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 President’s Post  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .4                             Al-Jon MFG.
 From the Executive
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 ECAR Fact Sheet
 for North Dakota  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .6
 Scrap Commodities
 Market Report  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .9
 EPA Rulemaking
 Preserves Scrap
 Tire Markets  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  . 10
 NDARA Application
 for Membership  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  . 11
 Motors Liquidation
 Rejoins NVMSRP  .  .  .  .  .  .  . 12
 NDARA Member News  .  . 13
 Good Bosses Improve
 Good Employees  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .14
 Credit Card and
 Ordering Fraud Alert  .  .  .  . 15
 EPA Approves New
 Coolant for Car Air                                        Located in Ottumwa, Iowa, Al-Jon is a family owned and operated manu-
 Conditioning Systems .  .  .  . 16                     facturing facility that has been supplying the Scrap, Auto Dismantling and Solid
 The Future of Stormwater                               Waste industry since 1963. Al-Jon employs 115 people in Iowa and nationally.
 Permitting  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  . 17       A few of the facts about Al-Jon:
 ARA Meets With FTC .  .  .  . 19                           •	 Al-Jon’s first car crusher was built in 1964
 Calendar of Events  .  .  .  .  .  . 19                    •	 Al-Jon’s first landfill compactor was built in 1981
 Enhanced Products                                          •	 Al-Jon is ISO 9001:2008 certified
 From Solera  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .20
                                                            •	 Employee turnover in their plant is virtually unknown to them – driv-
 Turning ‘Green‘
                                                                ing consistent quality into each and every product.
 Into Greenbacks  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .20
 Simple Spill Control
 For Recyclers  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  . 21
 Used Oil Update  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .22
                                                                                                       Al-Jon MFG. continued on page 10
                                                               North Dakota
                                                      Automotive Recyclers Association
                                                               Board of Directors
                                                       President                                 Treasurer
                                                   Mickey Kvien                              Ron Nordstrom
                                                Truck & Auto Salvage                             Dave’s Auto
                                                 760 – 4th Street S.W.                         218 26th Street
                                                Valley City, ND 58072                       Bismarck, ND 58501
                                                    (701) 845-3080                             (701) 255-1194
    Mission Statement                
    To unite, advance,                                                                           Secretary
                                                   Past President                           Richard Preston
   support, and educate
 our members, to create                             Bob Koezler                          7th Avenue Auto Salvage
                                                     A1 Auto Parts                            402 – 42nd Street
 a positive image of our                              PO Box 1087                            & 7th Avenue North
  industry, and improve                           Williston, ND 58801                         Fargo, ND 58102
the automotive recycling                            (701) 774-8375                             (701) 282-5130
industry in North Dakota.                                                 

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                       Monday through Friday,                                    Phone (612) 741-2248
                            9AM – 4PM                                     Email

Phone 651-458-0089          Fax 651-458-0125
            Toll Free 877-525-4589
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                                      President’s Post
                                             By Mickey Kvien

    Hello everyone – happy Spring! I’ve been very        testified against the bill as written and proposed
busy the last few months with NDARA business.            a technical amendment clarifying the language to
As some of you are probably aware from the emails        prevent detrimental interpretations and putting in-
that the NDARA office has sent out, the NDARA            dividuals on notice of a dealer license requirement.
was recently involved in providing our input on a        The amendment stated that notwithstanding the
piece of legislation in committee at the North Da-       auctioneer licensing exemption created by the bill, a
kota state legislature.                                  person engaged in the auto auction business via the
    The piece of legislation I’m referring to is North   internet must be licensed as a motor vehicle dealer
Dakota Senate Bill 2086. North Dakota Senate Bill        as provided by current law.
2086 was introduced by the Senate Judiciary Com-             Committee Vice-Chair Klemin and Representa-
mittee at the request of the Public Service Com-         tive Koppelman were key to the amendment’s fi-
mission. The bill would have exempted internet           nal form. The Committee voted to pass the bill
auctioneers from obtaining an auctioneer license.        as amended (13-0) and the full House unanimously
Deregulating internet auctioneers generally would        voted for the bill as amended. The bill is currently
have led to different interpretations and potential      back in the Senate awaiting reconciliation.
loopholes as to whether or not individuals auction-          I would like to extend a huge thanks to Jorge
ing motor vehicles over the internet required a li-      Conforme for his expertise and navigating us
cense.                                                   through this process. I learned that that there is a
    After the bill passed the Senate, LKQ met with       particular “protocol” to follow when testifying be-
members of the House Judiciary Committee, the            fore the legislature and I think I did okay!
Public Service Commission, and the Department                In addition to this, we have also started plan-
of Transportation. When the Judiciary Committee          ning for the NDARA Annual Meeting. We have
held a hearing on the bill, Eric Rasmussen of 7th Av-    tentatively selected the date of September 16 - 18,
enue Auto Salvage (Fargo), Jorge Conforme – Gov-         2011, in Bismarck at the Bismarck Radisson Inn.
ernment Affairs with LKQ Corporation, and myself,        This weekend is the same weekend as the Bismarck
                                                         Street Fair so it should be a fun gathering for the
                                                         entire family. Please mark your calendars for Sep-
                                                         tember 16, 17 & 18 and PLAN ON ATTENDING!
                                                         We will keep you posted as plans progress.
                                                             With that – let me wish all of you a wonderful

                                           ASSOCIATION NEWS
4        May/June 2011                                                            North Dakota Auto Recycler
                 From the Executive Director’s Desk
                                                By Kelly Salseg

                                    I wanted to take        try, as well as one of the best and most cost-effective
                               this opportunity to “give    ways for them to make valuable business contacts.
                               the heads up” that very           YOU – NDARA’s members – are the associa-
                               soon some of you will        tions MOST VALUABLE association recruitment
                               be receiving your NDA-       tool .
                               RA membership renew-              Never under estimate the power of word of
                               al notice. When you re-      mouth and a good recommendation from a respected
                               new is based on when         colleague. This is far more powerful than almost any
                               you join, for example,       other marketing tool.
                               if you first enrolled in          Thanks in advance for your help in growing our
                               June 2010, then you          association numbers, and I hope you enjoy this issue
                               will be receiving your       of the NDARA newsletter.
renewal notice in May of 2011 for the next member-
ship year. It would be extremely helpful (and will
also save the association money) if when you receive
your renewal notice you could promptly remit your
renewal with payment.
    I’d also like to thank you for your support and
membership in NDARA. By far, our association’s
most valuable asset is our members. We appreciate
your financial support (through your membership
dues). We would also greatly appreciate your invest-
ment of time in the following area – bringing in new
    If you know of a North Dakota or South Dakota
yard that is not currently a NDARA member, and
most of you probably do, please pick up the phone
and give them a call. Encourage them to join – re-
member – out strength is in numbers!
    Additionally, I ask that you spend just a little time
thinking about the companies (non-yards) that you
regularly do business with that offer products/services
to the automotive recycling industry. If they are not a
NDARA member, ask them to join the association as
well. It’s a great way for them to show their support
to you and the Dakotas automotive recycling indus-

                                             ASSOCIATION NEWS
North Dakota Auto Recycler                                                               May/June 2011           5
                    ECAR Fact Sheet for North Dakota

    What You Need to Know                                               (SQHUW) - accumulates less than 11,000 lbs.
    Because batteries contain lead and sulfuric acid,                   (5,000 kg) of universal waste at any time dur-
lead-acid battery disposal is fully regulated as a hazard-              ing a calendar year.
ous waste management activity. When intact lead-acid                •	 Large Quantity Handler of Universal Wastes
batteries are recycled, the handling requirements are                   (LQHUW) - accumulates 11,000 lbs. or more
relaxed, but the batteries are still subject to limited haz-            (5,000 kg) of universal waste at any time dur-
ardous waste regulations. This fact sheet will tell you:                ing the calendar year, which would require the
    •	 How to determine whether spent batteries                         site to have an EPA Identification Number.
        should be considered a hazardous waste.                     Once you trigger the LQHUW status you remain a
    •	 What you need to do to handle batteries in              LQHUW for the rest of the calendar year. However, you
        compliance with the rules that apply to you.           re-evaluate your classification at the start of each calendar
    Regulations                                                     Battery Storage . Always store lead-acid batteries in
     Automotive recyclers who generate, collect, trans-        a secured, covered location, that is designed to contain
port, store, or regenerate lead-acid batteries for recla-      leaks and temperature extremes. Keep batteries away
mation purposes may be exempt from certain hazard-             from open flames or other ignitable sources. Do not stack
ous waste management requirements. The basic rule              lead acid batteries since they may crack and leak acid and
of thumb is that the batteries must be reclaimed either        other hazardous components, thereby incurring a po-
through regeneration or another means. If the batter-          tential expensive cleanup. Keep batteries off the ground
ies are not reclaimed, you must follow the hazardous           to prevent them from coming in contact with water,
waste regulations.                                             which may result in contaminated runoff into creeks and
     You may choose to manage your spent lead-acid             streams. Do not store batteries around inside floor drains
batteries under the “Universal Waste” rule, which is           or outside storm drains.
a special EPA designation. EPA developed universal                  Improper storage practices can result in potential vio-
waste regulations to encourage recycling of certain spe-       lations to the Federal Clean Water Act, as well as viola-
cific wastes. These rules are less demanding than the          tions of state and local water quality laws.
hazardous waste rules. The universal waste rules are                Labeling and Marking . Waste batteries (i.e., each
applicable to auto recycling companies who receive             battery), or a container or tank in which the batteries are
and store batteries for recycling, but are not applicable      contained, must be labeled or marked clearly with any one
to companies that reclaim batteries (covered under             of the following phrases: “Universal Waste -- Battery(ies),”
separate rules).                                               or “Waste Battery(ies),” or “Used Battery(ies).”
     Auto recyclers who receive, store, and send bat-               Response to Releases . Should your batteries leak
teries off-site for recycle are “universal waste han-          onto the ground, you must immediately contain all re-
dlers.” There are two groups of handlers, based on the         leases and determine whether any material resulting from
amount of universal waste accumulated on-site at any           the release is hazardous waste. If so, you must manage the
one time:                                                      hazardous waste in compliance with all applicable laws.
     •	 Small Quantity Handler of Universal Wastes                  Links to the Regulations . Use the following links to

                                                ASSOCIATION NEWS
6         May/June 2011                                                                     North Dakota Auto Recycler
view the regulations pertaining to battery management.            Use the following list to audit your battery storage
    North Dakota’s Universal Waste Requirements (33-24-        and management procedures.
05-701 through 799)                                               1. Has the facility made a size determination            (SQHUW vs . LQHUW)? Review records
05.pdf                                                               and current inventory to verify the size deter-
    North Dakota’s Hazardous Waste Management Require-               mination was correct. A large quantity handler
ments                                                                of universal wastes (LQHUW) is a facility that            accumulates 11,000 lbs. or more of all univer-
05.pdf                                                               sal wastes at any time during the calendar year.
                                                                  2. If the facility is a LQHUW, they are re-
    Self-Audit Checklist                                             quired to have an EPA Identification Num-
    When an inspector comes to your facility, there are              ber . Verify that the facility has an EPA Identifi-
certain things he or she checks to see if you are in compli-         cation Number.
ance with environmental regulations. It makes good sense          3. All handlers of universal waste are re-
for you to perform a “self-audit” and catch and correct              quired to meet specific accumulation time
problems before they result in penalties. Also, there are            limits . Verify that the facility has a system in
some compliance incentives associated with self-audits               place to determine accumulation times and
(see Audit Policy Page:               that no used batteries have been on-site for
                                                                     more than one year.

                                                ASSOCIATION NEWS
North Dakota Auto Recycler                                                                   May/June 2011            7
    4. All handlers of universal waste are re-                material resulting from the release is a hazard-
       quired to manage the batteries and other               ous waste. Verify that if the material is hazard-
       solid waste generated from battery activi-             ous waste, it is handled appropriately in accor-
       ties according to specific parameters and              dance with all applicable RCRA requirements.
       procedures . Verify that universal waste batter-    6. All employees who handle or have respon-
       ies are managed in a way that prevents releases        sibility for managing universal wastes are
       of any batteries or battery components to the          required to be trained . Verify that all employ-
       environment. Verify that batteries that show           ees have been trained in the proper handling
       evidence of leakage, spillage, or damage that          and emergency response procedures relative
       could cause leakage under reasonably foresee-          to their responsibilities during normal facility
       able condition are stored in a container. Verify       operations and emergencies.
       that containers are closed, structurally sound,     7. Universal waste batteries are required to
       compatible with the contents of the battery,           be labeled . Verify that universal waste batter-
       and lack evidence of leakage, spillage, or dam-        ies (each battery), or a container in which the
       age that could cause leakage.                          batteries are contained, are labeled or marked
    5. All handlers of universal waste are re-                clearly with any one of the following phrases:
       quired to manage releases according to                       •	 UNIVERSAL WASTE BATTERY(IES)
       specific procedures . Verify that all releases               •	 WASTE BATTERY(IES)
       of waste battery residues are immediately con-               •	 USED BATTERY(IES).
       tained. Verify that the handler determines if the

                                             ASSOCIATION NEWS
8         May/June 2011                                                          North Dakota Auto Recycler
  Best Management Practices                                       Contacts
(BMPs)                                                             1. For more information, contact the North Da-
     Most regulations tell you what you have to do to                   kota Department of Health, Environmental
be in compliance, but they don’t explain how to do                      Health Section Division of Waste Management
it. That’s where “best management practices” come                       at 701-328-5166.
into play. BMPs are proven methods that help you to                2. To report a spill or leak, call the Division of
get into compliance and stay there. The following BMPs                  Emergency Management’s 24-hour number
are recommended for battery storage areas and man-                      at 800-472-2121, or 800-773-3259 (normal
agement procedures.                                                     business hours), and if necessary, the National
     •	 Use an authorized recycler.                                     Response Center at 800-424-8802. For calls
     •	 Indoor storage is recommended for lead-acid                     originating outside of North Dakota, call 701-
         batteries.                                                     328-8100 (normal business hours), or 701-
     •	 Store batteries on an acid resistant rack or tub.               328-9921 (weekends and non-business hours).
     •	 Batteries stored outside should be stored on               3. To report an environmental incident or com-
         impermeable surfaces such as concrete and                      plaint, contact the Division of Waste Manage-
         should have secondary containment. Also, it is                 ment or file an online incident report.
         recommended that batteries be covered to pre-             This fact sheet was prepared by the ECAR Center staff.
         vent acid run off.                                   Once prepared, each ECAR Center fact sheet undergoes
     •	 Keep a neutralizing agent, such as baking soda,       a review process with the applicable state environmental
         nearby in case of leaks or spills. If a spill does   agency(ies). You can check on the status of the review pro-
         occur, the waste must be treated as a hazard-        cess @
         ous waste.                                           Please read the disclaimer on the status page. While we have
     •	 When stacking batteries, make sure they are           tried to present a summary of the essential information on
         stored so that any fluid from leaking batteries      this topic, you should be aware that other items, such as local
         will not be released into the environment.           regulations, may apply to you.
     •	 Electrolyte fluid in spent batteries contains
         enough lead to qualify it as a hazardous waste.
         This fluid, if discharged onto the ground, will
         likely make the soil which absorbs it a hazard-        Scrap Commodities Market Report
         ous waste. Remove batteries before crushing            Mar/Apr 2011          Approximate Pricing
         any vehicles.
     •	 Test batteries to determine usability or resale         Crushed Cars                                265.00NT
         quality.                                               Prepared Iron                               310.00NT
     •	 If lead-acid batteries are recharged for resale,
                                                                Motor Blocks                               300.00 \NT
                                                                Aluminum Rims                                 0.85/LB
         remove lead cable ends from batteries, store
                                                                Aluminum Condensers Clean                     0.75/LB
         lead parts in a covered container that is strong
                                                                Alum/Copper Radiators Clean                   1.75/LB
         enough to hold the weight of the lead and re-
                                                                Aluminum Case Transmissions                   0.22/LB
         cycle the lead with a reputable recycler.
                                                                Dirty Aluminum                                0.20/LB
     •	 If spent lead-acid batteries are going to be recy-      Batteries                                     0.35/LB
         cled as scrap batteries, leave lead battery cable      Lead Wheel Weights                            0.50/LB
         ends attached to the scrap batteries.
                                                                **This Report is for the sole purpose of informing
     •	 Check batteries for leaks, cracks, etc. prior to          members of current metal market activity.
         storing.                                               **For more accurate and current pricing call
     •	 Place cracked or leaking batteries in a closed,           your scrap metal vendor.
         watertight, acid resistant storage container.

                                               ASSOCIATION NEWS
North Dakota Auto Recycler                                                                     May/June 2011               9
Al-Jon MFG. continued from cover

     Since the beginning, Al-Jon has been a leader in        straightforward philosophy – Keep it simple, Build
the scrap recycling industry. With their 580 car log-        it strong. They have been true to that promise ever
ger, 400XL logger baler, and Impact V car crusher, Al-       since.
Jon has proven the desire to continuously improve and             Making the best can mean machines cost more to
make the best balers and crushers for the end users.         build, owning an Al-Jon provides a higher return on
     Al-Jon didn’t just perfect mobile car crushers, they    investment. In the long run, it costs less to own Al-Jon.
invented them. Al-Jon has been serving its customers
for 47 years and the mobile car crusher was their first               Al-Jon became a NDARA member
product. Their State-of-the-art assembly building has                       in December of 2010.
helped them keep pace with the ever-growing demand                                 Al-Jon Mfg .
for Al-Jon machines around the world, by providing                                  Tom Jansen
ongoing innovation for the continuous improvement                             15075 Al-Jon Avenue
of their machines.                                                            Ottumwa, Iowa 52501
     Successful operation in the Auto Scrap and Solid                         Phone: 641-455-5616
Waste recycling industry rely on Al-Jon. Since they                            Fax: 641-682-6294
built and designed their first car crusher in 1963 and                      Email:
first landfill compactor in 1981, they’ve followed a                   

     EPA Rulemaking Preserves Scrap Tire Markets

    The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency re-             sider a more expansive definition to allow all whole
cently announced a rulemaking that ensures the               tires to be combusted as tirederived fuel.
continued success of scrap tire management advoca-                In 1990, out of one billion scrap tires, only about
cy by the Rubber Manufacturers Association (RMA).            11 percent of these tires went to end-use markets,
    The rule allows that annually generated scrap ve-        while the rest went into stockpiles across the coun-
hicle tires be used as fuel by an industrial facility. Au-   try. Today, after RMA’s efforts, fewer than 100 mil-
thorized burn users include cement kilns, pulp and           lion are in stockpiles and more than 80 percent of
paper mills, as well as electric utilities. Of course, all   scrap tires are in end-use markets. Adds Charles A.
metals have to be removed before being considered            Cannon, RMA president and CEO, “RMA is ex-
a fuel under the Clean Air Act.                              tremely proud of (its) accomplishments, thanks to
    RMA allows that it recognizes that the EPA re-           sound state regulations, sustainable, cost-effective
quires processing of whole tires removed from his-           markets and steady industry efforts.”
torical scrap tire stockpiles and asks the EPA to con-            Reprinted with permission of ARA.

                                              ASSOCIATION NEWS
10        May/June 2011                                                                 North Dakota Auto Recycler
                                          What Does A Membership
                                            In NDARA Provide?
v NDARA Newsletter - published 6 times a year.
   •	 The	newsletter	is	mailed	to	all	recyclers	in	North	&	South	Dakota	as	well	as	to	related	businesses	in	our	geographic	
      region.		The	newsletter	includes	NDARA	and	industry	news,	a	complete	membership	listing,		updates	on	legislative	and	
      environmental	issues	and	lots	of	other	interesting	and	useful	information.		
   •	 NDARA	also	accepts	articles	submitted	by	our	members.		This	is	a	great	opportunity	to	communicate	your	message	to	fellow	
      recyclers	and	associated	businesses.		(Inclusion	in	newsletter	subject	to	approval	by	NDARA	staff).
v NDARA Website -
   •	   All	members	are	listed	on	the	website	with	complete	contact	information	and	a	link	to	your	website	(if	available);	Newsletter	
        archives;	Calendar	of	Events;	Parts	Search,	an	opportunity	for	each	member	to	sell	parts;	Complete	NDARA	Board	of	
        Directors	and	staff		contact	information.	
v NDARA Education and Training Opportunities.
   •	   NDARA	provides	educational	programs,	email	blasts,	social	and	networking	events	which	allows	you	to	share	and	learn	
        from	other	recyclers.
v NDARA Staff
   •	   NDARA	contracts	with	a	consultant	who	is	available	via	email	(	or	phone	(612-741-2248)	
        to	respond	to	your	questions	and	concerns.
v NDARA Membership Plaque
   •	   All	NDARA	members	are	provided	with	membership	plaque	denoting	membership	in	NDARA	for	display	in	their	waiting	
        area.		The	NDARA	logo	is	a	mark	of	distinction	that	tells	your	customers	and	fellow	recyclers	that	you	are	a	professional.	
v In Numbers There Is Strength
   •	   NDARA	membership	means	fellowship	with	other	auto	dismantlers	and	recyclers	and	an	exchange	of	ideas.	In	addition,	
        through	membership	in	one	state	trade	association,	auto	dismantlers	and	recyclers	have	strong	representation	before	
        government	agencies,	the	consumer,	and	the	industry	at	large.	All	recyclers	encouraged	to	join	NDARA		and	make	a	
        difference	by	getting	involved.	Support	your	state	association	and	reap	the	many	benefits	of	membership.

                            North Dakota Automotive Recyclers Association
                                Application for Membership
Company Name _______________________________________________________________________________________

Contact Person & Title __________________________________________________________________________________

Address ________________________________________________________________________________________________

City, State, Zip __________________________________________________________________________________________

Phone: _____________________________________________Fax:________________________________________________

Toll Free: ___________________________________________E-mail: _____________________________________________

Web: ______________________________________________
ENCLOSED IS MY NDARA MEMBERSHIP CHECK:                                          Our membership year runs from
                                                                                   January 1 – December 31.
   r $100.00* Full Membership                                               Rates are based on annual membership.
        Note: Full Membership in NDARA is
        reserved for automotive dismantling                                          Please return this form with
        facilities (salvage yards) located within the                               your membership check to:
        states of North Dakota & South Dakota.
   r $75.00* Associate Membership                                                    3333 Skycroft Circle
        Note: Associate Membership is reserved for                                 Minneapolis, MN 55418.
        non-salvage yards, and salvage yards from
        outside the states of North Dakota and                                        Phone: (612) 741-2248
        South Dakota.                                                          Email:
                                   Motors Liquidation
                                    Rejoins NVMSRP

                                   Motors Liquidation will become a full participant
                              in the National Vehicle Mercury Switch Recovery Pro-
                              gram (NVMSRP), covering GM costs in 49 states.
                              They have requested invoices for the past few months
                              to compensate, including invoices for the unpaid GM
                              incentives in legislated states. Yet, it will take a couple
                              of months before these legislated incentives (states
                              that were required to stop sending in GM switches to
                              ELVS) get paid, but at least it is a start.
                                   Motors Liquidation will not be around for the du-
                              ration of the NVMSRP which is set to expire in 2017.
                              It remains to be seen how the NVMSRP will be fund-
                              ed long term by Motors Liquidation or if the newly cre-
                              ated GM will consider coming back to the table. ARA
                              will continue to work with NVMSRP stakeholders and
                              Congressional offices to find a way to keep mercury
                              switch recovery a central topic as well as address the
                              cost recovery portion of the voluntary program.

                                Voluntary Incentive Funds
                                   The National Vehicle Mercury Switch Removal
                              Program (NVMSRP) voluntary incentive fund is now
                              depleted. Incentive payments will continue in states
                              where they are required by law (AR, IL, IA, MA, NJ,
                              RI, UT, MD) or have a state funded program (NC,
                              SC,WA) but have ceased in voluntary states. All other
                              aspects of the switch collection program will continue.
                              You are strongly encouraged to continue removing
                              switches and the program will continue to accept these
                              switches at no cost to participants. Thank you in ad-
                              vance for your commitment to the environment.
                                   Since the inception of the ELVS program, North Dakota
                              recyclers have captured 6,452 mercury switches. To sign up
                              for the ELVS program either go to or
                              call toll-free (877) 225-3587.

                     ASSOCIATION NEWS
12   May/June 2011                                        North Dakota Auto Recycler
               North Dakota Automotive Recyclers
                        Member News

    QRP of Wisconsin                                     is in ND and is auto/truck recycling, you can get
    NDARA members QRP of Wisconsin needs                 registered to view and bid salvage absolutely free of
YOU. QRP of Wisconsin and our members in WI/             charge. No registration fee, no annual or other bid-
MN/SD want your help in keeping professional             der fee and when your salvage bid is high and the
auto recyclers front and center for salvage acquisi-     customer awards the salvage the most it will cost
tion from insurers and financial institutions. Our       you is a nominal buyer fee of $25 or $100 from
QRP group, the original QRP recyclers group has          QRP over and above your accepted bid. That’s all
been offering a salvage acquisition program to our       there is to it. You can gain access to our QRPVMS
members in our operating states for many years but       program just because you are a professional recycler
just over 3 years ago we built and introduced our        and belong to the NDARA group and you agree to
QRPVMS program. Our VMS program was built by             the standard QRPVMS bidders policies.
recyclers, for recyclers and for personal business in-         Some of our customers are already listing sal-
teraction with insurance and financial institutions.     vage in North Dakota but the reality we face, and
Many of our customers were asking us to expand           the reason we’d like your involvement, is that so
our program to states where we currently have no         much of the salvage located outside our 3 state area
direct members in place to bid on local salvage list-    is just too far away for many of our members to ef-
ings. After careful consideration our members de-        fectively bid so we are willing to share those bidding
termined we’d expand the program to outside areas        opportunities to you and other members of your
free of charge and free of having to require a recy-     association.
cler to join our group in order to see and bid sal-           Would you like to know more? Call Roger Ross
vage in their home state. We determined we could         at the QRP Business Office, toll free. 888-241-0294.
service our customers by approaching the various . Ask yourself this question,
individual state recyclers associations and offer our    “Why wouldn’t I do this when 60 recyclers from
program specifically to their professional recycling     Colorado, Iowa and Michigan are doing it and buy-
members. That approach has worked very well, so          ing salvage in their home states?” We think you’ll
well in fact that the Iowa Auto Recyclers Associa-       answer the question by saying “There is no reason
tion, Auto Recyclers of Michigan and the Colorado        not to”. I hope to hear from you soon.
Auto Recyclers Association have many members                  Roger Ross Business Manager, QRP of Wiscon-
registered on our site and those recyclers are seeing    sin, Inc.
weekly bidding opportunity located in their home                    If you have news you’d like to share
states. QRP would like YOU to consider registering                       please send to or contact
with us so we can tell our customers they can list             Kelly Salseg, NDARA Executive Director,
salvage in North Dakota with confidence that there              Email:
are professional recyclers standing ready to make
bids to purchase their salvage listings. If you are a
direct member of NDARA, your primary business

                                           ASSOCIATION NEWS
North Dakota Auto Recycler                                                              May/June 2011       13
                                      Good Bosses Improve Good
                                                         By Harvey Mackay

    With so much focus on finding or keeping jobs              In short, will the boss be a buddy or a bully?
in this economy, one significant employment factor             The late great basketball Coach John Wooden
seems to get moved down the pros and cons chart:          shared his coaching philosophy that works just as
What kind of boss will my next supervisor be?             well in business when it comes to mentoring em-
    Interviewing with a human relations specialist....    ployees: “A coach’s primary function should not be
Meeting folks up and down the line... Putting your        to make better players but to make better people.
best foot forward while they are all doing the same...    Lift others even with your critical analysis. This is
The process may not present a completely accurate         still the best method to get the best out of some-
picture of the day-to-day environment.                    one because pride is a better motivator than fear. I
    Bosses know the importance of a good hire. As-        never wanted to teach through fear, punishment, or
suming the best candidate has accepted the offer,         intimidation.”
and has shown up on time for a few weeks, does the             Bosses have tremendous power over those they
boss realize how critical retaining that new employ-      supervise. Whether the owner of the company or
ee is? Does the boss know how to be a good boss?          a middle manager, employees understand that the
                                                          person they report to can be their biggest cheerlead-
                                                          er or their worst nightmare.

 Thank You for Joining                                         I prefer to think that the people I have hired put
                                                          me in the first category. Having made a significant
       NDARA                                              investment of time in hiring them in the first place, I
                                                          must have recognized the sort of talent, personality
                                                          and energy that would improve our company.
     James Environmental Management                            I want the folks I hire to love their jobs enough
                   Inc.                                   to come back raring to go after a lousy day, because
       Contact: Michael R. James, President               everybody has a lousy day once in a while. I want
        600 Round Rock West Drive, Suite 201              them to look to me for inspiration. I want them to
                Round Rock, TX 78681
                                                          respect my work ethic. I want them to want to get
                 Phone: 512-244-3631
                  Fax: 512-244-0853                       better at what they do. I want them to know that I
      Email:                will help them get better. I want them to learn from
                      my example, even when I am not directly mentoring
          Neameyer Body Shop LLC
        Contact: Dennis Neameyer, Owner                        Of course, none of that happens unless I know
                15 – 1st Street S.W.                      how to come back revved up after a miserable day,
                 Rolla, ND 58367                          demonstrate a stellar work ethic, and keep improv-
              Phone: 701-477-6201
                                                          ing myself. What goes around comes around.
                Fax: 701-477-8220
            Email:                             Study after study has concluded that the most
                                                          important factor in job satisfaction is a positive work

                                           ASSOCIATION NEWS
14        May/June 2011                                                             North Dakota Auto Recycler
environment. Praise is vital, and salary is important,
but nothing ranks as high as loving what you do.
Location matters, but people are willing to go great
                                                                     Credit Card and
distances for a job that makes them happy. Titles
aren’t even near the top of the list.
                                                                   Ordering Fraud Alert
     The determining factor is often closely related
to the boss. A truly great boss will engender loyalty
before any of those other factors will. A committed
boss works hardest at positive leadership and a pro-
fessional environment. A perceptive boss remem-                       Recently, a number of ARA members have fallen
bers her own early challenges and draws on those                 victim to apparent fraudulent credit card and order-
experiences. A responsible boss understands that                 ing practices. In particular, a company from New
mentoring his staff and helping them develop skills              Jersey calling itself ISHMELL, LLC has ordered
reflects positively on him.                                      parts and requested them to be sent to a different
     Some months back, I wrote a column about the                billing address at a port in Virginia. Once the parts
TV program “Undercover Boss.” I admire the bosses                were received in Virginia, the company challenged
who concealed their identities and went to work on               the credit card payment and the recycler received
the front lines for some “real-world” lessons about              a chargeback. Of course, the parts shipped were
their companies. They were quite courageous to                   already on a ship going overseas and unrecoverable.
expose their own weaknesses on national television.
But the exercise resulted in enhanced awareness of                   Inorder to mitigate against this type of
the importance of every single employee.                         fraud,consider the following actions:
     If you dare, try that experiment in your organiza-              1.Verify billing address of cardholder.
tion. You likely cannot be anonymous, but working                    2.Do not ship to anywhere except that ad-
side-by-side with staff, reinforcing that you won’t ask                dress.
them to do anything that you wouldn’t ask of yourself,              3. Obtain a signed authorization form.
demonstrates your understanding of their challenges.                4. Finally, get an authorization code.
     If all this sounds too overwhelming, step back and
examine your motives. Are you ready to let someone                    If any other members have similar experiences,
else have a share in the glory? Are you willing to               please forward the details to so that
listen to options? Are you threatened by others’ suc-            we can provide further alerts. Also, please contact
cesses? Can you take responsibility for failure?                 the Secret Service immediately. For the contact
     Many bosses get promoted without any formal                 information of your nearest Secret Service field
leadership training. A good boss learns quickly from             office, go to
employees that Coach Wooden’s advice will serve                  fices.shtml
them better than a superior attitude.                                Reprinted with permission of ARA.
     Now here’s the most important piece of boss ad-
vice I will ever give you: Your employees don’t really               Prior to this publication, the North Dakota Au-
work for you. They work for your customers. Cus-                 tomotive Recyclers Association office has also sent
tomers are their real bosses. And yours too.                     out several email alerts to our members in order to
     Mackay’s Moral: Be a mentor, not a tormentor.               make them aware of this scam.
     Reprinted with permission from nationally syndicated col-
umnist Harvey Mackay, author of the New York Times #1
bestseller “Swim With The Sharks Without Being Eaten Alive.”

                                                 ASSOCIATION NEWS
North Dakota Auto Recycler                                                                   May/June 2011         15
        EPA Approves New Coolant for Car Air
        Conditioning Systems / Better Climate
     Protection Without Harming the Ozone Layer

    WASHINGTON – The U.S. Environmental              administrator for EPA’s Office of Air and Radiation.
Protection Agency (EPA) has issued final approv-     “It is homegrown innovative solutions like this that
al for a new refrigerant for use in motor vehicle    save lives and strengthen our economy.”
air conditioning systems that does not deplete the        EPA assists in the transition to green technolo-
ozone layer, which helps protect the environment     gies by identifying alternatives that are better for
and people’s health. The new                                                people’s health and the envi-
chemical, HFO-1234yf, may         “This new chemical helps ronment. EPA’s recent stan-
now be used in air condition-      fight climate change and dards for reducing greenhouse
ing for new cars and light
                                             ozone depletion...” gas emissions from light-duty
trucks. When used appropri-                                                 motor vehicles provide an op-
ately, this chemical can reduce                                             portunity for automakers to
the environmental impact of motor vehicle air con-   receive credit for adopting a chemical with less cli-
ditioners and has a global warming potential that is mate impact as a cost-effective way to meet the new
99.7 percent less than the current chemical (HFC–    standards. Using HFO-1234yf is one option avail-
134a) used in most car air conditioners.             able to automakers.
    “This new chemical helps fight climate change         Prior to HFC-134a, car air conditioners gen-
and ozone depletion,” said Gina McCarthy, assistant  erally used CFC-12, a potent greenhouse gas and
                                                                        ozone-depleting substance. De-
                                                                        pleting the stratospheric ozone
                                                                        layer leads to higher levels of
                                                                        ultraviolet (UV) radiation reach-
                                                                        ing the Earth’s surface. UV radia-
                                                                        tion has several harmful effects,
                                                                        including skin cancer, cataracts,
                                                                        immune system suppression, and
                                                                        premature aging and wrinkling of
                                                                        the skin. For these reasons, it is
                                                                        important to check the UV Index
                                                                        and remember sun safety: wear
                                                                        hats, sunglasses, and sunscreen.
                                                                            More information:
                                                                            h t t p : / / w w w. e p a . g o v / o z o n e /

                                                 INDUSTRY NEWS
16        May/June 2011                                                                      North Dakota Auto Recycler
               The Future of Stormwater Permitting

     Section 402 (NPDES) of the Clean Water Act of           (CSOs), sewage sludge, pretreatment of industrial waste-
1972 (officially the Federal Water Pollution Act) was the    water, ocean discharges and non-contact cooling water.
tool EPA used for 20 years to reduce pollution from mu-      Concentrated animal feeding operations (CAFOs) were
nicipal sanitary treatment facilities and waste water from   regulated in the 1972 law but only actively pursued by
industrial activities.                                       EPA in the last few years.
     Although stormwater permits were regulated by the             Recently the federal courts have interpreted the Clean
1972 law, few stormwater permits were issued until Con-      Water Act to require NPDES permits for vessels, logging
gress specifically required EPA issue stormwater permits     trails and pesticide applications on or near water bodies.
by amending the Act in 1987. Over the last 20 years,
50,000 stormwater permits were issued.                           Looking Forward to Revised Permits
     Other traditional NPDES permits issued since 1972           Reissued industrial permits will focus on minimiz-
are wastewater, sanitary waste including sanitary sewer      ing exposure, reissued construction permits will be
overflows (SSOs) and Combined Sewer Overflows                more stringent, and municipal reissued permits will
                                                   expand regulation beyond the urbanized area and re-
     ASSOCIATE MEMBERS                             quire more inspections.
Our Associate Members support us. Please support       California has begun electronic permitting in-
        our Associate Members in return.           cluding the NOI, SWPPP submission and reports -
                                                   all submitted electronically. EPA is moving in the
                 651-733-0033                      same direction and by 2012 some NPDES reporting
                       must be submitted to an EPA database that is publi-
                Al Jon MFG, LLC                    cally accessed.
             Behr Mason City LLC
           Gerdau Ameristeel US Inc.

          Hollander, A Solera Company
       Integrated Recycling Technologies
                                                        Total Maximum Daily Loads (TMDLs) are es-
                         sentially pollution budgets for specific water bod-
     James Environmental Management Inc.           ies. EPA and the states are scheduled to develop as
                 512-244-3631                      many as 40,000 TMDLs over the next 15 years.                   There is an EPA handbook for applying total
               PAM’S Auto, Inc.                    maximum loads (TMDL) to stormwater permits.
                800-560-7336                       The development of TMDL wasteload allocations
                                                   is scientifically, legally and politically challenging.
               QRP of Wisconsin                    TMDL wasteload allocations for all rivers discharg-
                      ing into the Chesapeake Bay will begin next year.
                                                        Expect increased enforcement. EPA enforce-
               R.J. McClellan, Inc.
                  877-525-4589                     ment guidance requires EPA regional offices to con-
                     vince states to enforce water permits, and where
             S3 Software Solutions                 they don’t EPA will take federal enforcement action.
                 801-355-3388                      That appears to be happening now.
                           Permit fees will increase. EPA will provide ad-
          Sioux City Compressed Steel              ditional funding for NPDES where states increase
                                                   permit fees to provide greater sustainability. Califor-

                                                   nia is increasing stormwater fees by 21%.
        Trissel Graham & Toole Insurance
                   866-711-4641                         Reprinted with permission of National Stormwater Center.
             Universal Core Supply

                                           INDUSTRY NEWS
18      May/June 2011                                                           North Dakota Auto Recycler
                  ARA Meets with FTC on Warranty
                      and Auto Manufacturer

   Marketing                                            will ultimately be declared total losses by insurance
     Last week during our Mid-Year/Hill Day meet-       companies. Regrettably, these “total loss” vehicles
ings, ARA representatives met with officials from the   are increasingly being purchased and repaired by
U.S. Federal Trade Commission (FTC) regarding our       individuals with little to no accountability and sold
industry’s concerns with automotive manufacturers’      to unsuspecting consumers.
possible violations of the Magnuson-Moss Act and            ARA sincerely hopes that the auto manufactur-
the recent Consumer Alert on the issue released         ers cease their current activities related to maligning
by the Agency. The FTC officials were receptive to      the very parts that they have manufactured.
providing clarification in a revised Consumer Alert         Reprinted with permission of ARA.
on “Auto Warranties, Routine Maintenance, and Re-
pairs: Is Using the Dealer a Must?” that would spe-
cifically reference “recycled” automotive parts.
     Late last year, for example, Chrysler released a
                                                             Calendar of Events
position statement implying that recycled parts may
                                                                              It Show
have invisible defects due to environmental and hu-
                                                                    May 13, 2011 – May 14, 2011
man error factors and stated that, “Chrysler Group                          Holland, OH
LLC does not approve of or recognize structural re-          
pair procedures where Authentic Mopar Parts are                             Memorial Day
not used for Chrysler, Jeep®, Dodge and Ram ve-                             May 30, 2011
hicles,” suggesting that consumers’ warranties would                 ARA Legislative Summit
be in doubt if parts other than Authentic Mopar                     July 18, 2011 – July 19, 2011
                                                                            Nashville, TN
Parts were used. Similar statements have been re-
leased by American Honda, Toyota Motor Sales,
                                                                   Collision Industry Conference
and Hyundai Motor America.                                          July 20, 2011 – July 21, 2011
     ARA also raised other concerns regarding au-                         Salt Lake City, UT
tomotive manufacturers’ statements against use of                
“recycled” parts. ARA believes these statements             3rd Annual Customer Training
continue to be part of a concerted effort among au-                         Conference
                                                                  August 4, 2011 – August 6, 2011
tomobile manufacturers to limit competition in the
                                                                            Erlanger, KY
automotive parts market by engaging in a continued            
campaign to undermine recycled OEM parts.                                   Labor Day
     ARA’s desire is for more professional collision                     September 5, 2011
repair representatives to fix repairable vehicles        North Dakota Automotive Recyclers Association
owned by consumers within the insurance structure.                      Annual Meeting
Entities that press for mandated higher priced parts                      Bismark, ND
                                                                    September 16 - 18 2011
only ensure more vehicles owned by consumers

                                            INDUSTRY NEWS
North Dakota Auto Recycler                                                           May/June 2011          19
     Enhanced Products from Solera Holdings, Inc.
          and Hollander, a Solera company

    Last week, a press release announced that Holland-         ITS, which is a provider of innovative solutions that
er, Solera’s operating company, has signed an agree-           enhance salvage yard profitability, including parts iden-
ment to purchase assets from Inventory Technology              tification and location solutions, Hollander will deliver
Systems, Inc. (ITS), with the closing projected to be in       an integrated solution that will manage the key steps in
Solera’s fourth quarter of their fiscal year 2011.             the recycling of automotive parts. It is expected that ul-
    Hollander, of course, provides the salvage yard            timately a tighter collaboration between the insurance,
management software, as well as a parts locating soft-         collision repair and recycling industries can be engen-
ware to countless automotive recyclers throughout              dered by combining these elements.
the U.S. and Canada. Now, with the acquisition of

                     Turning ‘Green’ Into Greenbacks
                                                 By: Bob McHugh

       Recycled materials are becoming an increasingly larg-   use of non-metal recycled and bio-based materials, such as
er component in the vehicle manufacturing process. For         soy foam seat cushions, recycled resins for under-body sys-
example, new Ford and General Motors vehicles might            tems, recycled yarns on seat covers, and natural fibers for
contain recycled soda bottles, blue jeans, CDs, tires, and     the vehicles’ interiors. GM vehicles currently are designed
bumpers. The cars’ interiors can be made from bio-based        to be 8 5-percent recyclable and 95-percent recoverable
fibers such as balsa wood, hemp, sisal, jute, kenaf, flax,     by weight when scrapped. GM also has one of the largest
ramie, and coir. The 2012 Ford Focus will use cotton from      solar power installations in the United States on the roofs
recycled clothing in the carpet backing and sound-absorp-      of its parts warehouse facility in Rancho Cucamonga and
tion materials, while GM will use recycled corrugated in       Fontana, Calif., which provides about 50 percent of the
the headliner of the new Buick LaCrosse. More than half        facilities’ electricity. Meanwhile, decomposing household
of GM’s global manufacturing facilities are reaching land-     landfill scrap, which generates methane gas, is used to fire
fill-free status, which means that more than 95 percent of     boilers or generate electricity in six of GM’s U.S. manufac-
its scrap is reused or recycled, while more than 4 percent     turing plants.
is converted into energy. Ford has recently increased its            Reprinted with permission of ScrapMonitor Information Inc.

                                                  INDUSTRY NEWS
20        May/June 2011                                                                      North Dakota Auto Recycler
                   Simple Spill Control for Recyclers
                                           By David Kendziorski
                                              StormTech, Inc.

     While major oil spills attract media attention and            control products available: pillows, skim-
raise public outcry over images of massive oil slicks,             mers, granular biodegradable products,
oil-coated ducks, and fish kills, small dispersed oily             booms, drain pans, dikes, and inlet plugs.
spills and leaks on city streets, parking lots, drive-             Most recyclers find that absorbent socks
ways, and industrial sites release nearly ten times as             (usually 3” or 4” in diameter and four
much oil to the environment, reports the National                  to ten feet long) and pads (about 20”
Research Council.                                                  square) work best in many different ap-
     Automotive recycling facilities are no exception:             plications. Both socks and pads are rela-
while major spills are thankfully rare, small leaks                tively affordable. Skip the fancy features
and spills of vehicle and equipment fluids represent               and specialty products and fill your spill
the number one environmental concern at recycling                  kits with socks and pads. Many recyclers
facilities. The government regulations and best man-               continue to use granular clay or oil dry.
agement practices related to spill control are numer-              Clay and oil dry are inexpensive and
ous and complicated. There are some standards in-                  easy to use, but are adequate for only
tended to help prevent the release of fluids. These                small spills and can be messy. If using
standards address:                                                 clay, place it down and then sweep it up
     •	 Fluid removal from salvage vehicles                        within an hour. Do not let it get tracked
     •	 Fluid storage                                              or washed away.
     •	 Storage of oily vehicle parts                       3. Oil Only or Universal?
     •	 Spent cleaning solvents and washwater                  •	 Oil Only (usually white) absorbents will
     •	 Spill kits                                                 only work on petroleum products: diesel
     While each facility is responsible for complying              fuel, gasoline, oils, and lubricants. Uni-
with applicable spill control regulations, here are                versal (usually gray) absorbents will ab-
some simple principles that can help reduce spills:                sorb all fluids: oils, fuels, water, solvents,
     1. Invest in spill prevention.                                and antifreeze. Oil Only absorbents are
         •	 Appropriate fluid storage, preventive                  more commonly used at recycling facili-
              maintenance of equipment, environ-                   ties. Polypropylene absorbents are du-
              mentally safe dismantling practices, and             rable and can even be “wrung out” and
              proper storage of oily parts is less costly          reused. Cheaper socks filled with cellu-
              than cleaning up spills or paying enforce-           lose are less able to hold up to recycler
              ment penalties.                                      abuse.
     2. Absorbent socks and pads work best.                 4. Create a culture of immediate spill cleanup.
         •	 Provide an appropriately stocked spill             •	 Employees should be trained to imme-
              kit wherever fluids are used or stored.              diately stop and clean up even minor
              There are an impressive variety of spill             spills and leaks. Once spills are neglect-

                                                INDUSTRY NEWS
North Dakota Auto Recycler                                                            May/June 2011           21
           ed, they tend to multiply. Do not wash                    requirements. Failure to report a major
           away, cover up, or bury spills.                           spill can result in a fine of up to $10,000
     5. Consider the option of a laundry service.                    per day of violation. Having an effective
        •	 Rags, towels, pads, and socks can be                      spill prevention and response program
           laundered and reused. It is expensive,                    can reduce the likelihood of a reportable
           but you will avoid the cost and inconve-                  release.
           nience of disposing of used absorbents.           Spill prevention and control can be a highly ef-
     6. Report major releases that threaten human        fective practice: a good spill program should be ex-
        health or the environment.                       pected to prevent releases by at least 90 percent.
        •	 Spills that are hazardous or dangerous        Those recycling facilities that fail to use good spill
           should be reported to your local emer-        control practices risk regulatory enforcement action,
           gency response agency. When report-           and even worse – the cost of cleaning up a contami-
           ing a spill, be prepared to describe the      nated water resource.
           spill location, the spilled material, and         Reprinted with permission of StormTech, Inc.
           any cleanup or response actions already
           underway. Your local community may
           have additional reporting and cleanup

                                      Used Oil Update

     Last week, the US Environmental Protection          oil for heat thousands of dollars in heating costs an-
Agency (EPA) ruled in two different ways in favor        nually. Recyclers with smaller facilities would have
of ARA members who burn used oil for fuel. Spe-          to spend about $9000 a year to heat their facili-
cifically, EPA now considers on-spec used oil as an      ties without using used oil and those with larger and
“alternative” traditional fuel and NOT a solid waste     multi -yard facilities could easily spend in excess of
under the Resource Conservation and Recovery Act         $30,000 annually.
(RCRA) - and therefore not subject to emission stan-          EPA’s action reinforces the current practice of
dards and costly testing requirements. In addition,      burning used oil for energy recovery and recognizes
the Agency also has clearly stated that small boilers    that sufficient regulations exist to effectively oversee
with heat input less than 10 million BTU/hr are not      this practice. Now automotive recyclers will be able
required to meet specific emission standards under       to continue to heat their garages by burning used oil
the Clean Air Act and only have to perform tune-         and will spare the environment from the 1,575,000
ups once every two years.                                gallons of used oil that is currently recycled as fuel,
     What does this mean for you? Automobile recy-       as well as save energy by not having to use electricity
clers who burn used oil for heat can continue to do      or natural gas instead of the used oil.
so without any prohibitions or costly testing require-        Reprinted with permission of ARA.
ments. This decision saves recyclers who burn used

                                             INDUSTRY NEWS
22        May/June 2011                                                             North Dakota Auto Recycler
NDAR0511   North Dakota                         PRESORTED
           Auto Recycler                         STANDARD
           RJ McClellan, Inc.                  U.S. POSTAGE
           445 Broadway Avenue #5                  PAID
           St. Paul Park, MN 55071              St. Paul, MN
                                               Permit No. 7911
                    Change Service Requested

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