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					Jim Tenney attorney is a preferred
choice of many businesses and
individuals looking for advice on
taxation and legal matters. With
more than 30 years of experience
backing him, Jim Tenney attorney
has helped many individuals and
corporations      structure   their
transactions to minimize taxes and
legal risks.
His areas of specialization include but
are not limited to estate planning,
asset protection, tax controversies,
structuring business entities, mergers,
acquisitions and international business
transactions. Jim Tenney has written
legal articles for various publications
and his articles have been read by
businessmen, fellow lawyers and
Jim Tenney explains difficult legal
 terms in a simple manner so that
 they are easily understood. He has
 delivered lecturers at local, regional
 and national seminars covering
 important aspects of law and
He went to the University of
Michigan and the University of
Tennessee to earn his undergraduate
degree (B.S.) in finance and a law
degree (J.D.). He has received his
Master of Laws in Taxation (L.L.M.)
from Emory University.
Jim Tenney Atlanta is a member of
many bar associations like the
American    Bar    Association, the
International Bar Association, the
State Bar of Georgia, the Tennessee
Bar Association, the ABA Section on
Taxation and several more.

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Description: Jim Tenney Atlanta provides legal counsel as to how taxes affect clients in their investments & business decisions, they have used his advice to make informed business decisions intended to increase profits.