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                                            Question 5.6 Dépenses consacrées pour les
                                            frais de:PEB, ICIST,InterUniversity,
                                            OCLC,Répertoire de Vedette-Matières, frais
Université de Moncton                       de transport et licences telle WorldCat
Mount Allison University

                                            #3.4 and # 3.5 - Neglected to count large
                                            packages in previous years, eg EEBO and
                                            ECO. Have added ECCO. #5.2 - Purchased
                                            Eighteenth Century Collection Online,
                                            Reference sets #5.5 - Purchased significant
                                            backfiles this year #7.1 - excludes Director of
                                            Libraries/included in 7.2 #9 - UNB
University of New Brunswick (Fredericton)   Fredericton campus only
                                            3.2 - Includes monographs received as part
                                            of monographic series. 5.6 - Web
University of New Brunswick (St-John)       Classification utility.

                                            #1.3 Increase in this figure is due to print
                                            volumes being discarded and replaced by e-
                                            books and e-journals #3.3 - the increase in e-
                                            monograph titles is due to titles that were
                                            purchased the previous year,but were only
                                            provided access in the current year. #3.4 -
                                            the current figure indicates purchased e-
                                            monographs for which records were added
Memorial University of Newfoundland         to the catalogue.
                                            #2.3 This is a corrected figure - previous
                                            years included items held temporarily for
                                            other units on campus. During the past year,
                                            many have been moved to Special
                                            Collections & various materials held on
                                            deposit have been requested to be returned
Acadia University                           to the donor.
Atlantic School of Theology                 N/R
                                            The salaries and wages for both professional
                                            and support staff cannot be divided so the
Cape Breton University                      total amount is in 6.1.
Nova Scotia College of Art and Design       N/R
                                            2.6 1 library reporting 3.3 Purchased Early
                                            English Books Online 7.5 Increase due to
Dalhousie University                        collection move.
University of King's College
                                     #2.4 - 1,104 microfilm reels withdrawn in
Mount Saint Vincent University       2008.

                                     2.3-2.6 - we don't receive any of these items.
                                     2.7-2.8 - we don't have an exact number for
                                     each but we do have 477 in total. 4.1 - 41 of
                                     these are government documents. 4.2 I did
                                     not have this information available in time.
Nova Scotia Agricultural College     7.5 - We have 8 part-time casual positions.
                                     #3.3 Catalogued search for electronic
                                     location, less electronic journal titles.
                                     Represents CRKN e-books. 4.3 Catalogue
                                     expert search in journals/serials for
Saint Mary's University              electronic titles
Université Sainte-Anne

                                     1.1 - The 2006-2007 survey total was
                                     changed to remove microfiche equivalent
                                     volumes that had been added in by mistake.
                                     2.7 - Includes 9545 LPs not counted in 2006-
                                     2007 survey. 3.1 - The 2006-2007 opening
                                     figure was incorrect; this amount is adjusted
Saint Francis Xavier University      to reflect correct count here.

                                     1.1 A new ILS was put in place and the
                                     statistics included in this report are the ones
                                     available to us. They will provide a baseline
                                     from this point on. 5.1 No longer separate
                                     expenditures for print and electronic. 5.9
                                     Portion of research funds from Office of
                                     Research and Development. 5.10 Funds from
University of Prince Edward Island   province and university to cover DCI.

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