Geometry Dice by dffhrtcv3


									   Geometry Dice

This die was created for a math game to teach
geometry vocabulary to high school students
in a self contained community based class. The
vocabulary is from Attainments, “Teaching to
Standards: Math”.

            Submitted by: Patty Lagron, Lafayette Parish Schools
                       Making the Die
• Box:
  – Small 4”-5” square (purchased in the “mailer” dept. of Wal
  – The box comes “flat”, so you need to put it together
  – Cover each side with construction paper to hide the
  – Glue CD sleeves to each side
     • Sleeves used in photo are clear plastic, however,
       sleeves with smaller clear openings may be used
     • CD sleeves allow you to change the symbols/graphics so
       the die may be used for a variety of games/activities
   To see how to play the Math game, go to:
   . The title of the video is Interactive Board- Geometry Vocabulary

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