO - 7
Transportation Standards (PEIO 20 through 23)

The City of Pinole participates in and supports regional efforts by encouraging the use
of public transportation and other alternative modes of transportation for the public and
municipal employees. The City provides, in its main lobby area; AC Transit Schedules,
a Martinez Link 30Z Express Schedules and West Cat Route Map. We post promotional
events on alternative transportation as we receive them such as the Bike to Work Day
posters, registration and Ride Share Week cards.

See the following related attachments in the 2001/2002 Annual Report that continue to
be provided at our main public counter:

1.      Attachment BM, 71 AC Transit Schedule
2.      Attachment BN, LA AC Transit Schedule
3.      Attachment BO, 69 AC Transit Schedule
4.      Attachment BP, 70 AC Transit Schedule
5.      Attachment BQ, Martinez Link 30Z Express Maps Weekday Schedule
6.      Attachment BH, West CAT Route Map



Fiscal Year 2009/2010 Goals:

           Maintain the program’s public presence at a minimum of three to four public
            events bases on the new permit requirements.

           Revise the program as noted in the new Municipal Regional NPDES permit.

           Due to a lack of funding we must focus on taking advantage of as much free
            media as possible and using our own our Cable Channels 26 & 28 for our
            public education program. (i.e., Friends of Pinole Creek Newsletter, Chamber
            publication . . . )

With the merger of the county-wide Clean Water Programs into a regional Program,
under the new MRP, the City will work with the Contra Costa Clean Water Program for
other forms of funding and the restructuring of PEIO programs. One possibility is
incorporating the use of other non-profit groups, such as the Friends of Pinole Creek
Watershed Group, to meet the school public education requirements of the MRP. They
may be able to assist in conducting school assemblies and demonstrations.

                                         PEIO - 8

          AMOUNT OF PEIO MATERIALS DISTRIBUTED BY YOUR AGENCY                                TOTAL

Waste Disposal:

        “Clean It” Safer Housecleaning Methods that Really Work Guides

        “Get Rid Of It” A Painter’s Guide to Storage, Disposal and Clean-Up of Paint Waste

Used Oil Recycling Program:

        Mr. Funnelhead Coloring Books (English Version)

        “Used Oil” Funnels

        Certified Oil Collection Centers Information Sheets

        Mr. Funnelhead School Education Brochures

        Mr. Funnelhead Public Education Brochures

        “Recycle Oil, It’s Right” Brochures (English Version)

        “Recycle Oil, It’s Right” Brochures (Spanish Version)

        Mr. Funnelhead Magnet

        Mr. Funnelhead Erasers

        Mr. Funnelhead Pencils

        Mr. Funnelhead Tattoos
        Mr. Funnelhead Carrying Bags

Promotional Items:
       Flashlights                                                                            25

       Seed Packets                                                                           54

       Magnetic Refrigerator Clips                                                            25

       Reusable Tote Bag                                                                      49

       Other: Recycled blue jean pencils                                                      90

       Other: Plant Pride not Litter native aster seed packets                                75

General Information:
       “TIPS to Protect Our Restaurant & Keep Our Water Clean” Poster
       “TIPS to Protect Our Restaurant & Keep Our Water Clean” Brochures                      9

       Don’t Set a Table for Pests! Restaurant Brochures (English/Spanish Version)
Pest Management/Pesticide Use:
       Controlling Ants in Your House – English and Spanish versions                          17

       Controlling Aphids                                                                     5

       Controlling Snails and Slugs in Your Garden – English and Spanish versions             8

       Controlling Yellowjackets Around Your Home – English and Spanish versions              5

       Finding a Pest Control Company
       How to Control Weeds                                                                   20

                                                  PEIO - 9
       Keeping Cockroaches Out of Your House – English and Spanish versions       7

       Keeping Fleas off Your Pets – English and Spanish versions                 12

       Keeping Mosquitoes Away                                                    8

       Growing a Healthy Garden
       Pesticides and Water Quality                                               20

       Tips for a Healthy Beautiful Lawn – English and Spanish versions
       Safe Use and Disposal of Pesticides – English and Spanish versions         20

       Living with Spiders The Helpful Hunters – English and Spanish versions     20

       Wonderful Roses

Media Outreach:

       Outdoor Billboards

       BART Rail Boards

       Bus Shelter Posters

       Bus Boards

       Theater Advertisements

       Public Service Announcements (Radio):

                  Specify Station:

                  Specify Station:

                  Specify Station:

       Public Service Announcements (Television/Cable):

                  Specify Station: Pinole Cable Channel 28 & 26                 14 PSAs

                  Specify Station:

                  Specify Station:

       Public Service Announcements (Newspapers/Periodicals):

                  Specify Publication:

                  Specify Publication:

                  Specify Publication:

       Newspaper Advertisements:

                  Specify Publications:

                  Specify Publications:

                  Specify Publications:

       Community Newsletters:

                  Specify Publications: Pinole Community Guide                   6,853

                  Specify Publications:

                                               PEIO - 10

                 Specify Publications:

        Radio Advertisements:

                 Specify Station:

                 Specify Station:

Television/Cable Advertisements

        Specify Station:

        Specify Station:

Measurement/Research Activities:

        Public Opinion Surveys

        Focus Groups


        Specify Subject:

        Specify Subject:

        Specify Subject:

Public Outreach:

       1-800-No Dumping Telephone Calls

       Public Speaking Engagements



Number of Storm Drain Inlets Stenciled or Stamped By:


       Municipal Staff                                                        1,789

        Fish Door Hangers Distributed
Amount of Household Hazardous Wastes Collected:
        Motor Oil (gallons)                                                   4089.4

        Household Paint (gallons)                                             426.4

        Pesticides (gallons)                                                  609.2

        Miscellaneous (gallons) (e.g., acids, antifreeze, batteries, etc.)    6443.3

Transportation Management
        Number of Public Agency Vehicles Using Non-Polluting Fuels              1

        Number of Public Employees Using Public Transportation                  1

        Number of Education Materials Encouraging Public Transportation Use     6

                                                   PEIO - 11
Vehicle Repair Shop Brochures                                    3

Grocery and Retail Gas                                           9

                                     PEIO - 12

Shared By: