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BOSTON, May 17, 2005 — Altair Engineering, a global leader in product design consulting,
engineering software and high-performance computing technology, today announced the release
of PBS Professional™ 7.0, the next generation of its Portable Batch System (PBS) technology
that helps customers optimize the utilization of enterprise computing environments by
intelligently aggregating and scheduling computational resources. Altair made this
announcement from the Bio-IT World Conference + Expo in Boston.

PBS Professional 7.0 continues to raise the standard of workload management solutions by
delivering significant advancements. This release includes:

      expanded capacity for very large workloads
      enhanced integration with MPI libraries
      extended support for unique features within SGI’s Altix environment

“PBS Professional 7.0 broadens our market appeal with the addition of Job Arrays.
Bioinformatics, financial services and animation customers who manage very large workloads
will realize significant productivity gains with this release,” said Michael Humphrey, vice
president of enterprise computing for Altair.


Job Arrays Function – PBS Professional now supports Job Arrays. Job Arrays is a mechanism
for grouping related work, allowing the user to submit, query, modify and display a set of jobs as
a single unit. This new feature is particularly useful for users who submit and manage very large
quantities of related jobs.

“Here at the Translational Genomic Research Institute (TGen), we deployed PBS Professional on
our 1,048-CPU IBM 1350 eCluster supercomputer to manage a diverse workload. We believe
the new Job Array functionality provided with version 7.0 will help us manage our
bioinformatics jobs more efficiently and allow our scientists to be more productive,” said James
Lowey, manager for high performance computing systems at TGen.

MPI Library Integration – PBS Professional 7.0 provides a higher level of integration with
select MPI libraries, resulting in improved resiliency under a variety of system failure modes.
This tighter integration within PBS Professional 7.0 minimizes the need for epilogue scripts
when a system failure occurs within a set of nodes running a MPI job. PBS Professional 7.0
includes tighter integration with the following MPI libraries:

       MPICH running on Intel and AMD based Linux clusters
       IBM POE running on IBM systems running AIX

"The MPI integration work released in PBS Professional 7.0 is a continuation of our focus to add
resiliency to our product and make it easier for systems administrators” stated Dr. Bill Nitzberg,
chief technology officer for Altair Grid Technologies. “We will be releasing tighter integrations
with additional MPI libraries in our next couple of releases as well.”

SGI Altix specific features – PBS Professional is the preferred workload manager for SGI’s
Altix systems. PBS Professional 7.0 includes additional new features unique to the Altix
       Support SGI’s Process Aggregation Groups (PAGG) on Altix systems
       Support SGI’s ProPack 4 for Altix systems
       Integration with SGI’s CSA for Altix systems


“Altix customers have selected PBS Professional for their workload management requirements
because Altair has continuously added new features to exploit the scalability and performance of
our Altix systems. We are pleased to see Altair continue this trend with their 7.0 release of PBS
Professional. Our partnership with Altair has been a win-win proposition for all parties involved-
especially our customers,” said Anneka Dempsey, director of partner relationships for SGI.

About PBS Professional
PBS Professional is an intelligent workload management and batch queuing solution for
numerically intense compute environments. PBS Professional efficiently manages
computational workloads across local and distributed LINUX, UNIX and Windows-based HPC
environments – maximizing hardware and software utilization and job turnaround efficiency.
For more information, please visit

About Altair Engineering
Through product design consulting, advanced engineering software and high performance
computing technologies, Altair Engineering increases innovation for clients around the globe.
Founded in 1985 and privately held with offices throughout 13 countries, Altair's unparalleled
knowledge and expertise in product development and manufacturing extend throughout North
America, Europe and Asia. As the developer of Altair® HyperWorks® - The Engineering
Framework for Product Design™, Altair is the leading provider of high-end, open CAE software
solutions for modeling, visualization, optimization and process automation. The company’s grid
computing software, PBS Professional™, is a workload management solution for high
performance computing environments, LINUX clusters and desktop cycle harvesting that
delivers an ROI within one year. For detailed information about Altair, visit


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